Time for Another Revolution?

Okay, let's step back from this highly-charged immigration issue and see what we can see.

The first thing that is obvious to me is that we DON'T have millions and millions of Canadians swimming across the Great Lakes or otherwise sneaking into the U.S. to pick lettuce and clean toilets for us. Why? Because Canadians are proud to live in Canada. They believe their country is beautiful and that they have a better culture up there than we have down here. Who cares if they are full of beer. They would feel it beneath their dignity to acknowledge it's better in the U.S. and so even though their national health system leaves some to be desired, they don't break the law to sneak across the border and overburden our medical infrastructure.

Mexico, on the other hand, has a government that SUCKS.

That's the whole problem in a nutshell. Face it. Mexicans are generally nice people, pretty smart people really, and if the Mexican government didn't SUCK, if they would provide for their own people, Mexicans wouldn't want to run away from that political hell-hole.

I don't know, can you name one single important contribution that the Great Country of Mexico has made to the world? I mean besides cheap labor, ufo sightings and those funky worms in the tequila bottles? That's because Mexico today is much like Egypt in the sense that whatever bragging rights they may have come from what somebody did in their country thousands of years ago. But one can be reasonably certain that today's Mexican and Egyptian leaders are not cut from the same cloth as the high-priests of the ancient High Civilizations in those countries. The civilizations which populated these regions in ancient times accomplished some rather astounding things, not the least of which was building awesome massive pyramidal structures, and in the case of Mexico, did it magnificently in impossible terrain.

Now, Canada has no such ancient history. They, like us, are relative newcomers to their land. And they, like us, slowly are developing their own culture, with significant accomplishments in the sciences, medicine, architecture and the arts.

The reason the Mexican government SUCKS is not because they are a poor country. It's because they choose to see their own people as poor laborers, and are complicit in the illegal border crossings. At the same time, they perpetuate in their people a hatred for the gringo. Blaming the United States for Mexico's problems. If only America hadn't stolen the Southwest from Mexico, why things would be just fine. Like the Southwest was a dynamic and wealthy land laced with Interstates when the U.S. acquired it. Or how about this one? "We wouldn't be sneaking across your border with drugs if you American's didn't demand it." Hahaha! That's my favorite. Hey, Mexico, from what I can see, Americans are fully capable of producing our own illicit drugs right here at home, thank you. No. I am not into drugs; I gather this by the number of meth-labs which blow up in the States every year.

But I digress.

If the Mexican government didn't SUCK, Mexicans wouldn't risk their lives trying to get out. If the Mexican government didn't SUCK, all the glib Mexican-American professors at UCLA and other socialist universities in the U.S. wouldn't waste their time fomenting hatred for America and perpetuating the idea of another revolution among their chicano students. They'd go back to Mexico and be important figures in the country they love so much, and make mucho dinero at great Mexican universities. But they don't, and they can't. Because the Mexican government SUCKS!

If the Mexican government didn't SUCK, if it were better than the U.S. and Canada, hell, we'd be the ones who were sneaking down there. Oh, I don't mean flying down to those nice secluded resort areas like we do on vacations, I mean sneaking right across the border under the cover of night so we could steal all those high-paying white collar professional jobs in Tijhuana.

If the Mexican government weren't so arrogant, it wouldn't have the temerity to tell us what we can and can't do to secure our own borders. If the Mexican government weren't so corrupt, it would clean up its act and make Mexico a source of pride in North America. If the Mexican government wasn't so greedy, it would help relieve the energy problems in U.S. by shipping more of its vast oil reserves our way. If the Mexican government weren't so duplicitous, it would support the U.S. in the UN. If the Mexican government weren't so hypocritical, it would help the U.S. with clamping down on cross-border criminal activity. If the Mexican government was pro-American, perhaps we wouldn't mind the idea of open borders. If the Mexican government had any authentic pride, Fox wouldn't keep trying to con his "friend" George Bush out of his skivvies. With friends like Vicente, who needs enemies? Maybe Cheney should invite Fox on his next quail hunt.

Yup. That's the problem in a nutshell, the Mexican government SUCKS. And until that changes, this immigration problem ain't gonna go away. Methinks the Mexican-American professors at UCLA are right... it's time for another revolution. But not in Los Angeles... in Mexico.


The Illegal Mess

It's not like you need one more opinion about the festering problems of illegal immigration, but it seems to be on everyone's mind, so I figure I'd weigh-in.

This weekend's and on-going pro-immigration demonstrations, well-organized and funded by anti-American Socialists, are obviously a wake-up call to all of America, especially to our do-nothing chicken-shit Congress. In this regard, the demonstrations were a good thing. Recall how my recent blog charges that they get away with doing nothing by blaming the other party? Well, here we go again. Listen to their spin. Both sides are full of shit.

This is one issue about which Congress should have the balls to stand up on and slap the President and his advisors upside their heads.

The sheer numbers of immigrants, most likely a good percent of which are illegal, turning out this weekend is enough to make every American realize just how many there are hiding in the woodwork. I can feel American's all over the country whispering "Wow, look how many there are already." And look indeed. Still and all, even if there are twenty million, it's far less than ten percent of our population. Why in hell's name do politicians cow-tow to less than 10% of the population when easily 80% of Americans want this problem dealt with firmly and swiftly by Congress and the President? Why!?

Who were all these people? How come they weren't working instead of protesting? Because most of them probably don't even really work anyway. They are here on the dole. It's obvious that America managed to function this weekend without these immigrant workers we hear so much about. Were they out there singing "God Bless America?" Were they praising us for giving them so much "free stuff" already? Did you hear any expressions of gratitude? No. These folks were out there waving Mexican flags to show how THEY not US are running things. The idea that we "need" them to do the work Americans don't want to do is such a pathetic ruse you have bought into. Let's face it, how the hell many Mexicans do we need to pick lettuce!? 10 million!? 20 million!? 30 million!???? There isn't that much goddam lettuce and strawberries and dirty dishes that need washing and lawns that need mowing and bricks that need mortar in the entire North American Continent much less the United States! Who the hell do you think picked the freaking lettuce before they did? Caucasians, that's who. And most of us would be willing to pay an extra 25% or even 50% more for lettuce so the farmers could pay legal people to do the picking so we can stop this problem. Who the hell eats that much lettuce anyway?

