"A Nation Which Forgets Its Defenders Will Itself Be Forgotten"

Every once in awhile a case of government abuse comes along which is so egregious it brings to a boil the blood of people of conscience. The charging of Marine Lt. Col. Jeffrey Chessani with serious crimes by the US government is just such a case. I beg you to read this all the way through, then ask yourself if you shouldn't do something about this.

It was Calvin Coolidge who spoke the quote in our title above, way back in 1920. He would spin in his grave if he knew about this disgraceful story of our government's betrayal of the very soldiers it places in harm's way. The US government is sparing no expense to convict one of the most effective combat officers in Iraq... on trumped-up charges... to satisfy the political ambition of a well-known congressman.

For twenty years Marine Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Chessani has been defending our nation, often away from his wife and children, so that we could be safely with ours. The US has ordered him to stand trial to please this powerful anti-war congressman and his allies in the liberal press. The Chessani trial will start on April 28, 2008.

The bogus criminal charges against Chessani were triggered by fierce house-to-house, room-by-room combat action taken by four Marines under his command after they were ambushed by insurgents in Haditha, Iraq in November, 2005. You probably recall hearing something about this.

General Thomas McInerney, former Joint Force Commander and Vice Chief of Staff of the Air Force, called the prosecutions of the Haditha Marines "despicable." He said "We cannot fight a war like that. We're not taking car of our own people."

The four Marines involved in this incident were members of the battalion commanded by Lt. Col. Chessani - the 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines - one of the most decorated units in the Marine Corps. Lt Col Chessani is charged with failing to accurately report and investigate this incident. He faces dismissal from the Corps, loss of all retirement benefits, and years in prison.

Lt. Col. Paul Ware, USMC, a judicial officer who heard testimony in several cases involved in this incident had this to say: "To believe the government version of facts is to disregard clear and convincing evidence to the contrary, and... may encourage others to bear false witness against Marines as a tactic to erode public support of the Marine Corps and its mission in Iraq. Even more dangerous is the potential that a Marine may hesitate (to act) at the critical moment when facing the enemy..."

The US Army conducted two independent investigations of the incident and both investigations concluded there was no "massacre" and certainly no cover-up.

Here's what happened. On Nov 19, 2005 at 7:15 a.m., a Marine convoy was rolling through Haditha, a terrorist stronghold. Suddenly, a roadside bomb was set off destroying a Marine Humvee. The powerful blast killed one Marine and injured two others. The bomb was a signal for a terrorist ambush to begin. The Marines immediately received fire from the terrorists who were shooting FROM INSIDE nearby civilian homes.

A four-man Marine fire team commanded by Chessani stormed two houses occupied by the armed insurgents, and in the ensuing gun battles killed at least 9 insurgents. A number of civilians who were in these same homes were inadvertantly killed. In urban combat where terrorists purposefully use civilians as human shields, civilian casualties are, sadly, not uncommon. That roadside bomb was also the signal for insurgency attacks throughout the city, which resulted in additional Marine casualties. Unmanned aerial vehicles video taped the action that morning in Haditha. The video clearly shows insurgents gathering their weapons and attacking Marines throughout the day.

Lt. Col. Chessani was responsible that morning for directing the combat response of approximately 2,000 American and friendly Iraq troops. He immediately reported the deaths of the civilian Iraqis to his superiors. Not one of Chessani's superiors hearing of the civilian casualties considered it "criminal." In fact, his superiors commended him him for a job well done.

Several months later, Time Magazine ran an inflammatory article, instigated by an INSURGENT OPERATIVE, accusing the four Marines of deliberately massacring innocent civilians. This set off a firestorm of political and media pressure which caused military brass to buckle. They assigned over 60 investigators to conduct a year-long, multi-million dollar investigation focused on Jeff Chessani and his four enlisted men! The absurdity of all this is that Chessani is charged with failing to accurately report and investigate a crime which the miltary already concluded never occured.

But a leading anti-war politician, Pennsylvania Congressman John Murtha, saw the Haditha incident as a way to assert pressure on President Bush to leave Iraq. Even if the congressman had to scapegoat innocent Marines in the process. Murtha appeared on the major tv networks and publicly accused the young enlisted Marines of "cold blooded" murder, and Marine officers of a "cover-up." Mind you, this was long before the investigations were completed. What is particularly mind-boggling about this is that Murtha himself is a decorated veteran of war and certainly must remember the uncertainties of close combat.

But why would the US military react so strongly to one man's opinion? Ah, now there's the crux of the matter. Congressman Murtha is head of the House Military Appropriations Subcommittee - a position with significant influence over the military pocketbook. Murtha, on the other hand, is the same person caught on tape negotiating bribes with Arab Sheiks during the FBI's 1980 Abscam investigation. He is an unindicted coconspirator in that case. Not exactly your white knight.

Chessani's background? The Lt Col has honorably served his country as a Marine for 20 years. He and his wife Alisa have 5 young children (2 to 9 years old) and a sixth is expected. He served three tours of duty in Iraq, including the Second Battle of Fallujah. He also served in Panama and in the First Persian Gulf War. He is a devout Christian with a deep sense of right and wrong. According to his official 2006 Combat Fitness Report, his superiors considered him a superb leader who demonstrated moral courage, with unlimited potential and value to the Marine Corps. He was described as one of their finer thinkers.

Are not the terrorists laughing in their caves at the US? One insurgent operative "plants" a magazine article in the liberal press, it's picked up by an ambitious anti-war politician who thought he could use the incident as a club with which to beat President Bush, thereby advancing his efforts to become the House Majority Leader, and the terrorists have eliminated one of America's most effective combat officers. Not to mention devastating the life and family of this patriotic Marine officer. This could affect our military for years to come.

Military prosecutors are doing everything they can to convict Chessani. He is the scapegoat they must convict to satisfy Murtha. The vast resources of the military are at their disposal. The number of military investigators is virtually limitless. The Marine command structure is mandated to cooperate.

To date, Chessani's legal expenses already approach a half million dollars. Thankfully, he is being defended, pro bono, by the Thomas More Law Center, a Christian legal defense organization to which I donate as I can. But they need more financial help. Their small staff of lawyers will need to file motions to dismiss these bogus charges. Motions to compel discovery which has been withheld from them. Motions to dismiss the charges based on unlawful command influence. They will be requesting depositions from several high ranking military officers and civilian officials, including congressmen, service department heads and others. And much more.

The courtmartial will take place at Camp Pendleton, CA. It will last several weeks. The Thomas More attorneys are former Marine Officers themselves. All are former Judge Advocates, and all are outstanding defense lawyers. They will need to set up headquarters at Pendleton with all the attendant expenses.

Regardless of how one may feel about the war in Iraq, Lt Col Chessani was in Iraq because his country sent him there. That's why he deserves the support of all Americans. Now is the time to show our gratitude and to express our contempt for the politics of personal destruction we see here. The consequences of failure here, not just to Chessani and his family, but also to our nation, demand that we do what we can to help Chessani and his legal defense.

George Washington's words are a somber warning for America: "The willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in war... shall be directly proportional to how they perceive veterans of earlier wars are treated and appreciated by our nation."

There are several ways you can help in this case. I hope you will do all three!

1) Send letters and e-mails to the offices of Pennsylvania Congressman Murtha expressing your feelings about his reprehensible actions in this case. All Congressmen's contacts are available on-line through simple Google searches. Emails to other government officials, even to the Marine Corps itself, as well as The White House and the Pentagon, asking for an immediate dismissal of these charges may also make an impression.

2) Donate whatever you feel you can to the defense of Lt Col Jeffery Chessani. $5, $10, $25, $50 or more. Every dollar helps. Your donations are completely tax-deductable. Donations may be made on-line at the More Law Center website (if the url web address isn't active, please copy and paste into your browser address field. These url's may be longer than the line width of this window):


If you want to learn more, here's the More webpage dedicated to this case:


If you would prefer to donate by check, include a note or memo on your check mentioning Lt Col Chessani. Donations may be made out to "Thomas More Law Center" and sent to:

Thomas More Law Center
24 Frank Lloyd Wright Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48106

3) Please pass this along. Tell everyone on your e-mail lists to read this blog and to pass it along to others. The abuse of power shown by Congressman Murtha is despicable. Let us not take this sitting down. You needn't be a supporter of the War in Iraq to see the injustice to one of our own here. People of conscience need to fight back!

