“Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture repainted, every statue and street building renamed, every date altered. And the process is continuing day by day. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.” ~George Orwell, “1984”

Is this what you want, America? Well, it’s where you are heading.

It is embarrassing to watch my fellow Americans all across the spectrum – and I mean all across! Far Left to Far Right and everybody between – having a nationwide meltdown over, of all things, statues, bas reliefs, monuments, and street and building names. Statues for God sakes! You who are screaming, cursing, burning, punching. Every one of you ought to be ashamed, whatever side you stand on. You are fooling no one!

We’re witnessing a major clash of ideologies. Another tumultuous time in our history. Juxtaposed against an underlying unreasonable fear and loathing of our President. The two have become illogically intertwined, and somehow the phony anger finds release in the destruction of monuments and one another.

 Let me ask you Lefties one simple question... try to be honest with yourself for once... one week ago, or one month ago, or one year or ten years ago... did you even give one damn thought to any of these statues and paintings? I know the answer. No. You didn’t. Nobody did. Even Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe was praising the Confederate hero statues as monuments to the pride of the South just awhile back. And now, listening to all these political hacks run for cover is embarrassing... all just because the internet exploded with the cries of the perpetually offended.

Oh, of course they’re not perpetually offended.  Can you even image an adult in this nation actually engulfed by fear and loathing at the sight of  a... statue? Or a carving, or street name, or a painting? They’re not offended. Theyre paid! Paid to pretend to be offended! Theyre such good actors, some of them, that they’ve got others to believe they are really offended to the point of tears (are you hearing this Van Jones?) But the ones out in the streets, wearing masks and helmets are paid. By the minions of the likes of George Soros. The international billionaire criminal who apparently has had nothing else to do for the last thirty years but sow discontent and chaos in the countries he hates. Most notably, America.

My fellow Americans, patriots, listen to me. Don’t be fooled by all this emotional garbage, fomented by Soros and the media, paid street thugs and internet trolls. The terrible irony here is that the very people who are out there protesting and rioting in the name of hating fascism, Nazi-ism and all the rest, are being funded by an admitted Nazi sympathizer! Mr. Soros himself.

This man and his wealthy and influential friends are poison to a free people. A man who would turn on his own people and profit from it is the Judas of our times.

If you listen to him, and the Alinskies’ and all the other “destroy America” triators who follow a carefully crafted  plan, you will be dancing at the end of their puppet strings. They are paying to sow chaos.  And you, in your eagerness to exact some crude glory on the streets, are allowing the puppet masters to attach their sticky strings onto your limbs. Denounce them while you still can! Everyone on every side. Stop letting a handful of America-haters who dress themselves in the costumes of champions of the underclass dictate the way you think. Think for yourself. If you still can. Your anger and disgust should be directed at them... not at each other.

Were you really “offended” by General Robert E. Lee? Do you actually know anything about him? Have you been cringing when somebody hands you a bill decorated with the portrait of James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, or Andrew Jackson, or (if you are lucky enough to get one) Ben Franklin? Or for heaven’s sake, the patriot who literally risked his life to make possible all the freedoms you enjoy... The Father of Our Country, General Washington? I doubt you’ve been cringing much, otherwise you wouldnt be accepting blood money from Soros’ minions.

All this statue destruction reminds me of the Taliban. Remember the images of their monument destroying Or the Russian Revolution. Or Mao’s Chinese Revolution where the entire nation was purged of anything the “new” dictators didn’t like. That’s exactly what you all are doing. Whether you are the one doing the toppling, or someone in any form of the media who is cheering them on. What’s next? Burning books? A witch hunt for anyone who holds some view you don’t like?

These statues, monuments and paintings are works of art.  There are many paintings of Satan on the walls of the most prestigious museums... we look at them and marvel at the talent of the painter. As much as we hate Satan, we have no inclination to tear down the paintings, even though many believe Satan is at work to this very day in the world. Will artists, writers and composers no longer be free to create because they choose to create things you don’t like? Are we to re-enter a New Dark Age when non-conformity is the only capital crime?

Would I defend to the death your right to free speech? No. Not if you’re saying stupid things. And right now, America is saying very stupid and dangerous things.