Paris, France. Terrorism.

    The kind of terrorism which, once again, reaches across the Atlantic, to make its mark on the scarred psyche of America.

     Have our scars made us afraid to confront the truth? At this time in our history, hidden carefully within the benign immigrant hordes, are rotten apples. Trained, funded and masters of the surprise attack, revelers in blood and carrion. When will we in America take immigration enforcement seriously? The key to immigration law enforcement is not a matter of numbers so much as a matter of whom.

     Rail as much as you like against Donald Trump’s hard-line stance: if you don’t have enforceable borders, you don’t have a country. Many Americans, liberal Democrats and their media minions, paint Trump’s stance as an affront to Mexicans, or perhaps Hispanic peoples in general. That’s a narrow-minded, ideological view. Looked at in a broad context, almost half the illegal immigration to the United States consists of non-Hispanic people from other parts of the world. Many come with visas of various types, by sea and by air from all over the world. When their visas expire, they choose to break the law; they do not leave. Safe to assume they never intended to honor our, or their own nation’s visa laws. They lied every step of the way.

     We may have their names in computerized lists, but this doesn’t really tell us anything about who they are – and sadly – where they are. They may have given “student” or other benign-sounding reasons for entering the U.S. Now we have “refugees.” Once here, the rotten apples are like
I.E.D.s – Improvised Explosive Devices – set to go off when we least expect it. The lax immigration enforcement policies of our current administration virtually insures they will go off. Does anyone remember the seemingly benign fellows from the Middle East who were here “legally?” Who learned to fly planes here, legally? Who then purchased airline tickets legally? Then flew the planes into the World Trade Towers.

     The carnage in Paris ought to be enough to get even President Obama to define the problem: but he won’t. They can be from anywhere. Though not Mexican, many sneak across our southern border. Which is why we need Trump’s wall, and the enforcement policies to go with it. Not because we hate Mexicans, or Hispanics, or Arabs, or Asians, or anyone. But because we hate to see innocent people maimed and killed. We need to identify and stop those with evil intent from creating Paris-like chaos on the streets of our country. Our president’s reaction; release three more Gitmo jihadis.

     Additionally, we have to acknowledge that among the millions of so-called “illegals” already within the U.S. – who have come here from many nations – a certain percent of jihadis hide among the innocents. A good number have long criminal records, some belonging to underground gangs and hidden terrorist cells spread throughout the U.S. It’s not like we don’t know how and where they get together after they are settled here.
Immigrants come to the U.S. for many different reasons. Some of them come just for the benefits, with no intention of becoming one of the Left’s vaunted “hard-working immigrants.” California is among the most charitable States when it comes to immigrants imported by Obama’s administration. And where do these “poor” people gravitate to? San Diego. Ranking among the top three or four of America’s most expensive cities to live in! “The chosen” get free apartments, furnished, large-screen tv’s, and an opportunity for employment. If they are unable or unwilling to find work (theory is they will repay our charity by paying their taxes – have you stopped laughing or crying yet?) If unable to find work – these immigrants have been schooled by the Democratic machine – they know how to work the system to qualify for free benefits from dozens of government agencies. Theoretically, they can weasel as much as $650,000 over the years! Cost to the tax-payers? Many billions of dollars annually. No one in government seems to care.

     So, please forgive me if I show little sympathy for this relatively new class of immigrant. Our forbears came here from other countries. None of this assistance was available to them back in the day. I do not recall that they set out to bilk America for every penny they can, demanding the American taxpayer give them every possible creature comfort. Demanding! But to the Democratic Party, the cost doesn’t enter into the equation. All that matters is creating another class of “paid” Democratic voters, perpetually dependent upon them, in their thrall... a bondage of the soul.

     President Obama and the Liberal Democratic machine do not care if they are importing the rotten apples embedded in this new class of immigrants. Collateral damage. They are actually more like “invitees.” If the rest of us do not go along with them, we are labeled racists or xenophobes, or just plain haters. But the rotten deeds of the rotten apples are arousing the ire of Americans toward immigration in general.

     If you are one of those hold-outs who do not believe even now that Obama’s motives are less beneficent than they are to create chaos in America; if you still don’t see how he is doing everything he can, winking at his core, to bring it about – Ferguson, Baltimore, Chicago, Oakland, et al., and how this new class of refugees is an I.E.D. – an Improvised Explosive Device – just like in Paris, London and many European Cities – I have to wonder how much more it will take to make you see the obvious.

     This is why Donald Trump remains high in the polls. If Democrats don’t care how treacherous, how terribly dangerous their immigration policies are, why in hell should Republicans give a damn if Trump’s language and hard stance on immigration offends anyone? The man wants to build his wall, to rebuild our military, to protect our nation!



