“People will love you.
People will hate you.
And none of it will have anything to do with you.”

                     ~Esther Hicks

Is it not bad enough that for months Maxine Waters has been screaming her wig off; Impeach! Impeach! Impeach Trump? Though she offers no actual evidence for such an impeachment. Except that he beat Hillary like Gene Krupa beat his drums.

No. And is it not bad enough that virtually every major “news”  outlet has been peeking into closets and hotel rooms, leaving no stone unturned in their effort to prove Trump colluded with someone – anyone! – somewhere? Why would they virtually disregard everything else that’s happening in the world  in favor (93%) of trying to eviscerate Trump’s presidency? Because Donald whipped Hillary like an egg-beater in high gear.

And is it not bad enough that FBI directors, intelligence community people and a bevy of (so far) unknown leakers are actually the ones doing the colluding to find some evidence that President Trump has somehow “obstructed justice” or done something else that’ll get their push-up bras in a twist (and that’s just the men!) Why, you might ask, would our government spend so much expensive time and effort trying to prove the President “exceeded his authority” in this way or that way, when by the Constitution he is the nation’s highest legal executive? Why? Because he beat the pant-suit... and the scarf... off Hillary.

Is it not bad enough that the Democratic Party, the Left, liberals, the media (pardon all the redundancy), Hollywood, educators, Putin, the Murdochs, the Soroses and God knows who else want to destroy this Terrible Trump interloper? They are so angry they have become obsessed with destroying the First Lady, President Trump’s sons, his daughters and anyone associated with the Terrible Trumps. They hate him, hate him, hate him! They are obsessed with hating him. But why the entire cabal of the aforementioned  would collude in something so obviously mental, callous and counter-productive seems beyond understanding. Except he snookered all of them and won the election.

He showed them up for the supercilious weasels they are. They thought they owned Washington, DC. They thought Middle-America was stupid, and said so. They still don’t understand that Trump is more clever than the Democratic Party,  more tenacious than the Left, craftier than the media, more creative than Hollywood, more perspicacious  than educators, and just plain more resourceful and resilient than all of them. They can’t stand Donald Trump because he is at the same time rude and brash but surprisingly crafty and caring, sometimes even gentle; patriotic in a way they don’t understand... appealing to the silent majority, and worst of all in their eyes...brilliant. He is arrogant and cocky; the Mohammad Ali of Washington, DC. He taunts his opposition and allows them to flail away at him until they exhaust themselves, then flattens them with a tweet. He is the leader Machiavelli described in “The Prince.” The leader who grows stronger than his opponents because, unlike them, he weathered endless attacks on his way to the top. He is a leader who can inspire those who will allow him to. A quality the Left cannot tolerate.

Now as if all this isn’t bad enough, here’s the worse part: his own Party seems to hate him, and has shown him no real support! Whisperings around Congress seem to suggest “We’d rather have Mike Pence as President.” Of course they would! They are the ultimate cowards. One thing you have to give Democrats on the Left... they are not cowardly. They step right up and tell you what they want. “Impeach him! Impeach him!” But the dead giveaway is this: when Democrats accuse the opposition of some misdeed, like, say, “colluding with the Russians,” you can bet they are the ones doing it. Dead giveaway!

Now, Vice-President Pence is a very nice man. That’s why President Trump nominated him. But while the cabal might be willing to put their knives away for Pence, Democrats in Congress would tear him up and spit him out like a chaw of tobacco. Something, try as they may, they can’t seem to do to Trump. But they will go right on flailing away at him, trying their best to land one on his chin.

But if they can’t overturn the Trump election, if they can’t impeach him, if they can’t  get his supporters to turn against him, they will keep fouling up the gears in DC so nothing gets done. And that’s no big challenge because the Republican Congress is a collection of cowards, phonies and dumbbells who do nothing but posture, argue and seek cover for fear they will be accused of something or other. That could really mess up their gravy train. And, let’s face it; in the end they care more about the gravy than where the train is headed.

I would like to remind the media, Hollywood, the Left, and most of all the Republican Congress... that America’s voters.. not you... get to choose who is President. Don’t be fooled by “The Deplorables’” quiescence. They have made their choice clear. Now back off... get back to your business... your blatant dishonesty, collusion and obstruction is pissing them off. Big time.