Thank you very much for whatever you can do.

It should be pointed out that after this trial, it is very possible that Lt Col Chessani and his men may themselves launch a civil suit against Congressman Murtha and other individuals for their blatantly unpatriotic behavior regarding the Haditha incident. Winning such a suit may be another legal mountain to climb because of the nature of the case and the governmental status of those being sued. Only time will tell.

DISCLAIMER: The writer of this blog is in no way officially connected to the Thomas More Law Center or any of its associates, nor to anyone connected to this trial or incident, but is acting out of personal conviction. The information contained above comes directly from the Thomas More Law Center's literature and other public sources.



The subject of America’s southern border has always been contentious. For decades, our politicians have prevaricated, pretended, stalled, connived and just plain lied to the citizens of America about their stands on the issue of border security.

Following is a condensation of the decades-old debate raging between our citizens (“CIT”) and our elected officials (Senators-Governors-Mayors-Congresspersons “SENGOV MAYCONG”):

CIT:  So, Sengov Maycong, I see that you voted in favor of a border wall, but also in favor of providing benefits to illegal aliens. Isn’t that contradictory?

SENGOV MAYCONG:  Well, no Cit, that's not factual. I'm in favor of giving a pathway to citizenship to those immigrants who have been in the US and are working and have not broken the law.

CIT:  So, basically you're in favor of giving benefits to illegal aliens who have not broken the law?

SENGOV MAYCONG: Well, they are not illegal aliens, Cit, they are undocumented immigrant workers.

CIT:  Undocumented immigrants? They've come across our borders by skirting the legal pathway. Isn't that by definition, uh... illegal?

SENGOV MAYCONG:  Oh, just a technicality heh-heh-heh. But, Cit, they have come here looking for work... these are hard working people just trying to support their families, Cit.

CIT:  So, you're in favor of giving benefits to illegal aliens but just to hard working illegal aliens?

SENGOV MAYCONG:  Now you're trying to be clever, Cit.

CIT:  Clever? First you say you’re for a border wall, increased security and deporting criminal aliens; then you vote in favor of sanctuary cities and benefits for illegals. You are lying to your constituents!

SENGOV MAYCONG:  Now just a second!

CIT:  ...Or is it that you vote for a border wall and tighter security because you know it’s a “safe” vote... you know in advance that your vote will have no effect on the outcome because you know the bill will not pass and you just vote yes for your re-election campaign. So your vote and your position are all fake.

SENGOV MAYCONG:  (sputtering) That’s outrageous!

CIT:   Is it? Are you not an elected official, a public servant? Let me emphasize the word "servant"... and let me remind you that it is I, a citizen of the United States, a legal one incidentally, who you were elected to serve. One of a majority of citizens here who don't want you to reward people who are here illegally. And this is not an interview, SenGov MayCong, this is a performance review. So far, sir/madam you are failing miserably. What about that is so difficult for you to grasp?

SENGOV MAYCONG: Look, you little pisher, we need these people to do the work you and your sports-and-iPod-and-Game-of-Thrones-sex-obsessed fellow citizens are too lazy or too damned proud to do. Who's going to clean your toilets and pick your lettuce?

CIT:  What are you saying? Twenty million people came here illegally just to clean toilets and pick lettuce?

SENGOV MAYCONG (winking and poking CIT with his elbow): Hopefully not in that order - hahaha! But seriously...

CIT:  There isn't enough freakin’ lettuce in the world for twenty million people to pick, SenGovMayCong! And while you have been stalling for decades, the number of “undocumented aliens” has ballooned to the point where it’s become impossible to actually do anything to fix it because their children are citizens who will vote for you and your pro-immigrant policies (big smiles of agreement from Sengov MayCong). Look, I know some of them are not M.I.T. grads, and most Americans can feel at least some sympathy for them, but just how many illegals does it take to pick a freakin’ head of lettuce? I hate lettuce. A lot of us would gladly give up lettuce if we could clean up this border mess and crack down on sanctuary cities. How about these illegals who are either in prison, driving drunk and killing Americans, or even raping and molesting our children?

SENGOV MAYCONG: Clearly these people don't belong here. But look, kid, you just don’t understand how things work. We all say we want the wall, or higher security or reform of our immigration policy. We say what you want to hear. It’s political rhetoric! None of us really want to change the way it is. If we wanted change, we’d change it! Democrats want the status quo for votes, liberal blocks and enforcers, Republicans want the status quo to appease their big corporate donors. Don’t you see? Everybody’s happy this way. It’s win/win/win.

 CIT: Except our middle class. They have become cynical and nobody believes you guys anymore. The only thing you all are good at is making excuses for doing nothing.

SENGOV MAYCONG: Well, we are all against criminals entering the US, you can be sure of that.

CIT: Can we? When you look the other way, and allow them ALL to come here, not just the hard-working freakin’ lettuce pickers! You promised you would support building a wall, didn’t you? Look it’s right here in your voting record. But as soon as you’re elected you reneg on your promise. You always do.

SENGOV MAYCONG (laughing):  There you go again. You're a real Charlie Brown, you know that? We hold that border wall football down and promise we won't pull it away... so you can kick it. And you fall for it every time. The border fence is just a football, don't you get it? Like the Middle East. Do you think any of us gives a camel’s ass about that giant litter box? It's just something we can beat the president over the head with. Don't tell me you haven't noticed how flat his head has become.

CIT:  So now what are you going to do with all these non-citizen criminals and gangs and drug dealers and terrorists you invited into our country? Are you in favor of deporting them?

SENGOV MAYCONG: Yes. Absolutely. Well (ahem)... unless they’re going to vote for me.

CIT:  Whoa! How can they vote if they're not citizens?

SENGOV MAYCONG:  Oh, poppycock. It's just like those toilets they clean... if they can push the little handle down, why, they can vote. If they can touch the damn screen in the right place, as far as I am concerned they are fine upstanding Americans. One man, one vote (two if they are voting for me, heh-heh). Where does it say you have to be a citizen in order to vote Democrat? Where does it say you need to be a citizen to get a driver's license? Or to be an American for that matter?

CIT (scratching his/her head): Uh... in the Constitution? In the statutes of all 50 States?

SENGOV MAYCONG: The Consti-TOO-shun!? Ha! Get with the program, you sap, it's a "living document." We change the meaning of “is” on a whim. That’s what Federal judges are for. Remember, we didn't use to let blacks vote. Ha! Did you know that, smarty pants?

CIT:  They’re US citizens! But you're in favor of allowing illegal ALIENS, citizens of other countries, to vote in the US.

SENGOV MAYCONG: As long as they vote for me. Duh! It’s who we are. It's the New World Order, Cit. We're an "inclusive society." Besides, how else could I possibly win an election?

CIT: I sure as hell wouldn't vote for you. You're unbelievable!

SENGOV MAYCONG: Unbelievable? I like the sound of that, thank you, Cit. May I quote you? I'll consider that an endorsement. Well, amigo, gotta go. I'm off to Mexico with my family... free vacation you know.


The Fix is In

(Originally posted in 2007 - never truer than today)

Our country has reached a time in its history when it is clear that those who govern have abandoned the governed. When a government “of the people” conspires against the very people who elect, support and finance it, that government no longer is functioning under its mandate. Judging by recent polls, Congress is a failure.

We have watched over the years as our Congress and President attempt on a daily basis to avoid the sunlight and withdraw behind curtains into shadows, conniving and consorting in their effort to fool the “stupid” voters. This miserable failure of a government manages to keep itself going solely on the basis of two points; the promise of free stuff to gullible citizens and non-citizens alike; that and the Left’s visceral hatred of George W. Bush.

It is the duty of the President to enforce the Constitution, and to protect America and its citizens from foreign enemies and foreign threats. It is difficult to reconcile this President’s policies encouraging the virtual invasion of America by foreign nationals. Against this background, how does the President manage to survive? On promises made to the Corporate One World. Super breaks for the super-rich. And he takes advantage of the Right’s visceral hatred of all things Left.

