Let’s start with the fundamentals. Every little girl is (or ought to be!) taught this simple rule: if a man who is not a trusted relative tries to get you to go along with him, or to do something you don’t want to do, or wants to give you candy or something, say no. If he pursues you, run! Scream! If necessary, swing at him and kick him where it hurts.

But little girls grow into big girls, and things get more complicated. The good-lookers find they can use their whiles to gain advantages. Advantages among other women, men, employers... anyone with eyes. Oh, I’m sure women’s righters are horrified by this simple fact of life. Of course their horror is a result of their blind adherence to the left’s ideology, not to the facts of life.

So a young woman finds herself in a locked office – at the company she works for, or in a politician’s office, or at college for example – and suddenly that simple rule she learned as a child becomes, well... another “choice.” Why doesn’t she simply say no. Or run? The door is locked? Why doesn’t she scream? She’s a big girl, why doesn’t she punch and kick?

Could it be that she is now of two minds? All that kiddie stuff is undignified at her age now. And now “candy” is being offered in the form of a job, promotion, part in a movie, better grades... whatever. It’s a simple way to get ahead, she thinks. It takes a good, strong lady to hold self-respect and dignity above career advancement. Maybe the candy man is somebody slimy, or ugly, or maybe a good-looking guy she kind of likes. All she has to do is something she can wash out of her conscience later. Hey, who knows, maybe it will turn into a pleasant affair. At any rate, she thinks, it’s just “life.”

But there are some things which can’t be washed away so easily. She doesn’t mention it to anyone except maybe a girlfriend. The friend tells her, “Men. They’re all the same. Pigs.” Then when there is no job or promotion or movie part forthcoming, bitterness sets in. Hell hath no fury like... well, you know the old saying. Revenge rears its ugly head. Time to call Gloria.

Maybe this is why some media divas are so angry, adamant, vindictive. They didn’t scream or kick. They played along, offering up their own candy in exchange for something. Some get rich that way. Lessons quickly learned by other attractive young women.

So, are all men “pigs?” No. We are not all like that. Though too many are. Let me illustrate with a personal experience. During my career as a creative director in New York, I supervised many young women. One attractive young lady who joined my group soon found herself in an awkward situation. To get to her office, she had to pass by the office of an oinker who set his sights upon her. Welcome to harassment hell. It grew intense over the ensuing days. I had no idea this was going on but did notice something was affecting her work. Eventually, she came to me, upset and somewhat scared. She never exactly told me what kind of candy was being  offered, or what kind of threats. I began investigating to make sure it was actually happening. It was.

It so happened that the guy harassing her out-ranked me. Never-the-less I went to this jerk’s office, closed the door behind me, and told him, as friendly-like as I could, that what he was doing was stupid. It was wrong. Told him he was hurting this young lady who he claimed to like. Told him rumors were getting around. Told him it was making him look bad, embarrassing, and would come back to hurt his career. To my surprise, this tough Brooklyn born-and-raised guy took my advice to heart. He knew I was right. He thought I was looking out for him. The harassment ended. The young lady thanked me and got on with her career. Why didn’t I go to management? He and I were management!

That is the way it’s supposed to happen. A big brother type steps in when needed. But it rarely actually happens that way. Or maybe it happens more often than we think because, in the day’s news, you don’t often hear about good outcomes.

Ladies, if you don’t take a stand at the moment the bad stuff happens, face it, be honest now; despite today’s cultural tides to the contrary, you are partly to blame. Democratic House member, Rep. Marcy Kaptur, shocked fellow lawmakers Wednesday when she said that the revealing clothing that some female members and staffers wear is an “invitation” to sexual harassment. I’m certain Representative Kaptur didn’t mean the resulting harassment was literally invited – it’s never, ever justified – but she makes a salient point. America’s culture has deteriorated, and this includes our general dress code in business, government and education situations. Nature is being tested to the limit.

One last thing. In my younger years, I too was (and more than a few times) on the receiving end of uninvited sexual advances by those who were in a position to help – or hurt – me. I went through my own internal struggle. Is it good for my career? Will I have regrets? I rejected the candy. No regrets.



Every president since Ronald Reagan (and many before!) has moved us on an ever-faster path toward global-socialism, a goal which so many here in the States seem to think is a kind of Paradise

You know who they are. Liberal politicians, liberal news people, liberal educators, the entertainment industry, creative people of all kinds, poor immigrants, the rainbow coalitions of the left, many in the religious sector, the UN and affiliated organizations, even many in this President’s own Party... all connive to drive us to their paradise.

Politicians of all stripes see this movement as the future.
The majority of world population is non-white and is growing faster. It wants a government which will take care of it. It neither understands nor cares that somebody else must pay for this. That a nation can’t keep printing money without going deeper and deeper in debt until that dreadful day when the debt comes due. 

Politicians see the trend. So, many run as conservatives, pretending to uphold America’s traditions, but behind their masks they are liberals willing to take the donations of corporate America (which has always been eager to import cheaper labor), and the donations of naive Americans who cling to the hope that some Republican will actually uphold conservative principles. Many feel it’s already too late. It’s as if America went to sleep with its doors and windows open, and now has awakened to find its house filled with strangers, many of whom expect you, owner of the house, to provide free room and board, and shut up while doing it. They refuse to abide by the rules and culture of your family. Let’s face it, some would like you to turn over the keys to your house and car while you’re at it.

Americans are a generally friendly bunch. We’ll welcome anyone to our shores who wants to become part of traditional America. To assimilate. To blend in. To raise their children in the American tradition. To succeed. We welcome them! But millions upon millions of immigrants, both legal and not, have come to America with the idea that we are a wide open society where American traditions are passe. Each tribe clusters in its own neighborhoods – forming larger and larger pressure groups to influence government, media, entertainment, commerce; not to embrace America’s traditions, but to change America to better suit its own tribal traditions. None have reason to believe America’s pro-immigration government will push back. Almost anything goes.

