The PC Virus Is Suffocating Us

No, not the kind that attacks your computer.
The kind that attacks the mind of liberals.
As Michael Savage so aptly phrased it:
Liberalism is a mental disorder,
and Political Correctness is its most obvious symptom.
It has got many otherwise good people thinking foggy.
Afraid to acknowledge what they really think.
Afraid to even admit they have "certain thoughts."

In this year of presidential election shoot-outs,
PC has suddenly focused itself on the issue of race.
One can't help noticing that the liberal press
(I know, the press does not see itself as liberal,
which in itself is bizarre manifestation of PC-ness)
has been chanting Barak! Barak! Barak!
Despite the fact that it becomes clearer every day
that, as Pat Buchanan put it: "He's not one of us."

Obama's "mentor," the Rev Wright, tells it like it is.
Annointed black leaders like him and Sharpton and Jackson
feed the lucrative Black Grievance Industry
by finding all kinds of reasons why America
(that would be you and me) is a bad country
which does bad things all over the world.
And somehow it is they who suffer more than the rest.
Therefore we owe them something.
Maybe even the reins of government.
Sharpton, Jackson... and now Obama...
all have had presidential aspirations.

Infected by PC, the press and the Left
(excuse the redundancy), can't find it in themselves
to challenge Obama on his essential feelings
about the country he wants to preside over.
But Mrs. Obama has made herself perfectly clear:
she has a visceral disdain for America.
Rev Wright has made himself equally clear:
God damn America!
Obama associate, Professor Bill Ayers,
has made himself perfectly clear:
he wishes he had blown up America more than he did.

These are classic America-haters.
With Mr. Obama at the epicenter of the hate storm.
Make no mistake, the relationship among these
four individuals goes back a lot farther
and a lot deeper than you have been led to believe
by a liberal press silenced by the PC virus.
But as with all such things,
it will eventually come to light.

One can only hope that the few remaining
adults in the Democratic Party
will finally find the courage to speak up and say "enough!"
"This fiasco is over."

Which leaves us with Hillary.
I never thought I'd be saying this,
but compared to limp-wristed, luke-Warm-on-America,
obviously henpecked Barak,
Hillary almost looks like a "real" American.

Political Correctness is suffocating Americans.
It's limiting your ability to say what you think
and what you really believe
far better than any law could.
It leads us to run screeds and comments
here on the internet
under assumed names because we somehow fear
our true feelings are seen as the products
of bigoted or racist minds.
You think what you think.
Anything else is a lie.
So vaccinate yourself from this virus.

I'm not suggesting you start running around
spouting racial epithets. No. That's bad.
But when you hear a PC infected liberal repeat
the illogical rationales and excuses
for Obama and his cohorts' proclamations,
...things like "It was taken out of context"
and all the worn-out cliches of political consultants,
don't let them get away with it.
They said what they said.
And they said it over and over.
That tells me they believe it.
If that's what they believe,
they live in the wrong country.
They may be fit to lead some America-hating
third world country,
but the White House should be off-limits to them.


The Merchants of Fear

We live in an age where it has become a full-blown and evidently an extremely profitable industry. We are becoming the eager customers of fear, or perhaps I should say eager victims.

How many doses of fear do you receive daily? Doctors and "researchers" invent threats of new illnesses which you are urged to fear you "may" have. But have no fear, these good Samaritans tell you, they can now offer you another pill, another formula, another solution - for a price. And for some reason, because these things are not generally available over the counter, they cost a lot more. But, hey, they can deliver them right to your door. They even want to make money sending you monthly or even daily news alerts. Every alert comes chock full of new discoveries to stoke the flames of our fears. What a deal!

Political operatives feed us daily fears - that our very belief systems are in danger of collapse under the weight of a whole litany of things to fear. Congress is making it easier for illegals! The Chinese are eating our lunch! Terrorists are moving into our neighborhoods! The liberals are taking away our right to own guns and bringing Marxism to America. The Republicans are making Christianity the official religion of America and killing the last polar bear! There's some secret highway to hell that will make America a non-entity. Be a patriot, join our group! Donate now!

The news media does its best to capitalize on our fears. Look at the daily headlines. Kidnappers are lurking outside our windows trying to steal our babies. Rising gas prices will collapse the economy. Drive-by shootings are targeting us at random. The housing crisis will have half of America living in cardboard boxes under freeway ramps. The flu is worse this year - every year. The bird flu. Mad cow. STD's are everywhere. Airliners aren't safe. Every campus has loose cannons just waiting to go off and gun down another two dozen innocent students. The Federal Government can't protect us from 210 mph hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and volcanoes. Subscribe to our news alerts. Join now!

Our children are not safe in school, we are not safe on the highways, in our offices, or napping in front of the tv. Learn why, open your account now!

Be afraid, be very afraid. There's mercury in our tuna, in the fillings in our teeth. There's rodent droppings in our cereal, dangerous fumes at the gas pump, bad chemicals in our tap water, and in the very air we breathe (cough-cough).

NO DOUBT MANY OF THESE THINGS ARE TRUE. But while it's understandable that we may fear some or all or none of them, why in hell should any of these fear merchants make a damn nickel off our fears? They are the lowest form of scoundrels. Profiting from fear. They are not modern day Paul Revere's. They are fear mongers. And I say damn them!