Do any of us believe whoever is elected next will change any of this? The One World fix is in. The invaders will continue to be taught they need fear no consequences to their actions while inside our borders. They will continue to be, in fact, insulated against prosecution while the average tax-paying citizen fears his own slightest wrong move – putting a piece of cardboard in the wrong recycling bin, or shooing a neighbor’s dog from doing its business on his front lawn, or looking sideways at someone who doesn’t speak his language and who appears to be engaged in something illegal – the average tax-paying citizen fears these things will land him in court slapped with a major lawsuit. Or much worse. While today’s immigrant, street-wise in the law, pushes the edge of the legal envelope with a bevy of free lawyers who rush to his side to protect him, launching suits against any who dare challenge.

Message to the World: the American Middle-Class is here for the taking.

Invaders are not just washing their feet, they are soaking us. They are not picking our lettuce, they are picking our pockets. And anyone who tells you otherwise is either a lawyer, a congressman, the President, a flaming liberal, or a wanton liar. Or possibly all of these.


America's Monarchy

I don't know about you, but for me a Hillary Clinton presidency would be the last straw.

It's not that I have any great objection to a woman being president of the USA. My objection is THIS woman! I can give you a list of reasons she doesn't deserve the honor, but I suspect you already know them. Are we saying that of the over 150 million women in this country that SHE is the best qualified to be the first woman president!? This in itself is a frightening thought.

But to think that she and her husband's political machine have so hood-winked the Democrats in America is the most frightening thing of all. To see and hear all these Klinton Kool-Aid drinkers fawn over her is enough to make you want to drink some of the real Jonestown Kool-Aid ...and fast.

If she gets elected (God... please don't let this happen!) I won't be like Alec Baldwin and claim I will leave the country. Why should I? But I swear this will be IT for me and politics. There will be no reason left to believe there is any "wisdom in the masses." There will be no reason to believe elections are nothing more than heavy money steam-rolling over common sense. There will be no reason to believe a decent worthy patriot has any chance of getting elected. We will have become an Aristocracy of two families. The Bushes and the Clintons. America's sordid royalty: their bloodline firmly established by the green running through their veins.

And to insure their perpetual control over the White House and Congress, this Party of Marx will sell out every American and every principle this country was founded on, by insuring the never-ending flood of illegal immigrants over our borders. Why? It's simple, my friends. Eventually the 20 or 30 or 40 million illegals will be granted status. They will be counted in the next census, in 2010. There will be changes made by law when the census reports this great population increase. New Congressional Districts will be formed around the new population. New Seats in the House of Representatives will be mandated. And since 85% of them will be filled by Democrats because that's who the new immigrants will gravitate to for their promises of "free stuff" paid for by the rest of us, the Marxist Left will have a perpetual hold on our law-making machine. Can you just imagine how they will change the culture when they get a veto-proof number of Representatives in the House? The Democrat Congress cares ONLY about its own perpetuation, always happy to to give away your legacy for its own benefit. This is the most disloyal group in American history and in my opinion no punishment is too severe for their actions.

The illegals are not here to pick your lettuce, they are here to pick your pockets. You, my dear Caucasian friends, will become a mere footnote in American history. Throwbacks to a time when things were okay in America. When a Lower-Middle-Class kid growing up in America wanted to be something more than a contestant on a cheesy tv sing-off or fake reality show or a bleached-blonde drunken bimbo "celeb." But since the FIX is in, America - The North American Union - will become nothing more than another socialist platform, built on the hard work of the new peasant class - your children's children - while the Aristocracy, the Oligarchy, the Monarchy build higher and higher walls around their bigger and bigger mansions.

If you can't see this clearly right now, you really need to take off those rose colored glasses, friends. The only hope for America is for some true Patriot with strong fists, a strong constituency and an even stronger bank account to stand up and reform this mess. Hillary has these attributes... except for the most important one... the Patriot thing. She and her husband have proven themselves to be nothing more than glib, well-dressed grifters. Do you want to see them soiling The White House again?


Back Into The Cellar

Perhaps it's a sign of the age we are in. Or maybe it's a sign of MY age. Politically speaking, I find myself without a team to root for. In fact it's more than politically speaking. Culturally as well as economically I'm not finding myself cheering for anyone these days.

Why should I?

As a conservative-leaning traditionalist I see little in the news every day to cheer about. Day after day, week after week, month upon month, what do we get? Endless nattering from the Left through its massive media complex. The Left suffers from seemingly incurable Bush Hating Syndrome. And nothing America does suits them. Of course there is some kernel of truth to their whining, but Lord have mercy. The Left does no better, so why do we need to hear these whiners every damnable day? Is there nothing else going on in the world of the Left?

Sure, Bush's immigration policies stink to high heaven. Okay, his economic policies are great if you are in the Warren Buffet league, but to the rest of us they are, eh. And his war leadership has deteriorated until it has become almost pathetic in its timidness. Does he want to win the Iraq War? Or does he just not want to lose it so it can continue until the very last day he's in office? Does he get off, keeping his finger on the trigger but never quite pulling it? What the hell? Can't root for that.

And on the Right what do we get? Hannity whose habit of reading off lists of what he perceives to be Democrats' sins over and over ad nauseum - a man who can't decide if he wants to be a conservative hawker or a country singer. He has the voice for neither. Coulter, whose books are best-sellers but who has no talent for broadcast unless you enjoy giggling and sarcastic barbs with no bite. One begins to wish the pie hadn't missed her so we could watch it over and over. Savage, who is out in front on so many issues but who then falls into a fog of self-pity he can't seem to find his way out of, burdening us poor listeners who have our own pities to deal with. And all the other conservative hicks who seem to confuse yesterday's football scores with important events of our times. How can I root for any of them?

Then there's the Catholic Church and those pervs in "Frisco" who had the unmitigated gall to parade into the middle of a Holy Mass in their S&M nun's outfits and ask to receive Holy Communion. And the moron priest was so stupid he gave it to them without even blinking as if he's used to seeing this sort of thing in the rectory. I was raised and schooled Catholic many, many years ago, in another century. In another millennium. I attended a Catholic University on a scholarship, where I even had thoughts about joining the priesthood. But I dropped out of the Church years ago because in my view they had lost their way. I hadn't lost mine. They lost theirs, and I couldn't cheer for them anymore. And this episode proves it to me. They are inept, without moral courage and don't deserve anyone's respect unless they change dramatically. Perhaps this San Francisco church should hire "bouncers" just like they have at SF bars, and station them at the front doors of the church. The bouncers should garotte any of these flaming he-whores who show up again, and cast them down the granite steps onto the streets - overturning their displays as Jesus would have done. But no, Catholics are afraid to be seen as "intol-l-lerant." Afraid they might get sued. The church-goers sat there and allowed the scum from the street to enter and desecrate the House of God... they sat and did nothing... shame on them! Is God looking at the way you are dressed, or what car you drive to church in... or is He looking at the way you confront evil? I cannot cheer for such moral cowardice.

So who do I root for?

I don't know about you, but I am just about ready for a barbarian dictator to take The White House in '08. Suspend the Constitution for his four year term. Send the National Guard to put a hollow-point into the skull of every gang member in America. Deport every illegal who glances sideways wrong at an American citizen's person or property. I don't need their stinkin' lettuce. I can do without whatever it is they come here to pick (as if I believe they are here to pick anything but our pockets). Build an electrified fence with enough voltage to fry anyone who gets within fifty feet of it, including underground. I don't give a damn if a bunch of armadillos accidentally get cooked in the process. Let's make Nicola Tesla proud of us! Start squeezing our national enemies, slowly at first, but with an ever-tightening grip, until they see the light. Clean up our own backyard while we are at it. Send the pervs back into the shadows of the basements where they used to be kept before Ruth Bader Ginsberg and her crowd unlocked the cellar doors. It's where they all belong, she included. Fire every social-progressive at every University in America and put them in the cellar as well. Leave room for the lawyers who use law not for justice but for misgained profit. And every politician who does not place America's interests before his or her own. Heck, that's just for starters. I've got a lot more suggestions for the dictator.