This protest is not about anything other than illegals wanting a guarantee that they can continue to rape our national systems... welfare, medical and education... until we are dried up... an outcome cheered on by the Socialists and Progressives in America who fund and organize these rallies. A dark force which wants nothing more than to hasten the demise of our culture and its conservative heritage.

Who's the real trouble-maker here though? It's the same group of liberal- progressive- socialist perverts who are causing all the other problems we have. The Mexican illegals, by sheer weight of numbers are overrunning this nation and draining its treasury. Listen up, Congress, illegals endlessly trying to flood across our borders has got to stop. IT'S ILLEGAL according to the very laws YOU already passed, you putzes! Helll-llo!

We are under assault. Aided by the Mexican government, drug dealers, Mexican-American politicians and pressure groups, and the ACLU, they flood through tunnels under the border, by sea, by air, over the desert, and in plain sight at the border crossings; running along freeways, over hill and dale. They are hidden in the most bizarre nooks and crannies of cars and trucks crossing the border into America. They bring drugs, guns, and they bring disease. We know about the drugs and guns but never hear about the disease which is spreading among this population and ergo to the rest of us.

Do you feel that rumbling in the ground? It's not an earthquake. It's our grandparents spinning in their graves. Our grandparents who had to cross an ocean to get here. Who came through Ellis Island and other ports of entry... legally! Our grandparents who had no social network to help them. Who received no free medical care, no education and certainly no goddam welfare. They didn't come here to "re-conquer" America. They came here to work and raise families in a country that didn't even give them much in the way of encouragement. And our parents, children of these immigrants, learned to speak English. Unlike today's illegal immigrants from below the border, our parents were embarrassed to speak their Mother tongues. And while they weren't all perfect, the number of trouble makers was far smaller than we see with today's children of immigrants.

We have enough of them here. Stop it now! Seal the borders, build the fences. Deploy the Guard if needed. Prosecute existing law. As the immigrants are fond of saying "It can be done."

We all need to keep pressuring Congress to stop being chicken-shits and get it done. Remember how I suggested we need to hold back our votes in order to threaten them? This is a perfect opportunity to let them know this. In order for them to pick up a small percentage of the Mexican-American vote, they stand to lose a MUCH larger percent of the American vote. This is a perfect opportunity for third-party candidates to enter the fray... this time with an issue which resonates with 80% of the American voters, legal Mexican-Americans included.

Congress, you spineless cucarachas, you've been warned!


Kid Stuff

We call it the loss of innocence. That point which occurs in each of our lives, usually early on, when we are shocked out of our beliefs, and our dreams evaporate or are crushed by some terrible reality. It doesn't happen on a schedule, it's different for each of us. But it happens as sure as the sun sets.

We spend the rest of our lives trying to recover.

Some of us refuse to confront our loss of innocence and go on with our lives, pretending we still believe in things. Like the goodness of people, love, faith in our God and community... whatever. These are the "happy" people who seem not to have as much anger in their hearts as the rest of us. There's much to admire in these people. It's as good a substitute as any for dreams lost in the sunset of their innocence.

Some of us drown ourselves in mind-numbing pursuits. Sports, music, travel, computers, whatever. Busy minds and hands keep the demons of a vacant heart at bay.

Some of us feel if we drive ourselves hard enough in career and earning, somehow wealth will buy new dreams to replace dreams lost. But once lost, innocense and wonderous dreams can't be replaced.

Some of us spend years alone, faking it, then suddenly meet another lost soul and think we've discovered true love. There is something unseemly about those who feel they must tell the world how deeply in love they are, as if they are the first. As if anyone who has lost his innocence believes - or cares. There is no love or passion as genuine and sweet as the love of the innocent.

Others with weak and torn souls drown their dispirit in spirits, drugs, gambling and other forms of self abuse. They have gone from innocent childhood directly to Perdition's gate.

A lucky few manage to regain some part of their wonder through spirituality. Not the kind of spirituality where adherants display their beliefs on their sleeves for everyone else to see. This is not spirituality of the heart. It makes one cringe to hear someone foam about finding Jesus, or any other religious icon. This spirit resides in one's heart. It is not to be displayed. When it is, you can be sure it's only for show.

There-in lies the reason for our decline. We live in a culture so cruel that it mocks innocence. Do you understand that? What a detestable thing. To mock innocence. Like kids who laugh at the child who doesn't want to take a hit of the weed everyone else is smoking. Those who titter at the girl who tries to stay pure. Those who mock someone because he doesn't want to take things that are not his. And a million other things we all experience as we grow up and step-by-step lose our innocence to those with tarnished souls. This is called "sophistication" in today's world. Sophistication mocks anything simple and pure. Sophistication detests anything naive.

This disheartening corruption of the spirit, "sophistication," was birthed in Europe and spread to America even at its founding. How else could a nation embrace slavery? We have become as sophisticated as Europe, not so much in our social ways, but in our attitude toward what is right and what is wrong. Instead of black and white, we see things in a thousand shades of grey. But black and white is what God demands of us. And with the loss of black and white goes the loss of innocense. With the loss of innocense goes the loss of righteousness. With the loss of righteousness goes the loss of God. With the loss of God goes the loss of country. For God led us to this land as sure as he led Abraham and Moses to their Promised Land. But Abraham never reached it. And, even after leading God's people to the very place, Moses was not permitted to enter the Promised Land because he had displeased God. Now it appears God has abandoned us in this land because we abandoned Him. God is the only Absolute. The only black-and-white. It doesn't matter Who or What God is. Giving up on God is the most painful loss of innocence a people can experience. It makes us empty. A people with empty hearts holds no belief strong enough to make it righteous, or strong enough to defend its land against an enemy which still believes.


Workin' It

One of my favorite singer-songwriters is ex-Eagles' Don Henley. His vision of the world is much like mine. Light and dark. One song will be sublimely sweet, the next dark and foreboding.

That's the way the Cosmos works. One minute you're looking at a beautiful sunset, birds singing their evening song, the breeze warm and heavy with jasmine, your best girl sitting on a rocker with you, your bare foot atop hers. The next minute lightning strikes and one of you is toast.

Henley's "Workin' It" is a perfect expression of what's happening to America. We're still the only super-power, but our best days are past. We live in a culture where everything is PR and "packaging." Our infrastructure and morals are crumbling from the inside. But the rich and influential are still "workin' it" for every penny before the well runs dry and it all tumbles down around us.

