“You take my life
when you take the means
whereby I live.”


          I am rarely surprised by anything vintage Alinskyites have to say, but Hillary Clinton’s take on job creation in the U.S. is so absurd as to make me think she is every bit out of touch with reality as her ex-boss, President “If-you-own-a-business---you-didn't-build-that” Obama.
          According to Daniel Nussbaum, while appearing at a Boston rally for Democrat gubernatorial candidate Martha Coakley on Oct 24, 2014, Hillary told the crowd gathered at the Park Plaza Hotel not to listen to anybody who says that “businesses create jobs.”
          “Don’t let anybody tell you it’s corporations and businesses create jobs (sic),” Secretary Clinton said. And many Democrats on the unemployment lines are still planning to vote for the poor little rich girl. Granted, technically she didn’t say that business doesn’t create jobs, she said just don’t listen to anyone who tells you that. After all, maybe they do create jobs. Just don’t listen to them. Because they are probably Republicans. Or conservatives. Or people who have jobs. Or people who run businesses and hire others. Or maybe Donald Trump, who creates lots of jobs. Don’t listen to any of them. They are all liars, but I, one of the world’s most-respected experts in economics – wife of Bill Clinton – am telling the truth. Do you sometimes wonder if the Clintons actually know what the definition of “truth” is?
          To paraphrase Bill, maybe it depends on what the meaning of “jobs” is. But here’s a very short list (as of 10/14) of companies and the jobs they, according to Hillary, don’t create:

          Walmart has 2,200,000 employees. Last we heard, it is a corporation and runs a business. And guess what, Hillary... each and every one of these 2.2 million employees has a job which was created by that business, and each gets paid a salary.

          And how about “Yum! Brands” (owner of KFC, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut)? They employ 523,000 folks, each of whom is paid a salary.
          IBM employs 434,246.
          McDonald’s 440,000.
          UPS 399,000.
          Target 361,000.
          Home Depot 340,000.
          Hewlett-Packard 331,800.
          General Electric 305,000.
          Space and patience don’t allow for listing the millions of other companies and the jobs they have created, lifting America’s Post-WWII families to a new Middle Class status... at that time the envy of the world. Meanwhile, Alinskyites have not wasted any opportunity to “bring it all down” as best they can.

But think of it, Ms. Clinton; some of the hundreds of thousands of small businesses make and sell the very things that you seem to prize. Pantsuits. Scarfs, hair products, cosmetics, jewelry, fancy homes, travel, wine, entertainment and all the slop of tv appearances.
          Where in hell do people like Mrs. Clinton think everyday products and services come from? The Judicial Branch of the government? They wouldn't even have robes and gavels if it were not for the employees of companies which make these things. Homeland Security? They wouldn’t have stockpiles of hollow-point bullets, fancy SUV’s or uniforms if employees of some company didn’t make these things.
          Who builds the offices that house government agencies? Who provides the electronics, landscaping, elevators, air conditioning and heating? Other government agencies? No. Wage earners of companies with names we all know. Companies which hire thousands, millions of Americans.
If jobs are getting much harder to find, it’s because corporate profits, stockholders who demand results, extremely high corporate taxes, and an increasingly apathetic and ill-educated generation of Americans force CEO’s to look to other nations to fill jobs. Or to import labor at lower wages. Because, as we all have heard the Alinskyites tell us for years now... “These are jobs Americans won't do...” Thanks to the Alinskyites in the White House, we now have a permanent underclass; jobless, dependent upon government hand-outs, lay-abouts. No jobs wanted. Gang-infested cities. No jobs wanted, thank you, we’ll make out on our own.  

          Hillary said “You know, one of the things my husband says when people ask him ‘Well, what did you bring to Washington?’ Bill says, ‘Well, I brought arithmetic,’ ” which elicited loud laughs from the crowd.

          Laughs for sure. Frankly, I like Bill Clinton personally. What Bill brought to Washington was not arithmetic, it was a sleazy culture of corruption – and not just with sexual shenanigans in the White House – he allowed our nation’s precious secrets to flow like water through a sieve to China and other adversarial nations. There has been some very good arithmetic there for the Clintons.

          One thing elected officials and appointees like Mrs. Clinton don’t seem to grasp is that, unlike public company employees (those are folks who have jobs, Hillary) who get promotions, raises or demotions, or lose their jobs, (usually based on their performance), elected officials rarely get impeached, fired, demoted or suffer any financial consequences for their mistakes, lies, corruption, cronyism or nepotism. They only get in trouble if they are caught while thie Party doesn’t control the Justice Department, or if the mainstream media calls them on it – another rarity for the Left in the Alinskyite era.

          Mrs. Clinton, do you want to know who makes jobs? Ask yourself; who do you think made that famous blue dress, or the beret and G-string that led to it becoming infamous? Companies which hire people to do the work. Who built the compound at Benghazi? Companies which hire people to build things. Who designed and made that smart Kelly green suit you wore when you famously blurted out “What difference does it make!?” Companies which hire people to design, sew, ship and sell products. Who made those web servers you kept your secrets on before acid-washing tens of thousands of them? Who makes all those cameras and prints the magazines Chelsea is plastered all over? Who made the vehicles which brought you to the Boston rally where you made those absurd comments about businesses not creating jobs? Your bloated government?
The only thing you and your Alinskyite cohorts have made is a mess of them all.