Many younger Americans don’t know much about our traditions. They only know the distorted vision and lies the left has fed them over and over in music, movies and school. Despite the fact that socialism has never really worked out well for the citizens of any nation which adopted it, because of the false promises of free stuff made by its proponents, the weak-minded buy into the idea. As a result, many precincts in America have already changed beyond ever going back.

Now, in a last ditch effort to stem this tide, a dwindling bunch of Americans who still believe in its traditions elected Donald Trump President. Aside from the shock which befell liberals and everyone else who believes in global socialism, Mr. Trump is seen as a stumbling block to their leftward movement. He is a major stumbling block. Oh, they lie to each other and pretend they hate him because he’s an uncouth New Yorker. A billionaire who has no feeling for the common man or women. A misogynist. A smarty-pants tweeter. All that claptrap. But I believe the truth is something they simply cannot reveal: they feel like who the hell is this interloper who doesn’t agree with our Marxist fantasy, the lie which, for a hundred years we have inculcated here in America!

They would have us capitulate to China. They would have us allow North Korea and Iran to have all the nuclear weaponry they can build... all the more to destabilize traditional America. They will support BLM, cheer on the NFL kneelers, thwart any plan to return healthcare to the private sector, use every opportunity to advance their degradation of the Second Amendment, and block Trump’s wall in any way they can.

All of this is done according to the left’s plan. Create enough chaos in America so that their leftist government can rush in and solve the problem. But suddenly, America’s traditionalists put Donald Trump in the White House. This is a major setback for their agenda.

They scream he must be removed. How else can you possibly explain what has been going on with regard to the President, who has faced a barrage of fire each and every day since even before his election. Impeach him! they scream. Cut his head off! Stab him to death like a Caesar! Bring down his wife and family too!

My friends, our President is tough, energetic, sly as a fox and smart to boot. But facing this avalanche of hatred each and every day would wear down even the enduring Atlas himself. Despite what his enemies would like us to think, President Trump cares. He has a big ego tempered by a big heart. But he did not grow up practicing the phony soft rhetoric of poo-lished poo-liticians. So he needs all the help and support he can get to continue his fight against the anti-American forces he faces right here in his own homeland. He needs to know we are there for him every day as well. Donald Trump ran for president because, like the rest of us, he saw our America developing deep, widening chasms. Think: while most of us are not in a position to run for president, he was. So he did. If we believe in traditional America, we must continue to support this President by doing whatever our hearts tell us is right and good... do it.



 It was like, one night, I went to sleep on the planet Earth. Everything seemed normal. When I woke up, nothing seemed normal. Apparently I’ve been transported to the planet Yoko.

On Yoko, everything is different. The Yokums grow up thinking their government should take care of their every whim from cradle to grave. They go to the kind of colleges where they run to “safe spaces” in case their delicate feeling get hurt. And their feelings get hurt by almost anything. Especially if it has anything to do with the deplorable white Yokums. Their Yokommie professors encourage this type of behavior. Thank goodness we don’t have anything like that back on Earth.

Yokums do not trust their government. Their Yokongress lies. Many politicians on Yoko lie. It’s de rigueur, you know. Heck, Yoko’s intel communities actually spy on their fellow Yokums! Can you believe that? 

On Yoko, perpetual revolution, chaos, destabilization of the order is the Yokan ideal. Yokums have no use for the likes of their first president, George Yokington, nor for their Founding Yokums. They romanticize revolutionaries like Che Yokevara and Yocolm X. Anyone who hates Yoko and murders any of their fellow Yokums who are wealthy, is a Yokan hero, while anyone who is a patriot is a considered a racist on Yoko. It’s a good thing we don’t have anything like that on Earth.

I even heard that  some Yokum sports celebs refuse to stand with their hand over their heart when Yoko’s National Anthem is played. They actually kneel as if they were in church. And now they are desecrating statues of Yoko’s historic figures... like Yokopher Columbus... and rejecting Yoko cultural traditions! If something like that ever happened on my beloved Earth, these people would be fined, shunned and maybe even jailed. Believe me.

The Yokums are rather piggish. They dress awful, they act awful and they speak awful. They have some kind of ugly art injected into their skin. There is even a book, “The Illustrated Yokum by Ray Yokbury. Its about a tattooed man, but on Yoko it’s not sci-fi. It’s real! Oh yeh! I’m not kidding.

Local Yokums have weird hairdos, rings and jewels and things stuck through holes in their flesh. They listen to ungodly awful sounds that some ugly Yokums perform with bizarre gyrations of their arms and legs, and blather some kind of awkward rhyming hate-filled obscenities. They even get awards and prizes for this. Can you imagine! I’m really glad we didn’t have anything like that when I left Earth.

I am completely stunned by how many Yokums use illicit drugs. Whole industries have grown up around the smuggling of drugs from Yoxico into Yomerica. They even have some kind of primitive pipe thing where they inhale flavored steam and exhale it into the air in long streams like an old style locomotive. They celebrate getting hammered, stoned and higher than a kite. They are compulsive gamblers and will bet on anything from sports to the Yazdaq Stock Exchange. I’m so glad we didn’t have anything like that when I left Earth.

On Earth, people go to school, graduate, got a job, marry their sweetheart, work hard, get promotions, save some money, buy a car, have kids, buy a house, raise their families according to the social norms learned from the generations who came before us. None of this is so on Yoko.

