He's a Loser, But Not a Racist

Something doesn't add up for me in this election. I have no "factual" proof of this, but this is what I think happened.

It was clear, all the way back, two or even three years before this election, that the political deck was heavily stacked against the Republicans. People were tired of the war, fed up with Bush and wary of the economy. It's a statistical fact that after two presidential election cycles, the incumbant Party is rejected. Only once in modern times has this not been true... in the case of Presidents Reagan and George HW Bush. I believe the Republican Party hierarchy concluded it was a lost cause and there was no plausible road to victory against Hillary Clinton. Further, they probably believed they would take more "hits" in Congress and perhaps even be stuck with a "veto-proof" Congress.

Knowing this, what candidate would possibly want to put out the massive effort and expenditure of time and treasure required against the natural tidal forces behind the Democrats in this election cycle? No one who is a true leader. And this was when they thought they'd be running against Hillary! Before Obama emerged as the messiah.

You can't actually sit there and tell me you believe that Romney, Thompson, Giuliani, Huckabee et al. simply walked away because they didn't think they could beat McCain for the nomination can you!? Few conservatives, few of the Christian Right felt they could support McCain. None of the conservative talking heads had much appetite for McCain's brand of politics. No. I think all these other candidates played the pretend game, dropping out as early as they could because they didn't want to go the distance knowing they'd drown in an anti-Bush, anti-Republican tidal wave. They all promised to campaign hard for McCain. I don't recall seeing much of any of them after they dropped out.

The Republican Party did what it can always be counted on to do in the face of hard challenges from Democrats and the media. Run away and hide. So the Party bigwigs made a deal with the only taker: John I'll-do-whatever-my- country- asks-of-me McCain. He knew the deck was stacked against him from the very start. Remember the polls? But his Party figured, what the heck, we're going to lose anyway, why not give John the great honor of being our candidate? He earned it, after all. Helll-o... remember Bob Dole!? And John agreed.

But John is a pretty crafty fellow. The "Maverick" was always running across the aisle to form alliances with Democrats. He was pretty much of a liberal Democrat in his record, wasn't he? He got cozy with Hillary when he thought she was going to be his opponent. And then he got even more cozy with Barack when he became the heir apparent. I'm betting John made a bargain with Mr O. Perhaps it went something like this: I know I'm going to lose. It's a dirty job but somebody's got to do it. And I am going to lose with grace and dignity, because that's my style, and I won't personally soil you, Barack, because I'm a good patriotic American. But after I lose and you are President, Barry, I expect you to appoint me to a high post in your administration. I earned it and I deserve it.

C'mon, you saw how McCain actually physically embraced Obama at each debate. As if he were saying hi to his own long-lost son. It wasn't a cordial handshake, like Bush-Gore or Bush-Kerry. You could tell those guys felt good honest detestation for one another. John never got tough with Barack. Like a pasty-faced white man, he was terrified of being labeled a racist. Where were the Swift Boat attacks? Reverand Wright, Bill Ayers, Obama's probable non-American birth, his muslim early upbringing, ACORN et al. were ammunition in the breach of Republican heavy artillery, but John wouldn't pull the trigger. Instead he pulled that silly stunt, suspending his non-campaign and returning to DC to solve the financial crisis. And a fine job he did.

Barack never got real tough with John either, did he? He knew he didn't have to. No one was really challenging him but Hannity, Limbaugh, Coulter and other conservative talkers who Middle America thinks are loons. On the other side was Hollywood, the entire liberal media complex, the Soros fortune, foreign leaders and followers alike. What chance did poor ol' John have against this avalanche of Obama support? None. He preferred being labeled a loser than a racist. It's not easy running against The One, against someone canonized by Oprah. John was running against a certain amount of white guilt. This, more than anything, was Obama's ace-in-the-hole.

Other anomalies? How else can you explain John's selection of Sarah Palin as his running-mate? He knew he would lose. So he got someone young, with lots of energy to go on the stump. Someone he figured could actually gain something from the campaign. Someone who wasn't ready now but who would learn and get smart and be ready next time. John really is a good man viewed from that particular decision. I'm not sure Sarah was clued in however.

And yet. And yet... Obama didn't win by 40 percent. Or even 20 percent. Maybe ten. In the end, without trying too hard, the Republican candidate did better than the Party probably expected. Voters were disgusted with Bush and the Republicans, but many of these same people were leery of The One. And, what the heck, Sarah emerged as an up-and-coming force in the Republican Governor's Conference.

If I'm right, look for McCain to wind up in an important post in the Obama administration. He may even switch to a seat across the aisle, give the Senate Democrats that veto-proof majority. One way or the other, John will do well for himself. But he let the rest of us down. How can you ask for our financial and moral support when you don't intend to fight for us!? It's not fair to us conservative folks. We feel like we have no one on our side. Maybe that's our clue. He doesn't care about us. He never did.

In the next presidential election cycle, four years from now... more probably eight years from now (gag)... who will remember any of these also-rans?

Joe the Plumber said more in one sentence than the rest of these dopes said in months and months of rhetoric.



      Barack Obama seems like a nice fellow, doesn’t he? Great smile. Maybe they’re right... all those folks who fawn over him like he’s the Second Coming. 

