“Before I built a wall,
I’d ask to know
What I was walling in or walling out,
And to whom I was like

To give offense.”

               ― Robert Frost
Fences and walls can be effective and even soothing, at least for those who build them. Richard Engel
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        Oh fooey, Robert!

        There are walls, and then there is The Trump Wall.

        Anti-Trump Wallsters undoubtedly think the Donald’s Wall will just be a big wall. But I’m thinking it will be a sight to behold. Hundreds of miles of opportunity for vertical Americana. A magnificent cultural edifice! Designed with architectural elan, worth seeing, a tourist attraction, not to mention lucrative bonuses for the most efficient builders.

        I’m anticipating sections decorated with art murals and colorful tile work. The top will be wide enough for bike trails and hikers and runners. A double wall with a no-man’s land in between; perhaps the inner wall may support a roadway for cross-continental truck and train traffic. A new kind of Wall-a-thon can be run on it. It will have memorial sections for fallen heroes of our wars. Giant letters and script will emblazon the sides; Greatest Quotes from America’s History, reminding all that freedom is precious and must be protected by a real wall if it is to be enjoyed by a nation.

        All this and so much more. The Wall will be fun!
Americans and Mexicans will be invited to buy a concrete block or brick or tile with their name or image or whatever emblazoned on it... just as American schoolkids gave their nickels and pennies to fund the base for our Statue of Liberty. The bricks will be embedded in The Wall, permanent testaments of Americans’ dedication not only to security but to culture.

        Maybe one section in California will have a Hollywood Wall of Fame with film stars buying miles and miles to immortalize themselves. Like sections of highways which various concerns pledge to keep clean. Arched niches can hold cremated remains of the dead. “Be a real part of The Wall.”

        Why it could even  include an intra-national pipeline. Think of it! It could be graded to allow flood waters from the Southeastern States to flow westward, helping to irrigate the driest parts of the Southwest. The top could be covered with solar panels, easily enough to light up all those neon signs in Vegas... or El Paso on both sides of The Wall.

        C’mon liberals... loosen up. Act like Can Do Americans for a change.

        Of course, I suppose, cross-border drug trade is far too lucrative to simply walk away from. Illicit drug and coyote industries are, well... industrious. They will try to tunnel under the wall. They will try to fly drones over the wall. They will try to send sailing vessels around it. They will build trebuchets and catapults to toss their products over the wall, with catchers on the U.S. side. And, finally tiring of losing the Battle of Trump’s Wall, they will simply by-pass the Wall and start growing their stuff on the U.S. side. But fear not; there’s lots of sun down there, The Wall can be terraced so our Department of Agriculture can farm on them to grow G.I. Mary Jane or something to pay for the maintenance of The Wall.

        Somehow, in his inimitable style, I trust Donald and his team will figure out how to, as the old Johnny Mercer tune goes... 

Accen-tu-ate the positive
E-lim-inate the negative,
Latch on to the affirmative,
Don’t mess with Mister In-Between.




 “If we do what is necessary,
the odds will be in our favor.”

~Paul  Buxton
If we do what is necessary, all the odds are in our favor. Charles Buxton
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            President Obama,  the Clintons and the Democratic machine would have you believe they are afraid of President-elect Donald Trump’s ambitious agenda. That he will pursue a course far more aggressively conservative than past Republican presidents. That he will do what must be done.
         They tell you they are afraid Trump will build that wall to keep out trespassers. That he will deport criminal aliens.
         That he will start some kind of trade war with China and other manufacturing centers in the world.
         That he will tax the middle class and not the wealthy.
         That he will  dismantle, replace or improve the ACA, better known as ObamaCare, leaving the poor without healthcare, students non-covered, and those with pre-existing conditions at the mercy of those cruel insurance companies.
         That he will undo all the work, and (as they see it) the accomplishments of President Obama.

         But what Obama, the Clintons and the Democratic Party are really afraid of is that President-elect Trump will succeed! That he will set in motion a chain of events leading to a reversal of the past eight years of stagnant growth, growing joblessness and poverty, increased crime in America’s inner cities, and turmoil in the Middle East.
        Believe me, they will not let a day pass without denigrating whatever Mr. Trump does. No matter how trivial, petty and absurd their attacks will be, they will be totally invested in portraying the Trump Administration as an abject failure. They are betting on it. They are instigating it. They will manufacture failure if they can.
        Simple. This election was a repudiation of liberal policies which have resulted in all the failures noted above, and which have produced an angry electorate filling virtually every office, from Congress down to State and local municipalities, with Republicans. Democrats are wise to fear that Americans may never again elect a liberal to any significant office across the entire nation. They have seen where liberal policies got us, and they don’t like it. They’ve had enough of it.

        Which is why the real fear on the Democrat side is that, despite all the horse pucky they, the Media, Hollywood, Academia, unions, the Republican establishment an even foreign leaders have thrown at Candidate Trump, he will continue to defy them, out-wit them, and ultimately crush them. They fear he will succeed with his agenda because they know that’s what he is all about. Succeeding, no matter what the odds.
        They are afraid that Trump might actually Make America Great Again!




“Two things are infinite:
the universe and human stupidity.