Now there's something I can root for. Just thinking about it makes me feel like cheering.


Greenspan the "Gas"bag

This Sunday, my wife and I found ourselves heading east on the 210 Freeway, on our way to sit for our granddaughter in Los Angeles. Our door-to-door was almost exactly 100 miles. There was not one moment on the drive when we were not surrounded by other drivers, every one of which, I am certain, thought his trip was as "important" as ours.

I got to thinking about Alan Greenspan's absurd "revelation" that he thought the war in Iraq was all about oil. Has this man never driven on a highway? Does he not realize that every highway in this vast country is filled with cars and trucks, tens of millions of them - not to mention trains and planes and busses and tractors and factories - all of which have drivers who are certain they are on an important mission? What kind of idiot in the year 2007 has a sudden realization that this whole country of ours, our entire culture, along with most others on the planet, are fueled by oil?

Now I am sure we can all agree that it would be great if we could find an alternative source of energy to propel our cars, trucks, busses, trains, planes, boats, factories and generators. But until we do, oil is it. In my mind, there are only a few things in this world worth fighting over. Water. Air. Honor and one's own country. Maybe the love of a woman. And fuel to make the world go.

As I watched the cars around me on the Freeway - and I'm talking tens of thousands of vehicles! - I realized that if I didn't go 80 mph I would be the only one not doing so, and I would pose a traffic hazard. So it's clear that with all the complaining about the price of gas, the need to conserve, and Al Gore's blah-blah-blah, no one on that Freeway really gave a damn about it. Step on the gas and get where you are going as fast as you can. To hell with the price of gas and all the rest.

Every driver who ever steps on the gas, or boards a plane or train or boat, and is in a hurry to get somewhere "important", every person who flicks a switch to turn something on - lights, appliances, toys, tv's - everyone who wants or buys something made with plastic or any one of a hundred different materials, had better understand that most of it originates from, or is made in some part with the energy provided by oil.

So to this prune-face addled "gas"bag, Greenspan, I say pshaw! All those years in the service of President Bush and you never cried out in public about the war being "about oil." You pretended to be a Conservative when it suited your pocketbook, and now that you are retired you join the Left because it suits your pocketbook. Apparently your pocketbook trumps your integrity. So be it. But someone who chooses the way of the hypocrite ought not to look his gift horse in the mouth, he ought to cash his checks, keep quiet and hang down his head in shame. And in my opinion, anyone who intends to buy Greenspan's book (which incidentally is manufactured in part using the energy and products derived from or with oil, packaged and delivered by vehicles powered by oil, and read in light quite possibly generated by oil) ought to instead go out and buy a few gallons of gas. You'll get much more out of it.

One day, we will undoubtedly have our oil alternative. But you can bet it won't be wind, or corn, or sugar cane or hyrogen cells, or batteries or horse manure. It'll be something much more amazing. People in the future will look back at our time and scratch their heads wondering what all the fuss was about. But all they'd have to do is see the ocean of gas-propelled vehicles which flows over our highways every hour of every day in every country in the world, and they'd know what all the fuss was about. Life and the freedom of movement. Whether you are in hurry to get to work, or home, or a sporting event, or a quick run to the mall, or to visit your granddaughter, or just a nice little cruise across the landscape, nothing gets you where you're going quite like oil. So I say, hell, use it up! Use it all up until there is none left, and those greedy oil companies will suddenly and magically come up with Al Gore's precious alternative. Let's just hope it's soon, and let's hope it's something America - and every country - has plenty of so we don't have to go to war over it.


Why Would Anyone Want That Job?

This may seem crazy but hear me out.

As the Iraq war grinds on, year after tiresome year, with more and more Americans turning against the whole enterprise, our Commander-in-Chief continues to try and sell this bucket of smoke to us. Nancy Pelosi remarks that President Bush has "a tin ear." I appreciate her sentiment, but with all due respect (which in any event isn't much) I believe House Leader Pelosi is dead wrong.

I think George Bush knows exactly how weird the Iraq situation is from top to bottom. I think he would have pulled out a long time ago, if... if he was really the one calling the shots (no pun intended). It's become blantantly ovious to me that there is a greater power at work here, and that GW is merely a puppet. How else can one explain his inscrutible policies about the Middle East and our own southern border?

Iraq is today's remnant of the great Mesopotamian civilization, Sumer. Mesopotamia was Babylon, the Tower of Babel, Eridu (Earth's first fully-functioning city), Kish (where "kingship was brought down to Earth" and the first human king was crowned). Sumer gave us almost every concept - language, writing, mathematics, architecture, the monetary system, civil law, medicine and so much more - that elevated us from primative to civilized man. Iraq occupies the lands once ruled by the first Sumerian human king to conquer vast territories, Sargon the Great, under the guidance and with the aid of his Lords, those in the lineage of the great god Enki. Because as the human population grew, the olden gods didn't wish to be directly involved with this rowdy new bunch. So they personally selected and appointed human "kings" to be their legal intermediaries, and high priests to be their technical emmissaries.

But the greatest of the olden gods eventually became disenchanted with humankind. Perhaps "disenchanted" falls far short of what they felt. The Twelve Who Rule - the highest pantheon of gods - were flat-out disgusted with "the black-headed people" as they called us. Not just us but with many of their own kind - lesser gods - who found the new humans "appealing." And so, male and female, the lesser gods took mates. A period of much hank-panky followed. Which led to demi-gods born by the dozens, each of whom grew up and demanded his or her own territory to rule. And so territorial wars spread over the lands, with humans doing the dying under the banners of these tin-plated demi-gods. They pulled the strings and humanity danced. These wars continue to this day. And that is the whole point of this treatise.

What makes us think the wars we see today are anything more than trivial conflicts about which demi-god will rule which land? Who do you think Abraham's Yahweh or Mohamud's Allah are? Who do you think Ptah and Ra are? Or Ishtar? Or any of the later iterations of pantheons such as those in Greece and Rome? They are simply different names for the same Enlil and Enki, and their sons Ninurta and Marduk (the biggest pain-in-the-ass god of all time) and Innana, and all the rest of the gods who demand obiescence and worship from the black-headed people. The olden gods may or may not have left Earth a couple of millennia ago, but the demi-gods are definitely still here, still goading the black-headed people (that would be all us humans) to combat in their names.

The olden gods ruled not just Mesopotamia, but anywhere we find the remnants of their awesome temples and other massive structures - the Indus Valley, Asia, Europe, Egypt, the ancient gold mines of Africa, Central and South America, probably even North America. When a god left Sumer for one reason or another, he or she would travel to another land and there design great temples and celestial timepieces - it's what they did. Egypt's Thoth going abroad to design Stonehenge but being called there by another name, for example.

I don't know exactly who these tin-horned demi-gods are today. They no-doubt blended into our societies centuries ago and appear on the surface to be like the rest of us. Perhaps they are behind the concept of "royal bood." Perhaps they are the elusive "illuminati." They are beyond doubt extremely wealthy, influential and hold certain ultimate aces up their royal sleeves. They live long lives, and may live large or may choose to reign quietly behind great stone walls.

I believe poor little George Bush had no idea what he was getting himself into. But by now I think he's figured it out. I'm betting there is nothing he can do about it now except to go along for the ride and try to save as much face as he can. Just like most other world leaders. After-all, what can he do? If he spoke of any of this in public, well now, he'd be put in a straight-jacket wouldn't he? Today we see a whole new cadre of fools tap-dancing their stupid little hearts out to become the next President. Why would any intelligent person want that job? They wouldn't; and even if they did, they wouldn't get it.


Jehovah's Solution

The criminal justice system in America has been broken ever since I can remember, and is only getting worse. I see no solutions on the horizon.

There are not enough prisons to hold all those who deserve to be put in them. As the number of criminals of every description grows the number of criminal defense lawyers grows faster. Those lawyers I have heard or whose opinions I have read seem to me to be so off-kilter in their thinking that they render their profession a bad joke.