Politicians "work the system" from both sides, keeping their poor fool voters pointing fingers at one another, spinning in the dark. The Parties endlessly bicker, Democrat and Republican, disguising their anti-John Q Public policies by making you believe the reason they never do anything good for you is "the other Party's fault."

Educators "work" the system, getting paid more to teach less - to indoctrinate our youth into the New Progressive Future, Ritalin-subdued, sexually-released, micro-chip-enhanced fodder for the New World Pervs.

African-American "leaders" work the system by the perpetual guilting of their white brothers and sisters for (what is it up to now... six thousand centuries?) of slavery and repression. Yeah, Jesse and Al and Harry know how to work the system all right.

Unions work the system, knowing exactly what they can get away with, how much they can steal, how little they have to do to get by until they bankrupt the best of America's corporations. And yet corporate management laughs because it's a fine excuse to dump the unions, workers and all, and move to another country where they can begin anew the exploitation of resourceless workers, leaving another legion of America's fools wondering "Why me?" That's workin' it!

The wonderful world of entertainment works the system by suckling its nepotistic self, paying the same tired un-creative hacks over-and-over, pumping out the same endless stream of shit, counting on eight-year-old mentality to keep them afloat. Films, music, tv, games; it's all the same. They're workin' it.

The stock market and other investment schemes work the system by telling you how hot the investment is, artificially pumping it up until you buy it and push the price up to a ceiling that eventually collapses. Up or down, buy or sell, your broker always wins. But when you're out of dime, your broker doesn't take your calls, leaving you twisting in the wind. A couple of years later, the brokers start all over again with another generation of dumb-asses who don't know any better.

The pharmaceutical industry works the system by "inventing" new health problems to terrify you so you run to your doctor to get the drug company's new-and-more-expensive-prescription for whatever it is. The doctor gets rewarded by the drug company, your health coverage costs rise, and you pay more taxes to pay for it all. Feeling better?

Illegal immigrants work the system as good as anyone. Sneak into the country, have a baby that's automatically a citizen and entitled to stuff the rest of us pay for. Then they go to a sports event and spit on Ol' Glory and cheer for Mexico. These folks want to reclaim America by populating it, and we liberal dumbbells are there to grease the skids for them.

Third World nations and their network of United Nations' international organizations work the system to the tune of tens of billions of dollars yearly, much of which disappears into the black hole of Africa and other continents populated by despots and their barbaric followers who are unable to figure out which end of the Coke bottle opens.

Perhaps the most egregious perpetrator working the system is the legal "profession." Lawyers and judges employ lobbyists to pressure Congress to pass new laws which the lawyers then "work" to bring litigation against unwitting parties who fall afoul of laws they didn't even know existed. "Ignorance of the law is no defense.". The number of statutes now on the books is googleplex. Do you know them all? Of course not. So your ignorance makes you fodder for these outlawyers. Most of these suits are settled out of court for substantial sums which accrue to... guess who.

The list of those "workin' it" goes on and on and on. Maybe you see people all around you workin' it? Which is why the system has become so stretched it can't endure for very much longer.

Those who are working the system will keep on doing it and doing it and doing it and doing it to you until you are six feet under. And then the court system will rape your dead body to get any pocket change you left on the kitchen table before you croaked.

When I was 16, I worked as an usher in a small-town movie theater. I was a diligent employee. After six months, the manager called me in and, unemotionally, fired me. When I asked why, he said "Don't take it personal... I fire everybody after six months." Baffled, I asked why on earth would he do that? His answer was wise and I never forgot it. He said after about six months every employee, no matter how diligent, learns to "work the system" ...figures out how to take extra coffee breaks, get free candy and popcorn, sit in the back row necking with some teenage girl, watch the movies instead of the patrons, and so on. He said he couldn't afford to let that happen and run a good movie house.

The old fellow was right. Especially when it comes to our politicians, the same hacks we hear from year after year after year. It's time to dump everyone who's been around long enough to figure out how to work the system. It's time for another Revolution, my friends.


Good Deeds, Bad Deeds

In modern America, we now have established a corollary to the axiom that "No good deed goes unpunished."

That corollary: "No bad deed goes unrewarded."


A day or two ago in Iraq, American and British soldiers risked their lives in a daring raid to save several civilian hostages, "Christian Peacemakers" they called themselves. Among this group of "do-gooders" held by insurgents, had been an American. He was murdered in cold blood by his captors, certainly because he was the American in the group. The remaining hostages, all non-Americans (including a couple of Canadians, our dear friends to the North) were freed in the raid. No shots were fired and no one was injured. Did the freed hostages ever express their thanks to the soldiers in public? No. Rather these ass-wipes went on to criticize the US - obviously in the view of these twisted little shits, the kidnappers weren't to blame. No, it was America's fault that they were kidnapped. Hey, Canadians - you're fucking welcome, you ungrateful twaddlers. A perfect example of "No good deed goes unpunished."

On the other hand, a very attractive young blonde teacher confesses to having had sex with a very underage male student in her charge - over an extended period of time. The boy, according to his mother, has his head totally screwed up from the experience and she won't allow him to be further distressed by having to appear in court to testify against the teacher. The prosecutor apparently feels he can't win a case without the boy's testimony. The case will be settled in a plea bargain, I'm sure. Something along the lines of she'll have to stop posing practically nude for biker calendars for six months. Now the teacher, whose husband left her because of her aberrant behavior, is gussied up by her "handlers" and paraded in front of tv news cameras - promoted to celebrity status by her unremorsefulness. Oh, none of this was her fault of course. And what the hell, the tv lenses love her, she's a real doll and has big tits, so why should the boy complain - isn't that every teenage boy's dream - not to mention all us males in general? Nevermind that she broke the law in an egregious display of unteacher-like judgment - and repeatedly, and that the kid's life will be screwed up for reasons too complex to get into here. But get ready for The Big Deal... the book, the movie, the 24-hour-a-day interviews, magazine covers, contracts for make-up ads, a new line of weight-loss frozen dinner programs, and the Playboy nude photos. She will be splendidly rewarded and enrich her slithering "handlers" as well. The teacher is a strutting goldmine, a 24-carat example of a culture-gone-bad. We are left wondering, will the boy get any of the filthy lucre? Or will he just get screwed again by the chunky blonde slut? "No bad deed goes unrewarded."

