“Perhaps they know,
as much as anybody,
that they are in danger.
They simply would rather see
American men and women,
dying to preserve their safety” ~David Brooks

     Perhaps now that the politics of terrorism has brought this Western European cultural phenomenon into sharper focus, you have sensed the lack of a certain responsibility within the European Union. In the aftermath of terrorist activity within EU member nations, the lack seems to have become more obvious. And, though their intentions may be altruistic, liberals in America are opening their arms to invite the same cultural attitudes to cross the Atlantic. It is difficult to see how this same problem will not infect us over here.
     The culture of the European Union takes for granted passionate expectations of comfort and personal financial security for its citizens. After terrible wars and violence in which tens of millions of Europeans were slaughtered, there is an understandably strong aversion to war. This seems to have generated a political correctness which reflects an unsettling sense of guilt in the European mindset. Perhaps there is a fear that there is something inherent in European passions which, if let loose again, could cause horrors to be unleashed. As a result, for decades since the end of World War II, European nations have come to rely heavily upon America for military security. In essence they are saying let the stupid American dogs protect us. Why not? America doesn’t charge much for the service.
     Perhaps, to liberal minds in America, there is nothing wrong with all this: an aversion to military action, short work weeks, guaranteed leisure time, financial security, and more. Socialism. In some ways European culture is admirable. The EU is more than a political structure, it is also a cultural vehicle. The best of each nation’s culture, products and attitudes are easily transportable across borders within the EU. But so are the EU’s economic problems. And therein lies the rub.
     When times are good, EU cultural expectations can be realized across its many borders. But when the European economy is not going great, and there are many aggressive military challenges within its many borders, Europeans sense their own weakness. They fear their personal financial security is at risk. Their culture regards fighting as beneath them... but reliance upon the U.S. these days is sketchy, President Obama has shown no passion for military or even political involvement, so, EUers worry, who will protect them from outside aggression? Having no clear answer, they hide their heads in cheese and wine.

      The Atlantic Ocean is wide, but not so wide as to prevent this kind of thinking from taking strong hold on American culture, severely limiting America’s will to protect Western values. Guaranteed comfort and all the rest, are seductive promises. But the cost is living under the ever-growing heavy thumb of Uncle Sam. George Washington fought and won a war to liberate us from European royalty and elitism. Many of us descend from, and still have great affection for, our European roots. But having won our independence, do we still, nearly two-and-a-half centuries later, owe Europe elitism the potential spilling of more of our most precious blood?
     Donald Trump is right about this too. NATO and the entire subject of Europe’s contribution to its own safety need a long-overdue overhauling.



“If you can’t beat ‘em,

arrange to have ‘em beaten.”

~George Carlin


      Is it not liberals, the left and progressives who claim to be America’s champions against bullying, against ganging up on an individual, and for allowing “the people” to speak – not denying anyone their vote?

     I think we all can now divest ourselves of even the slightest notion that this is true, given the incessant and unprecedented daily personal attacks against the President. By the Left, by the Media, by leakers within the intel community, probably within the White House, by the Democratic Party, by an army of liberal writers, by our last President, by Independent CounciI Mueller and the FBI, by Hollywood, by cheesy singers, cartoonists, stand-up comedians, even by some foreign leaders – all who seem to literally hate the President to the point of wanting to beat him up. Charming.

     What’s worse to this writer, this liberal gang even includes so-called Republican elites. What they may lack in aim, they more than make up in callousness, connivance and collusion.

     President Trump has been buoyed by the fervor of the wide spectrum of his supporters, the people of America, primarily because most of them are furious with their political parties, with politicians in general, and the way they themselves are portrayed by the gang which is attacking their candidate. The gang has little chance of changing Trump’s supporters’ minds, because the more they gang up on him, spieling the same unproven charges, the more Trump’s supporters’ low opinion of the whole gang is vindicated. The approval ratings of Congress, the Parties and the Media are lower than the President’s by a significant margin.

     Does the gang actually believe conservatives, independents and Trumpsters are ready to be duped, disappointed, frustrated, looked-down-upon, taken advantage of yet again by “elitist” politicians, media and moneyed forces who do not have “the people’s” interests in mind? There is the echo of an empty ballot box to the gang’s claims that they are fighting for America and defending The Constitution. Trump’s supporters will not have it. They know the gang is desperately trying to hold onto its endangered source of income and influence.

     If the gang mugs The Donald, robbing him of his opportunity to continue to lead this nation out of the doldrums, if the gang succeeds in what amounts to a coup, engineering a hostile take-over of the Administration, if the treachery and vindictiveness of the Republican elite continues, the Republican Party is done. If it isn’t done already.

       Middle America should not stand by watching the daily beating. It’s not good for the soul. Voters must – and will come to The Donald’s rescue. The sad part is that the gang will, as usual, not be tarred and feathered and run out of DC on a rail.