Greenspan the "Gas"bag

This Sunday, my wife and I found ourselves heading east on the 210 Freeway, on our way to sit for our granddaughter in Los Angeles. Our door-to-door was almost exactly 100 miles. There was not one moment on the drive when we were not surrounded by other drivers, every one of which, I am certain, thought his trip was as "important" as ours.

I got to thinking about Alan Greenspan's absurd "revelation" that he thought the war in Iraq was all about oil. Has this man never driven on a highway? Does he not realize that every highway in this vast country is filled with cars and trucks, tens of millions of them - not to mention trains and planes and busses and tractors and factories - all of which have drivers who are certain they are on an important mission? What kind of idiot in the year 2007 has a sudden realization that this whole country of ours, our entire culture, along with most others on the planet, are fueled by oil?

Now I am sure we can all agree that it would be great if we could find an alternative source of energy to propel our cars, trucks, busses, trains, planes, boats, factories and generators. But until we do, oil is it. In my mind, there are only a few things in this world worth fighting over. Water. Air. Honor and one's own country. Maybe the love of a woman. And fuel to make the world go.

As I watched the cars around me on the Freeway - and I'm talking tens of thousands of vehicles! - I realized that if I didn't go 80 mph I would be the only one not doing so, and I would pose a traffic hazard. So it's clear that with all the complaining about the price of gas, the need to conserve, and Al Gore's blah-blah-blah, no one on that Freeway really gave a damn about it. Step on the gas and get where you are going as fast as you can. To hell with the price of gas and all the rest.

Every driver who ever steps on the gas, or boards a plane or train or boat, and is in a hurry to get somewhere "important", every person who flicks a switch to turn something on - lights, appliances, toys, tv's - everyone who wants or buys something made with plastic or any one of a hundred different materials, had better understand that most of it originates from, or is made in some part with the energy provided by oil.

So to this prune-face addled "gas"bag, Greenspan, I say pshaw! All those years in the service of President Bush and you never cried out in public about the war being "about oil." You pretended to be a Conservative when it suited your pocketbook, and now that you are retired you join the Left because it suits your pocketbook. Apparently your pocketbook trumps your integrity. So be it. But someone who chooses the way of the hypocrite ought not to look his gift horse in the mouth, he ought to cash his checks, keep quiet and hang down his head in shame. And in my opinion, anyone who intends to buy Greenspan's book (which incidentally is manufactured in part using the energy and products derived from or with oil, packaged and delivered by vehicles powered by oil, and read in light quite possibly generated by oil) ought to instead go out and buy a few gallons of gas. You'll get much more out of it.

One day, we will undoubtedly have our oil alternative. But you can bet it won't be wind, or corn, or sugar cane or hyrogen cells, or batteries or horse manure. It'll be something much more amazing. People in the future will look back at our time and scratch their heads wondering what all the fuss was about. But all they'd have to do is see the ocean of gas-propelled vehicles which flows over our highways every hour of every day in every country in the world, and they'd know what all the fuss was about. Life and the freedom of movement. Whether you are in hurry to get to work, or home, or a sporting event, or a quick run to the mall, or to visit your granddaughter, or just a nice little cruise across the landscape, nothing gets you where you're going quite like oil. So I say, hell, use it up! Use it all up until there is none left, and those greedy oil companies will suddenly and magically come up with Al Gore's precious alternative. Let's just hope it's soon, and let's hope it's something America - and every country - has plenty of so we don't have to go to war over it.


Why Would Anyone Want That Job?

This may seem crazy but hear me out.

As the Iraq war grinds on, year after tiresome year, with more and more Americans turning against the whole enterprise, our Commander-in-Chief continues to try and sell this bucket of smoke to us. Nancy Pelosi remarks that President Bush has "a tin ear." I appreciate her sentiment, but with all due respect (which in any event isn't much) I believe House Leader Pelosi is dead wrong.

I think George Bush knows exactly how weird the Iraq situation is from top to bottom. I think he would have pulled out a long time ago, if... if he was really the one calling the shots (no pun intended). It's become blantantly ovious to me that there is a greater power at work here, and that GW is merely a puppet. How else can one explain his inscrutible policies about the Middle East and our own southern border?

Iraq is today's remnant of the great Mesopotamian civilization, Sumer. Mesopotamia was Babylon, the Tower of Babel, Eridu (Earth's first fully-functioning city), Kish (where "kingship was brought down to Earth" and the first human king was crowned). Sumer gave us almost every concept - language, writing, mathematics, architecture, the monetary system, civil law, medicine and so much more - that elevated us from primative to civilized man. Iraq occupies the lands once ruled by the first Sumerian human king to conquer vast territories, Sargon the Great, under the guidance and with the aid of his Lords, those in the lineage of the great god Enki. Because as the human population grew, the olden gods didn't wish to be directly involved with this rowdy new bunch. So they personally selected and appointed human "kings" to be their legal intermediaries, and high priests to be their technical emmissaries.

But the greatest of the olden gods eventually became disenchanted with humankind. Perhaps "disenchanted" falls far short of what they felt. The Twelve Who Rule - the highest pantheon of gods - were flat-out disgusted with "the black-headed people" as they called us. Not just us but with many of their own kind - lesser gods - who found the new humans "appealing." And so, male and female, the lesser gods took mates. A period of much hank-panky followed. Which led to demi-gods born by the dozens, each of whom grew up and demanded his or her own territory to rule. And so territorial wars spread over the lands, with humans doing the dying under the banners of these tin-plated demi-gods. They pulled the strings and humanity danced. These wars continue to this day. And that is the whole point of this treatise.

What makes us think the wars we see today are anything more than trivial conflicts about which demi-god will rule which land? Who do you think Abraham's Yahweh or Mohamud's Allah are? Who do you think Ptah and Ra are? Or Ishtar? Or any of the later iterations of pantheons such as those in Greece and Rome? They are simply different names for the same Enlil and Enki, and their sons Ninurta and Marduk (the biggest pain-in-the-ass god of all time) and Innana, and all the rest of the gods who demand obiescence and worship from the black-headed people. The olden gods may or may not have left Earth a couple of millennia ago, but the demi-gods are definitely still here, still goading the black-headed people (that would be all us humans) to combat in their names.

The olden gods ruled not just Mesopotamia, but anywhere we find the remnants of their awesome temples and other massive structures - the Indus Valley, Asia, Europe, Egypt, the ancient gold mines of Africa, Central and South America, probably even North America. When a god left Sumer for one reason or another, he or she would travel to another land and there design great temples and celestial timepieces - it's what they did. Egypt's Thoth going abroad to design Stonehenge but being called there by another name, for example.

I don't know exactly who these tin-horned demi-gods are today. They no-doubt blended into our societies centuries ago and appear on the surface to be like the rest of us. Perhaps they are behind the concept of "royal bood." Perhaps they are the elusive "illuminati." They are beyond doubt extremely wealthy, influential and hold certain ultimate aces up their royal sleeves. They live long lives, and may live large or may choose to reign quietly behind great stone walls.

I believe poor little George Bush had no idea what he was getting himself into. But by now I think he's figured it out. I'm betting there is nothing he can do about it now except to go along for the ride and try to save as much face as he can. Just like most other world leaders. After-all, what can he do? If he spoke of any of this in public, well now, he'd be put in a straight-jacket wouldn't he? Today we see a whole new cadre of fools tap-dancing their stupid little hearts out to become the next President. Why would any intelligent person want that job? They wouldn't; and even if they did, they wouldn't get it.