What a culture.


America's Dirty Secret

We went halfway across the world to Afghanistan to disenfranchise the Taliban, meanwhile we look the other way and allow a kind of Taliban to grow and thrive right in our own backyards. A festering infection here in America which rarely gets mentioned by those in government, a canker sore which never gets better, and can only get worse: the metastacizing of violent gangs in our cities. The kind of gangs we have today makes the Sopranos look like a Sunday afternoon at Bay Hill Country Club.

Violent gangs now run large sectors of our cities just like the armed and defiant gangs in Afghanistan and Iraq. They carry weapons in their vehicles and won't hesitate to use them if provoked. This outlaw culture has metastacized, due not in small degree to our prison system, to every nook and cranny in America. The prison system is a breeding ground, converting angry gang members into home-grown anti-American jihadists.

There is concern that when the war in Iraq winds down and many of our military and equipment return home, someone in the National Guard with gang connections will make it possible for local gangs to break into their armories and steal heavier weapons than they can get elsewhere. It's happened before.

You don't hear much about the vast network of gangs and their international connections because, frankly, the local police have been intimidated, along with local governments and the citizenry in this environment. Like so many other slippery slopes we have slid down in recent decades, our young people have "accepted" gangs as just another colorful patch in the vast cultural tapestry which is modern day America. But unlike benign segments of our culture, gangs rule their turf with threats and bullets. They are aided and abetted by the now vast and increasingly wealthy "gangsta" industry with its culture of death, drugs and debauchery, and a network of Marxist revolutionary lawyers who see gangs as convenient flesh and blood tools to be exploited for their own anti-American goals. These lawless lawyer traitors know most Americans will shrink back from their charges of "racism." But who is really the racist?

Our ignorant young white sons and daughters support this culture by pouring millions of someone's hard-earned dollars into the dehumanizing product of the gangsta industry; rap "music" (it's an insult to every great singer of the past to use the word "music" in describing this irritating noise) which promotes violence, hatred for "the man" and the PO-leece, dehumanizes women, spreads a style of "fashion" and language worthy of some bizarre jungle nightmare movie, and glorifies death and the drug culture for our youth. With this inflow of your money, they buy lawyers, politicians, cops, judges and anybody else needed to maintain control of their turf. They intimidate witnesses to their crimes, threaten jury members with death, bilk business owners, frighten cops on the beat, charm cowardly newspaper people, and terrorize any poor soul unfortunate enough to live inside their turf.

This consortium of goons and culture-makers has become mighty. Do you expect one day soon it may feel it has enough members, enough connections and enough firepower to challenge the system it hates to the core? Without hatred and violence, these people have no way of luring youngsters into their way of life. In many ways it is already anarchy. Just as we have seen it happen in Paris, they can easily visit chaos on the streets of every city in America. In the view of secular-progressive Marxist America it would be a revolution to undo the one that old caucasian George Washington and his men pulled off in the 1770's.

On a parallel track, what in hell do we really think millions of illegal immigrants from south of the border are coming here for? They have made it clear enough, haven't they? All you need do is listen to what they say. They intend to reclaim the Southwest of America. And does our government take them seriously? You tell me. With the help of radicalized jihadists flooding in from outside America and sympathizers being released from prisons inside America, it's only a matter of time before they assert their "independence." It's likely to start in Los Angeles or one of the other immigrant-sanctuary cities of the Southwest. And if it isn't put down quickly, it will spread like wildfire.

I personally experienced it happen in Newark, NJ, and years later, in Los Angeles. We and our govern-merde may once again look up in shock as our cities burn and explode in a Paris-like reign of terror never before witnessed in this land. Because this time, our police departments and state troopers and FBI will be vastly outnumbered and outgunned. Our State governors will be too spineless to call out the National Guard, preferring, like the governor of Louisiana, to waste precious hours hiding under her desk and wait for the Feds to do something, then blame Washington DC for taking too long.

This is a catastrophe that could collapse America like the Trade Towers. Is our Department of Homeland Security prepared for Mad Max? Rolls of plastic and duct tape ain't gonna cut it, fellas.

Perhaps if we had a King for awhile. A courageous king would take care of the problem now. He'd call out the National Guard and his Federal forces. He'd suspend the Constitution in gang-infested cities. He'd roll into the bad neighborhoods in one city, maybe Los Angeles to start, and here's what the rules of engagement would be - fasten your seatbelt, you won't like them. There are no rules. Shoot to kill, on sight, any males who look like gang members. That's it, they just have to look like gang members - you know - tatoos, shaved heads, undershirts, baggy pants, stupid hats - all that "fool fashion." No questions asked. Too bad if "innocents" get killed by mistake. They will have had warning and if they persist in staying in the kill zone, let God pity them, the king won't. The king would crush the gangs' armed vehicles with his heavy tanks. His men would break down the doors of gang houses - no warrants neccesary because the poor neighbors who have been terrorized for so long will finally have their revenge - they will rat on the devil. The Guard will search these homes for drugs, weapons and other paraphernalia of this culture and if they find it, they will summarily execute those in that house. The Guard will bring in large trucks, fill them with the bodies, and dump, burn and bury them deep in the desert, preferably right on the southern border with Mexico so all on the other side of the border can see it plain as day. The king is shrewd. He knows you wouldn't have to build a fence at the border after that. In fact, the flood of illegal gang members pouring back down to Mexico would overrun any fence at that point. They would find even Mexico preferable to an awakened America. Let the Federalis deal with the problem.

If Middle-Eastern terrorists being housed by gangs should be caught in the action, the king would have them castrated and ship their parts back to the rulers of the countries from whence they came. Message sent.

Non-combatant females swept up in the police action would be sent to a large internment camp, the "Prison for Ignorant Girls" (PIGS) where they would remain until they learned how to speak, dress and behave like civilized women.

Any mayor, city council member or congressman who begins to whine and object would be invited by the king to rethink his or her attitude or join their constituents in the desert.

Any lawyer or organization, such as the ACLU, which threatens to sue on behalf of the gangs, or who tries to get an injunction to stop the king's action would be hanged from Freeway overpasses in his or her home town. While there would undoubtedly be many who cheer and throw stones at the twitching bodies, this will be discouraged, as the king would feel it too crass for these sober circumstances.

The revolution would be over fairly quickly I should think. Oh, gangs and all their sordid activities would soon start up again, but it would be a hundred years before it became a serious threat again.