     Maybe he’ll make a fine young president. Maybe he’ll introduce new civility to DC with positive ‘change’.” Maybe.
     But why is my BS meter beeping so loudly? Because he doesn’t wear a flag lapel pin? Nah, that’s a big so-what to me. That he doesn’t seem to show much respect to the Star Spangled Banner seems rather odd for a presidential candidate, but well... I’ll even give him a pass on that. I figure that’s just stuff ginned-up by Republicans to raise passions. My real discomfort stems from a dread that he may win the election. Dread?
     Like so many politicians, he lies through that toothy smile. Despite what he would like us to believe, Obama grew up advantaged. So perhaps he doesn’t get chills when the Star Spangle Banner is well-played because he is an elitist who, like so many on the Left, lives among us but has no idea what America is all about – or at least has been about up until now. He sees the world from an Afrocentric viewpoint. Or is it a Marxist p-o-v? By now you must be aware of his writing on these subjects?
     Then there is his ill-tempered wife. Also feeding us an alternative reality. She, too, grew up advantaged. From the sound of her, an ingrate who by her own declaration has never been proud of the nation which has blessed her and her family in so many ways. The idea of her residing in the White House is irony at its best. Michelle seems to dislike all things white. Though she seems happy enough about her husband’s other half.
     Anyone who experienced up-close and personal the Newark Riots, and then the LA riots, and who has paid any attention whatsoever to the “reverends” Sharpton, Jackson and Wright over the years must realize these slick shuck-n-jivers are as full of crap as an old bed pan.
     Our Leftist Media (forgive the redundancy) is apparently twitterpated by the idea of a super-liberal African-American running for president. Even more so than a woman. Okay, that’s nice. But why are they patronizing him? Isn’t this the very thing African-Americans have fought so hard to change? Anything he does or did which is questionable, any associations he has with nefarious muslims, or with anti-Americans, is glossed over by the MSM, while any minor infraction his opponent commits is page-one news.
     I am taken aback by the zeal surrounding this gentleman of very little accomplishment. He’s done little to distinguish himself as a leader of a ‘hood much less a State or a Nation. One could say the same about President Bush (the younger). His credentials were basically familial. Remember how his mom, Barbara told us to vote for George W. because “He's a good boy?” And he beat Al Gore because he was simply more likable. Obama’s credentials are that he is a nice-looking, well-spoken super-liberal half-black man with a great smile. As Bush’s election was generated by nepotism, Obama's nomination smacks of patronization, the Media’s own brand of Affirmative Action. As someone more clever than I put it – it’s an Obamanation.
     Leftists, Marxists, Progressives and Muslims around the world care little if Barack is uncomfortable with our flag and National Anthem, and old-fashioned American patriotism, because they don’t like them much either. Or that he down-plays his half-white side in favor of his black half to pander for street cred’s and votes. Watching him give speeches with his chiseled nose in the air, as if perhaps he’s thinking he’s some kind of tribal prince, reminds me that our Revolutionary War was fought to free this nation from royalty. Do our young people know that? Or do they think royalty should reside in The White House (so-named because the original one was badly burned by King George’s army, then quickly white-washed)?
     Obama threw his white granny under the bus – the woman who raised him! Why? He claims he once heard her raise her voice against African-Americans. Barack remembers this ancient remark clearly... but claims he doesn’t remember hearing Reverend Wright railing against white America for twenty years in his church. Nor did he hear Michelle doing the same. So Democrats are offering us a candidate who at minimum has a highly selective memory, or worse, one who is often in a stupor or hard of hearing.
     Is it any wonder leaders of the most misery-filled countries in the world are thrilled to have Obama running? They salivate thinking just how they can bamboozle this emotionally sympathetic man – cut of the same cloth as they – bamboozle us out of more US billions in foreign aid to line their own corrupt pockets. Just as George W. Bush promised billions for AIDS research in Africa while he apparently sees no problems with AIDS in America, not to mention the thousands of deaths caused by immigrant and African-American gangs in America.
     For me, it’s got nothing to do with Iraq, or The Middle East, or any of Obama’s plans for increasing the bureaucracy, or taxes or health coverage... it's got to do with the simple fact that my BS Meter is buzzing like a nest of yellow-jackets because it senses a far Left World Marxist standing at the brink of becoming President of the United States. And he well may get himself elected because he’s the darling of the Media, anointed by world Marxism, loved by African-American voters who actually think he will give them more free stuff (yeh - like he recently threw his ol’ pal Rev Wright under the bus when it was politically expedient), and stupid college-age white voters who are gaga because he’s like a slick American Idol contestant. They have no clue what long term damage wobbly-kneed presidents can inflict.
     Wobbly-kneed? Barack may not be as in-control as he appears; perhaps he is simply whipped by the females who have surrounded him. Frankly, we may not be able to repair the damage he will do while dancing on the end of the strings being pulled by his Mrs. and the Soros Progressive crowd.

     How did we wind up with these two presidential candidates – Obama and McCain? How do we so often manage to nominate two of the oddest and least-likely people out of 300+ million Americans? I’m not a big fan of John McCain, but the comparison between the two is as stark as, well, black and white. McCain may not be Mr. Cool, but he is clearly an American patriot. I will take patriotism over patronizing any time.
     God help John McCain win this election, or Heaven help us all.


The PC Virus Is Suffocating Us

No, not the kind that attacks your computer.
The kind that attacks the mind of liberals.
As Michael Savage so aptly phrased it:
Liberalism is a mental disorder,
and Political Correctness is its most obvious symptom.
It has got many otherwise good people thinking foggy.
Afraid to acknowledge what they really think.
Afraid to even admit they have "certain thoughts."

