The Far Side of the Cesspool

It’s difficult to believe how many dumbbells inhabit the U.S. I mean, sure, we all know that most folks across our land aren’t rocket scientists. We’ve all seen the videos of people doing the dumbest this and the stupidest that.

But I am still trying to get my mind around what just happened in this election. Yeh, yeh, it’s great... America elected its first black president. Well, to be more precise, we just elected our first half-black president who may or may not be a natural born citizen. Okay, fine. The Media doesn't care. What the heck, the Media and Democrats and Lefties... hell, the whole world claims it loves this man.

And why do they really love President Obama? His personality. They think he is cool and clever. He was blessed with a million dollar smile, and an easy-going way about him. He is the American Idol candidate, equipped with all the accoutrement for winning a national popularity contest. He is wildly ambitious and full of confidence because he has seen that at every step in his life, there have been people there ready, willing and able to support him with their Leftist ideas and money. And the opposition, such as it was, was afraid to say what I am saying because they were afraid of being branded with that dreaded "R" word. But that’s it. That’s the sum total of the package America just elected.

Obama, we are told, is very bright. And the evidence of this is what? His best-selling book was penned by his friend and supporter Bill “Fire in the Hole” Ayers. Barack apparently never wrote anything of consequence for the Harvard Law Review while he was there. He seems to have got wherever he got by others carrying him. They saw in Barack an empty vessel into which they could pour their 18th Century dreams, and they found a willing vacuum cleaner. But they also got themselves a Sgt Schultz. Remember Schultz from the tv series "Hogan's Heroes?" He was the big Nazi schlub who couldn’t seem to recall anything which might implicate him... when asked, he would always reply "I know nnnothhhhhhhhh-ing!" Like sitting at your church for twenty years and not recalling hearing anything controversial preached by the Reverend Wright and others. Or any one of those other things that haunted Barack during the campaign, things which the Mainstream Media did its best to subdue. And it worked. But this inability to recall things, to admit the truth is also his Achille’s heel. It will haunt him. Face it, what we have witnessed is a kind of silent coup. All forces of Conservatism have been railroaded out of power and we now have an Administration and two Chambers of Congress driven by strongly Left-leaning politicians ready to shovel money into everyone's bank account but yours.

How did this come about? It was as if there was a cesspool full to the brim with Chicago politicians and other corrupt forces, and here comes Barack. He spies the White House on the far side of the cesspool. Being quick and light on his feet, he manages to skip across the cesspool on the heads of all those willing to stand in the muck for him. As soon as he steps on a head, he sort of forgets who that person was and how that person helped him keep his trousers clean. When he reaches the other side, he never even looks back, just smiles that smile for the cameras and moves on toward the White House.

Obama's great campaign promise; Change. A model of the fine art of pr. What does it mean? It's crafted carefully to mean absolutely nothing, but allows the dumbbells in the audience to fill in their own ideas of what "change" means. To that poor struggling young African-American lady it meant Obama would be paying her rent and her car insurance and healthcare, a free Obamaphone, and maybe even free gas for her Obamacar. To college kids, it's free tuition and room and board at a great University. To the far Left it means pulling out of Iraq, abandoning Israel, tossing out the water boards, emptying out Guantanamo, and a whole bevy of other changes they dream about. To some it means free birth control. And if that doesn't work, free abortions. The list is long. To Nancy Pelosi it meant a great big gavel in her hand with which she could clock Republican Congressmen, and no more GW Bush. But what does it really mean?

Nothing. It's the same empty promise every slick politician in history ever made. Vote for me and I'll give you stuff and you won't have to pay for it. It works every time. Free stuff for all. But once elected, "free" isn’t what you thought it was. Oh, there's free big money for the rich bankers and brokers and lawyers and CEO's. And some for the heads he stepped on going across the cesspool. There's a little bit of free stuff for those at the bottom. But to the vast Middle it means higher taxes and dollars worth less every day.

Some people’s talent is in knowing how to look and sound bright without really being bright. It’s a practiced act. I don't know about you, but I've encountered the type before. If that's your idea of bright, well, okay then, I hope you are happy with what happens in the next few years as your country becomes more and more dependent on the Federal Government, and more and more socialistic. But those others I just described... none of them ever had a freakin' clue what to do. Because they had ambition and they had personality, but they had no core convictions. Without convictions a person is open to suggestion. And the next round of suggestions will be coming from the heads he's stepping on in the much larger Washington DC cesspool. It will be good for us all if he can manage to make it across without falling in. But I wouldn't count on it. Those presidents who are reelected generally loose their footing in their second term.

Is Rush wishing failure for the Democrats? No more than Democrats wished failure for Bush and the Republicans. Let's put it this way, GW got his fancy Texas boots all mucked up trying to get across that odiferous DC cesspool.