A horrible way to deal with a terrible problem, you say? Sounds like something China or Russia or Iraq might do, you object? If things get this to point, it's the ONLY way. Nothing else will solve the problem. Kinder, gentler approaches will simply postpone the problem. And since kinder, gentler techniques generally involve the giving away of large quantities of cash to quiet the savage breasts, it will surely bankrupt our already bankrupt treasury. Our king would be too shrewd to go for this.

Sooner or later, something like this will happen in America. It will have to happen. Decent Americans can be pushed just so far, and we are reaching that point. Look in the mirror of your soul. Are you more afraid of Bin Laden and terrorists from the Middle East, or of terrorist gangs infesting your own city? Do you avert your gaze from angry young men riding in the car next to you on the highway, or stopped in the city at a red light, for fear one wrong blink of your eye might result in a very ugly confrontation? How fed up are you mature folks with this hoodoo gangsta culture, its filthy language, grotesque sexuality, and this whole God damned mess in our own backyard?

We need a courageous king for six months. Any nominations?


Using Your Vote as a Hammer.

What are we to do?

We live under a two-party system and both constantly let us down.

On the Left, we have a party taken over by the unhappy, endlessly grousing, secular socialists, so mentally ill they are unable to distinguish between reality and agenda. So they "stand up for the rights" of every twisted cause that comes along: sexual deviants of every stripe, criminals sentenced to death for hienous crimes decades ago but who still languish on Death Row, gang culture, the removal of every symbol of God within their sight, freedom for America's enemies to have access to our secrets as they plot against us. Apparently a true liberal's feelings for protecting the guilty are so irresistible that the victims occupy no space in the sympathy section of the Liberal Mind and, well, can go to hell. And let's not forget the secular-progressives' thinly-veiled daily put-downs of our military in the field. Of course this offers aid and abets our enemy, but Lefties don't wish to see this; they are too busy standing up for the rights of the very people who would kill them if the military wasn't standing between them and the enemy. Thanks, Lefties.

On the Right, we have a party populated by political pansies and the intellectually challenged. A bunch of smiley-faced hair-do's dedicated to being "nice" or "positive" to the point they run from any real challenge given to them for fear of getting dirt under their manicured nails. Voices must not be raised, heavens no. Inuendo and sarcasm must not be employed. Fairness must be upheld at all costs. These fair folks are okay with starting a war but too wobbly-legged to finish the job as it should be finished: not by paying off or begging our enemies, but with sledge hammers.

Granted, Republicans are, by and large, a better-looking lot... certainly Republican women (Republicanettes?) are easier on the eyes, though too many of them worry more about the tone of their hair color instead of the tone of their voice. On the other hand, Democrats suffer from too many generations of grousing, the toxic chemistry of their twisted morals has worked its way to the surface of their skin, causing all kinds of unpleasant outbreaks. Unfortunately, Liberals tend to be more intellectually capable. At least capable of rhetoric if not accurate analysis of actual events. Their aggresive agendas cloud their minds and don't allow them to see things clearly. Frankly, neither Party offers us any good reason to give them our votes.

The most egregious evidence against both parties is their perennial refusal to confront our southern border problems. Illegal immigration has been a problem for many decades, but until recently, probably triggered-off by the activity of The Minutemen at the border, no-one, not even the national media, seemed to want to spotlight it. It's said that the Democratic Party sees illegals as potential voters (nevermind that they are not entitled to vote). Hence, as usual, they side with the criminals (yes, they are illegals, so they are criminals). Similarly, it is said the Republican Party treats illegals as a gift for their friends in the corporate world. Low wage-earners with fewer job rights and fewer complaints. I have to wonder... just how many millions of illegals do we need to pick lettuce? We have so many illegals in the US right now that there's one for every head of lettuce which needs picking. The Republican's line of reasoning on immigration is flat out wrong, both morally and socially. That is, unless we view it in the light of Globalism.

So what are we to do?

All you have is your voice and your vote. If I could, I'd convince every reasonable legal voter to threaten, very vocally and in no uncertain terms, to withhold their vote from either of these two Parties in the next Presidential election. For, as I've said before, these two Parties are simply two different sides of the One World coin. A threatened voter boycott might stimulate the emergence of a third or even fourth political party with enough potential votes to get them a place on the next Presidential Debates dias. The two parties have the system rigged, locking out alternative approaches to governing our Nation and confronting its problems. But if another party emerges, we must be ready with our donations and support.

A third party which promises four simple things would overpower the two broken down parties who, because of their coalitions can't realistically make these promises: 1) The southern border will be closed to all but legal immigration. 2) A firm resolution to the Middle Eastern circus even if it involves draconian actions. 3) Job outsourcing will be limited to countries and situations where the US has the clear advantage. In other words, we get more than we give. Our leaders need to take lessons from any average used car dealer or jewelry salesperson. And 4) the establishment of some kind of cultural standards. We need to raise the standard of how our people, especially our younger people, behave, at least in public. And we need to define what are acceptible mores in entertainment in general. The secular-progressives of the Left have so driven down the standards of behavior that we live in an almost anything-goes culture. We are one step away from cultural chaos.

You see, in my view, a lot of real trash culture is put out there because the purveyors of this crap do not possess the requisite talent to do anything better. This is something I know a little about. Let's just say that I worked in a major creative field for over thirty-five years before retiring. My creative philosophy was always that it doesn't cost any more to produce good quality work than it does bad quality work. In fact, often the opposite is true. It's just a matter of who is doing the choosing. If someone not experienced in the classic elements of style and art makes the creative call, the project is doomed to turn out poorly. But to many of our young audiences, poor is good. Or at least good enough. They are being cheated out of their own culture. They are being so dumbed-down that they have lost the ability to think for themselves. Thus it is easy to be suduced by "other" cultures as if somehow you can find quality in something alien to your sensibilities.

Much of this Leftist secular garbage is justified on the basis of First Amendment "free speech." Take bad music and lyrics for example. It's truly discouraging to count the number of adherants there are to bad music (if it can even be called music) and truly trashy lyrics. But this is not really an argument for or against "free speech." It's a matter of decency, of dignity, of creative taste and judgement. Of plain old standards. A creative person's taste and judgment should get sharper, better, as they mature in their craft. And it might if they are exposed to what is the best of the past and surround themselves with equally good creative people for the future. It's simply a natural outgrowth. Reach for the sky, where eagles soar. There is little more than sludge to be found in the gutter. But I digress.

