“Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture repainted, every statue and street building renamed, every date altered. And the process is continuing day by day. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.” ~George Orwell, “1984”

Is this what you want, America? Well, it’s where you are heading.

It is embarrassing to watch my fellow Americans all across the spectrum – and I mean all across! Far Left to Far Right and everybody between – having a nationwide meltdown over, of all things, statues, bas reliefs, monuments, and street and building names. Statues for God sakes! You who are screaming, cursing, burning, punching. Every one of you ought to be ashamed, whatever side you stand on. You are fooling no one!

We’re witnessing a major clash of ideologies. Another tumultuous time in our history. Juxtaposed against an underlying unreasonable fear and loathing of our President. The two have become illogically intertwined, and somehow the phony anger finds release in the destruction of monuments and one another.

 Let me ask you Lefties one simple question... try to be honest with yourself for once... one week ago, or one month ago, or one year or ten years ago... did you even give one damn thought to any of these statues and paintings? I know the answer. No. You didn’t. Nobody did. Even Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe was praising the Confederate hero statues as monuments to the pride of the South just awhile back. And now, listening to all these political hacks run for cover is embarrassing... all just because the internet exploded with the cries of the perpetually offended.

Oh, of course they’re not perpetually offended.  Can you even image an adult in this nation actually engulfed by fear and loathing at the sight of  a... statue? Or a carving, or street name, or a painting? They’re not offended. Theyre paid! Paid to pretend to be offended! Theyre such good actors, some of them, that they’ve got others to believe they are really offended to the point of tears (are you hearing this Van Jones?) But the ones out in the streets, wearing masks and helmets are paid. By the minions of the likes of George Soros. The international billionaire criminal who apparently has had nothing else to do for the last thirty years but sow discontent and chaos in the countries he hates. Most notably, America.

My fellow Americans, patriots, listen to me. Don’t be fooled by all this emotional garbage, fomented by Soros and the media, paid street thugs and internet trolls. The terrible irony here is that the very people who are out there protesting and rioting in the name of hating fascism, Nazi-ism and all the rest, are being funded by an admitted Nazi sympathizer! Mr. Soros himself.

This man and his wealthy and influential friends are poison to a free people. A man who would turn on his own people and profit from it is the Judas of our times.

If you listen to him, and the Alinskies’ and all the other “destroy America” triators who follow a carefully crafted  plan, you will be dancing at the end of their puppet strings. They are paying to sow chaos.  And you, in your eagerness to exact some crude glory on the streets, are allowing the puppet masters to attach their sticky strings onto your limbs. Denounce them while you still can! Everyone on every side. Stop letting a handful of America-haters who dress themselves in the costumes of champions of the underclass dictate the way you think. Think for yourself. If you still can. Your anger and disgust should be directed at them... not at each other.

Were you really “offended” by General Robert E. Lee? Do you actually know anything about him? Have you been cringing when somebody hands you a bill decorated with the portrait of James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, or Andrew Jackson, or (if you are lucky enough to get one) Ben Franklin? Or for heaven’s sake, the patriot who literally risked his life to make possible all the freedoms you enjoy... The Father of Our Country, General Washington? I doubt you’ve been cringing much, otherwise you wouldnt be accepting blood money from Soros’ minions.

All this statue destruction reminds me of the Taliban. Remember the images of their monument destroying Or the Russian Revolution. Or Mao’s Chinese Revolution where the entire nation was purged of anything the “new” dictators didn’t like. That’s exactly what you all are doing. Whether you are the one doing the toppling, or someone in any form of the media who is cheering them on. What’s next? Burning books? A witch hunt for anyone who holds some view you don’t like?

These statues, monuments and paintings are works of art.  There are many paintings of Satan on the walls of the most prestigious museums... we look at them and marvel at the talent of the painter. As much as we hate Satan, we have no inclination to tear down the paintings, even though many believe Satan is at work to this very day in the world. Will artists, writers and composers no longer be free to create because they choose to create things you don’t like? Are we to re-enter a New Dark Age when non-conformity is the only capital crime?

Would I defend to the death your right to free speech? No. Not if you’re saying stupid things. And right now, America is saying very stupid and dangerous things.



    Sir Isaac Newton’s third law of motion is undoubtedly true in politics as well:

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

        President Trump may not have addressed the latest violent conflict between Left and Right the way I would, or the way the media likes, but what he said about the Charlottesville rioters is incredibly smart. Perhaps too much so for the media to grasp since they view everything through their narrow liberal filter.
      Allow me to explain two simple points. First; no one is more aware than President Trump that the overwhelming number of deeply partisan tv broadcast voices are on the Left. If they do not literally hate him, their mission is to destroy his presidency by twisting every word and deed into bad news. America’s tv news watchers rarely get to hear the other side of any story. If a story can be painted with an anti-Trump, anti-conservative brush,  95% guaranteed it will be. Therefore, against all wishes of his  advisors, the President steps right out onto the thinnest ice and presents the other side himself. This undoubtedly is why he felt compelled to make his comments about murder and mayhem in Charlottesville.