When I went to sleep that fateful night, it was with the understanding that if you wanted to get somewhere in life, you worked for it. Nobody owed you anything. But on Yoko, the government gives Yokums whatever they need. So Yokums don’t work very hard. They sit around playing games, watching but not playing – sports. They get very fat, have all kinds of sicknesses and conditions, and still they swagger around the streets and malls of New Yoko as if they are hot yokit. Of course Yokans don’t like to call themselves “fat.” They use euphemisms likeportly,” “plump” and “zoftig.” We would never do anything like that on Earth.

 When I left Earth, adults in general had morals, were polite and their clothing was decent. On Yoko, everybody is a slob. Yokums dress like pigs. Eat like pigs. Live like pigs. And talk like pigs. At least Earth has some standards in entertainment. We have films like Gone With the Wind, My Fair Lady, and The Pink Panther.  But on Yoko, they want blood and guts. The more the merrier. They want sex. Not the vaguely suggestive kind of Rex Harrison and Audrey Hepburn. No, Yokans demand the real thing. Quadruple X. They prefer movies like Scarlet Blows Like the Wind, My Fair Bimbo, and The Pink Panties.

Yokums drive cars that bounce, motorcycles that make enough noise to wake the dead;  they have all kinds of guns and gangs... and in big cities like Yokago they shoot and kill each other whenever they can. Can you even imagine anything like that on Earth? No way, right?

Something that really frosts me though, is how some brilliant Yokum will invent something amazing, but not have the where-with-all to make some money from his efforts. Then, some creepy little Yokum comes along and uses that invention to become one of the richest Yokums on Yoko. And nobody thinks there’s anything wrong with that! Boy, if anything like that ever happened on Earth... grrr!

So after a few months here on Yoko, I’ve had enough. Yoko sucks. Too many Yokums cheat, steal, lie, are stupid, vindictive, vicious and untrustworthy. So every night now I fall asleep with the hope I may wake up back on Earth. Or maybe find someone with a transporter beam to send me back to my beloved Earth where people aren’t like Yokums. I just don’t fit on Yoko.



To the Democratic Party, only some black lives matter; those who vote Democrat.

If all black lives mattered to the Democratic Party, it would aggressively crusade against the horrible black-on-black murder rate in America’s big cities. There were almost 6,000 blacks killed by other blacks in the most recent year statistics were available, 2015. Instead, while in many of America’s large cities, the number of blacks killed in gang violence continues, the Democratic Party, which holds high office in these cities, blames Republicans and police department policies but is otherwise silent. Why? Gangs don’t vote, so they don’t seem to matter to the Democratic Party. Apparently they feel it’s simpler and cheaper to bury the dead than to keep them from dying.  President Trump has made an issue of this atrocity; we shall see if he is able to convince Democrat mayors and congressmen to reduce the mayhem in the inner cities of America.

If all black lives mattered to the Democratic Party, they would not support the aborting of millions of black babies. From 1970 to 2013 (according to the most recent statistics of the CDC) in the United States, a total of 51,888,303 babies were aborted! While black women make up only six percent of the U.S. population, they account for 35 percent of abortions reported. Those reported!

If all black lives mattered to the Democratic Party, they would be negative toward illegal immigration. Illegal immigrants take jobs from African-American citizens, contributing to the plight of some African-Americans. But, alas, the Democratic Party projects that illegal immigrants will eventually get the vote, and will be a larger Democratic Party voting constituency than African-Americans... so...

If all black lives mattered to the Democratic Party, they would treat all African-Americans with dignity, not with insulting patronization, as if they are incapable of thinking for themselves. They would not continue to claim that conservatives and Republicans want to bring back the bigotry of the distant past. They would not help perpetuate the hate and sow mistrust of all Republicans simply to keep the African-American community voting Democrat.

If all black lives mattered to the Democratic Party, they would not support far leftist academics who preach anti-American, racist and Marxist theory to young blacks who, at that tender age, have no context within which to evaluate the propaganda they are fed. This is further exacerbated by refusing to allow contradictory opinions and facts to be presented to the students. Is it, therefore, any wonder that these students are easily persuaded to participate in anti-American, anti-white demonstrations? How does this advance the cause of black advancement in American culture?

Of course it’s the Democratic Party’s mission to get Democrats voted into office... just as it’s the job of the Republican Party to help elect Republicans. But at what cost? The Democratic Party seems totally invested in keeping Americans divided over race. It’s no secret that Party leaders collude with the media in pushing the false and dangerous narrative that African-Americans have been born into a racist society wherein they have no chance to succeed. Getting votes this way, votes based on lies and hatred, is beyond despicable. A nation cannot maintain its health, it cannot thrive with brother mistrusting brother. This is reflected today in the drumbeat of racism being charged against anyone who disagrees with the Left. This agenda is pinned squarely on the Democratic Party.

Because the Democratic Party has moved very far Left. It cannot win votes with positive ideas and an agenda the average American can get behind, so the Democratic Party has devolved into stinking 19th Century! Marxist theory. Divide the citizenry into classes; by color, by wealth, by gender, by age, and any other way they can conjure up. Set one side against the other. Sow discontent and the ultimate “revolution” of the proletariat  (poorest working-or-welfare class with student rebels acting as their strong-arm) against the bourgeoisie (capitalist class who own most of society's wealth and means of production), with the Party emerging as permanent leaders.

None of this helps African Americans, except for that very small minority in the leadership of the Democratic Party.

