If that isn’t clear to you by now, let me help: The Republican Party (or perhaps I should say its leaders) no longer gives a damn about the people they claim to represent.

When Donald Trump decided to run for president as a Republican, my ears perked up. I was with The Donald since way before he threw his MAGA hat into the ring. I had serious doubts about the Republican Party, however. I, like so many others, particularly those on the Democratic side, saw the Republican Party as an elitist club which seduced mere Middle Class peasants through the front gate for donations and votes, but never to actually become bona fide members with any say in the Republican agenda. How do you like being a “go fer” for the likes of Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and John McCain?

It was made crystal clear to me, during the presidential nominee debates, that my view of the party was substantially warranted. Club members did their best to gang up on the outsider Trump, a man who had his own golf courses, his own country clubs, and most troubling to them, his own money. He didn’t need them.

Now that Trump has won the White House, Republican elites (and I use the term disparagingly) are doing whatever they can to deny him the agenda he promised the American people. They spend their time crafting arcane excuses for their non-action. Excuses we can see through like a lace curtain. This is their ultimate catastrophe. They are willing to lose the majority in House and Senate, something they have fought long and hard for, just to spite the outsider. Notice how the Democratic Party and operatives in the so-called Deep State will accuse President Trump of some vague scandal, and before the ink is dry, the Republican leadership runs away from him. Bring a bill to the floor of the Senate – a slam-dunk – and some spiteful Senator makes a show of being the hero who torpedoes the bill. Is it any wonder Trump doesn’t get along with these dumbbells?

So after all this, we see a government, led completely by Republicans, which in terms of accomplishment, if not style, is virtually no different from the eight abysmal years of Obama. This tells me one thing very clearly. We cannot expect any move to conservatism – or as I would prefer – traditionalism, from this government or any of its “fake” members.

It’s time, for me at least, to abandon the Republican Party. In favor of what? I want to see a party dedicated to the traditional principles which brought America to the pinnacle in the Post-WWII era. In the 1950s, when Americans were not embarrassed by national and global success, or by their traditions. When we innovated to such a high degree that America lifted the world up out of its 19th Century mindset and into a new era.

It all changed in the 1960s when the nation, made soft by a young, spoiled generation, ridden with guilt and self-loathing, demonstrated its brains out in order to change things from good to no good. They set out to “bring it all down.” To corrupt it from the inside out. And so they did. And so here we are.

To all the Pollyannas out there who don’t want to see what is happening to our nation on a massive scale, I say perhaps you are part of the problem. You are comfortable. You eat well. You have a comfortable place to live.  You numb yourself with sports and drink and drugs and fill your brain with images of singing cats and dogs and pretend if you participate in some crazy exercise routine or exotic herbals you will ward off old age. Well, good luck with that. Meanwhile your nation goes to pot in the most literal sense. And every four years some don silly red, white and blue hats and cheer for the latest hack politicians who hypnotize with their broad smiles and spout glib poll-tested phrases.

We are in trouble, we are. We are surrounded by a world which, in a word, envies us to the point of hatred. Especially when we dare to remember the 1950s. They pretend to like us when we have a world-Marxist in the White House, to do things the way “they” like them done. When we give away the farm.

Is there a new leader of a new party out there, just waiting to emerge? One who has the gift which Donald Trump has? Because it’s obvious that as much as I love the guy, it will take a miracle for him to bring about the kind of change that will make America great again. Or even back to Constitutionality. I guess my belief in miracles is at a low ebb. It’s not because Trump doesnt want to do it. It’s because he has no support from his own party. The Republican Party. And he is surrounded, penned in, by advisors on all sides who are slowly but surely sucking the sugar out of every promise he has made. If someone as strong and confident as Trump can’t get the Republican Party to do what needs to be done, then it’s simple: they don’t support the President, we don’t support the Republican Party. Let them raise money from George Soros. Let them be voted out of office. So what if the Democrats regain power in DC... to quote Hillary, what difference does it make? In the end these two parties are pretty much the same.

We have been led down the garden path for so long and so far that we have lost sight of from where we came, and have no clear idea where they are trying to led us.  Let us give serious thought to that third party. Looneys, One Worlders, “Everybody’s a racist” jerks, war mongers, Alinskyites, socialists, open borders people, supporters of sanctuary cities, overly green people, career politicians, gun nuts, pervs, masked demonstrators, druggies and that ilk need not apply.