       Second; I have written at length about this before, but how long do the Left, it’s financial supporters and that 95% of the media, think the Right will sit by and watch as our nation’s traditions are disassembled piece by piece? Is it not reasonable to believe the build-up of resentment toward the Left will not result in “an equal and opposite reaction?” Because of the internet, Middle America has finally been awakened to the collusion of the Left. Or at least to its methodologies. Those tried and true methods which brought about socialistic, Marxist and communist revolutions in country after country; none of which,  I might add, has worked out to the benefit of its citizens. Those with even the most humble understanding of history see the inevitable dead end to the pursuit of this hollow 19th Century philosophy.
        It starts with control of the media (now 95% accomplished). It continues with the infiltration of the education system and indoctrination of the nation’s youth with identity politics. Government control of the healthcare system. Expansion and control of the welfare system. Diminution of the military. Importing millions of poor immigrants to overturn our voting patterns. Attempting to disarm the citizenry. Using political correctness as a sledge-hammer to break down the traditions of a nation. Attacking the nation’s traditional religions, but supporting one they don’t actually believe in but use to advance their cause anyway. Pumping thousands of Leftist lawyers out of our institutions of learning, using those lawyers to bend the very laws meant to protect America’s traditions and turn them against America’s traditions. Using indoctrinated students and paid youths as strong-arms of the Left’s agenda, literally paying them to riot – all in the name of “peaceful demonstrations” to air their latest sense of offense. Divide the nation by race, age, wealth, gender, and delineate thinner and thinner slices of a mind-boggling rainbow of sexual orientation, all pitted against one another. Turning brother against brother, family against family. Now we begin to see the phase where the Left attempts to eradicate our national history and identity by destroying the nation’s revered monuments. How long before the one-dollar bill has George Washington erased from its face and replaced by Julius Rosenberg? Need I go on? All these things are becoming and have become fact in our time.

         So America elected a new president who shares the opinion of many Americans’ that his predecessor (as well as his Democrat opponent) were on the side of the international Left. Trump doesn’t like the idea that America has, for more than 50 years, been under constant attack from the Left. If his mere presence in the White House has somehow spurred  the Right to finally put up resistance to this attack on its traditions... if our “elite” Media really believes this... I must say it is quite a remarkable thing, isn’t it?
       All the usual reasons stated for Trump’s remarkable win are true to some degree or another, but one of the unstated, subliminal reasons he was elected is that voters, many in the middle, could finally see, after eight years of Democratic leadership, how the culture and traditions of their country were under serious and systematic attack. Many believe by a cabal of the Left, funded and inspired by globalists including the despicable George Soros.
        Just as Sir Isaac Newton’s third law of motion predicts every action will have an equal and opposite reaction, we are witnessing such a reaction in the politics of Left and Right. This growing segment of America’s formerly silent majority has decided to fight back. Oh they may not quite know how to go about it yet, and they may not be eager to talk about it in public for fear of the Left’s PC police ganging up on them, but they are learning.
        They may believe that if President Trump goes down, so goes the America they all knew. The America President Obama said was the greatest nation the world has ever known... and who then went on to say he and his administration were going to change it. What!? Do you need more evidence? Trump may be the Right’s last best hope. There may never again be someone smart enough, tough enough and independent enough to take up the mantle. If you believe America’s traditions are good, not evil as the Left decries, you don’t have to like Donald Trump, but my fellow patriots, you must support him any way you can.



“People will love you.
People will hate you.
And none of it will have anything to do with you.”

                     ~Esther Hicks

Is it not bad enough that for months Maxine Waters has been screaming her wig off; Impeach! Impeach! Impeach Trump? Though she offers no actual evidence for such an impeachment. Except that he beat Hillary like Gene Krupa beat his drums.

No. And is it not bad enough that virtually every major “news”  outlet has been peeking into closets and hotel rooms, leaving no stone unturned in their effort to prove Trump colluded with someone – anyone! – somewhere? Why would they virtually disregard everything else that’s happening in the world  in favor (93%) of trying to eviscerate Trump’s presidency? Because Donald whipped Hillary like an egg-beater in high gear.

And is it not bad enough that FBI directors, intelligence community people and a bevy of (so far) unknown leakers are actually the ones doing the colluding to find some evidence that President Trump has somehow “obstructed justice” or done something else that’ll get their push-up bras in a twist (and that’s just the men!) Why, you might ask, would our government spend so much expensive time and effort trying to prove the President “exceeded his authority” in this way or that way, when by the Constitution he is the nation’s highest legal executive? Why? Because he beat the pant-suit... and the scarf... off Hillary.

Is it not bad enough that the Democratic Party, the Left, liberals, the media (pardon all the redundancy), Hollywood, educators, Putin, the Murdochs, the Soroses and God knows who else want to destroy this Terrible Trump interloper? They are so angry they have become obsessed with destroying the First Lady, President Trump’s sons, his daughters and anyone associated with the Terrible Trumps. They hate him, hate him, hate him! They are obsessed with hating him. But why the entire cabal of the aforementioned  would collude in something so obviously mental, callous and counter-productive seems beyond understanding. Except he snookered all of them and won the election.

He showed them up for the supercilious weasels they are. They thought they owned Washington, DC. They thought Middle-America was stupid, and said so. They still don’t understand that Trump is more clever than the Democratic Party,  more tenacious than the Left, craftier than the media, more creative than Hollywood, more perspicacious  than educators, and just plain more resourceful and resilient than all of them. They can’t stand Donald Trump because he is at the same time rude and brash but surprisingly crafty and caring, sometimes even gentle; patriotic in a way they don’t understand... appealing to the silent majority, and worst of all in their eyes...brilliant. He is arrogant and cocky; the Mohammad Ali of Washington, DC. He taunts his opposition and allows them to flail away at him until they exhaust themselves, then flattens them with a tweet. He is the leader Machiavelli described in “The Prince.” The leader who grows stronger than his opponents because, unlike them, he weathered endless attacks on his way to the top. He is a leader who can inspire those who will allow him to. A quality the Left cannot tolerate.