And I’m not sure about the universe.”
                  ~ Albert Einstein

        I’m not proud of it. But it seems I make the wrong choice about things more than 65% of the time. Granted, many of them are about trivial things. Like food. Or colors. Or short-cuts. But the presidency?
       If you look over the archives of this blog (over there on the right), you’ll see that I have been touting Donald Trump for president since at least 2013.  And I’ve made my share of converts. But why did I do this? It’s not like I actually know Donald Trump. In fact, I have never watched any of his tv shows. I have nothing other than pure instinct to go on. But instincts are not tangible. They’re not much to bet the farm on, are they?
         I used to think that maybe there actually was something to, as they call it, the “wisdom of the masses.” If there ever was such a thing, I do not see it. The masses appear to be asses.
        The problem here seems to be that in this political season so many have their logic circuits unabled. They are obsessed with the appearance of “gender equality” rather than its quality. Shattering that “glass ceiling” seems to be the only goal. I would be perfectly satisfied having a woman POTUS. But not just any woman. Is there any wisdom in  voting for a corrupt politician so long as it’s a corrupt female politician? The polls suggest some masses are saying yes.
        Will these particular masses cheer on any woman? How about a congenital liar? “Does she have female breasts? Okay then, no problem.” An Alinskyite who adores Soros’ political agenda? “Does she have a vagina? Okay then, no problem.”
        The masses are making the same damnable mistake which they made last time around. They needed to assuage their absurd sense of guilt for slavery... nonsensical because none of them, or their parents, or their grandparents were slave owners, nor were any of those whose forgiveness they sought ever slaves!  They simply wanted to crow to one another how much better they are than the rest of us deplorable “racists”. So they elected an amiable fellow who had no record of serious accomplishment. But he was black, albeit only half-black... but he looked black, and that was good enough for them to crow about. While he and his posse have had a delightful fun-filled eight years, the masses who elected him wound up eating that crow.
        The dumb never learn. That’s why they remain dumb. They are about to do that “equality” thing all over again. Election by social agenda. If Secretary Clinton is elected, the US will look very different in the next four or eight years. It certainly won’t be your grandma’s America. We might’s well dynamite Washington’s and Lincoln’s faces on Mt. Rushmore and re-carve them into visages of Alinsky and Soros.

        Yes, I may be wrong 65% of the time, but that leaves me a good 35% of rightness. We may be about to witness some kind of miracle. From time to time, “Fate steps in, and sees you through...”  It’s the history of America, just when we need it most. Washington’s unlikely victory at the Delaware; Lincoln and Gettysburg; victory in WWII; the Berlin Wall and break-up of the USSR.

        In the spirit of that 35%, don’t light that dynamite fuse just yet. Look to the Fates. To Destiny. We are overdue for another intercession.



 “A narrow mind and a fat head 

invariably come on the same person.” 

  ~Zig Ziglar


     Let me ask you Trump haters a simple question.
     When was the last time you saw a Miss America or Miss Universe beauty contest which featured ...uh... let me be PC here... overweight women?
     When was the last time you saw fashion runways populated by overweight women from France, Italy, Idaho or anywhere else?
     When was the last time you saw overweight female spokespersons for beauty products on tv commercials... okay... with the exceptions of Marie Osmond and a couple of others selling weight-loss products and services?
     What about all those skinny talking heads behind desks on tv news, on the big screens and ads, posters, billboards and even make-believe animated games?
      Who do you think hires all these un-overweight women? Producers, directors, fashion gurus, and the whole apparatchik of media presenters, that’s who. Both male and female decision-makers reject certain women based on weight, facial attractiveness, body shape and other considerations. I know... I used to be one of those who chose between this actress or that model. And thus it has been since Adam was attracted to Lilith or Eve.
      So, with all this history, suddenly, when Donald Trump does the same thing as all the aforementioned... it’s not the fact that he doesn’t want an overweight contestant in his beauty contest, or at his restaurants, or at the Tower, or anywhere else he owns... no it’s not that... it’s that while all the other directors, producers, designers et al. demand the very same thing, they demand it quietly, with a wink and a nod, behind closed doors... while The Donald says it out loud. Oh, how they hate that testosterone!

     This is ridiculous. If you want to criticize Donald Trump for his crude language, fine. The rest is, to use my own unforgivable language, bullshit. And while everyone knows it, I still hear slim media women damning Trump to banishment from The White House, as if he has committed the only sin for which women can not – MUST not forgive him. The weight thing.
     Okay, fine. So some women may not vote for him. Why? Because they feel insulted? Is that the real reason? I think not. Hey, I used to be skinny. People made fun of me. Big deal. Now I’m overweight. I don’t like it much. I felt better when I was skinny. But I was also a lot younger, so who knows. But that’s not the point. When I see entertainment making fun of fat – oops! I mean overweight men, I do squirm a little. But if it’s funny, I laugh. If Trump or anyone else makes fun of an overweight man, it won’t make me not want to vote for him. Good grief. I think any woman who says she feels insulted and therefore won’t vote for Trump, is really just feeling embarrassed and maybe just a little bit guilty. Why? Because they are willing to vote for the other candidate simply because she is a woman, and being a little overweight herself, makes the voter feel more sympatico. But that’s just personal stuff. What about governing our nation toward a better outcome than we’ve had in recent years? Certainly Trump is the only candidate who holds out the slightest hope of doing so.

     One final question.