Liberal judges at every level give serious offenders gentle slaps on the wrist, not seeming to care that these criminals go out and commit more aggregious crimes. They are recycled through the courts over and over. Why? Lawyers and overwhelmed prosecutors "negotiate" charges and sentences down to slaps on the wrist. Juries are reluctant to convict anyone with celebrity attached to their name.

In short, there is little deterrant to breaking the law. Those who do and get caught often as not never serve anywhere near the sentences they are given, and many rightly believe they will get away with their crimes. America, driven by political correctness and a metally disturbed liberal philosophy is soft on crime. As a result there are gangs and white collar criminals and perverts on virtually every street in America. What are we to do?

I have always felt that the solution is to revert to the most ancient form of punishment. Exile. You commit a serious crime, you forfeit your right to live among decent people. Sentencing would be mandatory and arrived at by a computer, not a judge. There would be a structured system. The non-violent, lesser offendors are exiled to places where the climate is not inhospitable and where they are free to roam and do as they please, unsupervised, in a place from which there is no escape. The most serious, violent offenders would be exiled somewhere with the harshest environment. Somewhere like Antarctica or Death Valley, perhaps. There would be several degrees of environment discomfort for different degrees of criminality. The computer will decide who goes where.

Those in exile would be unsupervised. Free to do and roam about as they please. They would be free to prey on each other. Why should we even care? They have forfeited their right to live among decent people. Food and supplies would be airdropped occasionally. There can be no visitors to the lands of exile.

I do not believe in the death penalty. It demeans a society. But I have no problem with a murderer, for example, being exiled permanently. They check in to Exileland but they don't check out. It's far more humane.

When Cain slew Abel, Jehovah exiled him from the Garden of Eden. God had it right. Since then, liberal philosophy has slowly perverted the whole idea of right and wrong. Its idea of justice seems to be to break down the very moral code by which civilization has maintained itself for millennia. In the name of "progress" liberals erode the moral fiber of every nation they inhabit. To them, the Ten Commandments have become the Ten Suggestions.

If we really are serious about purging our society of criminals, Jehovah's solution is still the best solution.


The Wolf

~ NOTE: The following is a recapitulation of a message so important I believe it needs to be seen by as wide an audience as possible. It was originally posted by “Paul,” on Celestial Junk. Paul apparently was a member of the Canadian Armed Forces. I have edited the language but not the essential message. Paul asserts:

We are told again and again by ‘experts’ and ‘talking heads’ that Islam is the religion of peace, and that the vast majority of Muslims just want to live in peace.

Undoubtedly, this is true.

But it is also meaningless rhetoric designed to make the infidel – us – feel less threatened, meant to somehow diminish our astonishment at the savagery of that religion’s non-peace-loving minority... fanatics who, having hijacked the religion of peace, rampage across the globe in its name.

At this particular time in world history, it is these fanatics who march; who wage dozens of shooting wars worldwide; who systematically slaughter Christians and tribal groups throughout Africa, and are gradually taking over the entire continent in a violent wave of jihad.

The fanatics bomb, behead, murder, or honor kill. It is the fanatics who take over mosque after mosque, zealously spreading the barbaric practice of stoning and hanging victims of rape, and homosexuals. The hard quantifiable fact is that the “peaceful majority” is pretty much the “silent majority.” Cowed by the fanatics. Made irrelevant.

A man whose family was part of German aristocracy prior to World War II, owned a number of large industries and estates. After the war, he was asked how many Germans were actually Nazis.

“Very few,” he said. “But many enjoyed the return of German pride, and many more were too busy to care. I was one of those who just thought the Nazis were a bunch of fools. So, the majority just sat back and let it all happen. Then, before we knew it, the minority owned the majority; we lost control, and the end of our world had come. My family, like most others, lost everything.”

A majority of citizens of Communist Russia also just wanted to live in peace, yet the minority Russian Communists were responsible for the murder of about 20 million of their own kind. The peaceful majority was irrelevant. Though perhaps many enjoyed “the return of national pride.”

In the 20th Century, China’s enormous population was peaceful too, but Chinese Communists managed to kill a staggering 70 million of their countrymen! And “national pride?”

The average Japanese prior to World War II was not a warmongering sadist. Yet, Japan’s fanatical minority murdered and slaughtered its way across Southeast Asia in an orgy of killing which included the systematic murder of 12 million Chinese civilians, killed by sword, shovel or bayonet. Doubtless many enjoyed “the return of national pride.”

And let us not forget Rwanda, which collapsed into butchery. Could it not be said that a majority of Rwandans were “peace loving?”

The lessons of history are simple and blunt; yet for all our powers of reason we often miss the most basic and uncomplicated of points: peace-loving majorities are rendered irrelevant by their silence.

Peace-loving Muslims become de facto our enemy’s sympathizers when they fail to speak up, because like our friend from Germany, they may awake one day to realize that the fanatics own them, and the end of their world has begun. Or will they join in “the return of racial pride?”

History grimly records that millions of peace-loving Germans, Japanese, Chinese, Russians, Rwandans, Serbs, Afghans, Iraqis, Palestinians, Somalis, Nigerians, Algerians, and many others died because the peaceful majority did not speak up until it was too late.

As for us who watch all this unfold; we must not be deluded into thinking it is the problem of a different hemisphere. We must pay attention to the only group that counts; those who threaten our way of life. Fanatics are crafty; having learned from our own history in Viet Nam how easy it is to manipulate our “useful idiots” – our all too willing nice liberal countrymen, especially those in the media and entertainment business here in America. The shrewd fanatics count on liberal resistance to any effort our government makes in dealing with the problem; they have infiltrated our government at the highest levels; they cheer our liberal leaders in their constant nay-saying to efforts to face the problem head-on; and by constantly throwing that worn-out cliche at us; “...the religion of peace.”

Assume the majority of Muslims are peace-loving. But even if only “a small fringe element” are attracted to radical jihad, there are so many hundreds of millions of Muslims worldwide that it amounts to millions of potential terrorists, many now within our own borders. Just how many do you want operating and plotting your demise right here amongst us in America (or in your country if you are reading this from elsewhere)? With the help of the curiously cooperative Obama White House, they have already accumulated in numbers in many towns; probably right in your town, perhaps in your neighborhood. How will you deal with them without being labeled a bigot or racist?

Oh, this is not news. Your neighbors, friends and politicians all know this. They are just too busy or too politically correct, or just plain quislings, to wake from their stupor. But they had better. And soon. The wolf is at the door.


Vampires of the Left

We all know the ideas far-Left liberals cling to like the religious zealots they themselves despise. We all have suffered the quasi-religious beliefs they try to convert us to like crazed missionaries. So let us not dwell on those things in this missive, instead let us theorize why these idealogs would believe such loopy ideas.

I've known my share of libs, some very well. Invariably they are intellectuals without intellect. Somewhere in their formative years serious liberals take a Left turn and begin feeling guilty for everything. It's as if simple joy is beneath them. As if their guilt flows from a privileged upbringing. They feel uncomfortable with their own comfort. They seem unable to see America as anything but the cause of all the world's ills. Perhaps because they themselves are an unhappy lot, feeding on the perceived misery of others. They are unable to enjoy the simple joys the rest of us cherish - a breeze-rippled Old Glory, fireworks on the 4th of July, hot dogs, apple pie, wrestling. A big honkin' pick-up truck with a turbocharged V8 and a good quality firearm. These things are all bad to a liberal. Joys they are unable to experience. The flag is merely a piece of dyed cloth with no legal status. Fireworks is dangerous and frightens their dog, Muffy. Hot dogs contain too much fat. Apple pie has far too many calories. Wrestling isn't completely integrated. They want to ban firearms (except for gangs and terrorists in our midst) so when they "take back America" there will be no resistance. And pick-up trucks! Almost as bad as those "gas-guzzlin' SUVs" they hate in public (but drive in private).

Leftists want the US to be brought down to the level of Uganda because it might reduce their guilt feeeeelings. They derive their political power by offering what America has to any and every illegal immigrant so these poor miserable folks can reap the benefits of two hundred years of hard work and precious spilt blood - someone else's blood and sweat. It's called One-World Marxism. They would prefer of course that your wealth be given away, not theirs. They don't feel quite that guilty.