Now as if all this isn’t bad enough, here’s the worse part: his own Party seems to hate him, and has shown him no real support! Whisperings around Congress seem to suggest “We’d rather have Mike Pence as President.” Of course they would! They are the ultimate cowards. One thing you have to give Democrats on the Left... they are not cowardly. They step right up and tell you what they want. “Impeach him! Impeach him!” But the dead giveaway is this: when Democrats accuse the opposition of some misdeed, like, say, “colluding with the Russians,” you can bet they are the ones doing it. Dead giveaway!

Now, Vice-President Pence is a very nice man. That’s why President Trump nominated him. But while the cabal might be willing to put their knives away for Pence, Democrats in Congress would tear him up and spit him out like a chaw of tobacco. Something, try as they may, they can’t seem to do to Trump. But they will go right on flailing away at him, trying their best to land one on his chin.

But if they can’t overturn the Trump election, if they can’t impeach him, if they can’t  get his supporters to turn against him, they will keep fouling up the gears in DC so nothing gets done. And that’s no big challenge because the Republican Congress is a collection of cowards, phonies and dumbbells who do nothing but posture, argue and seek cover for fear they will be accused of something or other. That could really mess up their gravy train. And, let’s face it; in the end they care more about the gravy than where the train is headed.

I would like to remind the media, Hollywood, the Left, and most of all the Republican Congress... that America’s voters.. not you... get to choose who is President. Don’t be fooled by “The Deplorables’” quiescence. They have made their choice clear. Now back off... get back to your business... your blatant dishonesty, collusion and obstruction is pissing them off. Big time.



“Russia and the U.S. were allies during the Second and the First World Wars ...something brings us together in difficult times... it has to do with geopolitical interests, and also has a moral component.”
                               ~Vladimir Putin

Indeed, Russia and the U.S. were allies during the two tragic conflicts of the Second and the First World Wars, which allows us to think there's something objectively bringing us together in difficult times, and I think - I believe - it has to do with geopolitical interests and also has a moral component. Vladimir Putin
Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/keywords/russia.htm

Even the most cursory look at the long history of Russia (Rus) illustrates an important political lesson. First a little history:

Today’s Russian Federation consists the world’s largest country. It is a land which is home to many, many cultures and peoples (over 160 different ethnic groups and indigenous peoples comprise the Russian population). While it attempts to sculpt its ultimate cultural and political form, the brave, good people of Russia have suffered under the weight of this long, long process.

In the Third Century, East Slavs emerged in that land. Then Varangian elites created the medieval state of Rus in the 9th century. It adopted Orthodox Christianity synthesizing the Byzantine and Slavic cultures that defined Russian culture for the next millennium. Rus eventually disintegrated into a number of smaller states which were overrun in the Mongol invasion, and these became tributaries of the nomadic Golden Horde. The Grand Duchy of Moscow reunified the surrounding Russian principalities, freed them from the Golden Horde. By the 18th Century, the nation had greatly expanded through conquest, annexation, and exploration to become the Russian Empire, which was the third largest empire in history, stretching from Poland in Europe to Alaska in North America!

Following the Russian Revolution, the Soviet Federative Socialist Republic became the central power in the Soviet Union, the world's first constitutionally socialist state and a recognized superpower which played a decisive role in the Allied victory in World War II. Following the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, the Russian SFSR reconstituted itself as the Russian Federation and is recognized as the continuing legal personality of the Union state.

The lesson is this: while Russia, under Putin, undergoes a revival of nationalism, attempting to define itself as proudly “Russian,” the United States has been moving in the opposite direction. Let us side-step the issue of Russia’s emerging oligarchy (a completely different lesson to be learned). Regardless of how Americans may feel about Vladimir Putin, Russia’s President appears to act in the best interests of those who proudly call themselves Russian – something we are not seeing in the United States. Quite the contrary, the U.S. is systematically being culturally Balkanized by the Left in an effort to promote dissent, the ultimate purpose of which appears to be increasing dependence upon the Federal Government and Washington, DC, thus insuring loyalty of the majority of voters. The Left in American is clearly more interested in its own survival than the survival of liberty. Geopolitical analysts coined the term Balkanization to describe the disunity of cultures and physical geography, after the long-standing political turmoil in the Balkans.

America’s Balkanization is not (yet) geographic, rather it is cultural. This is not a natural phenomenon, for example as in the case of Russia with large movements of different peoples across the broad swath of that land. Here, in the United States, Balkanization is imposed, continually promoted by a century-old political movement taken up with gusto by devious leaders, most recently by President Obama and his inner circle, aided by Mainstream Media the national education system and Hollywood. Following Alinsky political theory, this cabal did much to successfully divide the population by gender, by age, by race, economic class, religion, sexual preference, political sentiment, and by any other means possible.

In Obama, the Cloward-Piven gang found its perfect figurehead. One who, by his natural easy-going way, was popular among both those who pulled his political strings, and with a majority of brain-washed voters. This allowed him and his followers to do their uninhibited best to split this nation into the competing groups described above.

