In Machiavelli’s “The Prince” (referring to a nation’s leader whether king, emperor or president) ...this father of political philosophy set down the “rules” for princes in the making, one of which is; when one rises through much adversity, the ultimate support for that new prince will last far longer than one who rises as a presumptive prince.

     Let’s take the example of Donald Trump, whose popularity grows despite the attacks on all sides, including his own. He defies the doxy of pundits and DC consultants. They don’t seem to get it. But Kent G. Bailey, Ph.D. does. Dr. Bailey explains in a recent WND article:

     “...Donald Trump is the prototypical, archetypal and testosterone-driven alpha male who rules by the sheer force of his personality, imposing physique, quick wit, mastery of repartee and almost hypnotic control over his gathering masses of adoring followers. He is Attila to the Huns, Henry V to the outnumbered English army, Winston Churchill to desperate allied forces, and now our fearless leader against the pagan forces of progressivism and political correctness. He is the unapologetic, quintessential warrior male of yore capable of vanquishing any and all opposition in his way.”

     If you doubt Donald, consider this: his IQ, as measured while attending Wharton, one of the world’s top-rated business colleges, is somewhere between 150-160. The Donald ranks up there with the world’s geniuses. Of course, IQ doesn’t necessarily correlate with smarts. After all, folks like Einstein and Casals were rather fumbly and lost outside their narrow fields of endeavor. 

     But Trump also ranks high in Q-scoring... popularity, likability, et cetera. Perhaps even more importantly, Donald is a true self-actualizer. His sense of self comes from somewhere deep inside him, not from what others think of him. He is in many ways a one-of-a-kind who lives on a different plane from most. He is able to think outside the box, and very quickly. Sometimes he says things spontaneously, without the politically correct filters most political candidates employ. Which is why he upsets the fey liberal media, which gets all twittery if The Donald says something that offends their delicate sensibilities. (As I recall they weren’t all that offended when their tight little club dubbed “Dubbya” Bush a dumbbell – whose IQ incidentally easily outsized media club members). Bulletin to little liberal media people: Trump doesn’t give a crap what you low IQ media people think. He has a very big goal – To Make America Great Again – and he won’t be deterred by those whom he considers unworthy obstructionists.

     In the face of a world obviously conspiring to change America into another third world mess, with tribes of illegals from third world nations, culturally off-beat life-stylers, racially disparate groups, even the Pope (!) clamoring for more and more radically liberal changes in America, it seems to traditionalists there was nobody representing their point of view – until Trump emerged as a serious candidate.

     Dr. Bailey continues:
     “Trump is not a clown, a bloviating buffoon, an intimidating bully, [nor] just a really rich guy hoping to buy America as a shiny new toy. He is ambitious to a fault, relentless in his desire to control, own and build, and he has success written into the DNA of every cell of his body. Yes, he is egotistical, over the top at times, and less soft and sentimental than some would like, but I think he would do pretty well in that closed conference room with Putin or Kim. They would respect him but not necessarily like him. These are the ways of the warrior males who have ruled the world from the beginning of time.”

     About a hundred years ago, Charles Fort wrote a series of books cataloging strange events which were documented from the earliest days up until his own era. Many date as far back as the 1600s. Fort’s “The Book of the Damned” is perhaps his best known. “Damned” refers not to damnation of human souls in a religious sense, but to science’s rejection of explanations for events which fall outside their orthodoxy.

             One Fortean notion is that there exists some inscrutable cosmic force which intervenes in the affairs of mankind, as if nature somehow measures an era’s needs and provides what is needed to satisfy its own program. Fort was not a religious man. His low opinion of religionists was outdone only by his even lower opinion of scientists and politicians.

          For example, in as unlikely a story as any fiction writer might dream up, in the era of the Roman Empire’s devotion to its ancient pagan gods, and its persecution of Christians; Constantine was “provided,” claiming a remarkable Pauline-like conversion to Christianity, thus changing history. The fledgling United States was about to fall apart; Lincoln was “provided.” Hitler’s Nazis were well on their way to establish a New Roman Empire; Churchill’s inspiration was “provided.” Rain falls. Winds blow. New species emerge. All by Providence and its unknowable mechanism.

           Today, traditional Americans know that their nation is in dire straits. Voters have no faith whatsoever that Washington’s career politicians can make things better. When they were holding the reins of Congress, Pelosi and Reid used every cheap trick in the book to push untenable liberal policies through Congress, but now supposed conservative Republicans Boehner and McConnell can’t even figure out which end of the gavel to hold. Accounting for why outsiders like Trump, Carson and Fiorina are attracting much of the public’s attention in the still-early stages of the GOP nomination process.

     Fort surely would contend that Trump has been somehow “provided.” There appears to be a certain implausible success to his campaign. Media sheep continue to predict (or wish?) his falling in the polls based on what happened to other early leaders in past election cycles. What happened to Fred Thompson, they ask; he was an early leader. Or Rudy Giuliani? Or Herman Cain and the other leaders who faded over time. But to make predictions based on convention is to miss the essential point. We may be witnessing the emergence of genuine heroic quality, the object of many a voter’s quest; a tamer, or at least a reformer, of Hobbes’ Leviathan.

           Perhaps Donald Trump has studied Machiavelli’s “The Prince” (the title refers to a nation’s leader whether a king, emperor or president) ...and instinctively or not, Trump has adopted the sage advice. Which perhaps is why he continues to rise through adversity. If Machiavelli is right, the ultimate support for Trump will last far longer than for those who rise as the presumptive prince. Or princess.