On the other hand, traditionalists such as myself see America, with all its unvarnished imperfection, as the most blessed country that ever was; the best last hope of civilization. But liberals can't seem to distinguish us conservatives/traditionalists from Republicans, who they hate with a passion. They think all conservatives are for big corporations taking advantage of the little guy. Granted some conservatives are Republicans, but some liberals are too. Look at Senator McCain.

In the end, Leftists are nothing more than vampires who feed on others' misery. But they are dangerous to the health of a nation. Which is why we traditionalists had better break out the holy water, garlic and birch stakes.


A Beast With Two Faces

What does it say about a political party that it opens its arms only to the downtrodden peoples from every country, whether they are legal or illegal, decent or indecent? Not because the party really cares about these people, as in Jesus's admonition about caring for "the least among us," but simply because these people represent a large influx of new voters. For it is he without any idea or means to lift himself out of the circumstances he was born into who will always vote for the person or party promising him not freedom but free stuff. He will always cheer upon hearing he will be rewarded for doing nothing but remain indebted to his enablers, and he will cheer all the louder when he hears the source of all the free stuff he's getting will be coming from the middle class and wealthy this party has brainwashed him into believing are the cause of all his misfortunes.

What does it say about a party which cares not who is voting for it as long as it stays in power? What does it say about a party which has sung this same "We are here to help the underclass" tune since I don't know when and yet has done not one thing to lift the underclass out of its malaise? Quite the opposite, this party only exists because of misery, and as a consequence if this party is to continue it must use every trick learned from history to perpetuate the underclass. It must increase the misery index in order to outpace the other party. The handiest source of misery is just on the other side of our southern border. Therefore this party will do everything it can, legal or otherwise, to get les miserables into the States and onto their voting roles.

Unfortunately, the other party does nothing to stop this. In fact the titular head of the other party aggressively encourages it, because this fellow's supporters see these same people as a source of cheap labor. So it works out just fine for both parties. Unfortunately it's undermining the very foundations of our country and culture. But such parties can't be bothered with trivia like country and culture.

It is difficult to see why any of the rest of us should support either party. They like to say we conservatives want a return to times past. Baloney. We don't like people ripping us off. We don't like seeing both parties throwing money - our money - at problems, problems that money can't solve - without even consulting us to see if we think it's a good idea. What happened to representative government? What happened to "The wisdom of the masses?"

What happened is that those in the parties have decided to represent not us but only themselves. Worse, the misery party has found itself another mass to turn to, not for wisdom but for votes. But how can they win elections when "the rest of us" are still, for the time being, the majority? They can only do it because there is a large portion of "the rest of us" which votes not with its brain but with its heart. That big center portion which seems to feel there are only two choices and will vote for one or the other based on their emotional loyalties, or to punish the other party for what they perceive to be past sins. Emotional loyalties? Yes, things like, well that party is for protecting the right of a woman to choose, or that party is concerned about healthcare for the poor, or maybe it seems "greener" to me and "green is good because I'm concerned about global warming" and all that claptrap. The parties have learned to play the emotions of the "moderate" voter like a Stradivarius.

I have seen the enemy. It is NOT we. It is they. It is, like Janus, a beast with two faces, one which constantly frowns, the other which slyly winks.



Göbekli Tepe is a vast archeological site which lies at 2,493 feet atop a mountain in the Anatolia region of Turkey. Topographic scans reveal that nearby structures, still awaiting excavation, probably date to 14 to 15 thousand years ago, potentially as far back as the concluding millennia of the Pleistocene. One of the, if not the oldest archeological site yet discovered on Earth. The site baffles scientists, who have yet to discover the actual purpose of the massive and sophisticated site. Whatever it was, it was not a “city.”

The first and oldest true city on Earth was located in a region known as Sumer in what was the southern tip of ancient Mesopotamia, now Iraq.

The city was known as Eridu and dates to at least 4,000 BC. Older than Ur, older than Damascus, Babylon, Ninevah, even the biblical Jehrico stone fortress where Joshua and his army made "the walls tumble down." Eridu predates the building of the Great Pyramid.

In Eridu (note the obvious similarity to the word Earth), kingship - organized civilization - first appeared and flourished, making Eridu not just the first fully functioning city but one which can brag of truly amazing achievements.

Anthropologists tell us that it took roughly eleven million years for humans to evolve from our first man-like ape ancestors to primitive stone-era man. Then, suddenly 35,000 years ago - almost “instantly” in anthropologic terms - just like stone-age men in Arthur C. Clarke's "2001" a new order of “thinking man” evolved. Even more amazing, these ancestors of ours at about 5,000 BC went from declining groups of regressing cavemen – to a full-fledged civilization centered about Sumer.

How is it possible that these same people suddenly" began practicing advanced astronomy, mathematics, agriculture, had the first written language on Earth, were master builders and architechs, had the first written code of law, domesticated animals, practiced medicine, preventive medicine, performed surgery when needed, established art, poetry, music and most of the things we today take for granted?

Most astounding was their knowledge of celestial mechanics. They knew the movements of the sun, stars and planets, and were able to predict eclipses and celestial precession with computer-like accuracy. They built soaring temples aligned along east-west axes - equinoctical alignments which were responsible for fixing the seasons. They are the people who first established the three vaults of the sky, divided the celestial sphere into 360º, and established the twelve constellations of the zodiac. They knew other esoterica – of the planets not visible to the naked eye, planets not “discovered” by modern science until after The Civil War! – and many other things so incongruous that were I to list them, you would have a difficult time believing them. We know this because scholars have been busy at work translating the prolific Sumerian historic records discovered as they unearth more and more of the ancient cities.

All this was lost when the Mesopotamian civilization, for reasons equally mysterious, dispersed. One branch of this once highly-advanced culture spread east into India and China, the other west to Europe. They are known by some as the Aryan race.

Millennia subsequent to that, mankind entered a dark age when it was believed that the world was flat and that the sun, moon, planets and stars revolved about the Earth. A few Greek philosophers had heard Sumerian legends and so believed the earth was spherical and not the center of the Universe. But by the time of the Romans, that kind of thinking was frowned upon. It wasn't until hundreds of years later that Copernicus, Galileo, Newton and others dared to contradict these wrong-headed ideas, some not publishing their theories until their dying day. Only then did Renaissance thinkers begin grappling with what the Sumerians had known millennia earlier.

Almost shockingly, it wasn't until the mid-1920's (just eighty years ago!) that scientists gathered to finalize the modern vault of the sky. They agreed on the constellations of the northern and southern hemispheres, and the central band which houses what we know as the constellations of the zodiac. They settled on the Sumerian divine number - twelve. The star configurations correspond almost exactly to what the Sumerians calculated at least six thousand years earlier. This was no coincidence, any more than the name “Eagle” given to the first human-controlled ship to land on the Moon was a coincidence. Eagle was a word used by Sumerians to describe their lords, men who came down from the sky riding in winged ships.

Sumerian mythology claims the lord Enki and then Enlil were the Eagles who first came down to Earth. Enki landed by chance or by choice on the ancient shores of the Persian Gulf, establishing there Eridu and eventually kingship on Earth. Their father and supreme leader was Anu, who on occasion would come to Earth to visit his sons. It was they and their people who in their own self interests created the first modern Earthman. They called him "Adama," showing him the secrets - some, not all - of their advanced civilization. There are too many similarities between Sumerian mythology and the much later Old Testament - the Garden of Eden, Adam's eating of The Forbidden Fruit and being cast out, Noah and The Flood, the Nefilim and so many more - to be mere coincidence. Our Bible is a clever re-write of older Sumerian writings.

There are secrets still to be uncovered, buried beneath the sands of the Middle East, particularly in what once was Mesopotamia. These secrets may be so shocking that I seriously doubt they will be widely released. But with today's internet, let's hope these secrets won't stay buried long.

One is left wondering how it is that the once-fertile regions of Mesopotamia, today's Iraq, the cradle of civilization on Earth, descended into an endless series of terrible wars spanning the last six thousand years. Some believe that, consciously or otherwise, we are even today involved in the same mighty struggle with the peoples of that region because somehow we each are influenced by the ancient struggles among those earliest gods for domination over the human race.