But will the groups behave the way the imposers hope? Will all women fall in line as government dependents? Will all America’s youth march to the same drummer, looking on their elders as useless consumers of resources, not worth saving? Do all middle and lower income Americans believe all wealthy Americans are heartless, greedy people who acquired their wealth by stepping on the less fortunate? Do people of different races and ethnic groups all hate each other? Are all gay and lesbian voters automatically drawn to the  Democratic Party? Will religious folks and atheists take up arms against one another? Do all Democrats and Independents believe all Republicans are in cahoots with wealthy capitalists against America’s working class?

I think you know the answer to all the above questions is no.

Destiny is an inscrutable Lady. She writes her own script and imposes it on Mankind while Man makes plans which rarely come to be. Destiny pitched us a change-up; abrupt technological advances which have altered the world as few even imagined just a short twenty years ago. It has caused a free-for-all of competing political tools and theory. Anyone who thinks he can own Destiny is a fool. The best Man can do is control his own actions.

Today, what America needs is not cultural Balkanization. It needs a new cultural paradigm which has the ability to bring together our many diverse groups. To inculcate a new spirit of nationalism and cooperation, setting aside each group’s narrow interests in favor of our common interests. Perhaps our cultural garden variety salad bowl will once more be a melting pot. America should be the world’s example of how dozens of cultural differences can be alloyed, discovering and utilizing the best of each, while minimizing the old prejudices. Instead, we have allowed ourselves to be manipulated, pushed in the opposite, negative, deleterious direction by narrow-minded self-serving leaders.

Instead of portraying Russia as an eternal enemy, we should accept the fact of its status as the largest, and one of the longest-struggling nations in history. As Vladimir Putin said, we have much in common with the Russian peoples. More than most Americans understand. More than we have with many other countries. Should we not embrace our similarities, make them work to the advantage of both, promote cooperation, and reject the propaganda of fear foisted upon us by our pathological Mainstream Media?



Bill O’Reilly’s success proves he is one of the best at what he does. I have been an “O’Reilly Factor” watcher for many years, in general I have found him to be fair, intelligent and perspicacious (“word of the day”).

But nobody’s perfect. I disliked his daily Factor segment selling his “Killing” books, embarrassing self-promotion, and a viewers’ mail segment which always ended with further promotion of his books and entertainment events. That part of his show was unvarnished snake oil salesmanship, which in my view diminished his personal credibility and the status of his show.

That said, the accusations which have fallen upon Mr. O’Reilly concerning his alleged treatment of women seem downright hard to believe. Oh, I’m not saying that Bill is an angel. Far from it. By his own admission, he is a “fresh piece of humanity.” On the other hand, Bill has been a great promoter and supporter of his female guests and co-on-air talents. For one example, he was key in bringing up Megyn Kelly as an on-air show host. Then, we watched the ugly spectacle of her head quickly growing bigger than Bill’s. Even to the selling of her own and her hubby’s books on-air.

I believe the real story here is how easily a gang of women – and I don’t use that word loosely – bonded by raw ambition, greed and ideology joined together to destroy men – be it Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly or Sean Hannity —  men they first approached for their own career opportunities; who were given a chance; and who then for whatever reasons didn’t quite get the golden ring. Today, the Left’s PC ideology is the sledge hammer used for the demolishing. In the past, Hell had no fury like a woman scorned. But in today’s culture,  Hell hath no fury like an opportunistic woman and her lawyer.

Women claim O’Reilly and others at FOX “leered” at them, or made passes at them, or asked them out on dates, or up to their hotel room, or whatever else they can think of to squeeze him and FOX for cash. One begins to smell the fragrance of Gloria Allred here.

Have we in America come to the point where successful, wealthy men can be destroyed (not co-incidentally men hated by those on the Left) simply by claiming he might have flirted, perhaps aggressively, acted like a horn-dog, or even an old lech? Does it no longer take actual damages, such as we heard in the Bill Cosby case, to impel a gang of women to sue and make ugly accusations against these men, accusations which upon close examination basically amount to she said–he said cases? If a wealthy and well-known celebrity decides to take his lawyer’s advice and pay an accuser to keep her quiet, does this somehow prove guilt? Or does it merely serve to invite other women and their lawyers, looking for a quick buck, to join the gang.

Does it happen only to politically conservative men? Like O’Reilly and his boss, Roger Ailes? Of course not. It also happened, if you recall, to President Clinton. But the very same people wanting to depose Bill O’Reilly rushed to Clinton’s defense even though there was far stronger evidence of actual harm done to his accusers.

This sort of thing has always been “Plan B” for a certain type of ambitious woman whose boudoir mirrors reflect at least an average degree of attractiveness but not much character. This type is a predator. A cash stalker. She is not a cupcake. Let’s face it, if a woman is really traumatized by a professional man wearing a suit and tie walking past her desk and looking at her the wrong way, or making a suggestive remark to her or, heaven forfend, asking her to dinner, or whatever... well what in hell has happened to “I am woman, hear me roar?” The roaring has been replaced by whining for cash. It’s preposterous; that a modern woman has reached this stage of her life and has not yet learned to fend off unwanted attention. The turnip truck must be on a bumpy road, dropping young women all over the place.

No, don’t give me any of that politically correct baloney about vulnerable women. Women can be far more devious, even vicious, than men. Now add to that law schools pumping female lawyers out faster than ever; and at least some of those lawyers with poor character are looking for easy targets for law suits. Never mind that the alleged “victims” usually are, to borrow a phrase, dressed to kill: too-short skirts, gauche décolleté, overly coiffed and made-up...  is all this done to not attract attention? Is it any wonder then that some of the attention will be unwanted?