This is true of politics as well. A seasoned politician who rises above his party's rhetoric, who refuses to get in front of a camera and recite the Party's morning fax and its four talking-points. A politician who reaches higher and cuts his umbilical cord may soon find himself in the rarified realm of Statesmen. And God knows we have few if any of these in either party. Which is why I believe it is far more likely we may find such a figure somewhere out there in Third Party Land. An America-Firster would fit the bill this time around. One with rhetorical skills enough to stand up to the old broken-down arguments and broken promises from the Left and Right. One with the testosterone to confront the demi-tyrants of the world surrounding us. Someone who could return us to the status of "hated but feared" rather than today's "hated and about to be trampled."


The Evil of Globalization

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

While there undoubtedly are some in the One-Worldization movement who truly believe this is a good idea, they are with equal doubtlessness, dreamers and fools.

For who exactly stands to gain from One Worldism?

Only the already-mega-wealthy, the One World aparatchik, and a handful of their minions. Everyone else; you, me, your children and Aunt Emily will gain nothing. They will lose much. If you think your voice is nothing now - as it is but one-in-280-million, just imagine how much tinier your voice will be when it is but one in 6.5 billion! You are now a pebble on a local beach but if the One-Worlders have their way, you will be nothing more than a grain of sand in the Sahara Desert.

You will not like it. You will be carrying the same exact currency in your wallet as every other person on Earth. It will undoubtedly be rainbow money. Your dollar will be worth no more or no less than anyone else's. That is to say, virtually worthless. The truly wealthy will be ten times wealthier than they are now. You will be ten times poorer. It stands to reason. Because to them you are nothing more than a worker bee. Everyone will be monitored. There will be assassinations and imprisonments of some wealthy people who the One World Establishment doesn't feel "fit" in with their plans. We plebians will have chips implanted in us. Those who refuse will have no access to credit or even the ability to purchase the simplest neccessities of life at your local markets without using cash. Where will you get cash? Banks will require your chip implant to activate an account for you. Freedom as you know it will be gone. White people, with the exception of the mega-wealthy will find we have been totally disenfranchised and will be considered "undesirable minorities" in our own countries. Services, such as medical and food insdustry, which are now considered high quality in America will sink almost to the level of the Third World as every aspect of economy seeks a world-wide level. Children will have even fewer rights than they do now, leading to them being treated as they now are in many countries which look the other way as they are used as slave labor and sex objects. Americans who are unfortunate enough to find themselves in court will face an international law system bereft of the rights and protections we now enjoy. And don't kid yourself... there will be One World Religion. An amalgam of current religions, with its own One World Leader.

I could go on. But I'm sure you get the drift.

Globalization is nothing more than world-wide aristocracy based on wealth. A world of queen bee and worker bee. A concept we thought we rid ourselves of in the past at the cost of many lives. Globalization? Who is kidding whom?

Anyone who espouses globalization is either a deluded dunce or truly untrustworthy.


Can GW Carry A Tune?

I am at sea again about the President.

It seems I go through this periodically. Just when I'm starting to think that GW is maybe a good president, the next day's news upsets that apple cart.

What is it this time?

Maybe it's that tone deafness thing. Tone deaf. Do you understand exactly what that implies? Yes, I think that's it. Remember when his father, was campaigning against Governor Bill Clinton in GHW Bush's 1992 re-election campaign? Bush, The Elder, visited a trade show where they were displaying new technology. You remember this, right? At one of the displays, he sees a new improved UPC item scanner. We are told by a reporter that he looked up rather amazed I suppose, and like a total dope says gee they can do that? Now this gave his opponents, who already were charging that George Herbert Walker Bush was out of touch with America, the perfect opportunity to "prove" he was. Had the man never been to a supermarket? Versions of this technology had been in use for more than twenty years even at that time! Had he never himself bought a bag of Doritos at a supermarket? Or a box of Kleenex at drug store, or a bag of BBQ briquettes at Wal-Mart?

Of course he had. But he wasn't thinking. He forgot that he was President, and that as such there is a microphone and camera aimed at you everywhere you go. He forgot that if he sings on-key, no one will notice. But if he sings off-key, the reporter's career will be made when he gets the sour notes into the bureau chief so they can be sent "over the wire" to the whole world. Something that simple but that stupid could have lost him his bid for re-election. Why? Because it resonated with the public. It doesn't matter if it's true or not. It doesn't matter if GHW was a true war hero. The impression was left that he was a silver-spooned Ivy League fellow, reminding us of priviledged Prince Charles and other clueless royals, the kind of dope who'd never been in a chain store, and hadn't a clue what John Q. Public has to put up with every day everywhere.

Now, his son GW is also vocally challenged. I don't have to tell you what his trespasses are. The list grows longer each week. The tone-deafness of his Katrina reaction. His inability to sing clearly about Iraq. He could have used a good tuning fork in his Social Security plan - his inability to understand why Social Security reform can't just be another opportunity for stock brokers to fleece the public. His sour notes in the prescription drug deal. The tone-deafness of the UAE port terminal deal. If, as GW says, he'd never heard of the deal till the public outcry forced Congress to threaten to outlaw the deal, why did he rush to the mike and croak "I'll veto it"? Hell, the man never vetos anything. He sounded terribly off-key. And so we all scratch our heads and wonder, What the...?

Worse than all of these, to me, is his chronic tone-deafness about our boiling border problems. How can anyone be this deaf!? How can anyone take seriously anything any Mexican President says, and Fox in particular, about "co-operation" on the border? None of the rest of America does, including Mexican-Americans! So why is GW so clueless?

I think the reason is simple. Now don't get mad at me, but it goes back to the One World thing. Just like his father. GW is charged with bringing the One World (Corporate Flavor) one step closer to fruition. This, he believes, will be his real legacy. A thousand years from now, in history books (or whatever they have instead of books) he wants it to say: "GW Bush created the First One World, World-wide Corporation." It will be right next to the article that says "William Jefferson Clinton Elected First One World President." And maybe one that says "Hillary Clinton (or Condi Rice), America's First Female President." Face it that's what this is all about.