In this year of presidential election shoot-outs,
PC has suddenly focused itself on the issue of race.
One can't help noticing that the liberal press
(I know, the press does not see itself as liberal,
which in itself is bizarre manifestation of PC-ness)
has been chanting Barak! Barak! Barak!
Despite the fact that it becomes clearer every day
that, as Pat Buchanan put it: "He's not one of us."

Obama's "mentor," the Rev Wright, tells it like it is.
Annointed black leaders like him and Sharpton and Jackson
feed the lucrative Black Grievance Industry
by finding all kinds of reasons why America
(that would be you and me) is a bad country
which does bad things all over the world.
And somehow it is they who suffer more than the rest.
Therefore we owe them something.
Maybe even the reins of government.
Sharpton, Jackson... and now Obama...
all have had presidential aspirations.

Infected by PC, the press and the Left
(excuse the redundancy), can't find it in themselves
to challenge Obama on his essential feelings
about the country he wants to preside over.
But Mrs. Obama has made herself perfectly clear:
she has a visceral disdain for America.
Rev Wright has made himself equally clear:
God damn America!
Obama associate, Professor Bill Ayers,
has made himself perfectly clear:
he wishes he had blown up America more than he did.

These are classic America-haters.
With Mr. Obama at the epicenter of the hate storm.
Make no mistake, the relationship among these
four individuals goes back a lot farther
and a lot deeper than you have been led to believe
by a liberal press silenced by the PC virus.
But as with all such things,
it will eventually come to light.

One can only hope that the few remaining
adults in the Democratic Party
will finally find the courage to speak up and say "enough!"
"This fiasco is over."

Which leaves us with Hillary.
I never thought I'd be saying this,
but compared to limp-wristed, luke-Warm-on-America,
obviously henpecked Barak,
Hillary almost looks like a "real" American.

Political Correctness is suffocating Americans.
It's limiting your ability to say what you think
and what you really believe
far better than any law could.
It leads us to run screeds and comments
here on the internet
under assumed names because we somehow fear
our true feelings are seen as the products
of bigoted or racist minds.
You think what you think.
Anything else is a lie.
So vaccinate yourself from this virus.

I'm not suggesting you start running around
spouting racial epithets. No. That's bad.
But when you hear a PC infected liberal repeat
the illogical rationales and excuses
for Obama and his cohorts' proclamations,
...things like "It was taken out of context"
and all the worn-out cliches of political consultants,
don't let them get away with it.
They said what they said.
And they said it over and over.
That tells me they believe it.
If that's what they believe,
they live in the wrong country.
They may be fit to lead some America-hating
third world country,
but the White House should be off-limits to them.


The Merchants of Fear

We live in an age where it has become a full-blown and evidently an extremely profitable industry. We are becoming the eager customers of fear, or perhaps I should say eager victims.

How many doses of fear do you receive daily? Doctors and "researchers" invent threats of new illnesses which you are urged to fear you "may" have. But have no fear, these good Samaritans tell you, they can now offer you another pill, another formula, another solution - for a price. And for some reason, because these things are not generally available over the counter, they cost a lot more. But, hey, they can deliver them right to your door. They even want to make money sending you monthly or even daily news alerts. Every alert comes chock full of new discoveries to stoke the flames of our fears. What a deal!

Political operatives feed us daily fears - that our very belief systems are in danger of collapse under the weight of a whole litany of things to fear. Congress is making it easier for illegals! The Chinese are eating our lunch! Terrorists are moving into our neighborhoods! The liberals are taking away our right to own guns and bringing Marxism to America. The Republicans are making Christianity the official religion of America and killing the last polar bear! There's some secret highway to hell that will make America a non-entity. Be a patriot, join our group! Donate now!

The news media does its best to capitalize on our fears. Look at the daily headlines. Kidnappers are lurking outside our windows trying to steal our babies. Rising gas prices will collapse the economy. Drive-by shootings are targeting us at random. The housing crisis will have half of America living in cardboard boxes under freeway ramps. The flu is worse this year - every year. The bird flu. Mad cow. STD's are everywhere. Airliners aren't safe. Every campus has loose cannons just waiting to go off and gun down another two dozen innocent students. The Federal Government can't protect us from 210 mph hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and volcanoes. Subscribe to our news alerts. Join now!

Our children are not safe in school, we are not safe on the highways, in our offices, or napping in front of the tv. Learn why, open your account now!

Be afraid, be very afraid. There's mercury in our tuna, in the fillings in our teeth. There's rodent droppings in our cereal, dangerous fumes at the gas pump, bad chemicals in our tap water, and in the very air we breathe (cough-cough).

NO DOUBT MANY OF THESE THINGS ARE TRUE. But while it's understandable that we may fear some or all or none of them, why in hell should any of these fear merchants make a damn nickel off our fears? They are the lowest form of scoundrels. Profiting from fear. They are not modern day Paul Revere's. They are fear mongers. And I say damn them!

The way I see it, what we are experiencing in our culture is like this: did you ever do the child's science demonstration where you take a sheet of blank of paper, sprinkle a handful of fine steel shavings on it, then pass a horseshoe or bar magnet under the paper? Because of the way steel molecules are aligned, the tiny shavings easily form a "north" and a "south" pole - a negative and positive end. As the magnet passes beneath them, the filings will suddenly spin or turn on the paper until their poles align with the lines of magnetic force of the magnet; positive attracted to negative and visa-versa.