But is it really “unwanted?” 

I worked at large professional organizations in Manhattan and Los Angeles for many years. When promoted high in the chain of command, I was warned by corporate lawyers (many of whom were women) to be wary of this kind of entrapment. “Way back” in the 1980’s, it was strongly suggested that we keep our office doors open when meeting with individual women whom we supervised. Some of our offices had glass walls on the corridor sides. Several dumbbell male department heads were caught in the spider’s web. The crafty women who came up with stories of harassment were often paid off, leaving the company after signing non-disclosure agreements. A year’s or more salary made... just like that. Then on to trap the next sap. We married men are even more vulnerable to attack. I escaped more than my share of attempts. In our offices. On airplanes. In cars. In hotels we stayed at on business trips. Even during meetings with our clients! As soon as I got a sense of where the women were going with their whiles, I turned cold as ice. Vice-President Mike Pence knows what he speaks of when he says he bails out of one-on-one dinners or meetings with women. 

Dumb guys with big egos are often unaware when this is happening to them. Mr. O’Reilly is not dumb. But unfortunately, some men, no matter how smart, allow Delilahs to flattered them into trouble. Perhaps Bill is one of them. I have no way of knowing if the women’s claims are true or not. I wasn’t there, and unless youre one of the accusers, neither were you.

We have seen this movie before. The plot usually thickens as the facts are revealed. Political ends become one of the prime motives. What am I suggesting? The Left hates President Trump, and will do everything in its power to destroy his presidency. O’Reilly supported Trump. Ailes supported Trump, Hannity supported Trump. Destroy them and you hurt Trump. But O’Reilly won’t just go away. When he comes back, as he surely will, he will be coming after you; you who don’t care who gets hurt in your craven desire to cling to whatever waning relevance you may still have.



        Deeply personal insults to President Trump, such as the LA Times editorial board is currently publishing, may salve their wounds, but they don’t alter the obvious fact that liberal Democrats refuse to, or are unable to recognize the essential message of this past presidential election.
      The near hysterical hatred of President Trump by the liberal press may serve as whistling past the graveyard, but it doesn’t alter the fact that to the last man and woman they  refuse to accept the meaning of this past election.
       The conniving of Congressional Democrats, and not just a few Republicans, to thwart the President’s agenda – one notarized by millions of voters from virtually every party –  may satisfy their need to believe they are appearing holier-than-all to their constituents, but it doesn’t. They, too, refuse to acknowledge the essential message of this past election.
       By now, one might have thought the shock of the Democrat’s “sure winner” losing the election, and this after spending more than a billion dollars in more than a year’s worth of constant mocking, derision, denigration and taunting candidate Trump, his family and supporters, would have begun to subside. But it appears just the opposite has happened. A gang of millions have shook hands on a pact to bring down President Trump. Cut him no slack, no matter what. He’s a liar. He’s a Putin puppet. He’s a bully who hates women, blacks, immigrants and anyone who doesn’t like golf.
      Now what exactly is this message the gang refuses to acknowledge? To any of us who open our eyes and ears, the message is as clear as the Liberty Bell.
      The nation’s traditionalists and conservatives have been shouting into the wind for several decades at least, pleading with the Democratic Party to put the brakes on in its obsessive and relentless push to the political left; at least for awhile. But the pleas fell upon deaf ears. Why did the left rebuff every plea made by the other side? Not necessarily to change liberal philosophy, or their agenda... just to slow it down so America could assimilate and adjust to the changing political landscape. But the last eight years of leftward rush, of clearly leftist biased regulation and legal adjudication were enough to create the Trump movement. Passing enormously complicated laws like the ACA without critical review, ramming it through Congress in the middle of the night does not engender trust, especially with the kind of results Americans are seeing.
      As a result, Republicans now constitute the majority leadership, and as I have written in the past, every new president must spend a good portion of his term correcting the mistakes of his predecessor. Yet there seems to be a reluctance to listen to the very people who elected this new Republican Congress. When conservatives see this reaction to their vote, when they see the flat-out hatred of their President by a gang of millions, they can’t help believing that this hatred is also aimed at them.
      So Democrats and liberal press will go on pushing phony scandals, deriding those on the right, and double-down on their pact to impeach the President; they will continue to refuse to acknowledge the true reason why they do not have the reins for now at least. They should not at all be surprised. It’s how they have always governed. After all, in their superiority, they have no doubt that they are right about everything; that no one else could possibly have a solution to any of our problems. Republican’s ideas have been ignored. Then adding insult to injury, Democrats accuse the Republicans of having no solutions.
       Is that what The Constitution guarantees? That nature, in her infinite wisdom, endowed only Democrats with the ability to comprehend complex issues? That only those degreed with uber-liberal philosophy may lead? That the ability to reason and lead with sympathetic moral sentiment lies only within those who argue for leftist causes? That you, Democrats, and no one else, must be right, and in charge, all of the time?



      To us on the outside, one thing has been very clear for a very long time. Washington, DC is cracked by corruption and a willful disregard of its duty to represent justice and the nation’s best interests, as well as the interests of its citizenry.

