When one after another cable “news” anchor or guest claims “It’s not a caravan” or “They are a thousand miles away,” or “It’s a bunch of women and children seeking asylum in the United States,” shouldn’t we  wonder how its plausible that these demonstrably false phrases can pop up spontaneously, on the same morning, on the same day, on several different cable stations, in the blathering of many different hosts and guests? Only the most naive, or highly partisan, or willfully ignorant viewer doesn’t recognize a coordinated media effort.
If we are ever to tamp down this incredibly high level of fiction-presented-as-news we are experiencing in the Mainstream Media, a two-part piece of legislation such as what follows should be considered.

First, on-air tv “news and opinion” hosts and guests who knowingly – I repeat... knowingly... present provably false stories, events and “facts” to the viewing public must, by law, have fines imposed, not on them but on their employers: the stations, channels and platforms responsible for such broadcasts and behavior of their on-air personalities.

Fines must not be symbolic but draconian. High enough to awaken corporate owners. Unpaid fines may result in loss of broadcast licenses and/or prison time for corporate executives in charge of these operations.

Secondly, if it can be shown that a specific, provably false story or narrative has been knowingly broadcast over two or more different outlets on the same day or days, and that this fiction was verbally or textually coordinated in advance, the fines shall be even more severe. Again, the fines shall not be imposed on the individual on-air personalities, but on the corporations. With even more severe penalties imposed for failure to pay said fines.

It will not be long before the corporate owners of these broadcasters of falsehoods will be changing their tunes, resulting in dismissals, and other punitive measures taken against their on-air personalities.

And if corporations are willing to suffer the financial losses just to continue pushing their particular ideological positions, so be it. The National Treasury will swell. I suspect enough to reduce the National Debt significantly. But the bottom line is the bottom line, and we suspect many tunes will change.

How is it that within hours,  several different corporately unrelated broadcast news outlets repeatedly begin parroting the same exact phrases such as those mentioned above? Clearly it’s an indication of coordination. These claims were demonstrably false from the very beginning, and everyone knew it. Its all designed to manipulate viewers’ emotions. One of the end results is the increased danger to which our Border Patrol and the would-be immigrants are exposed.

If our culture is to advance, this kind of bogus manipulative broadcast “news” must cease. The entire political spectrum is guilty. It’s only more prevalent (thus more impactful)  on the Left simply because there are far more outlets that lean far to the Left, while there is but one which leans to the Right. 

In a modern nation, where differing political viewpoints are at war, truth should not be the first casualty.