     Is rude language a reason to vote against a candidate? Are only effete candidates worthy of the office? Has America lost its First Amendment? Do we always have to watch every word we say for fear the PC Judges will  ban us from office? Do we have to speak exclusively in officially condoned words when we talk about overweight women, or Hispanics or African-Americans, or immigrants, or LGBT groups, or anyone else? When Secretary Clinton calls 50% (or more) of Trump supporters “deplorables” and “irredeemable,” I, as one of those deplorables laugh out loud. And let’s be honest... there are few Americans who don’t say rude things about others behind their own closed doors.
     I support Trump not because he is a man, not because he is a New Yorker, not because he is rich, certainly not because he is a great debater, or because he is tall or Caucasian or likes to tweet in the wee hours (like many of us do), or any of those other things bandied about by the media. It’s because given the choice between these two candidates, I see a stark difference in the way they will govern our nation. One will continue on the same path we have been on – continued failure in the Middle East, increasing our national debt, failing to address serious domestic problems, liberalizing the Supreme Court, further diminishing the First and Second Amendments, et cetera – a path the overwhelming majority of Americans, male and female, say is wrong – and one who offers the hope of actual change for the better. All the other stuff is just plain tabloid nonsense ginned up by the media to keep viewers hanging on every damnable stupid word they feed us day after day. This whole thing has gone on far too long. Let’s cut the BS and get to the heart of the matter: the issues!



Dear Governor Brown,

As we all know far too well, California’s continuing drought  has left our State especially susceptible to devastating wild fires and forest fires.

Even years with less severe drought conditions leave our home owners, business owners, farmers and ranchers with underlying stress fearing their dreams might go up in smoke.

While our heroic California firefighters are among the best in the world (and getting better I might add!) the equipment and techniques at their command are, unfortunately, no match for the massive fires they encounter.

I would like to make a suggestion which could benefit all of California, from its citizens to its economy. The Governor should create a commission to study, and to award research grants to California’s leading Universities with the express intent to quickly develop hi-tech equipment and techniques to fight massive fires.

I won’t pretend to be a scientist, but one thing I know; as it stands today, once a fire starts, with every passing minute it remains untended, it grows exponentially. We have just witnessed a fire in Cajon Pass which seemingly grew from one to thousands of acres in less than an hour! It can take that long just to get equipment to the scene. By then, it’s already out of hand.

There must be more effective and efficient ways of extinguishing massive fires than dumping water and chemicals on them. Bursts of low-frequency sound have shown an ability to snuff flames Perhaps certain frequencies of electro-magnetic energy can be utilized. Perhaps these could be deployed from large piloted air vehicles or drones, or even directed from hundreds of miles away by large arrays of antennas such as HARP or other devices. But let us leave that to science.

Having such new concepts at their command, California’s fire fighters would be able to more easily save lives, livestock, homes, businesses, roads, farms and many other structures. Air pollution would be greatly reduced,  and our precious water supply would be less taxed. California’s attractiveness would be greatly enhanced, leading to an increase in tourism and other commercial  enterprises. The techniques could also be sold or taught to other vulnerable States or nations around the world.

My personal opinion is that many, if not most, of these fires are the work of crazy people – arsonists – of which there seems to be no shortage in our State. The time to do this is now. On an emergency basis! Let us assume that the drought will continue. And even if it doesn’t!  Very few States have what it takes to discover new techniques for fighting massive fires... ours does!

On behalf of the millions of Californians living in our many fire prone areas, I thank you very much for your consideration, Governor.


Andy Romano



A nation too diverse
Is a nation cursed.

Ex pluribus, sed multa.

         A century ago, America painted itself as a “melting pot.” The strength of our nation was thought to be the diversity of cultures which constituted America’s new Middle Class. America believed it could alloy diverse cultures in the crucible of its dynamic industrial society. America believed in the good faith of new immigrants; that they would settle here, raise families, learn the language and customs of America, adding to it the best of their own cultures.
         In theory, a great idea.
         Over the following decades, millions of wannabee Americans were checked and cleared (or not) through our ports of entry, such as Ellis Island. The melting pot worked particularly well with Europeans because America is the offspring of Europe. Our original settlers, laws and traditions are primarily European. Even our science and technology had their birth places in Europe. Thus by the 1950s, Brits, Irish, German, Italian, Polish, French, Spanish, Swiss, Danish and all the rest were fairly well alloyed, well on their way to the goal: e pluribus unum.

           I was born and grew up in a large Eastern U.S. city during the 1940s, among neighbors who were the grandchildren of European immigrants. My grammar school was filled with them. We pledged allegiance to our flag, “and to the country for which it stands.” Every kid spoke English, and families strove toward the values, traditions and tastes we came to know as The American Dream.
           Oh, of course there were problems. Most were a result of poverty, and the tendency of the first generation of immigrants to cluster among one another for support and security, quickly creating whole sections of cities filled with one nationality or another. Still, for the most part, my generation quickly became part of middle class America because we all believed in the Dream. And we knew, if we learned something, worked hard and stayed on the straight and narrow, we could expect to live that Dream.
         But it all began to unravel after the ‘50s. Not for my generation, but for the next generations. America no longer was a melting pot. It was a variety pack without the wrapper to keep it together. E pluribus unum has become Ex pluribus, sed multa (from the many.... still many). A form of Balkanization.

           Every nationality and ethnic group now has its own precinct. English is not welcome or respected everywhere. Customs from the emigrant cultures no longer give way in favor of the “American” way. Immigrants began coming to America not to share in our beliefs, laws and traditions, but to recreate much of the very places from which they fled! Some even would like their parts of town to be judged by non-American law. Chinatown seemed to have become a template for every other culture. Every group has its own lawyers, political groups and lobbyists pressuring politicians to adopt their ways or face defeat. There are growing communities of Muslims, LGBTQ and every flavor of mankind clamoring for special attention, and for government funds. 
          Our deeply rooted race problems have been exacerbated by an inability or an unwillingness to successfully meld black, brown and white cultures. Blacks and whites reject each other’s ways. Blacks, browns, whites are constantly at political and cultural odds.
           We are experiencing nothing short of political chaos.
        And it’s not just political chaos. American’s lifestyles have degenerated into another kind of chaos. Cultural chaos. A full description of this degeneration isn’t necessary. You know the drill as well as I do. From massive addiction, dependence to shocking loss of morality.