      The evidence is circumstantial but compelling: George Washington’s namesake city is the wealthiest in the nation. How else, other than by insidious means, could it have become that wealthy when, in essence, its politically involved residents produce nothing of material value, build nothing, invent nothing nor create anything... except division and chaos.
      The cracks are normally glued, fairly well hidden, disguised, painted over by the pretend outrage of one side versus the other. Ask Congress why they don’t get things done. The reply: “We’re working on it,” “It’s in committee now,” “The other side is blocking it,” “We need more funds.” 
      Daily, we see committee investigations which go nowhere. Dramatic accusations and passionate denials fill the news. With each news cycle come “outrages” which serve to bury yesterday’s outrage. The endless war in the Middle East, endless clashing over immigration issues, climate issues, racial issues, rich versus poor, Wall Street versus Main Street, education and healthcare, and on and on... issues which never seem to get resolved. In the past, somehow, the glue held.
      The public rolled its eyes in disgust, the zealots on each side cheered on their champions, and it just went on and on as DC got richer.
     But the internet has made “We’re working on it,” “It’s in committee now,” “The other side is blocking it,” “We need more funds...” untenable. Only people who believe they recently saw Elvis at their local 7-Eleven believe these worn-out excuses. With the rabid partisanship generated by a million political “news” sites, the cracks have become chasms, dividing the nation at every level. Fingers are pointing in every direction except back at themselves. Accusations and counter-accusations. Nothing ever quite gets resolved in the chaos of contradictory “evidence,” hearings, lawyering up, and tit-for-tat politics.
     All this may very well be great for media ratings. But should the cost of media ratings be the dissolution of the trust in and progress of a great nation?

     One simple question:
      Where in hell are the adults in DC? Are there any? In Congress? In the FBI, CIA, NSA, DHS et al.?

     The non-partisan citizens of this great nation – patriots who have no great love for either side, demand, above all, two things. 1: Some sincere attempt at cooperation between Parties. And 2: Justice.
     Cooperation depends on the willingness of non-partisan elected and appointed officials to adopt an attitude of “What’s best for America” versus “What’s best for me and my Party.” We on the outside see none of this happening in DC. What is seen as whistle-blowing by one side is seen as traitorous leaking by the other. It’s a circular firing squad.
     Justice? There is a yearning for yesteryear, when fairness and justice came in on thundering hoof-beats, bringing the likes of the Lone Ranger, or U.S. Marshal Dillon into a bad town to clean it up. But our feeling is that neither one of these justice seekers could carry enough handcuffs to bind all the bad guys in this sorry town.
     Somehow – though I am not sure how at this stage of the cancer which has eaten away all the glue in DC – somehow we on the outside must provide a cure for this sickening mess. It is time to stop the partisan finger-pointing and phony accusations, and the feigned outrage of the guilty. Each side blaming “the other guy” only serves to obfuscate the search for truth. Perhaps it’s time to break some of those fingers.



It goes on and on, day after day. The mournful drumbeat of the losers in the Democratic Party and their mouthpiece, the liberal media. Trump is blah, blah, blah. Trump is blah, blah, blah. Trump is blah, blah, z-z-z-z-z.

Playing “Taps” is understandable in the first few days or maybe a week after a passing, even a political one, but hearing the drone of today’s liberal media is just plain funereal. Not to mention really boring.

Like clinging to the sullen “Donald Trump didn’t win the popular vote.” Therefore, what? He didn’t win the election? Let me unpack that for you: The Dems were soooo confident, for months and months before the election, that Mrs Clinton “already has won” more than the needed electoral college votes, that they took it for granted. They laughed, tittered and scoffed at the very notion that Mr Trump could possibly be taken seriously. But he skunked them all. “Big time.” According to the Dems, Hillary had it locked up by winning the electoral college, but of course when Donald wins it... it doesn’t count. Their lugubrious whining about the popular vote (which Mr Trump probably did actually win – if you eliminate all the George-Soros-bought and zombie votes) ...is, well, just plain bor-ing.

Or how Vladimir Putin somehow influenced the election so his best friend, Donald, would win and build-up the U.S. military and a strong America-First administration. Uh-huh. That makes sense. To losers. Okay, folks, we’ve heard this dirge long enough. It’s stupid and boring.

Or how President Trump is having jack-booted DHS troopers break down doors of poor undocumented Mexicans, tearing babies from the breasts of their mothers, deporting illegals like President Clinton did Elian Gonzales. We hear convoluted twists of reality by the liberal media... how many times must we hear the elegiac contradiction “there’s no such thing as an illegal alien?” Or “this is not who we are”? Or that sanctuary cities will not follow Federal Law when it comes to cooperating with immigration officials (but they want Federal Law enforced when it comes to multi-gender bathrooms)... honestly, these people really have their priorities upside down, and are just plain boring.

Or that Donald Trump is not their president... he is a “fascist.” Professor Richard Griffiths of the University of Wales claims that "fascism" is the "most misused and over-used word of our times." No two “experts” can agree on how to define fascism in the post-WWII era. And “ba-lieve me” there are no experts in the liberal media. Even worse... they have become boring.

Or that we need to impeach President Trump. Why? Because that intrepid upholder of justice and the American way, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, is on the case. What can I say? At least Maxine isn’t boring. She’s younger than me, but her addled pronouncements make me laugh.

The media and Democrat losers obviously feel only they should be the party in power. Only their ideas are worth considering. To hell with what any of those red State Americans think. To Democrats, it’s inconceivable that Americans might want to see what some other party might be able to do to get our nation back on track.