All these other things; the borders, Katrina, Social Security, they are all just minor distractions to the President and his people. It's more important to get Mexico on-board with the One World Deal than to worry about some little detail like 12 million illegal aliens who have flooded into America, just about ready to swamp us. No, I'm sure GW just wants all these minor distractions to "go away" - he wants his underlings to handle them - so he can get on with the business of Business, One-World-Style. I'm sure he wants Chertoff to "handle it." Make it go away. Tell the public anything. Make it up as you go along, I don't care. It's just business as usual.

But Bush's tone-deafness is his Achille's heel (to invent a bizarre metaphor). And it very well may be his downfall. While GW is making nice with China, giving them valuable technological secrets and getting under-cooked Mu-gu Gia Pan in return. While he is wooing India and his soul-mate Putin (who I am convinced in reality thinks Bush is a putz and hates America for destroying his Empire) something like the border or a terrible terrorist attack via the ports, or the endless turmoil in New Orleans, or a pandemic of some sort, or any one of a thousand other scary possibilities will collapse on Bush and us, rendering his legacy worse than Clinton's (if you can even imagine that).

Please, Mr. President... take yourself some quick music lessons. Put your ear to the air and the ground just as you did that day in the rubble of the World Trade Towers. Learn to hear and feel the rhythm of your country. It's a beautiful thing. It's a smart thing. While it may not lead to a One World anything, it could be a hell of a great jam session. And that ain't a bad legacy.


Who Controls Our Nation's Destiny?

Most Americans labor under naive illusions about who controls our Nation.

We have been taught that the United States is a democracy. A republic. While it's certainly true we hold elections... correct me if I'm wrong...regardless of which political party is "in power" we seem to continue on a certain unalterable course. Prices rise. Wars are fought (and don't give me that Carter and Clinton didn't have their little wars). New inventions seem to appear out of the aether. Commerce changes. No matter how much money we pour down the bottomless hole of Education, it generates more failure each decade, yet there are always just enough "brains" in the world to make things advance. Entertainment becomes more crude as our culture step-by-step descends into a pit of gambling, drugs, and perverse sex. So exactly who is setting this course?

The so-called "Elite Media" continues to play their silly game in which The White House is The First Cause. Whatever happens, The Elite Media would have us believe The White House planned it. Of course, if the administration happens to be conservative, The Elite Media only highlights the bad things that these conservatives have allegedly destined to happen. Thus The White House is to blame for everything from the weather to the plight of the poor and uneducated to what people on the other side of the earth think of us. Well, regardless of what The Elite Media says, anyone whose IQ requires more than two digits to express knows this is a laughable overstatement. We know The White House does what it can just to keep its head above water. No matter who's in The White House, and from wherever comes the water. Things rarely if ever go as planned.

But if you look beyond The Elite Media's propaganda, it's clear THEY think THEY should control the Nation. How is this possible, you ask, when they have no control over Congress or The White House? It's easy. By deciding which news takes the lead, which editorials are featured, which guests appear on the political talk shows and so forth, The Elite Media projects a "version" of reality which it wants us to believe. Just as Al Jezeera projects a myth for its Arab viewers. By more often than not taking our enemy's point-of-view. By always offering narrowly selected evidence that The White House and any of us who believe in the Administration are wrong. This kind of selective reality is different from the old type of propaganda used by Soviet government. Because today's Elite Media "version" of the news is not even meant to mis-inform. It is in effect a dreamworld painted only by a point-of-view. It is simply the manifestation of a world view held by The Elite Media. By now everyone should know it's a secular progressive view dedicated to move us all incrementally toward The One World (Progressive Flavor).

Unfortunately, The Elite Media and its allies, the Intellectual Elite, Hollywood and the ACLU can't seem to control things any better than The White House. So what gives? The Elite Media is obvioulsy not in control. That's because all these entities - including the "non-profit" ACLU - are, in the end, businesses. And business has to make a profit in order to survive. So their agenda is constrained by this need. Money holds the reins. For example, let's say "Brokeback Mountain" had won Best Picture. This may have been seen as an intellectual endorsement of this type of film, but Big Money would most likely NOT have produced a whole bunch of this type of film next year because while the Elites may have endorsed it, it just didn't make enough money. The Elite Media and its allies will have to find another vehicle to push this particular piece of its Progressive Flavor. It must be Big Money which controls our Nations's Destiny, right? It must be Big Money, which monopolizes entire industries worldwide, controlling more and more of the world over fewer and fewer conference tables, slowly moving us toward The One World (Corporate Flavor). Truth be told, Big Money is good at making more big money and keeping the Middle and Lower Classes in debt, thus "in their place" ...but it is not very good at much else.

Could the world's religions, and their gods, be in charge of our Destiny? Is it the gods who keep us moving along this unalterable path? I'm afraid if this were so, priests, rabbis and the rest would be more famous and more revered than George Clooney and Cindy Sheehan, and we'd all be kneeling and bowing and scraping in front of their idols. But most thinking people don't see spirituality that way.

You certainly don't think YOU control your Destiny? You're too smart for that, aren't you? If you did, why you'd be George Clooney or Reece Witherspoon with Bill Gates's bank account, right? But you're not. Oh, don't give us that "I'm happy with my life just the way it is" bullshit. I have news for you, even Bill Gates and Donald Trump know they don't control their own Destinies. Okay, they do it a lot better than we do, but they know they're more lucky than in control. Destiny is something no one controls. It controls us.

I am inclined to believe there is a Force which controls human history here on Earth. Oh, it's not an absolute one hundred percent kind of control. It's a general kind of guidance provided a small group of initiates. Oh hell, let's just call them the Illuminati or whatever, it doesn't matter. They know who they are and we can only guess. People like George Bush and Bill Clinton are just as much pawns in their game as the rest of us. They just get a little more gravy. But you better believe they get their general orders from this group. Not for every little thing they do. No. General orders. Like "Do thus and such to bring the One World together." Or "This foreign nation must be taken out of the game... tell your people whatever you like... but they must be taken out."

Who are these people? It doesn't matter. They are human and they live and they die like the rest of us, but the control is passed from one generation another. Not through birthright, like royalty. But based on merit and dedication. What matters is that they follow a general plan developed for the human race many millennia ago, by let's call them The Old Ones. The Old Ones have great patience.