        If cultural chaos spreads like a disease, the pathogen is political correctness. Far too much of the nation’s energy, treasure and time is now spent patronizing the unreasonable demands of diversity.

        Into this boiling cauldron will step a new president.
           I don’t know if anyone, short of the Lord himself, can rejoin what is at this point torn asunder. After this election, half the voters will despise the new President, Donald Trump, from day one, and for at least the next four years. 50% of the voters are ready to jump on every word and deed of the new president. Mr. Trump has not even been sworn in yet, and the “honeymoon period” has not lasted 24 hours!
         I don’t know if Donald Trump can deliver all or even any of his promises. I don’t know if he will try to be President for all the people. I don’t know if he will  be able to make things better for the majority of Americans. But I do know Hillary Clinton wouldn’t. And many Democrats knew it too. Which is why they looked the other way when it came to Mrs. Clinton’s record, and her compulsive lying.
           With all his faults, Donald Trump strikes me as Traditional America’s last best hope. Had he not triumphed in this election, America’s future very well may have been that of another has-been. A “Great Experiment” which, after a couple of hundred years, was tossed into the crowded dustbin of history.

          My hope for President-elect Trump is that the oath of office will awaken his better angels. If America is to heal, her people, people of every stripe must learn to recognize and acknowledge those angels when they appear.



Many in the Media still can’t believe Hillary Clinton lost the election. They will blame something, anything, for the loss. Maybe Vladimir and the Russian hackers. Maybe FBI Director Comey. Perhaps it’s worth recalling this (from my 7/6/16 posting –edited for brevity):


        If you are an employee of an organization, be it a government agency, a large Media corporation or Hollywood; if you like your job, if you want to get ahead, you are essentially required – or at least pretend to subscribe to the ideology, however wrong you think it might be, of the top echelon of your organization. It’s that simple, whether you are FBI Director, MSM news analyst, or a delivery truck driver.
       In the case of FBI Director Comey, I think this is what happened: 
       It was obvious to him, through facts revealed in the FBI investigation, that Mrs. Clinton and the Clinton “machine” were corrupt to such a degree that he couldn’t simply turn the case over to Dept. of Justice prosecutors because he knew Attorney General Lynch would simply declare there was insufficient evidence to prosecute the case. Or that whatever mistakes the Clinton campaign may have made, they did not “rise to the level” of calling in a Grand Jury for indictment.
        The airport meeting between President Bill Clinton and General Lynch, along with her prior statements on the whole affair, pretty much telegraphed all the above to Director Comey. He had to make a choice.
       He couldn’t just let it go, could he? Whatever he may have thought of candidate Trump, he knew Hillary Clinton was not fit to be President. So he played a game of chess. He publicly announced that the case warranted no further action, but clearly described the mass of evidence uncovered by his Bureau, in the process allowing America’s voters to draw their own conclusions.
       In short, Director Comey knew the Attorney General would give Hillary a free pass, given that the AG too was under the thumb of President Obama, who desperately wanted Hillary Clinton to be elected in order to carry on his legacy. So Comey turned the decision over not to Lynch, but to the American voter!

       Losing the election to Donald Trump would be the most draconian punishment which Hillary Clinton could ever suffer. Director Comey must have believed what most Americans believed – including many Clinton supporters: the Clintons’ history is among the dirtiest in all of America’s perennial soiled political history. Mrs. Clinton’s serial illegal behavior – lying to the press, investigators, Congress; obstruction of justice; disregarding State Department law, and a host of other infractions, disqualifies her from holding public office. Certainly from being POTUS. However, a Clinton, apparently exempt from the law, once again managed to escape prosecution. Or did she?



“Don’t buy a single vote more than necessary.
I’ll be damned if I’m going to pay for a landslide.”

