I don't imagine many Americans under the age of, oh... let’s say... about 50 years of age... understand how Marxism, once an accursed movement in this country, hidden in the shadows, is now openly and aggressively at work in America. Before describing Marxist theory, a quick checklist of the evidence: 

~ Infiltration by Leftists (looking to gain ultimate control) of the higher education system (and even grade schooling): check 

~ Ditto the legal system (with the U.S. Supreme Courts as the crowning jewel), allowing the Left to bestow upon its favored groups special privileges not guaranteed or even suggested by The Constitution: check 

~ Virtually transparent co-ordination between the Left and  “mainsteam” news media: check 

~ Revising a nation’s history, twisting, eliminating, discrediting and/or demonizing all references to any event and all historic figures which do not agree with the “New Order” philosophy: well underway

~ Ridiculing and creating difficult legal environments for Bible-based religions which in any way resist Leftward movement

~ Nationalizing of the healthcare system in an effort to index and control individual citizens: check

~ Devaluation of the dollar in order to destroy Middle Class savings by printing huge quantities of currency: check

~ Enlisting of the entertainment industry to brainwash the nation’s youth, whose minds are empty vessels: check

~ Dumbing-down of the population through legalization of drugs and other forms of mind-numbing prescription medicines and hypnotic pass-times: double-check

~ Winning the loyalty of socially-based minority groups such as the LGBT “community”: check

~ Taxing the Middle Class to pay for ever-increasing quasi-welfare programs, creating a permanent dependent underclass to insure Democrat votes: check

~ Coalition with national workers’ unions: check

~ Coalition with Leftist anarchist groups (such as the “Occupy” and “BLM” movements): check

~ Nationalizing industry (Marx’s “means of production”) or using the round-about method of exporting those industries to foreign nations with low wage earners: being attempted de facto

~ Disarming of citizens (but not criminals or gang members): being attempted

~ Maintaining the ballot loyalties of minority populations: check

~ Allowing poor, uneducated foreigners entry into the US, promising benefits, de facto amnesty, and eventually the right to vote, with the absurd excuse that the nation needs them to fill non-existent “jobs Americans won’t do”: being attempted

~ Demonizing and even punishing the opposition through government agencies such as the IRS, TSA, DHS, NSA, et al.: double check

The list is much longer, including turning over certain aspects of our sovereignty... (including the internet... our highway of free speech!) to the UN and other Leftist internationalists.

The trend is undeniable. None of these changes are moves toward Conservatism or to the Right.

How often have you heard people claim President Obama is a “socialist”? Or a Marxist? Do you actually know what these terms mean? And does the President fit this description?

I’ll give you the bottom line. Marxism is a political fraud – a theory, failed in practice, evolved by the German, Karl Marx, and his cohorts in the mid-1800’s from even earlier ideas born during the Industrial Revolution. He is considered (by Marxists, of course) one of the greatest economists in history. He published The Communist Manifesto in 1848, and Capital from 1867 – 1894. Marxism posits the idea of “class struggle.” Without dividing a population into “classes,” Marxism would have no relevancy. Marxists use this “class struggle” dynamic to manipulate the classes – fomenting blame and hatred of the “bourgeoisie” (the wealthy class) while actually working to make Marxist leaders one of them. In the end, the “proletariat” (the working class) is decimated, the “lower classes” become forever dependent, assuring their new “benevolent” elitist Marxist leaders are empowered forever. All this allows Marxist leaders to enjoy the good life side-by-side with the despised wealthy.
  Their goal is to replace America’s capitalist system with socialism. The new leaders thereby have the means to increase their wealth through unmitigated corruption, while those few remaining in the Middle Class find it very difficult to move up. And few in the lower class have the incentive or means to rise above their lot in life.
  The new leaders reward their major supporters and punish those who challenge the new order. They will even crush the anarchists who helped them overthrow the capitalist system. Marxists manipulate the classes with the help of the legal system which they infiltrate, State controlled media and education, using each as a tool to achieve their own selfish goals: wealth, power and control. But alas, the theory is old and it has never worked very successfully for very long anywhere in the world. For people hunger to be free and to work for their own benefit. That is reality.
  That’s all you need to know about Marxism. But if you are interested in the details, and whether President Obama’s policies (whether he realizes it or not) dovetail with Marxism, read on. 