So don't for one minute think any of those who would have you believe they control our Nation and its Destiny really do. Not The Elite Media, not The White House, not The Vatican, not the Supreme Court, Not Congress, not Big Money, not Hollywood and certainly not We The People. The course our civilization takes is never direct, and it is full of surprises. Some of them are even good. Since you have no real control over events unless for some unknown reason The Old Ones choose you, as they chose George Bush and Bill Clinton (and who knows who will be next?), may I suggest you carefully observe events as they unfold, in light of what I have suggested here, and try to put this fascinating puzzle together. You may find it helps put world events into some kind of framework for you, provides some small measure of understanding, and the mental exercize can be just plain fun.


Where Were You When America Died?

This day finds me so angry I'm not sure I can write anything that makes sense. I am so pissed off I want to scream.

I find myself in rare agreement with Norman Mailer who today said two important things. He said Americans can only keep our democracy if each generation gets smarter. But, he observed, Americans have so incredibly dumbed themselves down that more than half of America qualifies as morons. Secondly, he reminded us that no democracy in history has survived for more than a couple of hundred years or so. They inevitably turn into totalitarian governments.

Well, I have news for Mr Mailer and for you, dear reader. Forget the failure of our education system. Forget Port-gate. Forget the borders. Forget the war on terror. It's already too late. Don McLane was right. Bye-bye, American Pie, took his Chevy to the levee, and we all know what happened to the levee. It's over. The democracy you thought you lived in is already history, you are just too damned stupid to realize it. You are the frog in the aquarium and the water is long past boiling. There is no going back. Welcome to totalitarianism.

How did this happen? Marxists and any other smart totalitarianists figured it out a long time ago. First gain control of the Media, the Education System and the Courts. Once this is done, you have a stranglehold on the population, the government and the culture. The average American is too docile to fight. This was accomplished in America over the last fifty or sixty years. The Education System turned out armies of Leftist Media zombies, filled our Universities with Leftist educators who in turn spawned armies of plundering ACLU lawyers. These vermin eventually infected the Courts until we got judges overturning common-sense and making rulings such as this: a rancher in one of our border states was daily being terrorized by illegals sneaking across the Mexican border and squating on his land. Exasperated because he could get no help from officials, he took the law into his own hands. Fellow-American lawyers took him to court in the name of the illegals. The judge took the land away from its legal owner and gave it to a group of illegals from El Salvador. Never mind all the details. Think about that. The government takes your land because it sides with the illegal over the legal. Of all the settlements possible, this is the most aggregiously anti-American. At least in Eminent Domain cases, the land owner who is disenfranchised is given some remuneration. But not this rancher. The judge was making his political statement. He was declaring America up for grabs, and to hell with property rights. Judges of this stripe are traitors. They are stinking, low-life traitors who should be taught a lesson.

On the other side of the political coin, we have neo-conservatives using the US military to advance their own One-World agenda. Their version of One-World will follow. The point is we have two competing visions of a One-World, and you, dear reader, have been bought and sold by both. The only step to be completed in our de-democritization is the choice of which of these two totalitarian forms of government will win out. Each wants One-World with THEM as Supreme Leaders. Let me describe both very briefly and overly-simplistically since, as Norman Mailer claims, most of you are all dumbbells.

The Leftist version is a One-World Marxist "Progressive" Society where somebody like Bill Clinton becomes Supreme World Leader. This governing body will take care of all your needs. It will run production and business world-wide in an ecumenical sort of way. Every world citizen will get his loaf of bread and can of coffee, but just enough to live on. They will tell you how to dress, how and where to live, what kind of tiny recyclable paper car you can drive and exactly how many miles you can go. They will tell you where you can go, dictate your healthcare, education and career path. You will not be allowed to own property anymore. Only They will. There will be no more wars, and if you try anything rebellious you will be killed. You will be sterilized for the good of the Motherland - their preferred way of population control. You will be incarcerated if caught smoking or drinking or laughing too much. But you will be able to use your World Credits to buy all the porno you want. Cross-dressing, trans-genderism and man-boy love will be State sponsored. Child predators will be free to do their dirty deeds, but you better not pray to God, be caught playing games or worst of all attending a NASCAR event.

Don't laugh. Look around you at the trends, and at the laws which oftentime just miss being passed by a hair. Next time they will pass.

The Rightist's version is a One-World Corporate Society where somebody like George Bush becomes Supreme World Leader. There will be only two Classes in this aristocracy, the poor and the extremely wealthy. This governing body will take care of NONE of your needs, unless you are extremely poor, in which case they will put you in the care of religious organizations. The rest of you will be free... on your own. Opportunity will be there, especially if you are of the wealthy class. Everyone in the world will free to buy as much bread and coffee as they want. But it will cost $500 a loaf. They won't tell you how to dress, or where to live, or what kind of car you can drive. These will all be your choices. Expensive choices, but your choices. Because they will cost more than most of you Americans will be able to earn since you are so dumb you can't compete intellectually with the hungrier peoples of the One World. This Government won't tell you where you can go, or dictate your healthcare or education. All these will be based on your ability to pay. And you will be allowed to own all the property you can afford. There will still be wars and epidemics because it's their preferred method of population control. You won't be be sterilized, but you will be incarcerated if you use too much porn, cross-dress or are a child predator. On the other hand you'd better not be too fond of high art or cuisine.

So that's it. Take your pick.

Why am I so pissed off? Because I see it infecting America, the Land That I Love, more each day. And it seems to be accelerating. While the average American is asleep behind the wheel. When they pass out the One-World ID cards and implant the chip in your kid's forehead, what will you say? Oh my God, I'm shocked? I was so busy with my job, too busy just surviving, I never noticed? I was too busy taking my kids to soccer practice I didn't see what was happening? Too busy playing poker or partying? These shitty excuses will be laughable when the One-World system steps in to tell you how to live from now on. How stupid can you people be? America talks, talks, talks. On cell phones, on talk radio, in chat rooms, in stupid blogs like this one. As if somehow talking will stop the traitors on both sides from taking the land right out from under you. It won't.

These shits would sell their mother's soul for a dollar. Are there enough smart and loyal Americans left to put a stop to this ungodly takeover? I'm betting there aren't. You know who the enemy is. The most urgent offenders are the Elite Media along with its party-hack guests and bought-and-paid-for pollsters, the Liberal Education Establishment, and Elitist Courts. They must be cleansed by draconian means, by any means possible. This is your only hope, America. Do you understand the implications?

Otherwise, we are all complicit in the killing of America.