Joseph P. Kennedy

        While I doubt that any scientifically-oriented pollster has an algorithm to calculate the odds of so many major voting events resulting in virtual dead heats, I can assure you, the probability is almost zero.
        Think about it.
     This isn’t like a coin toss, where every toss has a 50-50 chance of coming up heads or tails. No matter how many heads come up in a row, the next toss will still have 50-50 odds of coming up heads or tails. That’s experimentally provable. Try it. I did. The more tosses, the closer the results conform to the 50-50 probability. In ten tosses, you might get 3 of one and 7 of the other, but in 1000 tosses, you can bet it’ll be very, very close to 500 heads and 500 tails. 50-50 results increase with the number of tosses!
       Now we come to voting. Many fail to grasp that winning an election by, let’s say, 52-48% doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a true 4% difference. If side “A” had received just 2% fewer votes (50%), it would be a tie because that 2% likely would go to side “B,resulting in “B” receiving 50% as well.
       A 51-49% result would be even more likely a statistical tie given voting errors, counting irregularities, and plain ol’ fraud.
       So how is it that so many elections result in a near tie? Think about the “Brexit” referendum. How plausible is it that the UK, with a voting age population over 50 million, is so evenly divided that, right down to the end, no one was able to accurately predict the result? How plausible is it that voters here in the US are so evenly divided? It is almost weirdly improbable. I’m not saying it couldn’t happen now and then. But  with this frequency? Think of past elections you followed. Primaries. Referendum. Even weekly political polling defies probabilities!
       Take the Clinton/Trump divide. With the number of people who hate Trump: “Never Trump” people, women against Trump, Hispanics against Trump, African-Americans against Trump, the media onslaught and all the rest, how is it that in poll after poll there is not even a 10% lead of the Clinton campaign? If you believe the media hype about how many voters claim to hate Trump, is this plausible?  Mrs. Clinton ought to be leading Mr. Trump by 30+%! But if there is only a 6% lead for Mrs. Clinton, as polling averages seem to suggest, that’s just a 3% actual difference the Trump camp needs to make up. Well within the so-called polling margin of error.
       Why are we not seeing true “landslide” victories? Where candidate “A” wins by a huge margin. Where a candidate takes 46 or more of the 50 States?
       There’s something Twilight Zoney here. Skewed results? Skewed reporting? Cheating? Wishful thinking? Interviewees, for fear of seeming politically incorrect, reluctant to admit they actually like Trump? Or is it out-and-out fraud?
       Fraud? One theory is that if polls showed one side or the other leading by 30% or more, voter passion would cool off pretty fast. Almost as fast as media ratings would plunge. Which means ad revenue would fall off as well. Nothing whips up passion and media ratings like a good, close, mud-slinging race like Clinton/Trump. Or like “Brexit” did. All commercial interests are happiest when the polls suggest a difference under 10%.
         Knowing how easily it is done, do the media, polling organizations, fund raisers and the pundit class publish carefully manipulated polling data for their own benefit?
      My grandparents, in the face of solid proof, still refused to believe that wrestling matches, “The $64,000 Question” and other contests, ball games, horse races, court trials, politics, and yes, elections, could be “fixed” or jury-rigged. Perhaps this is one reason I, on the other hand, have never been deluded by such Pollyannaish notions. 



“I never made a mistake in my life;
at least, never one that I couldn't explain away afterwards.”
~ Rudyard Kipling

Anyone who has read my posts more than once or twice knows I am among the first to have championed Donald Trump for President (note the date, 2013). Now, I am very afraid our citizenry is about to make another terrible political mistake.

Four years ago, despite  failure after failure of his policies and leadership, the electorate went for Barack Obama. Again. While Mitt Romney didn’t exactly lose in a landslide, he couldn’t get over the goal line in the end. His opponents, which included the supposedly neutral media, successfully attacked him for things which had nothing to do with his ability to lead the country out of the mire of debt and ineffectualness. He was relentlessly attacked over trivia such as his keeping a file of very qualified female job applicants (something which actually showed his support of intelligent women!) Never the less, they painted Mitt as a misogynist. The media’s Candy Crowley and her reprehensible behavior at the last debate was proof, and tantamount to an admission that the “neutral” media is always out to twist Republican voices.

Deja vu. Polls tell us the critical group of – let’s call them “moderate” American voters – seem once again to be swallowing the bunk, unable to get past Democratic/media talking points. They gleefully pile on Trump, painting him as “bad for women,” “anti-immigrant,” “intemperate,” “a bully,” “a charlatan,” and other accusations which are overly inflated, while his successes and proven strengths as a leader are worse than down-played... they are completely disregarded. Perhaps, as a direct consequence, polling shows Secretary Clinton currently in the lead.

Can these polls be relied upon? The same polls show President Obama’s “favorables” higher than 50%. Really? If voters feel positive toward the President, despite the seeds of division he has planted for seven-and-a-half years now, perhaps his favorable numbers are high because some pollsters have become part of the same liberal machine, now skewing the sampling of voters; or equally possible, Americans see some light at the end of this eight-year-long crooked tunnel. Perhaps America has had enough of the “fundamental change” President Obama promised them at the very beginning. That must be it. How else can you explain how someone who, by many analysts, has been called “the worst President in the history of the United States” (and that isn’t easy to do!) is still showing positive in the polls?

But think of this. If America elects another leftist, the Supreme Court will be tilted so far to the left that it may slide into the Potomac. Our military will be drained of funding, degrading it further, the welfare state will grow, plunging us deeper in debt, taxes will rise, the borders will remain porous, terrorism will not be confronted in a serious way, and America may be so denigraded that it may never recover.

Given the choice between stopping the further degradation of our nation, or voting for a man who the media has falsely (and knowingly) painting in the worst possible light... will America’s “moderates” see beyond the political cliches and well coordinated personal attacks directed at Donald Trump? Or will they once again be fooled; not caring about the health of the nation, or for the future of their children? Will America go right ahead and elect another Alinskyite with a long, public, leftist political history, someone under investigation by the Feds for multiple infractions of law? Someone who has built her campaign on a web of lies, someone supported by biased collaborators in liberal media/Hollywood. Someone with questionable sources of funding, much from foreign nations with terrible records of human rights, including the systematic abuse of the very group Secretary Clinton claims to champion – women!

Does this not disturb you? That with all the accomplished, hard-working women in their Party, the Democrats line up behind a proven truth-adverse candidate with no meaningful record of success? In fact, a record of abject failure! Someone who couldn’t beat an unaccomplished, openly socialist Senator without a jury-rigged primary system. Shouldn’t women voters be outraged at the attempt to bamboozle them with appeals of sisterhood solidarity?

I fear political correctness has so affected America’s eyesight that it cannot clearly see the implications. Their refusal to clearly see the devious diva may plunge us into another long, crooked tunnel. One with no light at the end.