If all black lives mattered to Democrats, they would not ostracize or shun successful conservative African-Americans, rather, they would embrace their success and ability to act as role models for young African-Americans. Here’s just a small sampling of successful conservative Republican African-Americans who can serve as role models:
  • General Colin Powell as the United States Secretary of State
  • Roderick R. Paige as the United States Secretary of Education
  • Condoleezza Rice as Advisor of the National Security Council
  • Alphonso Jackson as the Deputy Secretary to Housing and Urban Development
  • Claude Allen as the Deputy Secretary of Health and Human Services
  • Leo S. Mackay, Jr. as the Deputy Secretary of Veterans Affairs
  • Larry D. Thompson as the United States Deputy Attorney General
  • Michael Powell as the Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission
  • Stephen A. Perry as Administrator of General Services Administration
  • Kay Coles James as Director of United States Office of Personnel Management
  • Charles E. James, Sr. as Director of Federal Contract Compliance
  • Ruth A. Davis as Director General of the Foreign Service
  • Reginald J. Brown as Assistant Secretary of the Army (Manpower and Reserve Affairs)
  • Brigadier General Francis X. Taylor as Coordinator for Counterterrorism
  • Eric M. Bost as Under Secretary of Agriculture for Food, Nutrition, and Consumer Services
  • Brian C. Roseboro as Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Financial Markets
  • Dr. Eric Motley as Deputy Associate Director, Office of Presidential Personnel
  • Pierre-Richard Prosper as United States Ambassador-at-Large for War Crimes Issues
  • Andrea Barthwell as Deputy Director for Demand Reduction at the Office of National Drug Control Policy
    • Randy Daniels, Secretary of State of New York joins the GOP.
  • 2002 – President George W. Bush appoints the following:
    • Major General Claude M. Bolton, Jr. as United States Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology
    • Lynn Swann as Chairman of the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports
    • Brigadier General Francis X. Taylor as Assistant Secretary of State for Diplomatic Security
    • Ron Christie as Special Assistant to the President
  • 2003 – President George W. Bush appoints the following:
    • Clark Ervin as Inspector General of the United States Department of Homeland Security
    • Vernon Parker as Assistant Secretary of Agriculture for Civil Rights
      • Michael Steele elected as Lieutenant Governor of Maryland
        • Jennette Bradley elected as Lieutenant Governor of Ohio
  • 2004 – President George W. Bush appoints the following:
    • Alphonso Jackson as United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
    • Gerald A. Reynolds as Chairman of the United States Commission on Civil Rights
    • Constance Berry Newman as Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs
    • Brian C. Roseboro as Under Secretary of the Treasury for Domestic Finance
  • 2005 – President George W. Bush appoints the following:
    • Condoleezza Rice as United States Secretary of State
    • Claude Allen as Director of the Domestic Policy Council
    • Admiral John O. Agwunobi as United States Assistant Secretary for Health
    • Jendayi Frazer as Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs
    • B. J. Penn as Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Installation and Environment)
      • Randy Brock elected as Vermont Auditor of Accounts
        • Jennette Bradley is appointed Ohio State Treasurer
  • 2006 – President George W. Bush appoints the following:
    • Lurita Doan as first female Administrator of the U.S. General Services Administration
    • Ronald J. James as Assistant Secretary of the Army (Manpower and Reserve Affairs)
  • 2009 – Michael Steele elected Chairman of the Republican National Committe
  • 2010 – Tim Scott (SC) and Lt Col. Allen West (FL) elected to US Congress
    • Jennifer Carroll is elected Lieutenant Governor of Florida
  • 2011 – Herman Cain sought the Republican presidential nomination in 2012
  • 2012 – Artur Davis, a former Democratic Party member of the United States House of Representatives joins the GOP.
  • 2013 – Tim Scott (SC) is appointed to the US Senate.
    • Dwayne Sawyer is appointed as Indiana State Auditor
  • 2014 – Mia Love (UT) and Will Hurd (TX) elected to US Congress
    • Boyd Rutherford is elected Lieutenant Governor of Maryland
  • 2015 – Ben Carson sought the Republican presidential nomination in 2016
    • Jenean Hampton is elected Lieutenant Governor of Kentucky
  • 2016 – Curtis Hill is elected Indiana Attorney Genera
  • 2017 - President Donald Trump appoints the following:
    • Ben Carson as United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
      • Omarosa Manigault as Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison
        • Jerome Adams as Surgeon General of the United States