     It’s kind of awful, unable to do much of anything meaningful, sitting by, watching and muttering as the left and its minions on the streets of America rampage on, like a pack of hungry mice chewing away on the very fabric of The Constitution. No... more than The Constitution: tradition, reality and common sense.
     In deeply troubling times, bamboozled voters elected America’s first African-American president. How proud the cheering throng was. He was going to “change” things. How could what polling suggested, at the time, was a majority conservative nation, elect an unknown, untested fellow named Obama? They were so thoroughly brainwashed by Hollywood films which portrayed black men as hero presidents, that they believe that’s how it would be if they elected an African-American president. Why, black presidents were so effective they saved the world from aliens. But as we see, reality and screen plays are two entirely different things. Apparently, Chris Matthews’ “simpletonian” voters are unable to grasp such subtleties. Great job, Hollywood. You guys are the Maytag Men of brain-washers.
     Now, the left is dedicated to elect a woman for pretty much the same reason.
     In both cases, it’s as if it’s nothing more than a movie casting call to the Hollywood left and their legion of adoring simpleton followers. Who gets the part? The most accomplished person? The person with the best plan to revive our economy? The person with the best plan to deal with Putin and the Middle East chaos? Maybe the most honest person? No. None of this is on the casting table. The one who is chosen is the one the director and studio execs think “fits the part.” The part being the next baton carrier for the left’s world-wide socialist agenda. And when it’s decided, the entire entertainment legion, having received its orders, marches out and sells the anointed one to the simpletons in the hinterburghs of America.
     It’s the same script every cycle. Road trips. Hand shaking in diners stocked with SAG movie extras.
     Places! Lights! Sound (speed!) Camera (rolling!) ...and...action! 
     Hillary visits a diner in Mayberry, shaking hands with Goober, Emma Watson and Floyd the barber while they’re making fun of Barney Fife over coffee and half-baked gooseberry pie. 
     “How y’all doin’ this here fine day?” says Hillary in her best Southernese.
     Miss Emma blinks hard and whispers across the table to Goober, “Golly Neds, Goober... I think she’s Hillary!
     “Say it agin...” says Goob.
     Emma says, “Yer that there fine lady runnin’ for president, right? Can I have yer autygraph?”
     “You folks gonna vote fer me?”
     “Sho nuf!”
     “Yes’m, Miss Hillary,” stammers the Goob, “What this country needs is a nahs female type lady president. Just lahk in that there Battlestar Galactica tv show I seen once.” He whispers to Emma “She saved them all from sure death.”
     Hillary turns to Floyd. “And who are you, handsome?”
     “Awwww, you know who I am. Floyd Lawson, proprietor of Floyd Lawson’s Barber Shoppe. Floyd Lawson proprietor, ma’m. I’m Floyd. Uh, say, does Bill need a haircut? He’s looking a bit shaggy.”
     Hahahahaha! Hillary screams, startling Goober... he spits out coffee from the saucer he was slurping on. Floyd laughs at Goober’s clutziness, “Yer gonna have to leave a bigger tip now, Goob.”
     “I got yer tip right here, Floyd!”
     “Cut!” shouts the director. “Strike the set. Okay crew, let’s move on to the next scene... the bowling alley...”
     And so it goes.

     But the reality is, our glorious first African-American president is not saving the nation or anything else. He’s on a political rampage, destroying Traditional America with pen and phone. And all you can do is sit by and shake your head, because everyone knows it’s happening and everybody knows nobody will do anything about it because we live in an era of political correctness which is the same as political cowardice. Washington, DC is grabbing all the tax dough it can before the bakery runs out. And all you can do is hope The Constitution lasts another year and maybe, just maybe a new president will be able to undo some of the worst damage. And some of you even have a nightmare that maybe Mr Obama won’t give up the White House. He’ll create some national crisis in which he can set aside law and assume his role as dictator. Why not, you think? He’s set up the mechanisms, hasn’t he? And by then he’ll have another army of imported jihadists to back him up.
     Fear not. Even Hollywood isn’t calling for scripts for that movie. Even they know theyll be among the first targets.
     But they have produced more than one with a woman president. And because she’s a woman, she can’t be criticized about substantive things. Only email issues that never go anywhere anyway because Hollywood’s script reads: What difference, at this point, does it make? 
    One thing is for damn sure; Hollywood hasn’t produced one with a wealthy businessman who gets the voters’ mandate to go to D.C. and clean up the mess, the corruption, the cronyism and the rip-off of your tax dollars. Build up the military. Cut spending. Stop unfettered immigration. Build a wall. All that mean-spirited common sense conservative stuff.
     Do you think we’ll ever see that movie? Only if it’s a Peter Sellers comedy of errors.