     The briar patch is where
Br’er Rabbit was raised.
He knows every branch and thorn in the thicket.
So if he convinces his enemy
that throwing him in the briars
is a way to hurt him,
his nasty enemy will do just that.
Br’er Rabbit will have tricked his enemy.
Once again.

        It appears, once again, Donald Trump has played Ms. Kelly like a squeaky violin.
      His technique is entertaining, reminding us of the martial arts... using your opponent’s force against him... or in this case, her. The most recent example: Trump makes a comment about the judge presiding over the Trump U. case. Implying that Judge Curiel’s Mexican heritage and certain affiliations should have been enough for the judge to politely recuse himself at the start.
      Oh my Lord! The violin’s shrillness was immediate. Ms. Kelly and her lot screech that Mr. Trump must be a terrible bigot. I have to admit I was taken aback at Ms. Kelly’s vitriol, making insistent demands on her favorite guests... “This is a racist statement... RIGHT!?” Chris Stirewalt and Brit Hume, among others, apparently giving up their right to their own opinion for fear of being thrown off her list of faves, helped Megyn throw Trump into the briar patch.
       Ms. Kelly, who is often blinded by her background in the law, fails to grasp that “Mexican” is not a race. It’s a nationality. Even “La Raza” refers to the Hispanic people as a whole, not to any particular nationality. Trump wasn’t making a sweeping judgment about Mexicans or Mexico. He was declaring his opinion, right or wrong, about the handling of his legal case by one particular judge who, Trump believes, is not treating him fairly because of politics. Not being aware of all the circumstances, one certainly ought to wait before becoming hysterical with misdirected righteous indignation. Shouldn’t one, Megyn?
       Donald Trump is usually the cleverest person in the room. The controversial bombs he drops are deliberately crafted to get the liberal mediots to throw him into the briar patch, calling him names and stirring up emotions. Donald knows more about the object of his bombs, which is usually more than the mediots do before they begin slinging mud at him. He knows they cannot resist throwing him into the briar patch.
       When the media has tired itself with sufficient hysterics, once again, the special circumstances begin to emerge. The plot begins to turn... maybe the Donald is right. Again.
       Will we hear a mea culpa from Ms. Megyn and her minions? Or will she flutter her eyelashes at Trump and beg him for another personal interview to improve her ratings, wherein she will once again tell us “It’s not about me” while it is all about her.



 “Success makes men rigid,
and they tend to exalt stability
over all other virtues;
tired of the effort of willing,
they become fanatics about conservatism.”
~Walter Lippmann
Success makes men rigid and they tend to exalt stability over all the other virtues; tired of the effort of willing they become fanatics about conservatism. Walter Lippmann
Read more at: http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/w/walterlipp402629.html?src=t_conservatism

        While I believe basic Conservative principles to be honorable, in the practical world, Conservative theory is based on a rhetorical premise which seems to doom this philosophy to little more than a vain hope. A burp in the timeline of Man’s evolving political realities.
         Conservatism – limited government, restrained Federal spending, traditional marriage, freedom from government intrusion, and all the rest – is built on the assumption that the framers of our Constitution believed, literally, in what they claimed in our Declaration of Independence: that “...All men are created equal.” And there-in lies the flaw. As long as Conservative philosophy clings to this assumption, it is disregarding reality.
         William Buckley held this notion up as an ideal, not as reality. Perhaps in some future time, all men will be created equal – with science-fictional genetic techniques whereby every newborn emerges with equally high endowments of talent, ability and physical advantages. For the epoch we inhabit, however, this is little more than a myth.
         Our society’s development is encumbered by an albatross hanging on its neck. While traditional America and its conservative values shrink, the wards of liberalism grow exponentially. They constitute an unwieldy fiscal and cultural burden which our leaders have been guilty of encouraging.  On its own, this burden cannot change for the better.
        Can anyone make a rational argument for the idea that all men are created equal? Are birth circumstances equal? Are all of us equally gifted with some ideal comeliness? Are we all equally capable of running the decathlon? Are we all endowed with high IQs? Do none have physical, mental, emotional handicaps? Do we each spring from the fairest seed into the fullness of life? Each of these measures – the foundations of personal stature – is far from being equally distributed within our population. Each affects an individual’s potential, perhaps more consequentially they affect societal conditions.
         Perhaps you think Constitutional equality means nothing more than that all men are entitled to equal treatment under the law? Or that all are Constitutionally entitled to equal opportunity? These are legal and moral contracts (theoretical as they may be), and strictly speaking, not entirely what the Framers had in mind. If it had been, Lincoln would not have had to bring the nation to war over slavery, and women would have been voting since day one.
         “Opportunity” is valueless unless and until seized by persons of some ambition. But equality doesn’t exist in ambition either. Large segments of our population, of all races, creeds, gender and backgrounds, have neither the desire nor ambition to grasp opportunity in the way others do as a simple matter of course.
          Many Americans appear to be perfectly content being “albatrossy.” In America’s contemporary culture, professionalism, material wealth and titles are not the only measures of success. But they are what many Conservative elitists appear to measure it by, completely disregarding the inconvenient fact that the kind of personal  independence which they themselves have achieved demands more effort than albatrosses are willing or able to generate.
         If Conservatism is perfectly comfortable with the growing masses of ill-educated Americans and non-citizen immigrants demeaning the nation’s traditions and culture; if conservatives fear to step into the deep waters of this very deep problem; if conservatives are willing to suffer the indignities of cultural mediocrity, then Conservatism is nothing more than another political scam designed to stir your spirit... enough to open your wallet.