Ken Blackwell
  • Juan Chastang – Mobile County Commissioner (2005–2008)
  • David S. Wilson – Member of the Alaska Senate (2017–present)
  • Walt Furnace – Member of the Alaska House of Representatives (1983–1991)
  • Vernon Parker – Mayor of Paradise Valley, Arizona (2008–2010) and U.S. House nominee (2012)
  • Lieutenant Colonel Allen B. West, elected to the United States Congress in 2010. 
  • Acquanetta Warren – Mayor of Fontana, California (2010–present)
  • Damon Dunn – California Secretary of State Nominee (2010) and Dallas Cowboys football player
  • H. Abram Wilson – Mayor of San Ramon, California (2002–2007)
  • Ward Connerly – University of California Regent (1993–2005)
  • Frederick Madison Roberts – State Assemblyman (1919–1934)
  • Darryl Glenn – U.S. Senate nominee (2016) and member of the El Paso County Board of Commissioners (2011–present)
  • Ryan Frazier – Aurora City Councilman (2003–2010) and U.S. House nominee (2010)
  • Ed Jones – Colorado State Senator (2001–2007)
  • George Logan - Connecticut State Senator (2017–present)
  • Aundre Bumgardner – Connecticut State Representative (2015-2017)
  • Donald Blakey – Delaware State Representative (2007–2015)
  • William J. Winchester – Delaware State Representative (1947–1953)
  • Byron Donalds – Florida State Representative (2017–present)
  • Mike Hill – Florida State Representative (2013–2017)
  • Peter Boulware – Florida House of Representatives Nominee (2008) and Baltimore Ravens football player[12]
  • Andrew Honeycutt – Candidate for Georgia House of Representatives (2014)
  • Deborah Honeycutt – Nominee for Georgia's 13th congressional district (2006 & 2008)
  • Willie Talton – Georgia State Representative (2005–2015)
  • Melvin Everson – Georgia State Representative (2005–2011)
  • Henrietta Canty – Georgia State Representative (1990-1998)
  • John D. Anthony – Illinois State Representative (2013–2016)
  • Tony Childress – Livingston County Sheriff (2014–present)
  • Erika Harold – Miss America (2003) and U.S. House candidate (2012/2014)
  • Archibald Carey, Jr. – Chicago City Council Alderman (1947–1955)
  • William L. Dawson – Chicago City Council Alderman (1933–1939)
  • Arthur W. Mitchell – Committeeman
  • Roger Brown – Indianapolis City Councillor (1993–1997) and Indiana Pacers basketball player
  • Tony Barton – Kansas State Representative (2015-2017)
  • Willie Dove – Kansas State Representative (2013–present)
  • George W. Haley - Kansas State Senator (1964-1968)
  • Anna Simms Banks – Republican Delegate (1920)
  • Charles W. Anderson – Kentucky State Representative (1936–1948)
  • Elbert Guillory – Louisiana State Senator (2009–2015) and candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana (2015)
  • Aris T. Allen – Maryland State Delegate (1967-1974 & 1991), Lieutenant Governor nominee (1978) and State Senator (1979–1982)
  • Frank Cousins – Massachusetts State Representative (1993–1996) and Essex County Sheriff (1996–present)
  • Althea Garrison – Massachusetts State Representative (1993–1995)
  • Larry Deshazor – Michigan State Representative (2009–2011)
  • Paul H. Scott – Michigan State Representative (2009–2011)
  • Bill Hardiman – Mayor of Kentwood, Michigan (1992–2002), Michigan State Senator (2003–2011) and U.S. House candidate (2010)
  • Keith Butler – Detroit Councilman (1989-1993) and U.S. Senate candidate (2006)
  • William Lucas (Michigan) – Wayne County, Michigan Sheriff, (1969-1982) and 1986 Republican nominee for Michigan Governor.
  • Angela McGlowan – Miss District of Columbia USA (1994) and U.S. House candidate (2010)
  • Yvonne Brown – Mayor of Tchula, Mississippi (2001–2009) and U.S. House nominee (2006)
  • Nic Lott – Chairman for the Mississippi Young Republicans
  • Charles Evers – Mayor of Fayette, Mississippi (1969–1981 & 1985–1989)
  • Shamed Dogan – Missouri State Representative (2015–present)
  • Neal E. Boyd – 2008 Winner of America's Got Talent and nominee/candidate for the Missouri House of Representatives (2012/2014)
  • Sherman Parker – Missouri State Representative (2002–2008)
  • Carson Ross – Missouri State Representative (1989–2002) and Mayor of Blue Springs, Missouri (2008–present)
  • Dinah Abrahamson – Nebraska State Central Committeewoman (2005–2013)
  • Niger Innis – Director of Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) and U.S. House candidate (2014)
  • Lynette Boggs – Miss Oregon (1989), Las Vegas City Council (1999–2004), Clark County Commission (2004–2006) and U.S. House nominee (2002)
  • Maurice Washington – Nevada State Senator (1994–2010)
  • Jim Lawrence – New Hampshire State Representative (2004–2010) and U.S. House nominee (2016)
  • Garry Cobb – U.S. House nominee (2014) and Dallas Cowboys football player
  • Bruce Harris – Mayor of Chatham Borough, New Jersey (2012–present)
  • Martin G. Barnes – Mayor of Paterson, New Jersey (1997–2002)
  • James L. Usry – Mayor of Atlantic City, New Jersey (1984–1990)
  • Ralph L. Bradley – Mayor of East Windsor, New Jersey (1992–1995)
  • Matthew G. Carter – Mayor of Montclair, New Jersey (1968–1972)
  • Walter G. Alexander – State Assemblyman (1920–1924) and Speaker of the Assembly (1921)
  • Jane Powdrell-Culbert – New Mexico State Representative (2002–present)
  • Conrad James – New Mexico State Representative (2010–2012 & 2014–2016)
  • Michel Faulkner – U.S. House nominee (2010) and New York Jets football player
  • James Garner – Mayor of Hempstead (1988–2005) and U.S. House nominee (2004)
  • Richard E. Jackson – Commissioner of Motor Vehicles (1995–2000)
  • Edward A. Johnson – New York State Assemblyman (1918–1920)
  • Thomas Stith – Town councilman of Durham, NC (1999–2007) and Governor of North Carolina Pat McCrory's Chief of Staff (2013–present)
  • Dr. Ada Fisher – NC Republican National Committeewoman (2008–present) and U.S. House nominee (2006 & 2008)
  • Robert C. Henry – Mayor of Springfield, Ohio (1966–1968)
  • J.C. Watts – U.S. Representative (1995-2003)
  • T.W. Shannon – Oklahoma State Representative (2007–2015) and Speaker of the Oklahoma House of Representatives (2013–2014)
  • A. C. Hamlin – Oklahoma State Representative (1908–1910)
  • Jackie Winters – Oregon State Senator (2002–present)
  • Harry Lewis Jr. – Pennsylvania State Representative (2014–present)
  • Lynn Swann – Governor of Pennsylvania Nominee (2006) and Pittsburgh Steelers football player
  • Renee Amoore – Pennsylvania's Republican State Committeewoman (1992–2000)
  • Samuel Rivers Jr. – South Carolina State Representative (2012–present)
  • Charmeka Childs – Deputy Superintendinent of Education (2010–2014)
  • Charles Drew – Tennessee State Representative (1983–1988)
  • Scott Turner – Texas State Representative (2013–2017) and Denver Broncos football player
  • James White – Texas State Representative (2011–present)
  • Stefani Carter – Texas State Representative (2011–2015)
  • Robin Armstrong – Vice Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas (2006–2010)
  • Michael L. Williams – Commissioner of the Texas Education Agency (2012–present), Chairman of the Texas Railroad Commission (1999–2011) and U.S. House candidate (2012)
  • Ron Givens – Texas State Representative (1985–1989)
  • Clay Smothers – Texas State Representative (1977–1981)
  • Alvin B. Jackson – Utah State Senator (2013–2016)
  • James Evans – Utah State Senator (2002–2004) and Chairman of the Utah Republican Party (2013–present)
  • E.W. Jackson – Lieutenant Governor of Virginia Nominee (2013)
  • Winsome Sears – Virginia State Delegate (2002–2004) and U.S. House nominee (2004)
  • Paul Clinton Harris – Virginia State Delegate (1998–2002)
  • Noel C. Taylor – Mayor of Roanoke, Virginia (1975–1992)
  • Roy Innis – Chairman of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) & a member of the National Rifle Association's governing board.
  • Niger Innis – Spokesman of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE)
  • Michael Ross – Washington State Representative (1971–1973)
  • Charles Stokes – Washington State Representative (1951–1959)
  • Jill Upson – West Virginia State Delegate (2014–present)
  • Lynn Hutchings – Wyoming State Representative (2012–2014)