     I thought Megyn Kelly was too smart to mess up her big opportunity; a political debate with the biggest-ever tv audience all wrapped up for her by Donald Trump’s enormous appeal.
     Her questions were so peculiar that it struck me:
     The League of Billionaire Political Donors finds itself in a quandary.
     Candidates approach these donors on bent knee, kissing their rings (or some other part of their anatomy) in order to acquire major contributions to the candidate’s war chest.
     Donations begged and bagged, of course, are not without strings attached. The donor now owns the beggar, and expects “favors” in direct proportion to the amount of dough in the bag. But billionaires are human too. They enjoy the thrill of power and standing like anybody else. Only more so. The influence they yield can change a nation, steer even greater profits to their businesses through changes in law they demand; and steering the nation itself, at least philosophically. Wielding this kind of influence is heady stuff. Bohemian Grove heady.
     But what happens when a potential candidate comes along who really doesn’t need their dough?  What if he is one of them! Oh, he’ll be happy to take their dough, but he doesn’t really need it. So donations to him don’t come with a big IOU. What happens? Your influence takes a serious hit, that’s what happens. At this level of political intrigue, the stakes are far too high to simply accept a mischievous rich guy who doesn’t need their dough, and whose threats to overturn their delicious apple cart attracts a growing number of devoted, and surprisingly aware, voter fans. The LOBPD is invested heavily in the status quo.
     What to do, what to do?
     Maybe they’ll call in some of the IOU’s they hold. Maybe they’ll call their friends in the media world; the pundit world; the internet world. Perhaps even the polling world. All those who want and need donor bucks.
     “This rich guy is a problem,” they might say. “We own the others on both sides, but he won’t genuflect. Tell your people to take him down.”
     And so we see the obedient, eminently pliable “useful idiots” – media hosts, directors, editors, pundits, and yes, pollsters, sharpening their lances. Of course they’d prefer to take the big bad dragon down s-l-o-w-l-y because, well, the truth is he’s very, very good for ratings.
     How else to account for the huuuge audience which watched Thursday night’s so-called political “debate?” Had the rich guy, the trouble-maker, not been advertised in the center-top position, far fewer would have watched the other nine predictable, boring beggars. Begging for camera time, begging for donations, begging for votes. But the mischievous rich guy really doesn’t give a shit about any of them, including the would-be dragon slayer, the good-looking, sharp-tongued, new gal on the block who probably got her marching orders from her boss, who got marching orders from his boss, who got marching orders from The League of Billionaire Political Donors.
     After all is said and done, the slayer’s lance is not quite sharp enough; her own reputation is singed when the dragon breathes fire, and he won’t go down.

     (It was rather creepy hearing the sycophants surrounding Ms Kelly cheering for her unprofessional performance, some of them once-respected old-timers who ought to know better. Kudos go to Sean Hannity, perhaps the only actual conservative on FOX’s line-up, for resisting the temptation.)

     Megyn and her cohorts tried. The polls suggest they failed. The League of Billionaire Political Donors still has the problem. In fact, it’s worse now.
     What to do, what to do?
     Aha... charges of racism... yeh, that’s the ticket... racism! Or maybe...



     Republican officials and conservative talking heads, hearing public outrage over recent videos which show Planned Parenthood executives discussing the sale of (as one exec terms them) human “fetal cadavers” and their parts, like butchers describing how they slaughter fresh-killed lambs, attempt to cut-off all Federal tax-payer support to Planned Parenthood.
     Cadaver. Dictionary definition: “a dead body.”
     Dead body. Definition: “no longer alive.”
     Can a fetus be a cadaver – a dead body – if it were not alive a moment before a Planned Parenthood butcher slaughtered it?
     The progressive left’s argument about a fetus not being a living being was terminated in just two words by one of its own.
     Congressional Republicans go through the motions to defund.
     Of course, the predictable failure comes.
     Then speeches by presidential hopefuls, and the obligatory determination to try again.
     The knobby knees of the other side jerk as Senator Reid sells whatever quark-sized particle of his soul remains, preaching on the Floor of The Senate how Republicans have “lost their moral compass.” 
     Oh. Reid deftly switches the subject. Outrage aside, he and his legions claim anyone who feels Planned Parenthood should be defunded on legal or moral grounds puts the nation’s mothers and daughters and wives and sisters and cousins and female neighbors and good ol’ Aunt Bea in danger by denying them the Federally sanctioned opportunity to terminate their unwanted pregnancies at any time, for just about any reason. Now poor Aunt Bea will have to have Mr. Goss’s baby, and perhaps some Planned Parenthood folks won’t be able to profit on the illicit sales of their goulish products.
     So here we have conservatives demanding the end of tax-payer funding of Planned Parenthood on moral grounds. But the other side, a bastion of morality built on highest ground, claims conservatives have lost their moral compass. If this entire subject were not so gruesome, the juxtaposition might be funny. But it’s not.
     Oh sure. Threats of government shut-down from Democrats. How predictable and tiresome these threats. Shut the government down? Please. Better still, do America a favor, let our Congressmen and Senators resign if they feel that strongly. Yeh, we insist! Resign, all you knee-jerking jerks.
     Our elected officials never learn. Republicans over-blow every unfortunate situation into crises. Do they need hay that much? Then unctuous Democrats re-frame the argument, making Republican rubes look like they’re responsible for shutting down that poorly regarded, barely functioning, incredibly inefficient, money-wasting, bloated thing we call the Federal Government. Shut it down and resign. What’s the big loss? Poor Aunt Bea can’t take little Opie to a Federal Park? Even Bea knows there is still plenty of free wilderness to be had.
    While both sides continue to play their games, insuring nothing ever changes, how many millions more innocent foetuses need succumb to steely knives, the cadaver pieces offered like cold chicken livers in plastic wrap at the local market.