          The problem is far too serious and obvious to ignore. But it is ignored, because for decades now, conservative leaders appear cowardly, terrified of leftist propaganda; being called divisive names by the uber liberal PC crowd. Shame on conservative leaders! Here we have Conservatism, arguably the last best hope to save the goodness of our culture, unwilling to confront the facts. Reality. The truth of our time: an ever-growing population of uneducated, street-smart, highly organized in the way ants are, increasingly aggressive and demanding, dependent upon an equally fast-growing centralized government to sustain it. Socially liberal governments are always willing to bankrupt the nations they govern in order to accommodate these demands... in exchange for votes and permanent incumbancy. But the masses will never be set upon a path of self-improvement by such a government; they will merely be sustained at a materialistic level somewhat better than the less demanding masses of the past. Albatrosses demand what they want, but self-betterment is not among the demands. Because that requires something no government can provide; personal drive, ambition, a desire to learn, a willingness to invest one’s time and effort in personal betterment.           Not very different from religious charlatans, the worst of Conservatism manifests itself in opportunists who profess this creed, knowing of the thirst among its own, but doing little other than profiting personally from preaching to the choir through books sales, radio, tv, and all the rest.
        Does anyone really believe the incessant litany of “Conservative” issues will do much to increase Republican support? Or counteract the emotional promises of liberalism? Will any of it correct the eastward course of our nation? Demand – without will – for smaller central government and fiscal restraint are the equivalent of whistling past the graveyard. How can anyone expect a bloated government to reduce and restrain itself!? The government is like a fat guy who keeps promising to go on a diet as soon as he finishes his next six-pack and bag of chips, which only make his stomach grow, which makes him hungrier still. When pressed to deliver on his promise, he can always blame his wife – or Congress – for bringing home the beer and chips.
          Only by acknowledging the fact of man’s unequal creation, unequal ambitions and all the rest; coming to terms with it, and revising its approach to the problem can Conservatism hope to regain cultural tender outside its well-fed constituencies. If stubborn elitist conservative leaders continue to ignore these facts, ugly as they are, Conservatism will never be anything more than a barely tolerated minor philosophy, a career for charlatans, and the target of mockery by the new majorities.
     Is it any wonder that so many, new to America, having sneaked into our nation past the willfully blind eyes of justice, place no value on doing right, respecting our culture and our laws? If you get something for nothing, that’s exactly what you’ll think it’s worth. Nothing. If an albatross didn’t pay for that sidewalk, is it any wonder he will spit on it? If you never revered that desk in the Oval Office, is it any wonder you’ll sit with your feet upon it?

         And so, true Conservatives will be passengers, never captains, on the Ship of State, as it flounders in the uncharted Sargasso Seas of hybrid socialism; a capitalistic economic system dominated by plutocrats, a nation administered by a bloated central government whose leaders are kept in power by increasingly dependent masses to whom it doles out benefits in return for votes, and an education system dominated by propagandists rather than teachers, where PhD’s are as common and about as valuable as the dollar bill. And where only the children of the plutocracy are afforded true education at the most elite halls of learning... those privileged few who can even find the ladder of success in order to climb it.
         Having warned us about the very thing we are now experiencing, I suspect our Founding Fathers would not be shocked by the level to which we have allowed the governance and cultural qualities of this great nation to sink. If Conservatism is ever to be the antidote, it must reformulate its mission so those now hostile to it are able to grasp the genuine goodness, opportunities and hope it can offer.



“Is there any point in public debate in a society where hardly anyone has been taught how to think, while millions have been taught what to think?”
Peter Hitchens

          The only part of the human body which doesn’t benefit from being washed is the brain. But on average it gets washed more times than our hands.
         Brain washing is a form of marketing. Selling. There are two kinds.

         One kind is the hard sell you get from salesmen at car dealerships or advertising with special deals, discount prices and the like. Unvarnished capitalism; retail sales, where the rubber meets the road. There’s not much subtlety here; little in the way of subliminal messaging. Just exaggerate the features and benefits of your products. Now, bordering on subliminal messaging is timing; advertise juicy hamburgers and pizza at dinnertime, when stomachs are growling “Feed me!” And the old reliable; SALE!
      The other kind of selling is far more subtle. Because it’s not selling products or services. It’s selling a way of perceiving something such as how a corporation, a person, a political party or politician, an industry, a religion or anything which lies outside the realm of a product or service. I know something about this. I practiced this special art for decades. Journalist Vance Packard described it in his book, “The Hidden Persuaders.” Persuaders? Bull. It’s unadulterated brain washing.