United States judges

  • Angela Tucker – Texas District Court Judge (2012–present)
  • Clarence Thomas – Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States (1991–present)
  • Dale Wainwright – Associate Justice of the Texas Supreme Court (2003–2012)
  • David W. Williams – Judge of the United States District Court for the Central District of California (1969–2000)
  • George C. Hanks, Jr. – Justice on the First Court of Appeals (2010–2015) & Judge of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas (2015–present)
  • Janice Rogers Brown – Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of California (1996–2005) & U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit (2005–present)
  • Kevin A. Ross – Judge of the Los Angeles County Superior Court (1996–2005) & Judge on America's Court with Judge Ross (2010–present)
  • Lynn Toler – Arbitrator on the court series Divorce Court (2001–present)
  • Robert P. Young, Jr. – Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court (1999–2017) & Chief Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court (2011–2017)
  • Sarah J. Harper – Ohio Court of Appeals (1990–2003)
  • Wallace Jefferson – Associate Justice of the Texas Supreme Court (2001–2004) & Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court (2004–2013)


  • Edward J. Perkins – United States Ambassador to the United Nations
  • Eric M. Bost – United States Ambassador to South Africa
  • George Washington Williams – United States Ambassador to Haiti
  • Mifflin Wistar Gibbs – American Consul to Madagascar

TV personalities, authors and journalists

  • Amy Holmes – News anchor and political contributor on CNN
  • Antonia Okafor – Gun rights activist and contributor for Fox News and TheBlaze
  • Armond White – Film critic for National Review and Out Magazine
  • Armstrong Williams – Author of Beyond Blame and TV host of On Point
  • Bishop Larry Gaiters – Nationally syndicated radio talk show host of Global Spiritual Revolution Radio in New York City, New York
  • Charles Payne – Fox News and Fox Business journalist
  • C.L. Bryant – TV host
  • Deneen Borelli – Author, columnist, and Fox News contributor
  • Deroy Murdock – Columnist for E. W. Scripps Company
  • George Schuyler – Journalist
  • Hallie Quinn Brown – Author
  • James Golden – Producer for The Rush Limbaugh Show (under the alias "Bo Snerdley")
  • Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson – President of the Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny
  • Jason Riley – Journalist
  • Katrina Pierson – Tea Party activist, communications consultant and a regular CNN contributor
  • Kevin Jackson – Political commentator, author, radio talk show host, and Fox News contributor
  • Larry Elder – Author of 10 Things You Can't Say in America and radio host[20]
  • Lenny McAllister – Author of Diary of a Mad Black PYC (Proud Young Conservative) and radio talk-show host from WVON-AM Chicago
  • Lester Holt – News anchor at NBC News, a registered Republican since 2003
  • Michael King – Emmy Award-winning television producer
  • Michelle Bernard – Journalist
  • Nannie Helen Burroughs – Author
  • Raynard Jackson – Columnist and TV political analyst
  • Robert A. George – Journalist
  • Shelby Steele – Author
  • Tamera Mowry-Housley – Actress best known for co-starring in the sitcom Sister, Sister
  • Tommy Sotomayor – Radio and internet talk show host, YouTube personality, men's rights activist and film producer
  • Tony Brown – Journalist and host of Tony Brown's Journal
  • Zora Neale Hurston – Novelist


  • Lieutenant Colonel Frances Rice – Chairwoman of the National Black Republican Association
  • Major General Mary J. Kight – Adjutant General of California (2010–2011)
  • Lieutenant General Russel L. HonorĂ©


  • Deroy Murdock – National Review columnist
  • Ken Hamblin – Denver Post columnist
  • Robert A. George – Columnist for the New York Post
  • Stephen L. Carter – Christianity Today columnist, author of The Culture of Disbelief
  • Sophia A. Nelson – Chair of PoliticalIntersection.com and politicalintersection.blogspot.com
  • Star Parker – President of the Coalition on Urban Renewal and Education, columnist & author
  • Thomas Sowell – Hoover Institute fellow and Author of Basic Economics
  • Walter E. Williams – Author of More Liberty Means Less Government