This is similar to how the force of human destiny works. I will cautiously avoid attributing the magnet to the hand of God. Let's just call it nature. The filings in this crude analogy represent people. The magnets are "new ideas." When the ideas pass through the world's population, people are attracted to them and line up, for reasons unknown. As they spin toward the magnet, a pattern emerges in the filings on the paper along the curving lines of force eminating from the magnet's poles. These formations on the paper are what we might call cultural "movements." But there are some bits on the paper which don't seem to be affected. These are non-magnetic bits, which in our analogy would be those of us who are "different" and do not follow the general sentiments of the elite sheeple in our culture for whatever our reasons may be.

If the magnet (or new idea) is strong enough, the attraction is virtually irresistible for the majority. Such movements sweep the world, change the prevailing sentiments of the majority, and we experience a new cultural era. Such movements have swept across civilizations many times in the past. Greek rationalism. The Enlightenment. The French Revolution, to name a few. Then there is The New Marxism and its attendant drug culture which exploded on the American scene during the 1960's, championed by so many of the "new thinkers" from Dillon to Leary to the Ginsbergs to the Beatles... or at least John and Yoko.

I believe we are now in just such a period of time. There is a major magnet passing through the aether around us - permeating the air and the thinking of so many of the world's people. The weak-minded sheeple are being attracted in great numbers to its poles. The rest of us resist it with all our might, screaming into the maelstrom, where no one but the like-minded seems to hear. I don't know if the magnet will pass again in the other direction, but if you look at it this way, as the lines of force of human destiny, you may find some relief from the unscrupulous merchants who are trying to capitalize on your fears.

Only when there is an equal or greater magnetic force pulling in the opposite direction, can these movements be reversed or at least stopped. In nature, almost always, an equal and opposite force somehow shows up to stabilize things. There is cause for intelligent concern today, but not for fear.

In the end, there may be nothing to fear other than, as FDR so succinctly put it, fear itself.



is like a thin layer of ice
upon a deep ocean of chaos
and darkness.”

~Werner Herzog

It stings our faces like driven snow these days. It’s not a new phenomenon, it’s been getting stormier every year since the 1960s. 

We are pelted by skewed propaganda by our media in each day’s news, in films, tv and music. Our politicians long ago succumbed to the stormy climate. They can’t see beyond the next fund-raiser, side-stepping their own inability to change things by throwing icy slush at the other guy.

It’s as if America has become suicidal. Political Correctness is its poison pill. I’m sure you are no less aware of this daily barrage of psychosis than am I. Corruption over goodness. Our culture has become inured to the slush of life. Chaos grows in our land, and spreads like disease. Typhoid Mary is in the domed Capitol. Instead of inspiring our nation with clarity and right, our leaders fuel the flames of chaos with their well-practiced winks, lies and corruption.

Unlike for those who came before us, life in modern America has become too easy. To governments and corporations, vast sums of money seem to have no meaning beyond massive numbers on screens. Millions. Billions. Now trillions are tossed about with only vague accountability. There are not enough printing presses in the world to print a quadrillion actual paper dollars, and rumor has it that Fort Knox is empty. Our system operates on promises and an endless fountain of fools’ funds.

When nations are not working hard, sweating, struggling toward some lofty goal, they and their leaders tend to become fat, lazy, and eventually self-loathing.

How does it happen that the leaders of a nation in which personal wealth for some is now measured in tens of billions go to sleep at night purposely leaving the nations borders unlocked? C’mon in, wolves, they say; the sheep are asleep. Enter, Lord Chaos, you are welcome here. The forerunners of our own civilization, the Mesopotamians, Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans would surely warn us this is how they each fell. Not so much by the sword as the sordid.

So many of our own are boiling inside and secretly want to punish our culture for its lack of goodness, for the corruption. Why do you think movies and books about apocalypse sell so well, and the New Testament pages of St. John’s “Revelation” are so well worn?

It’s no secret that many in the wealthy Hollywood world, rich politicians, lofty educators, judges and journalists are virulently anti-traditional America. They tell us we are racist, homophobic, misogynists, knowing full well they are describing the traits of our enemies. They seem to harbor deep feelings of guilt for their own success – for the success of this nation in general, and they want to make us pay the price of their own guilt.

Yet, knowing all this, we seem so powerless to reverse any of it. As if history and destiny are pushing us toward some inevitable tipping point. The levees separating chaos from harmony are collapsing. Will the next generation reign over chaos, unable to straighten out the mess we have left, just going through the motions, endlessly recycling the divisive cliches of the past, sticking its well-manicured, decorated, plump fingers into holes in the dike? Or will they pretend everything is wonderful because they can’t make it better... wearing blinders and putting bandages on the wounds by nervous cheering at ball games, rodeos and estate sales, whistling past the graveyard while our nation collapses from a thousand cuts?

Every election period is an opportunity to change. To wipe the slate clean. To disavow the devils who profit from chaos. Politicians, media people, everyone – ask yourself; are you on the side of goodness, selfless good sense and harmony? Or have you knowingly joined the forces of evil who, either psychologically or financially, benefit from chaos? For too many, the answer is not a good one.




     “If the facts don’t fit the theory, 

     change the facts.” 