There are many flavors of Marxism which have developed over the decades as diverse countries search for variations which might work for them. Leninism, Stalinism, Trotskyism, and Maoism, were flavors of Marxism. According to the basic concept of Marxism, “class struggle” is an inevitable result in a capitalistic system (such as we have in America). In this view, conflicts between increasingly mechanized and socialized production performed by the “proletariat” (those who perform labor, such as today's union workers), and the “bourgeoisie” (the Upper Middle Class; big investors, and heads of large corporations) are inevitable.
  Marxists decry the grabbing of ever-larger profits by the bourgeoisie (Obama calls them “the fat cats”). The ever-widening gap in wealth between workers and the wealthy must, in Marx’s view, lead to bitter struggles between these classes. Those who proudly line up with America’s Far Left, including but not limited to the Democratic Party establishment, the Left-leaning Media, Hollywood, the education system, and many departments of the Federal, State and even some local governments, have been working for over a hundred years to spur this class struggle and what they hope is the inevitable social revolution in America. One can’t help but notice how America’s Left simply swoons over the idea of revolution, canonizing Che and Mao and Pol... but their own nation’s Revolutionary heroes somehow seem to leave them cold. 
  One of President Obama’s jobs counselors (“czars!”) was the CEO of one of the world’s largest corporations. General Electric produces technical products in many countries. The means of production have so developed in the technical sense that in many cases it is almost completely automated. For example, workers who produce GE bulbs earn relatively low wages because they are produced in countries with much lower wage scales than advanced nations. But the bulbs are marketed everywhere, and bring the corporation as much or more profit than ever. Marxists feel the greater profit is immorally gobbled up by investors and the very top execs at the corporate level, and not generously shared with the workers. According to Marx, this is the perfect set of factors which should lead to “class struggle” and social revolution.   But Marx’s inevitable revolutions can’t happen in most of these places, because most are already socialist – even communist – nations! The great wealth of the corporation and of its leaders affords them great access to political leaders, influencing them in every nation in which they operate. Thus the gentleman who is supposedly creating jobs in the U.S. exports them to foreign nations, yet wields influence at the White House. Obama, with a wink and a nod, criticizes the “fat cat” friends of America’s largest, wealthiest corporations, while he appears to be doing everything he can to become one of them.
  According to Marx, as the disparity in wealth between workers and corporate leaders becomes apparent to the workers, social unrest between the two classes inevitably intensifies, culminating in social revolution.

  The President and his supporters scoff and mock anyone who suggests he is a Marxist. Methinks the gentlemen doth giggle too much: Obama continually demonizes the wealthy (while happily accepting their donations), pitting the working class against his friends, the “fat cats,” dividing us all, and promoting Marx’s “class struggle.” Obama openly and blatantly continues his attempts to, in effect, nationalize major industries such as automobile makers, green energy, healthcare, education, the media and any others he can buy with taxpayer dollars.
  The eventual outcome of this revolution, in Marxist theory, is the establishment of socialism - a socioeconomic system based on cooperative ownership of the means of production (now “we all own GM”); redistribution of profit to “the needy” (supporters of the President); and production reorganized to satisfying human needs (green energy, etcetera). All these are anathema to freedom and the opportunity for anyone with ambition to climb the ladder of success. It behooves the Marxist revolution to maximize the number of citizens dependent upon the government for their welfare. This insures the re-election of the Left and the continuation of the effort from one decade to the next.
  There is, at this time, no effective push-back from the conservative Right, because the combined and coordinated forces of the majority of America’s so-called Mainstream Media and education system are psychologically indoctrinated and cowed into supporting what they see as some idyllic goal. They don’t even grasp their complicity. They are today’s army of, as Stalin termed them, “useful idiots.”

   Part of the problem is, while there is high unemployment, those employed in high positions in the government, media and the private sector are doing very well. So there is no incentive on their part to rock the political boat very much beyond a bit of a wiggle just for appearance sake.
  Karl Marx hypothesized that, as the productive forces and technology continued to advance, socialism would eventually give way to the communist stage of social development. Communism would be a classless, stateless, non-monetary society based on common ownership and the principle of “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”

   This is certainly the dream of an imbecile.