Athletes and entertainers

  • 50 Cent – Rapper. Supported George W. Bush in 2005,[29] but switched to the Democratic Party in support of Hillary Clinton in 2008
  • Bryan Clay – Decathlete
  • Burgess Owens – New York Jets football player
  • Cowboy Troy – Country rapper
  • David Tyree – New York Giants football player
  • Dennis Rodman – Retired professional basketball player
  • Don King – Boxing promoter
  • Dwayne Johnson ("The Rock") – Actor and WWE wrestler
  • Ernie Banks – Chicago Cubs baseball player
  • Herschel Walker – Dallas Cowboys football player
  • Jackie Robinson – Brooklyn Dodgers baseball player
  • James Brown – Musician. Openly endorsed Richard Nixon in the 1972 presidential election and named Strom Thurmond as one of his heroes during a 1999 interview with Rolling Stone.
  • Jimmie Walker – Actor
  • Joseph C. Phillips – Actor
  • Joy Villa – Singer. Promoted and supported Donald Trump's presidency in 2017.
  • Karl Malone – Olympic Gold medallist and basketball player
  • Kenny Washington – First black player to join the National Football League after it lifted its thirteen-year ban on black players in 1946
  • Mike Jones – WWF wrestler
  • Mike Tyson – Former professional boxer
  • Nolan Carroll – Miami Dolphins football player and son of Jennifer Carroll, Lieutenant Governor of Florida
  • Ray Charles – Musician
  • Ray Lewis – Former Baltimore Ravens player
  • Robert Griffin III – Washington Redskins football player
  • Ronnie Lott – San Francisco 49ers football player
  • Shaquille O'Neal – Olympic Gold medallist and basketball player
  • Sheryl Underwood – Comedian
  • Stacey Dash – Actress
  • Thurman Thomas – Buffalo Bills football player
  • Wilt Chamberlain – Los Angeles Lakers basketball player

Education and business

  • Alveda King – Niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and senior fellow at the Alexis de Tocqueville Institution
  • Arthur Fletcher – Academic
  • Booker T. Washington – Academic
  • George Washington Carver – Inventor
  • George B. Jackson – Businessman
  • Herman Cain – Former CEO of Godfather's Pizza, talk show host and one-time presidential candidate
  • James T. Harris III – 9th President of Widener University
  • Joshua I. Smith – Businessman
  • Marvin Scott – Academic
  • Michelle Bernard – President and CEO of the Independent Women's Forum
  • Dr. Mildred Fay Jefferson – First African American to graduate from Harvard Medical School
  • Samuel B. Fuller – Businessman
  • Stephen N. Lackey – Businessman
  • Vernon Robinson – Academic
  • Thomas Sowell – Academic
  • Vern Williams – Member of the National Mathematics Advisory Panel
  • Ward Connerly – University of California Regent
  • Walter E. Williams – Academic

Civil rights, abolitionists and activists

  • Charles Henry Langston – Abolitionist
  • Eldridge Cleaver – Leader of the Black Panther Party
  • James L. Farmer, Jr. – Civil rights leader
  • James Meredith – Civil rights campaigner
  • James Weldon Johnson – Activist
  • Octavius Catto – Civil rights activist
  • Scipio Africanus Jones – Activist
  • Ted Hayes – Activist for the homeless
  • Dr. T. R. M. Howard – Leader in the Civil Rights Movement



 If that isn’t clear to you by now, let me help: Republican Party elites no longer give a damn about the people they claim to represent.

When Donald Trump decided to run for president as a Republican, my ears perked up. I was with The Donald since way before he threw his MAGA hat into the ring. I had serious doubts about the Republican Party, however. I, like so many others, particularly those on the Democrat side, saw the Republican Party as an elitist club which seduced mere Middle Class peasants through the front gate for donations and votes, but never to actually become bona fide members with any say in the Republican agenda. How do you like being a “go fer” for the likes of Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell?

It was made crystal clear to me, during the presidential nomination debates, that my view of the party was substantially warranted. Club members did their best to gang up on the outsider Trump, a man who had his own golf courses, his own country clubs, and most troubling to them, his own money. He didn’t need them.

Now that Trump has won the White House, Republican elites (and I use the term disparagingly) are doing whatever they can to deny him the agenda he promised the American people. They spend their time crafting arcane excuses for their non-action. Excuses we can see through like a lace curtain. This is their ultimate catastrophe. They are willing to lose the majority in House and Senate, something for which they have fought long and hard, just to spite the outsider. Notice how the Democrat Party and operatives in the so-called Deep State will accuse President Trump of some juicy scandal, and before the ink is dry, the Republican leadership runs away from him. Bring a bill to the floor of the Senate – a slam-dunk – and some spiteful Senator makes a show of being the “principled” hero who torpedoes the bill. Is it any wonder Trump doesn’t get along with these dumbbells?

So after all this, we see a government, led completely by Republicans, which in terms of accomplishment, if not style, is virtually no different from the eight abysmal years of Obama. This tells me one thing very clearly. We cannot expect any move to conservatism – or as I would prefer – traditionalism, from this Congress or any of its “fake” members.

I want a party dedicated to the traditional principles which brought America to the pinnacle in the Post-WWII era. In the 1950s, when Americans were not embarrassed by national and global success, or by their traditions when we innovated to such a high degree that America lifted the world up out of its 19th Century mindset and into a new era.

It all changed in the 1960s when the nation, made soft by a young, spoiled generation, ridden with guilt and self-loathing, demonstrated its brains out in order to change things from good to no good. They set out to “bring it all down, baby.” To corrupt it from the inside out. And so they did. And so here we are.

To all the Pollyannas out there who don’t want to see whats happening to our nation on a massive scale, I say you are a big part of the problem. You are comfortable. You eat well. You have a comfortable place to live.  You numb yourself with sports and drink and drugs and fill your brain with images of singing cats and dogs and pretend if you participate in some crazy exercise routine or exotic herbals you may ward off old age. Well, good luck with that. Meanwhile your nation goes to pot in the most literal sense. And every four years some don silly red, white and blue hats and cheer for the latest hack politicians who hypnotize with broad smiles, spouting glib poll-tested phrases.