There is something mysterious and unknown, something of enormous importance, buried neath those ancient drifting sands. No, it is not oil. But to its discoverors, domination of the world may pass.



I suspect you've all seen it. Kurdish Iraqis stoning that poor young woman to death.

Her alleged crime? Falling in love with a young man from the "wrong" side of the belief system. For this she was dragged out of her house and stoned to death by a circle of men. Neighbors! people who knew her! And who tried to protect her? Her daddy? Her big brother? Hell no. They condemned her to death. This is barbarism. The kind of customs they apparently have no desire to change. How on earth are we in America supposed to believe in the so-called "goodness" and "nobility" of these people which we hear so much about? I have seen precious little evidence of it.

Perhaps the goodness and nobility was lost with the ancient and great Sumerian civilization which inhabited that land. Or the Babylonians. Or Akkadians, or any of the Mesopotamian cultures which came before this one. But this one? I'm not sure I'd waste another drop of American blood on this ungrateful, hate-filled, deceitful society.


Advice for Rosie, Sean, Nancy and Al

What is too sublime for you, seek not

Into things beyond your strength search not
With what is too much for you meddle not

When shown things beyond human understanding
Their own opinion has misled many,
And false reasoning unbalanced their judgment

Where the pupil of the eye is missing, there is no light
And where there is no knowledge, there is no wisdom.

~ Sirach, Chapter Three (Humility)


9/11 Conspiracy Theory

The purveyors of this theory (and what a theory it is) ask us to be open minded about it. Okay, let's. We’ll even set aside our suspicion that they only create such conspiracy theories to enrich themselves  writing books, producing documentaries which show "evidence" that it was America, not Bin Laden and other jihadi terrorists, who perpetrated this terrible act.

They declare they have "proof" that ...guess who... was behind the whole thing. Well, you see, right there is the only evidence I need. Of all the people in the world who might have been behind the destruction of the World Trade Towers, these Sherlocks have concluded it must be those two fanatical terrorists of the Western World, President Bush and Veep Cheney. Bush derangement syndrome sufferers allow their irrational hatred to overpower not only their judgment but their plain ol’ common sense.

I am not the biggest fan of President Bush (though I do profess a fondness for VP Cheney, especially when he is accidentally filling his hunter friends with bird shot). Some of the things "Dubbya" does – or rather, doesn't do – drive me crazy. Like the border problems he refuses even to acknowledge... you know, those little burrs under the saddle of America-Firstism.

Let's not even bother with the ridiculous X-Files evidence the conspiracy types throw out. Like "Those were not really passenger jetliners that crashed into the Towers and The Pentagon, blah-blah-blah." Instead, let's look at something we all understand; human motivation. As Machiavelli might have viewed 9/11; who stands to profit from it? To plan such a horrible thing as 9/11, the perpetrators must have had some very powerful motivations. Agree?

Somebody would have had to draw up plans far in advance. It would involve dozens of people just at the planning stage. People with experience in architecture, structural engineering, steel frame stress margins, building demolition, fire excellerants and so much more. Dozens more conspirators would have had to implement these plans, fly or otherwise remotely guide the planes or whatever they were. Othrs would have to go to the Towers and carefully place the theoretical explosive charges that we hear so much about from the conspiracy creators. It would have taken considerable to do just this. Yet nobody noticed the “men in black” entering the target buildings every day, hanging around the subterranean structural posts while they planted many explosive charges?

There'd have to be many "secret" e-mails, cell phone calls, material purchases, explosives requisitions, and on and on. Producing an electronic and paper trail so obvious even Inspector Clueso would have stumbled onto it, no? There were hundreds of passengers actually booked on those specific flight numbers... on planes which the theorists say never hit the Towers or the Pentagon, or anything for that matter. What happened to all these planes? And what of those hundreds of passengers if the planes never hit the Towers or Pentagon? The conspirators would have to silence them all, wouldn't they? Or else they'd all be appearing on Larry King screaming "Bush did it! Bush did it!”

So how were all these citizens, some of whom surely must have been Democrats, silenced? Paid off? Killed? Sent to some isolation camp near Vladivostok? Given plastic surgery and new identities? All that surgery alone would involve hundreds more people. Doctors, nurses et al. What about the pilots, crews, air traffic controllers, baggage handlers, ticket-takers, maintenance crews of those flights, and their extended families? What? All part of Hillary's famous "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy?"

What became of Barbara Olsen (see photo above), the lovely and well-known wife of Ted Olsen, two popular Conservative voices? Barbara was on one of the ill-fated planes. Directly before the crash, Barbara was on her cell phone telling Ted what she was witnessing. Ted told her about the two planes which hit the Twin Towers. She knew something terrible was about to happen. Ted was left a widower. You could see it in his eyes, afterwards. Ted Olsen wasn't faking. He was crushed. So what became of Barbara if the theory is right ...she was  on a plane that conspiracy theorists claim didn’t hit anything on 9/11! Really, where did she, along with the plane, crew and other passengers go? Have you seen her on any talk shows lately? Is she now living on some desert island somewhere with an FBI-generated new name? Cindy Harrison? I for one miss Barbara, and I feel disgust for the 9/11 theorists.

We’ve just scratched the surface of all those who would have been involved in a 9/11 conspiracy, and it's hundreds and hundreds  people. I can come up with lots more, but let's stop there. Can you even in your wildest imaginings see how that many people, in a nation of tell-all, could keep a secret like this for all these years... nowadays!? Who today could resist the tv talk shows and news rags offering to make 'em a star if they'll just reveal the proof... one verifiable e-mail, purchase receipt for explosives or hush money, one phone call.... showing that "Bush and Cheney did it!"

Who is more likely to come up with such a diabolical idea as the 9/11 tragedies? A President whose training is in business administration? A President who is, as the Left describes him, a dimwit? Could such a dimwit outwit the Leftwits? Or could the simple truth be that the evil perpetrator was Osama Bin Laden, a man who was, as some describe him, a genius, a great warrior, one whose training was in... duh! ... structural engineering!?

What do you suppose Bush and Cheney's motivations would have been? All we hear from the broken-record Left Media is "Haliburton," "Haliburton," "Haliburton," "Iraq," "Iraq," "Iraq." But c'mon, they didn't need 9/11 in order to feed contracts to Haliburton. There were plenty of other opportunities if this was indeed Cheney's "secret plan" to enrich himself (as if he needs the extra cash). And they didn't need 9/11 to invade Iraq. Think about it, few besides the Taliban seemed to object to the US invasion of Afghanistan. And since we therefore were already in the region, Iraq and that nasty Saddam fellow were just a few military hops away. The UN gave tacit approval to Bush's plan to invade Iraq. Leaders of virtually every nation, except Saddam’s weapons suppliers (most likely Chirac and Putin, not Haliburton) agreed Saddam needed to be taken out. Makes a kind of logistical sense. But not to the 9/11 theorists. No.

On the other hand, what may have been the motivations of a Bin Laden? His sworn jihad to rid the Muslim world of Westerners? Revenge? Submitting himself to the will of Allah? Mythic glory as the man who single-handedly brought down the Satan of the West using fanatical members of his jihad? The stuff of the Old Testament.

No. The Left is unable to accept the obvious. Occam’s Razor: who do you believe did this awful thing, half a dozen Middle-Eastern jihadis? Or yhe thousands of American citizens it would have taken to achieve the same result? The Left clings to "Bush did it." Why? Because, simply put, they hate Bush. America’s Left can never see evil in the doings of terrorist rebels. They gorge on the myth of the renegade hero – the Castros, Guaveras, Chavez’ the desperado who stands up to the Imperial Amerika Leftists hate but in which they prosper.

Does it mean anything that Bin Laden admitted he did it? Well, hey, maybe ol' Osama's just tellin' fish stories, right? Maybe, like a desperado in a dress, he liked hiding out up there with the Pakistani mountain goats. I'm sure all those dark damp caves were good for his arthritis and kidney problems. Of course, Osama will get his eventually... only thus can miserable wretches be mythologized in the pages of history?