  ~Albert Einstein
~Albert EinsteinIf the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts.
Read more at: http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/topics/topic_science.html
If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts. Albert Einstein
Read more at: http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/topics/topic_science.html

If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts. Albert Einstein
Read more at: http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/topics/topic_science.html
       I've been a sci-fi fan since the late 1940's, when in grammar school I first started reading sci-fi comics, and later reams of pulp fiction short stories by masters like Bradbury, Heinlein and Lester Del Ray. I loved hiding under the covers at night listening to fascinatingly weird sci-fi radio shows like "Quiet Please." Old sci-fi movies were great (the original black-and-white "The Thing (from Outer Space) starring James Arness is still one of the best. Even early tv offered primatively produced sci-fantasy series such as Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon, and of course "Outer Limits."
      Like many fans, I thought sci-fi had reached its pinnacle with movies such as Arthur C. Clarke's "2001, A Space Odessey," "Forbidden Planet," the original "War of the Worlds," and others of that period. Personally, I prefer Clarke's "2010" - the follow-up to "2001" - to the earlier opera grande.
      There is no doubt that Clarke was a talented visionary; we have lost a man with a very fertile imagination. While it's true that many of his ideas were based on those of earlier thinkers (there’s little brand new in this world), Clarke had the ability to transform a cold idea into an interesting saga which put behinds into seats at movie theaters.
      At some point along the way, I lost my taste for sci-fi stories and movies. I suppose the main reason is America's changing culture. Whereas earlier sci-fi tales were essentially dramatizations of scientific ideas, with just enough "life-style" of their characters thrown in to give them dimension, Hollywood decided it needed to appeal to a broader audience (a euphemism for greed), sci-fi scripts heavied-up on human foibles as complex romantic relationships entered the story lines. As kids usually put it; yuck, kissing. Then, sci-fi began injecting insufferabe politically correct themes. If I want that sort of thing, I'd much rather watch any movie with Bogart and Hepburn. The minute you introduce sex, complex relationships or political correctness into a sci-fi movie, you can start deducting stars and thumbs-up for that flick.
      Of course there are some notable exceptions. "Blade Runner" has strong sexual and romantic content, but with a difference. The human protagonist (convincingly played by Harrison Ford) isn't sure if the beauty he falls in love with (portrayed with cool heat by Sean Young) is or isn’t, well... really human. It's the crux of the story; when androids become convincingly human, will we “real” humans develop romantic relationships with them? It’s not an incidental side trip.
      But the primary reason I lost interest in sci-fi, I'm sorry to say, is that most of it just devolved into plain boring crap. So-called “big ideas” which are nowadays so highly touted are in reality simply simple-minded. No more science-based than the fire-breathing dragons or magic swords so prominently featured in sci-fantasy, the sister genre of sci-fi.
      One of Clarke's big ideas was the space elevator. The concept preceded Clarke's writings on the subject by decades. Be that as it may; here we have a large space station parked in a geo-stationary orbit, physically connected to the Earth by - let's call it a tether - a large tube. The tube acts as an elevator shaft (90 or more miles long!) wherein heavy objects and people can be lifted into space without the use of massive fuel-gulping spaceships. At the time of this writing, we were told that NASA has plans on paper for this kind of contraption. Okay fine. Look, there are so many holes in this space elevator concept that we ought not waste a nickel of taxpayer money on it.
      The science which is most interesting today is not what's on the minds of sci-fi writers, but on the production lines of real manufacturing companies. It appears that few if any sci-fi writers ever envisioned something like a wireless laptop computer which works at the speeds we now commonly experience; everybody connected via a world-wide internet where almost anything you want to know or see is available with the tapping of a few keys, within seconds. We can’t include Dick Tracy’s wrist-watch radio since it did little more than a two-way radio. But I'm sure you can think of other amazing things to come down the manufacturing conveyor belt of ingenuity in recent years, things which were not conceived in the pages of sci-fi.
      Today, accolades for creativity should go not to sci-fi writers or theoretical physicists but to the manufacturing geniuses of our era. They are so amazingly good they have forced sci-fi writers and theoretical scientists to go farther and farther out on the limb - into true borderland science - where most of the ideas are just plain, well... borderline.
      Who fills you with wonder more? People who can fit something that used to be the size of a two-car garage onto a tiny silicon chip the size of a Sen-Sen... or people who preach "dark matter" as mediator of the Cosmos’ movement (when they can't even really explain what gravity or electricity are)?
      Theoretical scientists may still be scratching their heads about exactly what electricity is... oh they can define its properties, interactions, et cetera, but as they say, let’s not confuse the map for the terrain.  Manufacturers and their engineers, on the other hand, aren't allowing any of that to stop them from bringing more and more amazing electronic marvels to market.
      Electronics product engineers may not know exactly what electricity is but they sure know how to make it do somersaults, don’t they?


Greasing the Skids

The economic recession we are currently experiencing shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who has been keeping their eyes open. It's easy to pin the problem on well-hyped things like the housing bubble, or the high price of oil, or any one of a hundred other mangled financial causes.

But these aren't really causative factors. Rather, they are symptoms. The real cause of our growing economic crisis is the decline of morality in our culture.

The drive for wealth and power have always been the major driving force behind the forward progress of any nation; it is the enormous force of our commerce which has made the United States the most powerful and influential country the world has ever seen. But never before in our history has the drive to aquire wealth for its own sake been so venal.

For example, you elect people to represent you in Congress. To make laws and watch over the long-term welfare and day-to-day operations of the Nation. Your Congressperson goes to DC, perhaps (and this is very iffy in my opinion) the freshman Congressperson even goes with the intention of doing good for his Nation. I rather suspect he goes just to increase his wealth and influence. How else can you account for the fact that he spends as much as he does to get elected to a job which doesn't pay enough to make him as wealthy as he seems to be after a few years in office?