So we are in the throws of the media’s jejune marathon. If the Trump Administration does or says anything bright or good, find the dark side of it, and only report that. If President Trump reveals a formula for turning wood into 24-carat gold, forget the gold, report on how it will lead to Trump supporters stealing wooden crutches from handicapped immigrant children. 

Hey, liberal media, here’s a suggestion: stop playing such dark Stravinsky. Stop with the Strauss’ Death and Transfiguration day after dreary day. You’re boring us to tears. Try a little Zippidy Do-da. It might even make you feel better.



“Do not mistake Progressivism
for progress.
The former only pretends to the latter
in order to access the keys
to your nation’s treasury.”

       Ange will never forget the scars he feels Progressivism left in his heart. 
      He was born just before WWII, during the presidency of liberal icon FDR. Ange grew up sheltered from, but shocked by, the daily news of death and destruction wrought by FDR’s war in Europe and the Pacific. Before tv, people saw short weekly newsreels before feature films at local movie theaters, showing the “progress” of the war. London’s devastated buildings still burning. Bombs exploding, machine guns blasting away, P-51’s strafing and dive-bombing Nazi trains. To a little boy like Ange, war seemed even cooler than Tom Mix, Hopalong Cassidy and Lash Larue.
     Then, Democrat President Truman lit up a couple of Big Ones over Japan. Nuclear bomb progress ended the war but ushered in the age of paranoia after a couple of American “progressives” stole the nuclear secrets and smuggled them into the USSR. Young Ange had no idea what kind of crazy world he’d been born into; all he knew was he and his little school mates suddenly had to duck-and-cover every time air raid sirens blasted in cities across America. Ange didn’t mind ducking under the desk with Pattie and Sheila, and covering themselves with a piece of canvas. No one told them it wouldn’t protect them from a bomb or its deadly radiation. But it was a diversion from boring math; and in the dark, girls got scared and hugged. Progressivism could be fun. Except for the nightmares. The threat of another holocaust, this time close to home, were etched into Ange and Pattie and Sheila’s tender minds. After that, nothing was ever the same.
     Ange grew up in Newark, NJ, where neighborhoods were populated by the children and grandchildren of immigrants from virtually every European nation. They mixed pretty well probably because they were all white and shared certain values. It was nice, if you want to believe Ange. Until Progressive Democrats descended upon the city.
      In the span of that one decade after WWII, the city declinedAnge didn’t understand why, because at that age he had no understanding of the nature of Progressivism. Like so many, he thought it meant progress. But he well understood that his city had turned somehow nastier than it had been before. Now children were warned not to go into certain areas of the city. Ange heard his grandparents talking about how “progressive” Democrats were elected to govern the city. And how the spigots of the city’s treasury began flowing to those who came to trade their votes for free benefits. But being a child, Ange didn’t think free stuff was so bad. Wasn’t that progress?
       And so it went. Newark and many other big cities’ liberal Democratic era brought with it racial tension, racially based riots, the loss of industry, deteriorating infrastructure, the misery of slums, ghettos and growing unemployment. And the inevitable white flight.
      Ange’s family home value dropped precipitously. Whites didn’t want to live there anymore. They finally sold the house to a tri-racial family. Ange lived with them for months, absorbing the dark, bleak side of Progressivism before the house his family was to move to became available. Before Ange’s family left, the entire tri-racial family was arrested in a daytime raid by the Newark Police Department. The charge: racketeering and certain other unspecified crimes. The episode was an eye-opening experience – and Ange’s first lesson in true Progressivismtaught to him not by the Sisters of Charity, but b progressive Democrats.
       Ange’s good grades and attitude won him a scholarship to a fine Catholic boys prep school. At the time, there were no girls nor African-Americans in the student body. The former by design, the latter simply by circumstance. In fact, until Ange began working, he never had even the most casual acquaintance with an African-American of his own age. Not because he didn’t want to. He was as curious about other races as any other kid. He just never had personal contact with them, which, in a city like Newark was a remarkable thing.
     Ange’s family moved to a neighboring town whose population at that time was virtually all white. Ange transferred to the local secular high school whose student body at that time was a mix of Christians and Jews. Soon enough, the same “progressives” who ran Newark were welcomed into this town’s governing body. Today that town is majority African-American and terribly run down. It is also terribly crime-ridden. Ange knows this because to this day one of his best boyhood friends lives there behind heavily padlocked doors. Perhaps, like Ange, you begin to see a pattern here.
     Not long after, between  Democratic Presidents JFK and Lyndon Johnson, America was ass-deep in out-and-out racial conflicts... and the Viet Nam “action.” It was a numbnuts proxy war. At the same time, Ange couldn’t help but notice that progressive presidents JFK and LBJ provided little in the way of progress for MLK and his non-violent fight for racial equality. Once again, spurred on by outside progressivist influence, cities across America erupted in racial violence.
       It was the ‘60s and the cultural revolution. Endless Viet Nam war protests and marches, Woodstock, Dylan, John and Yoko, exotic drugs and “free sex” exploding into the culture. Ange’s America  was turning away from the kind of progressivism which resulted  in actual progress, and embracing a kind of progressivism which resulted in the embracing of an American flavor of Marxism which deliberately pitted one group against another.
     Ange and his friends were drafted into the Army to serve in the Viet Nam “action.” The constant, protracted threat of being sucked into a pointless war drained the spirit of Ange and most other young  men; and all these decades later many if not most still feel its after-effects. Some tried to escape with student deferments, some ran to Canada. Some claimed to be gay or crazy or handicapped or whatever they thought would earn them deferment. Others fought the authorities tooth and nail on campuses all across America. It took a conservative President Nixon to end this bad “police action.”
       Ange married his teenage sweetheart. By the time their first son was born, they they were able to buy a very nice house in his wife’s home town. A decent job, a child or two, a new car, a neighborhood populated by young newly-weds like Ange and his wife... the quintessential American Dream. But over the years, Progressivism resulted in the town morphing into a “Little India,” where the growing immigrant population began demanding its own set of special laws, and brought strange customs which made the original townsfolk shake their heads in frustration. Like too many modern-era immigrants, Ange saw how they were welcomed to America, but in shocking displays of ingratitude showed America their middle fingers. Ange wondered what in hell was happening to the America he grew up in and loved.
      He worked in New York City, in Manhattan’s midtown, for a couple of decades in a field closely related to show business. And like show biz, it was dominated by progressive” thinking. Liberalism had already turned the Big Apple into a rotten apple dominated by tall buildings, bizarre cultures (as comedian Robert Klein used to say) “from other lands, and deteriorating services and infrastructure. Over the years, the city itself and the growing progressive influence in Ange’s chosen field worsened to the point he claims he couldn’t stand it. That kind of progress, he said, was making him sick.
       When he got a great job offer from the west coast, he decided the time had come. The firm he decided to join had been one of the supporters of California Governor Ronald Reagan. A sign that perhaps in this firm there might be less of the PC culture which was destroying any attempt at balance which was affecting corporate America.
     So Ange went off to Los Angeles. What can you say? LA changed before his eyes. Progressivism became so dominant there that many people Ange knows have been leaving because they hate what Progressivism has wrought in LaLa Land.
      As a traditional conservative American, he was way outnumbered in this environment. Eventually he lost his job because of it. He didn’t mind that so much, he says; he’s got New Jersey attitude. What really bothered him was that not a single one of his colleagues nor the hundreds of suppliers he gave work to did a thing to help him find another job. If anything, he claims he sensed the snub. They did not like East Coasters. They wanted somebody young. They didn’t care about experience. They didn’t want to pay much. One fellow actually told him he was leery of Ange’s strong sense of morality! Preference was given to minority folks with no regard to experience.
      Ange was forced to sell his house in the coastal LA town he’d come to love. Progressive culture was so eager to help those it felt needed a lift that it forgot people like Ange who carried the water for so many decades. Despite all the rejection, Ange started his own business, nothing fantastic, but they’re getting by and he says he’s “Happy to not face that PC crap every day.” But you can tell he’s still hurting from the scar Progressivism left in his heart.