The way I see it, what we are experiencing in our culture is like this: did you ever do the child's science demonstration where you take a sheet of blank of paper, sprinkle a handful of fine steel shavings on it, then pass a horseshoe or bar magnet under the paper? Because of the way steel molecules are aligned, the tiny shavings easily form a "north" and a "south" pole - a negative and positive end. As the magnet passes beneath them, the filings will suddenly spin or turn on the paper until their poles align with the lines of magnetic force of the magnet; positive attracted to negative and visa-versa.

This is similar to how the force of human destiny works. I will cautiously avoid attributing the magnet to the hand of God. Let's just call it nature. The filings in this crude analogy represent people. The magnets are "new ideas." When the ideas pass through the world's population, people are attracted to them and line up, for reasons unknown. As they spin toward the magnet, a pattern emerges in the filings on the paper along the curving lines of force eminating from the magnet's poles. These formations on the paper are what we might call cultural "movements." But there are some bits on the paper which don't seem to be affected. These are non-magnetic bits, which in our analogy would be those of us who are "different" and do not follow the general sentiments of the elite sheeple in our culture for whatever our reasons may be.

If the magnet (or new idea) is strong enough, the attraction is virtually irresistible for the majority. Such movements sweep the world, change the prevailing sentiments of the majority, and we experience a new cultural era. Such movements have swept across civilizations many times in the past. Greek rationalism. The Enlightenment. The French Revolution, to name a few. Then there is The New Marxism and its attendant drug culture which exploded on the American scene during the 1960's, championed by so many of the "new thinkers" from Dillon to Leary to the Ginsbergs to the Beatles... or at least John and Yoko.

I believe we are now in just such a period of time. There is a major magnet passing through the aether around us - permeating the air and the thinking of so many of the world's people. The weak-minded sheeple are being attracted in great numbers to its poles. The rest of us resist it with all our might, screaming into the maelstrom, where no one but the like-minded seems to hear. I don't know if the magnet will pass again in the other direction, but if you look at it this way, as the lines of force of human destiny, you may find some relief from the unscrupulous merchants who are trying to capitalize on your fears.

Only when there is an equal or greater magnetic force pulling in the opposite direction, can these movements be reversed or at least stopped. In nature, almost always, an equal and opposite force somehow shows up to stabilize things. There is cause for intelligent concern today, but not for fear.

In the end, there may be nothing to fear other than, as FDR so succinctly put it, fear itself.



is like a thin layer of ice
upon a deep ocean of chaos
and darkness.”

~Werner Herzog

It stings our faces like driven snow these days. It’s not a new phenomenon, it’s been getting stormier every year since the 1960s. 

We are pelted by skewed propaganda by our media in each day’s news, in films, tv and music. Our politicians long ago succumbed to the stormy climate. They can’t see beyond the next fund-raiser, side-stepping their own inability to change things by throwing icy slush at the other guy.

It’s as if America has become suicidal. Political Correctness is its poison pill. I’m sure you are no less aware of this daily barrage of psychosis than am I. Corruption over goodness. Our culture has become inured to the slush of life. Chaos grows in our land, and spreads like disease. Typhoid Mary is in the domed Capitol. Instead of inspiring our nation with clarity and right, our leaders fuel the flames of chaos with their well-practiced winks, lies and corruption.

Unlike for those who came before us, life in modern America has become too easy. To governments and corporations, vast sums of money seem to have no meaning beyond massive numbers on screens. Millions. Billions. Now trillions are tossed about with only vague accountability. There are not enough printing presses in the world to print a quadrillion actual paper dollars, and rumor has it that Fort Knox is empty. Our system operates on promises and an endless fountain of fools’ funds.

When nations are not working hard, sweating, struggling toward some lofty goal, they and their leaders tend to become fat, lazy, and eventually self-loathing.

How does it happen that the leaders of a nation in which personal wealth for some is now measured in tens of billions go to sleep at night purposely leaving the nations borders unlocked? C’mon in, wolves, they say; the sheep are asleep. Enter, Lord Chaos, you are welcome here. The forerunners of our own civilization, the Mesopotamians, Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans would surely warn us this is how they each fell. Not so much by the sword as the sordid.

So many of our own are boiling inside and secretly want to punish our culture for its lack of goodness, for the corruption. Why do you think movies and books about apocalypse sell so well, and the New Testament pages of St. John’s “Revelation” are so well worn?

It’s no secret that many in the wealthy Hollywood world, rich politicians, lofty educators, judges and journalists are virulently anti-traditional America. They tell us we are racist, homophobic, misogynists, knowing full well they are describing the traits of our enemies. They seem to harbor deep feelings of guilt for their own success – for the success of this nation in general, and they want to make us pay the price of their own guilt.

Yet, knowing all this, we seem so powerless to reverse any of it. As if history and destiny are pushing us toward some inevitable tipping point. The levees separating chaos from harmony are collapsing. Will the next generation reign over chaos, unable to straighten out the mess we have left, just going through the motions, endlessly recycling the divisive cliches of the past, sticking its well-manicured, decorated, plump fingers into holes in the dike? Or will they pretend everything is wonderful because they can’t make it better... wearing blinders and putting bandages on the wounds by nervous cheering at ball games, rodeos and estate sales, whistling past the graveyard while our nation collapses from a thousand cuts?

Every election period is an opportunity to change. To wipe the slate clean. To disavow the devils who profit from chaos. Politicians, media people, everyone – ask yourself; are you on the side of goodness, selfless good sense and harmony? Or have you knowingly joined the forces of evil who, either psychologically or financially, benefit from chaos? For too many, the answer is not a good one.