Every president since Ronald Reagan (and many before!) has moved us on an ever-faster path toward global-socialism, a goal which so many here in the States seem to think is a kind of Paradise

You know who they are. Liberal politicians, liberal news people, liberal educators, the entertainment industry, creative people of all kinds, poor immigrants, the rainbow coalitions of the left, many in the religious sector, the UN and affiliated organizations, even many in this President’s own Party... all connive to drive us to their paradise.

Politicians of all stripes see this movement as the future.
The majority of world population is non-white and is growing faster. It wants a government which will take care of it. It neither understands nor cares that somebody else must pay for this. That a nation can’t keep printing money without going deeper and deeper in debt until that dreadful day when the debt comes due. 

Politicians see the trend. So, many run as conservatives, pretending to uphold America’s traditions, but behind their masks they are liberals willing to take the donations of corporate America (which has always been eager to import cheaper labor), and the donations of naive Americans who cling to the hope that some Republican will actually uphold conservative principles. Many feel it’s already too late. It’s as if America went to sleep with its doors and windows open, and now has awakened to find its house filled with strangers, many of whom expect you, owner of the house, to provide free room and board, and shut up while doing it. They refuse to abide by the rules and culture of your family. Let’s face it, some would like you to turn over the keys to your house and car while you’re at it.

Americans are a generally friendly bunch. We’ll welcome anyone to our shores who wants to become part of traditional America. To assimilate. To blend in. To raise their children in the American tradition. To succeed. We welcome them! But millions upon millions of immigrants, both legal and not, have come to America with the idea that we are a wide open society where American traditions are passe. Each tribe clusters in its own neighborhoods – forming larger and larger pressure groups to influence government, media, entertainment, commerce; not to embrace America’s traditions, but to change America to better suit its own tribal traditions. None have reason to believe America’s pro-immigration government will push back. Almost anything goes.

Many younger Americans don’t know much about our traditions. They only know the distorted vision and lies the left has fed them over and over in music, movies and school. Despite the fact that socialism has never really worked out well for the citizens of any nation which adopted it, because of the false promises of free stuff made by its proponents, the weak-minded buy into the idea. As a result, many precincts in America have already changed beyond ever going back.

Now, in a last ditch effort to stem this tide, a dwindling bunch of Americans who still believe in its traditions elected Donald Trump President. Aside from the shock which befell liberals and everyone else who believes in global socialism, Mr. Trump is seen as a stumbling block to their leftward movement. He is a major stumbling block. Oh, they lie to each other and pretend they hate him because he’s an uncouth New Yorker. A billionaire who has no feeling for the common man or women. A misogynist. A smarty-pants tweeter. All that claptrap. But I believe the truth is something they simply cannot reveal: they feel like who the hell is this interloper who doesn’t agree with our Marxist fantasy, the lie which, for a hundred years we have inculcated here in America!

They would have us capitulate to China. They would have us allow North Korea and Iran to have all the nuclear weaponry they can build... all the more to destabilize traditional America. They will support BLM, cheer on the NFL kneelers, thwart any plan to return healthcare to the private sector, use every opportunity to advance their degradation of the Second Amendment, and block Trump’s wall in any way they can.

All of this is done according to the left’s plan. Create enough chaos in America so that their leftist government can rush in and solve the problem. But suddenly, America’s traditionalists put Donald Trump in the White House. This is a major setback for their agenda.

They scream he must be removed. How else can you possibly explain what has been going on with regard to the President, who has faced a barrage of fire each and every day since even before his election. Impeach him! they scream. Cut his head off! Stab him to death like a Caesar! Bring down his wife and family too!

My friends, our President is tough, energetic, sly as a fox and smart to boot. But facing this avalanche of hatred each and every day would wear down even the enduring Atlas himself. Despite what his enemies would like us to think, President Trump cares. He has a big ego tempered by a big heart. But he did not grow up practicing the phony soft rhetoric of poo-lished poo-liticians. So he needs all the help and support he can get to continue his fight against the anti-American forces he faces right here in his own homeland. He needs to know we are there for him every day as well. Donald Trump ran for president because, like the rest of us, he saw our America developing deep, widening chasms. Think: while most of us are not in a position to run for president, he was. So he did. If we believe in traditional America, we must continue to support this President by doing whatever our hearts tell us is right and good... do it.