Why is it fast-talking America’s Leftist Airhead Media types hate Bush and Cheney so much they are willing to endlessly spew anti-American rhetoric? Because Bush the "dimwit" might out-wit the Left's sainted President, Bill Clinton, the vaunted Rhodes Scholar and "first black President" (who did virtually nothing for African-Americans compared to what Dim Bulb Bush has done). “W” and Laura might make the former President and First Lady look like the grifters they are. Bubba won't be able to sneak sluts in thongs in the back door of the White House again, because in 2008 Hillary won't be the first woman to become President of The United States of America.

How's that for a theory?


Driving Him to Drink

They have truly gone nuts. Daffy.

It would appear that there is a horde of Leftists daily pouring over mountains of documents acquired through the Freedom of Information Act, or just taken without authorization, or leaked by allies, in their desperate attempt to find one sentence, any tiny scrap of controversy that somehow involves their nemesis, George Bush. Even before they stop salivating and dribbling their DNA on the scrap of paper, they are on their way to their "supervisors" (no doubt the Democrat party) ready to break out champagne and Cuban cigars, with high-fives for all.

I am not the biggest Bush fan, but... my Lord. A day doesn't go by when he isn't scourged in the liberal press (is that a redundancy?) over the most idiotic things. I find myself amazed that the man... after all he is human... hasn't broken down and started hitting the bottle again. For this reason alone, he has shown himself to be a man of some character. Of course this is what drives the Left looney.

Take that endless canard of theirs; "He lied to us... there were no weapons of mass blah blah blah..." I want to wretch. How convenient that those on the Left who trumpet this tripe simply disregard the facts. Long before he took action against Saddam in Iraq, President Bush went to the United Nations and speechified about how Saddam Hussein had defied the UN's own sanctions, seventeen times as I recall - and that the UN must act or be rendered moot. The President's argument wasn't based simply on WMDs, he presented at least six different reasons why the UN must take serious action against the Iraqi dictator. Apparently, the UN felt the President's argument was convincing because it was one one of those rare instances where the UN Security Council voted UNANIMOUSLY in favor of Bush's proposal. Of course the hypocrites in that august body didn't really want to hurt Hussein, given that most of them were profiting dearly by secretly supplying the tyrant with the materials he neede to do his terrible deeds. So they hemmed and hawed and stalled. But Bush would have none of it. Even if he had to go it alone, he would do what he thought was in the interests of his country.

The Left can't seem to grasp that Bush has less than two years left in the White House. They don't have patience to allow history to play out. They want the President on his knees, crippled and impeached now. In their eyes, he can do no right. Any good he does is twisted into evil. Are they so stupid that they don't realize he would be forced to resign? Automatically making a man they hate and fear even more, Dick Cheney, President!? They'd get what they deserve.

Their hate runs so deep they might seek the help of some infamous ex-KGB type to slip some pallonium in Cheney's heart meds, quickly whisking "President Cheney" off the stage. Leaving that Rhodes Scholar and MENSA star, Nancy Pelosi, in charge. Which would make her the slam-dunk winner in 2008. I can see Nancy, smacking her freshly-applied lip gloss, extending her arms in a gesture of "togetherness" but with the middle digits of both her hands extended - one to Hillary, the other to Barak.

Okay, end of fantasy. But don't these morons on the Left, including most of Congress nowadays, realize that this endless tearing down of the President, this endless anti-American rhetoric has the ultimate effect of diminishing all of us - and them - as well? Don't they see how making Bush and the Republicans look bad in the eyes of the world simply tars all of us and them with that same icky brush? Can't they grasp that, to make a simple analogy, one half a family publicly denigrating the other half has the net effect of making the entire family look bad?

Constantly denigrating the present occupants of the White House is pathetic. It's our White House. Unlike like the last occupants, President and First Lady Bush have brought no dishonor to the place. Hillary Clinton is fond of criticising "the vast Right Wing Conspiracy." But it was not those on the Right who brought dishonor and embarrassment to our White House. It was President Clinton who ordered "USA" taken off Air Force planes which he sent in to join the NATO attack in the debacle in Kosovo, where hundreds of thousands of civilians were displaced or killed, and where we still to this day have US troops stationed. We hear little protest about this from Sean Penn and Cindy Sheehan. It was Clinton who turned a blind eye to terrorist attacks on the US - the first Trade Tower bombing and others - thereby showing weakness to our enemies, essentially encouraging them to become more daring. We hear no outrage from Bill Maher when he is reminded it was Clinton who allowed bin Laden to go free, who pardoned felons for cash, and who personally created the stains on the infamous blue dress and God knows where else in the Oval Office.


Suicide of a Nation

I don't recall anyone asking me if it was okay.

Was there a vote on this while I was away, or asleep?

Doesn’t an idea as drastic as the suicide of a great nation demand the agreement of those involved? I mean if it’s I and my family who are going to be buried, don’t we get a say in this?

Apparently not. Our government leaders, our mainstream news media, Hollywood, our business leaders, our courts, Wall Street, our education system, our unions, and most of all – whoever it is that regularly issues these absurd dictums on what is and what isn't politically correct – have formed a conspiracy of the like-minded. Conspiring to destroy the very fabric that has United our States for over two hundred years. They rush blindly, like lemmings, each trying to show they are more “progressive” than the other, dragging the rest of us, kicking and screaming, to plunge over the precipice of political correctness... into the abyss of some even more bizarre future.

In their effort to make this their vaunted new secular-progressive society, one which “they” – but not most of us – want, they use the courts to erase the very values that have kept the heart of this Republic beating. Why can’t we stop this insanity, I ask myself.

There are far too many people in the world now - and by extension - far too many in America. The empty shells we call leaders insist that we need even more: uneducated, ill-equipt and often physically ill migrants from other lands. People to whom our values mean little or nothing. More people means more criminals, more gangs, more drugs, more perverts, more sickness and more fools. We don't have enough cops and jails to hold the criminals. We did away with looney bins so the pervs walk free. We don't have enough hospitals or funds to care for the sick. So they roam free in our cities and now even our small towns, in increasing numbers, fouling the streets, looking for the sucker, the next free ride. And the fools have overtaken the education system, the courts, the media and, unfortunately the government. The inmates have indeed taken over the asylum.

This will only stop when we are enveloped in a true war of survival. Face it, if it were not for the endless whining of our media about the “failures” of Iraq, most of us who are not now in the military, or have someone very close to us in the military, would not even notice there was military action in Iraq. It’s not part of most Americans’ daily lives, as was WWII. The price of gas will go up anyway.

Perhaps the only good thing about a major and dirty war is that most everyone is involved in one way or another, pulling together, eyes on the prize. After WWII, America not only emerged victorious but all the better for it. Never was America so proud, so sharp and so full of promise as in that all-too-short post-war period. We had a very brief reminder of this right after 9/11. But the post-war period spawned a generation of self-loathing fools who now have infiltrated the nation's most powerful institutions.

Of course the fools don’t think they are fools. They never do. They see themselves as sophisticated, educated Epicureans, to the manor born. They see the rest of us as blind uneducated pawns lacking law degrees and doctorates in the social pseudo-sciences, pawns to be sacrificed in their rush over the precipice.

Paradoxically, it may be that a desperate war of survival is the only thing that will save America from herself. War has a way of forcing patriots to stop suffering the fools. Nobody suffers fools when the going gets rough. Even S-P fools are not so foolish that they don't fear cold steel and hot lead. Criminals and pervs are put where they belong or sent to war. And in the terrible process, world population is reduced to more reasonable levels.

What is a “reasonable” level? It’s like anything else; supply and demand. The more people there are, the less value each life has. People are a dime a dozen. Lose one, a thousand others rush to fill the void. But when there are more voids than there are people to fill them, well that's a reasonable level.

Of all the fools our post-war prosperity has spawned, the S-P fools stand at the head of the line. If it were up to me they would be the front line in the next serious war.

I don’t know about you, but to borrow a phrase from Bill O’Reilly, I ain’t drinking their damned Kool-Aid.