We are told everyday in the news, the moment he gets to DC, he is targeted by an army of lobbyists who offer him... well, let's be polite and call them financial "incentives" to vote in favor of whatever the lobbyist is lobbying for. If the Congressperson figures out how to cast a vote without having a spotlight cast on it, something he can weasel around in the future with some plausible rationale for casting that vote; boom. Another bad decision gets written into the lawbooks. Everybody is a little richer for it. Except you. In the end, you and get hosed and wind up paying for the ensuing train wreck of unintended consequences. Bridges that go nowhere. "Virtual" border fences that don't work. Housing programs which create more problems than they solve. Pouring money into the bottomless pit of an education system that feeds administrators' bank accounts and starves children's minds.

The housing and mortgage banking industries use powerful lobbyists to grease the skids of Congress with cash. All parties get rich quick. Except you and your neighbors. You wind up with your houses in foreclosure.

The energy industry greases Congessional skids and the price of energy continues to climb without any tangible reason. They get obscenely rich. But families can't afford to fill their gas tanks, keep their lights lit, or heat their homes.

The education system greases the halls of Congress, and our children emerge from high school barely able to read, write and add. These are the kids who can't find their ways into the world of commerce; shocked when they learn they have nothing to offer.

The legal "industry" greases the skids and because of their massive lawsuits, the price of everything rises.

The medical/pharmacological industry greases the skids and you can't afford your healthcare.

Foreign powers grease the skids and jobs fly out of our country, yet cheap labor continues to be encouraged to flood in to claim the few jobs which are available. You find it increasingly difficult to find a decent job.

Our foreign policy as regards the economy seems to treat America's treasure as if it were an infinitely rich piggybank. Our Federal Government pours out spending like water over Niagara Falls. The Feds print money with no backing. The value of our dollar drops below all records. Everything you buy costs more. Your personal piggybank is not unlimited. And tempting as it may be, you aren't able to print money.

Okay, let's get off "poor" Congress. Aren't there some "healthy industries" in America? Sure. Gambling, prostitution, pornography, drugs (both illegal and legal), websites that denigrate people, and things of that ilk. If this is what we have become, if this is the measure of America's New Morality, we have passed the point where anything rational can be done about it. So many want to get rich and get rich as quick as they can, and they don't care how low they have to go, or how many people they have to hurt to do it.

Now, don't get me wrong. In good hands, wealth is good. Wealth is freedom. Wealth is health. Wealth can do a lot of good things ...even buy happiness. It's just a question of how you get there; and once there, what you do with your wealth. If these folks will stop at nothing to get there, they will leave a wide swath of personal destruction in their wake. And there-in lies the real cause of our current economic problems.

Too many of our fellow-Americans will stop at nothing if it pays off quickly and well. This collapse of morality and attendant collapse of the dollar are forcing their way into the average citizen's life. Few are able to save money anymore. So the average American has less "cushion" - less fat in his piggybank - for that rainy day. It's the same thing with the Nation. Our cushion is gone, and the forecast is for heavy rain.

Now you know the rest of the world pretty much despises America. When they see our piggybank is empty, what do you think they will do? Help us as we have helped them in the past? No, they will do their best to take advantage of us. Some will try to hurt us. Unfortunately, some may succeed.

The fault lies with Congress and their refusal to see their oversight function as anything more than an opportunity to line their pockets. They are disloyal, unfit representatives of the people and of The Constitution. It's quite disgusting to hear them now tell us why we should reward their disloyalty by sending them to the White House.

Our leaders, elected and appointed, are an irresponsible, greedy lot. Their morality has decayed beyond our Nation's ability to cover the bill. It may not be your personal morality that's decayed, but it's your personal checkbook that's gonna go to hell.


McCain and Reparations

I believe reparations can certainly help soothe African-American/white American relations. But perhaps it is African-Americans who should be paying.

Start with the cost of burning down several major cities several times. Add punative damages for emotional stress caused by a century of guilt heaped upon white America for something it and most of its ancestors had nothing whatsoever to do with. Perhaps those white families who lost sons in the Civil War, young men who died to free blacks, should receive a special share of the reparations. Add half a century of special benefits, welfare - free rides - that have been meted out to African-Americans in our education system, business world, sports and entertainment industries. Reparations? I rather think white America has already overpaid.

Which brings me to the real point of this. Most of the give-aways to the African-American "community" (as they like to call it) have been invented and engineered by the liberal Democrat Party and its propaganda arms, the liberal media and Hollywood Establishments. Liberalism has become the Establishment in America. Now it is the far Left which taunts this liberal white Establishment, daring it to say "No" to each and every outrageous demand in the name of the African-American community. In too many cases, Republicans and conservatives in general, are quick to acceed to these demands for fear of being labeled with that most odorous of all charges, the "R" bomb... Racism.

At this point, the reparation being demanded by the Left is the very White House itself. If their half-black man doesn't get the presidential nomination, it will be the Al Sharptons marching out there crying "foul." They are already accusing their "first black president," Bill Clinton, of trying to screw their new man, the first "real" black president, out of his rightful place at the top of the ticket. And if Barak ultimately gets the nod, they will be marching out there accusing the Republicans (and somehow Bush) of trying to screw their man out of his rightful place in history.