We are in trouble, we are. We are surrounded by a world which, in a word, envies us to the point of hatred. Especially when we dare to remember the 1950s. They pretend to like us when we have a world-Marxist in the White House, to do things the way “they” like them done. When we give away the farm.

Is there a new leader of a new party out there, just waiting to emerge? One who has the gift which Donald Trump has? Because it’s obvious that as much as I love the guy, it will take a miracle for him to bring about the kind of change that will really make America great again. Or even back to Constitutionality. I guess my belief in miracles is at a low ebb. It’s not because Trump doesnt want to do it. It’s because he has no support from his own party. The Republican Party. And he is surrounded, penned in, by advisors on all sides who are slowly but surely sucking the sugar out of every promise he has made. If someone as strong and confident as Trump can’t get the Republican Party to do what needs to be done, then it’s simple: they don’t support the President, we don’t support the Republican Party. Let them raise money from George Soros. Let them be voted out of office. So what if the Democrats regain power in DC... to quote Hillary, what difference does it make? In the end what difference does it make which party passes bills which do little to actually help Americans?

We have been led down the garden path for so long and so far that we have lost sight of from whence we came, and have no clear idea where they are trying to lead us.  Let us give serious thought to a third party. And by the way, Looneys, One Worlders, “Everybody’s a racist” jerks, war mongers, Alinskyites, socialists, open borders people, supporters of sanctuary cities, overly green people, career politicians, gun nuts, pervs, masked demonstrators, druggies and that ilk need not apply. Hmm, it’s liable to be a pretty small party, eh?



“Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture repainted, every statue and street building renamed, every date altered. And the process is continuing day by day. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.” ~George Orwell, “1984”

Is this what you want, America? Well, it’s where you are heading.

It is embarrassing to watch my fellow Americans all across the spectrum – and I mean all across! Far Left to Far Right and everybody between – having a nationwide meltdown over, of all things, statues, bas reliefs, monuments, and street and building names. Statues for God sakes! You who are screaming, cursing, burning, punching. Every one of you ought to be ashamed, whatever side you stand on. You are fooling no one!

We’re witnessing a major clash of ideologies. Another tumultuous time in our history. Juxtaposed against an underlying unreasonable fear and loathing of our President. The two have become illogically intertwined, and somehow the phony anger finds release in the destruction of monuments and one another.

 Let me ask you Lefties one simple question... try to be honest with yourself for once... one week ago, or one month ago, or one year or ten years ago... did you even give one damn thought to any of these statues and paintings? I know the answer. No. You didn’t. Nobody did. Even Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe was praising the Confederate hero statues as monuments to the pride of the South just awhile back. And now, listening to all these political hacks run for cover is embarrassing... all just because the internet exploded with the cries of the perpetually offended.

Oh, of course they’re not perpetually offended.  Can you even image an adult in this nation actually engulfed by fear and loathing at the sight of  a... statue? Or a carving, or street name, or a painting? They’re not offended. Theyre paid! Paid to pretend to be offended! Theyre such good actors, some of them, that they’ve got others to believe they are really offended to the point of tears (are you hearing this Van Jones?) But the ones out in the streets, wearing masks and helmets are paid. By the minions of the likes of George Soros. The international billionaire criminal who apparently has had nothing else to do for the last thirty years but sow discontent and chaos in the countries he hates. Most notably, America.

My fellow Americans, patriots, listen to me. Don’t be fooled by all this emotional garbage, fomented by Soros and the media, paid street thugs and internet trolls. The terrible irony here is that the very people who are out there protesting and rioting in the name of hating fascism, Nazi-ism and all the rest, are being funded by an admitted Nazi sympathizer! Mr. Soros himself.

This man and his wealthy and influential friends are poison to a free people. A man who would turn on his own people and profit from it is the Judas of our times.

If you listen to him, and the Alinskies’ and all the other “destroy America” triators who follow a carefully crafted  plan, you will be dancing at the end of their puppet strings. They are paying to sow chaos.  And you, in your eagerness to exact some crude glory on the streets, are allowing the puppet masters to attach their sticky strings onto your limbs. Denounce them while you still can! Everyone on every side. Stop letting a handful of America-haters who dress themselves in the costumes of champions of the underclass dictate the way you think. Think for yourself. If you still can. Your anger and disgust should be directed at them... not at each other.

Were you really “offended” by General Robert E. Lee? Do you actually know anything about him? Have you been cringing when somebody hands you a bill decorated with the portrait of James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, or Andrew Jackson, or (if you are lucky enough to get one) Ben Franklin? Or for heaven’s sake, the patriot who literally risked his life to make possible all the freedoms you enjoy... The Father of Our Country, General Washington? I doubt you’ve been cringing much, otherwise you wouldnt be accepting blood money from Soros’ minions.

All this statue destruction reminds me of the Taliban. Remember the images of their monument destroying Or the Russian Revolution. Or Mao’s Chinese Revolution where the entire nation was purged of anything the “new” dictators didn’t like. That’s exactly what you all are doing. Whether you are the one doing the toppling, or someone in any form of the media who is cheering them on. What’s next? Burning books? A witch hunt for anyone who holds some view you don’t like?

These statues, monuments and paintings are works of art.  There are many paintings of Satan on the walls of the most prestigious museums... we look at them and marvel at the talent of the painter. As much as we hate Satan, we have no inclination to tear down the paintings, even though many believe Satan is at work to this very day in the world. Will artists, writers and composers no longer be free to create because they choose to create things you don’t like? Are we to re-enter a New Dark Age when non-conformity is the only capital crime?

Would I defend to the death your right to free speech? No. Not if you’re saying stupid things. And right now, America is saying very stupid and dangerous things.