         I and my cohorts were tasked with changing the way people think about certain products, services and issues: make them think a certain way, believe a certain way, whether or not that way was right, or true, or to their benefit. Often, it’s to repair negative perceptions of something or someone. In our particular case, it was done through the vehicle of national advertising. But there are many other ways.
        In image messaging, subtle, almost subliminal layers are employed. Cultural overlays abound. An eye-catching message contains more than meets the eye. While stimulating images are the bait, cultural signals are the hooks. At its worst it’s political propaganda.
       Let’s say that a few decades ago, somebody decided it was time for Americans to accept ideas which, culturally, traditional America had not accepted in the past. Take cigarette smoking; in one era it was portrayed as cool; done by rugged he-men, cowboys and celebrities, every third actor had a butt hanging off his lip, smoke drifting up into his squinting eyes, sexy ladies exhaled smoke into their admirer’s face. Then, cigarettes went out of fashion after millions were spent portraying smoking as seriously dangerous to smokers’ health. Now those same cultural forces which washed society’s brains with the dangers of tobacco smoking are brain washing gullible Americans with the virtues of smoking weed. Judging by the recent polls on the subject, the average American is believing. Again. Lining up to jump on the next cultural bandwagon, with little regard for where it may take them.
         Let the message include all the “good” aspects which can be demonstrated about what is being sold. But let it not include the possible faults. Most people are not equipped to think critically. So, over time, they are seduced.
         Mindless cultural forces have infected our national thinking to such a degree that our children are not being taught the essentials so much as they are being brainwashed. Today, by the time your little girl or boy reaches the age of ten, their still-growing brains have been washed, bleached, pressed and folded to the point that the kids will almost certainly grow up filled with counter-intuitive cultural ideas which most will not question.
         Children, children! are being confused in schools by teachers asking them to “choose” their own gender identification. Or to behave like the gender opposite their natural gender. What can be more confusing to young kids and their parents than forcing them to think or act in an unnatural way; making them think about something not based on science or nature. This, and other subtle types of brain washing go on day after day in K through 12, and gets worse in higher “education.”

      Today, for example, in cultural messaging, despite statistics demonstrating its many down-sides, single motherhood is portrayed as a normal, even desirable, part of American family life. Culture promotes inter-racial and same-gender coupling, and any number of “progressive” ideas; global warming, women in military combat, gun control. Or how pharmaceuticals are the answer to all your ills. Or something as blatant as increasing sales of alcohol by getting women to openly drink more booze. Portraying drinking in social situations as if it somehow makes women more alluring, more independent; gals just want to have fun. This type of brainwashing goes on throughout the whole gamut of social and cultural subjects.
     Do manufacturers care about the cultural issues, or are they just using it for profit? Dumb question. This is capitalism.
      Of course, blunt presentations of non-traditional ideas are almost always met with ridicule and hostility. At first. But inserting them, virtually subliminally, with an overlay of advertising or entertainment, over and over, has the long-term effect of changing attitudes, especially for younger malleable minds.
      Our culture has turned upside down. America has abandoned her old mores in favor of new sentiments which have swept, like a devastating tornado, across our cultural landscape. Many cultural “trends” start out on the mean streets, in the closet, or dark basements, and gradually find their way into the raw sunlight of Main Street America.

      How many everyday ads have you seen for a common product such as XYZ brand breakfast cereal, or soft drinks, fast-food, or whatever, portraying parents and children in a cozy kitchen, happily consuming XYZ. In earlier decades it was taken for granted that the parents and children would be portrayed by attractive actors, all of the same racial background, be they a white family or a black or Hispanic family. Nowadays, it’s mixed-race couples, and moms and children without husband-fathers. Not very long ago, these all would have been met very negatively by viewers. The XYZ corporate offices would have been inundated with letters from viewers threatening to stop buying the product. The company knew audiences were heavily skewed toward the majority white viewers. Depending upon the company’s sentiments, they might or might not drop these controversial portrayals.
      Today, it’s the minority lobby groups which make the loudest and most threatening noise. If a company doesn’t recognize the minority’s particular issue, that minority will virtually threaten to bankrupt the company.
      Oh, a commercial doesn’t directly address cultural issues. It doesn’t have to. They are right there, unspoken, digested by your eyes and washing your brain. Let it show up in commercials for food, restaurants, cars... over and over and over, and after the initial emotional reactions subside, the idea sinks in, the washing is complete, and audiences for the most part begin to accept these things as the “new normal.”
     The ad purports to be selling breakfast cereal. And it is. But it’s also selling cultural change which you might not expect to find embedded in a message about flakes. Now some may ask which is the chicken and which is the egg. Does the commercial reflect societal and cultural change which is already happening, or is it somehow encouraging, selling, the change? The answer is both.
      Certainly it makes sense for an advertiser to appeal to emerging markets; to be relevant. But how exactly does it make sense to ignore the sensitivities of the majority in favor of the minority when trying to sell products? Some marketers believe it’s expanding the user base. Again, illogical. Some subliminal cultural ideas turn off the majority, who in return may decide to stop using the product. In today’s ultra-sensitive culture, one never knows exactly who will be offended by what.
      “In the business,” we always thought of it as being “edgy.” If there’s a new trend in fashion, music, relationships, whatever; the creative folks will glom onto it. Not necessarily because it sells a product better, or even brings more attention to the message, but because it satisfies the creative folks’ and some of the clients’ need to feel edgy. It can otherwise be a pretty boring business. But somebody in a position of authority in the ABC-to-XYZ advertising departments is championing the cause, so is perfectly happy to let it be part of their advertising messages. America’s new all-embracing brand identity.

     Think of how this brain washing has impacted your own thinking. Examine the attitudes which you may have which are not really a product of your own thinking, but which were implanted by outside influences, influences on your way of thinking which you may never even have realized were a factor in your attitudes. Your challenge is to recognize the way you are being manipulated in virtually every facet of culture, including health care, finances and politics.
      When this technique became more and more in demand by our clients, I decided it was time to lose the career or lose my soul.

      If you are smart, you look beyond any attempts to have you think as someone else wants you to. You think for yourself. But you need to know how. You need to clear your thinking of what you have been fed by the culture all around you (almost always without you realizing it). Free yourself from tribal thinking. That is thinking according to what your tribe says you should think. This is cultural brain-washing at its worst. If you can’t do it, you have not reached your potential and you are not a complete person.
      Remember: the only part of your body which doesn’t benefit from being washed is your brain.