   Marx somehow believed that the transition from capitalism to socialism and then to communism was a natural evolution. As inevitable as the setting of the sun. What social engineers can’t seem to reconcile is the fact that there have always been, and always will be the poor and the rich. The literal amount of wealth is not really the issue. If you have ten pieces of silver and the rest of us have but one, you are rich and the rest of us are not. That is what is natural.
  Like so many unhappy revolutionaries throughout history, Marx was the son of an industrious, comfortable family. His father was a religious man, an Ashkenazi Jew who was virtually forced by political circumstances to convert to Christianity. Karl’s father gave him the opportunities of the best education, but he wasn’t exactly the student type; never particularly successful at things, and quite the atheist. Along the way, he developed a great interest in theories of social engineering. His ideas in this realm became quite influential. Unfortunately for him, it was only after his passing. One might say he was something of a rascal and a political instigator. But the “fat cats” of his time didn’t invite him into their club. Therefore, one supposes, he thought they must go. His ideas seem based on the belief that every worker inevitably comes to hate the bourgeoisie.
  Influenced by Marx’s ideas, even Fidel Castro had an epiphany wherein he suddenly realized that there were poor people and rich people in Cuba (brilliant deduction), and worse, he wasn’t one of the rich. Therefore they must go. He realized it is much easier to foment a revolution among uneducated workers by promising to make the wealthy poor rather than making the poor wealthy. The real goal, however, is always to make the leader of the revolution wealthy. Coincidentally, have you noticed how quickly President Obama’s wealth has grown while his needy base of voters grows more dependent? (I’ll give you a few more crumbs if you’ll keep me in office where I get to enjoy the whole loaf.)

   Those who dream of a classless society refuse to see the obvious. Contrary to popular theory, while The Constitution guarantees every American equal rights, and an equal opportunity to advance, everyone is not born equal, or with equal talent. There are athletic people and non-athletic people, smart people and dumb people, good-looking folks and clock-stoppers, some can sing, others can’t, some know how to build fortunes, and others, well, not so much. I have often thought if we were to strip the wealthy of every dollar they had, and redistributed it all so that everyone in our nation had exactly the same amount of money, within one year it would all be back in the bank accounts of the same entrepreneurial wealthy people it came from. That is reality.
  But thankfully, we are a (relatively) educated nation. Perhaps less so today than in yesteryears; nevertheless, not all workers and poor folk hate the wealthy. Perhaps the worst that can be said is that we envy them. The average American is smart enough to know wealth spurs the economy. And despite the Democrat’s nay-saying, trickle-down works. Oh, perhaps not fast enough for the impatient needy, but in American society we don’t have to just envy the rich; we can aspire to wealth ourselves. In Marx’s socialistic or communistic society, the average man is allowed neither the means nor the liberty to acquire wealth. Marxists believe they will become part of the new elite, the leaders of the post-revolution society... like Fidel... those who live fat while everyone else in their nation suffers material deprivation and crushing of the spirit.
  Stripping a nation’s citizens of their means of defending themselves and their freedoms - confiscating their guns - makes the dream of the Marxist revolution just a bit easier. The defenseless sheep barely bah as they follow their Judas to slaughter.
  Today’s arrogant liberals who insult conservatives by claiming they have “no new ideas” apparently don’t realize they themselves are blindly following a leader whose Marxist dreams were born before our own Civil War! Like obedient sheep following their Judas, they don’t seem to smell the blood of their brothers spilling just a few steps ahead.

   Is President Obama a Marxist? Judge him by his background, his education, his political friends and supporters, his writing, and his actions both as a Senator and President. Perhaps Mr. Obama doesn’t even realize what he is. I think he does. Frankly, I don’t think the congenial fellow has ever had an original idea in his life. He seems to have started out as an empty vessel, hand-picked by Marxists for his charisma, and his unique appeal to the populist sheeple. The vessel was then filled with their ideas. They provided his credentials, and wrote his books and speeches. In return; do as we say, get us the ultimate victory we crave (the toppling to the Left of America), and you will live like a fat cat. Maybe even wind up on Mount Rushmore. Nevermind that we are asking you to be the Judas goat, beckoning the greatest nation that ever was, to the slaughter.