       Today’s California is so dominated by intransigent Democratic leadership that current political theory revolves about secession or bisection. This is progressive thinking. This is Silicon Valley thinking. Hollywood thinking. The thinking of those Democrats who despite the overwhelming rejection of their progressive agenda by Middle America, will not moderate their ideas nor relinquish an ounce of power to common sense despite the blatant corruption Ange sees in State politics.
      While Ange doesn’t think secession will happen in the near future, it could happen, someday. It will undoubtedly be a version of Mexifornia or Calico. Ange wonders if his family will no longer be American! Will they feel psychologically impelled to leave the Golden State in frustration because they are being led by ideologues who can barely tolerate conservatives much less consider or even listen to their point of view?
     Anyone who knows Ange, his wife, their sons and their children, know none of them take unreasonable stands on social issues. They feel great sympathy for those who’ve been dealt worse hands than they have (and you can believe Ange when he says they have been dealt some damned bad hands over the years). Despite all this, Ange tries his best to treat all others with respect because, as he says, ‘It’s only right.”

      When Ange sees how liberal Democrats are behaving like spoiled children these days because they hate Donald Trump, you can tell he finds it thoroughly embarrassing. Comparing President Trump and his new administration to Hitler and the Third Reich would be hilarious if it were not so mental. Ange wonders if today’s liberal “elite” actually knows anything about our history. He thinks if they spent the same amount of time learning about the history of just WWII as they spend crying about losing the election... then... well let’s face it... Ange knows what they really hate is having lost the election. The elections! Shocked that their eight-year-long progressifest, chiseling away at America’s Constitution, has come, Ange hopes not too briefly, to a halt.

      But Ange also knows they will not stop. Nope. Not as long as dirty money from shady sponsors like George Soros keeps pouring in to fund their causes. Imagine that, Ange shakes his head, the holier-than-thou progressive Hollywood/media/Democrat Party cabal crying because we elected a billionaire businessman while they are being funded by a billionaire outlaw who, in his own youth, sold his soul to the Nazis.
      What do these progressive hypocrites  have in common? They hate the America Ange and the rest of us love. They seem to despise our Constitution while using it to change Ange’s America into some hybrid Marxist Frankenstein. Conservatives like Ange simply want to keep the values and guarantees of The Constitution, and try to slowly evolve them through trial and error, with the States being laboratories of progress. That apparently is not “progressive” enough for the other side, which becomes deranged about any interruption in its headlong rush to Amerikenstein.
      Ange and millions like him, have personally experienced what Progressivism brings: decade after decade of cultural decline, middle-class decline, lowering of the standards of education... in fact whatever Progressivism pushes... it goes downhill.