Barak Obama seems like a good man. He has talent. He looks good, he gives good speeches and knows how to smile for the camera. But right now, he's not saying anything that reveals who he really is. He's simply riding on giant wave of sentiment generated by the guilt-pushers of the Left. It's Mrs. Obama who is doing all the saying. If I detected one shred of gratefulness for all they have already achieved by the graces of this great country and its good people, I might feel more inclined to believe the "change" they talk about might be something good. But my "BS meter" is beeping loudly, and what I see is another Hillary Clinton - a bright but hostile, ambitious woman whipping her easy-going, populist husband like a puppy dog, trying to get him to pull her wagon all the way to the White House.

If Senator Obama is the Democratic nominee, will Senator McCain have the stomach to take on this opponent? John endured years of torture at the Hanoi Hilton, which in my view makes him brave and a true American patriot (though not neccessarily a hero in the mold of Audie Murphy or Chuck Yeager). But this... this will be the true test of John's mettle. Will he pull his punches and pay his own ultimate reparation? Or will John McCain write himself into the history books as the iron-willed man who went from POW to POTUS?


The Gravy Train

The other day, I was thinking, okay I'm a traditionalist and I find myself more attuned to conservative Republicans than I do to Democrats of any stripe. But, hey, what if (granted this is a BIG what if) what if the Democrats can be taken at their word? What if they mean it when they say they will raise the taxes of the rich and give more breaks to the rest of us? What if they can actually bring prices down for gas and medical care, and food, and all the rest? Wouldn't that be great? Wouldn't that make the electing of a Demon... oops... old habits die hard... Democrat easier to take? I mean it would be nice to be able to save some bucks on all this day to day stuff. Maybe we could live with these folks, as long as they promise not to drop their trousers (or panties as the case may be) in the oval office and stain the White House again.

But then I exit the Twilight Zone. Reality comes back. I sober up. I have lived long enough to see both Democrats and Republicans in the White House. I was born when FDR was President. And then another Democrat, Harry Truman. Then Republican Ike. Then Dem JFK and LBJ. Then Republicans Tricky D. and Ford. Then Dem Jimmy the Peanut Farmer Carter. Then Republicans Death Valley Days Reagan and Bush the Elder. Then eight interminable years of the first black President, Devil-in-the-Blue-Dress Clinton. And now the first Mexican President, GW Bush. And in all those years, with all those Democrats in office, did the price of ANYthing ever go down? Did my total tax burden EVER go down? Those are of course rhetorical questions.

Everything goes up, it never comes down. There is no gravity in the universe of consumer pricing. The Democrats give with one hand and take more with the other. They say they will tax the rich and give the rest of us a break. Like when? Show me a year when I paid less in taxes in the last sixty years. Like when they lower the income tax on the poorest people but raise the "hidden" taxes on everything else? If you calculate the total amount of taxes you pay to the government through hidden taxes such as those on virtually everything that is made, sold or consumed in America, you are turning over maybe 50% or better of your income to the government so they can squander it and give it away to the undeserving. As long as the undeserving will keep on electing the Ted Kennedy's and Barney Franks and Barbara Boxers.

But the Republicans make me laugh, too. I love when they tell us that they will lower corporate taxes so large companies can invest in more cost-efficient equipment, plants, research, and create new jobs. Then when these companies save all this money we will benefit because they will pass along the savings to us in the form of lower prices for the products and services we purchase from them. Hahahahahahah! Hold on while I get up off the floor.

When in the history of marketing has a company EVER passed along their savings to the consumer in the form of lower prices!? Like gasoline? Like food? Like automobiles? Or insurance or tuition or medication or medical care? Or the interest your bank pays you? I once had a bank account that paid me 10% on my savings. What is it now? 1 or 2% - if you are lucky? And the government has the temerity to tax that! Can bank interest rates go any lower? How long before we have to pay THEM to hold our money for us? Oh sure you can buy fluff a lot cheaper now - stuff made in China - but only junk you really don't need in the first place. Chachkies that never even existed ten years ago. Anything you really need, including the shirt on your back, is gonna cost you more, Bunky.

The government - and particularly the Democrats - wants all the money to be channeled through it - medical care, education, transportation and all the rest - so they can regulate it because we poor souls are unable to do it ourselves. That's what they say. But what they MEAN is it gives them an opportunity to skim much more off the top of this much longer gravy train.

Face it folks, when it comes to taxes and otherwise taking as much of your money from you as they can, don't look to either party for relief. If you are looking for a reason to vote for one party or the other... believe me you need to find some reason other than economics. The only way out of this vicious cycle is to make enough money so that even if they take 50%, the remaining 50% still leaves you plenty.

Now most of us will never get to that point. But for those who are able and willing to take a risk, your best bet is Republican. Because they fundamentally understand that new and small businesses still make up well over 50% of the employment in America. They craft their economics to try and benefit upstarts. Less regulation, lower business taxes, fewer lawsuits and so on. You know - things like when Democrats force business establishments to spend tens of thousands of dollars to install access ramps and other facilities for handicapped people, none of whom will ever actually ever visit that particular establishment.

Before you holler "Oh yeah..." let me add this: the fact that many or even most new businesses fail in their first year has nothing whatsoever to do with either Democrats or Republicans. It has to do with people starting businesses designed to fill needs that others are already filling better, or needs which don't really exist, or not having a real business plan, short-sighted under-capitalization, or just plain not having business acumen, or one of many other faults common to the new business owner.

Bottom line is still the same. The Democrats will do whatever they can to keep you trapped in the never-ending cycle of taxation and dependency. The Republicans will make the cost of goods and services climb just as fast but they don't want you depending on them for anything. So they offer you the possibility, small as it may be, of getting on the gravy train by starting your own business.


The Election Blues

I swear I'll never understand voters.

Here we are in the heat of selecting candidates to run for President of these United States, and I feel like I'm back in high school.

The world is on a precipice, needing nothing more than a little nudge to roll into the abyss. Most of the world seems to hate America and hoping we elect a weak president who will make it easier for them to whack us. The terrorists are just waiting for their next opportunity to blow something and somebody up. China is trying to eat our lunch. Iran is threatening to go nuclear. Russia is doing her best to go back to the good ol' days of treacherous super-powerdom. Pakistan, Iraq, Turkey and good deal of the African continent are in chaos.

The dollar is falling faster than Fred Thompson's popularity. The cost of everything is way out of line. Our education system is abysmal. We don't know how to build anything in America anymore except for cheesy celebrity reputation. And our media and lots of voters suddenly are all excited by somebody promising "change."

Change? No matter who gets elected there will be... duh... "change." But what exactly is good about change? Every day there is "change" in the world. Most of the change is bad.

So is "change" what we really need? Or do we need somebody with the guts to lead us through these and the other unpredictable mine fields we will undoubtedly face in the next four years. I guess that would be a change. But somehow I don't think that's the kind of "change" these voters are thinking about. No. They are thinking about the 1960's kind of "change." And you know where THAT led us.

Promising "change" is a good strategy. You never have to tell us what the change is. And every misty-eyed voter can fill in the blank with what he or she wants. And afterward, the candidate who's elected on this flimsy idea never has to say he or she broke a promise. Because they never really made any kind of actual commitment.

To listen to the pollsters and spinners and politicos and celebs and even the candidates themselves, you'd think we were electing a high school class president. Who looks more handsome or pretty? Who's got the biggest smile? Who's taller? Who's got more money? Who's wife or hubby is hotter? Who's hair is better? Who's got more charisma? Who can play an instrument? Who can dance? Whose got better-looking kids? Who's got an iPod? These are the stupid thoughts of high school kids. This is how THEY pick their friends and class leaders. Our media panders to children-sized brains, reducing the picking of the leader of the world's greatest power to nothing more than a pr event.

I listen to the pathetic caucus and primary voters in interviews. My eyes spin. They need to grow up and get a life. They seem to get very upset about any candidate whom they perceive might not be "telling the truth." Or a candidate who might "flip-flop". They seem to have got this idea that somehow these things - inventions of the political consultant class - are a measure of who would make a good president. What!? many of these voters are the same people who adore Bill Clinton! Nuff said?

Maybe we need a really good liar in the White House. What we've had are bad liars - the aforementioned Clinton comes to mind. We need a GOOD liar who can look into the eyes of the most cunning foreign leader and lie to him or her with a straight face. One who can out-lie our enemies. After all, most of our enemies come from cultures where lying is considered an artform. And those foreign powers which lie to us consistantly never expect the US President might be able to lie better than they do. Oh, our presidents may not always live up to their promises but this is ususually for other reasons. We desperately need someone who can out-lie the leaders of Pakistan and Iraq and North Korea and China and Russia. World politics is a dirty game of Go Fish. We need a street-smart shark on our side.

And "flip-flop?" We all do this in our daily lives. "Hey, Barbara! How come you ordered a vanilla cone... last week you told me chocolate was your favorite. You little flip-flopper! I don't like you anymore!" Or "Wah! Daddy, you said you were going to buy me a new bike for my birthday, now you say no just because I've been bad!? You're a flip-flopper and I hate you!"

Point is, sometimes - not always but sometimes - a good lie is the most merciful way out of a tight international situation. And if you can't flip on an issue that you suddenly realize you're on the wrong side of... well then you're gonna flop.

Ask yourself how you are making YOUR choice for the next president. Are you voting for his or her looks? For the way they dress? For his or her truth-telling? For their religion? Or if they have rhythm?

For me it's simple. The first duty of the President of the United States is to protect the country from foreign and domestic threats. All else can be handled by the States or other jurisdictions. I want three things. The candidate who swears to us that they will make America militarily stronger than ever (this is a concrete promise that can be measured!), who will protect our borders (this is a concrete promise that can be seen and measured in steel and concrete!), and who will protect our dollar from further erosion - this candidate is the better choice. All other issues are moot if we are not able to do these three things. What good is a healthcare plan in a country where the healthcare system is so downgraded by people from other lands whose standards are so low they drag our system down with them? What good is your Social Security check if the dollar is worthless?

Of course we all would like to have a president who, in addition to these three things, is inspiring and all the rest. But that aspect of the presidency perhaps should wait for better times.

Judge who will do the best to protect the American way of life we cherish, and which is today being threatened at every turn from without and within. This eliminates most of the candidates from both parties. None of the remaining few will be perfect - nobody is perfect. Under the pressure of campaigning most human beings will cave and "fib" to us about something just to score points. I don't take these "lies" seriously; you can usually see through these by judging how their records comport to the reality of their political records. But the three promises I mentioned... don't lie to me about that! A candidate who says he or she will do these things will be a better president - not a perfect president - but better than all the rest. No matter how good-looking or tall or "whatEVer" the rest are.