“If we do what is necessary,
the odds will be in our favor.”

~Paul  Buxton
If we do what is necessary, all the odds are in our favor. Charles Buxton
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            President Obama,  the Clintons and the Democratic machine would have you believe they are afraid of President-elect Donald Trump’s ambitious agenda. That he will pursue a course far more aggressively conservative than past Republican presidents. That he will do what must be done.
         They tell you they are afraid Trump will build that wall to keep out trespassers. That he will deport criminal aliens.
         That he will start some kind of trade war with China and other manufacturing centers in the world.
         That he will tax the middle class and not the wealthy.
         That he will  dismantle, replace or improve the ACA, better known as ObamaCare, leaving the poor without healthcare, students non-covered, and those with pre-existing conditions at the mercy of those cruel insurance companies.
         That he will undo all the work, and (as they see it) the accomplishments of President Obama.

         But what Obama, the Clintons and the Democratic Party are really afraid of is that President-elect Trump will succeed! That he will set in motion a chain of events leading to a reversal of the past eight years of stagnant growth, growing joblessness and poverty, increased crime in America’s inner cities, and turmoil in the Middle East.
        Believe me, they will not let a day pass without denigrating whatever Mr. Trump does. No matter how trivial, petty and absurd their attacks will be, they will be totally invested in portraying the Trump Administration as an abject failure. They are betting on it. They are instigating it. They will manufacture failure if they can.
        Simple. This election was a repudiation of liberal policies which have resulted in all the failures noted above, and which have produced an angry electorate filling virtually every office, from Congress down to State and local municipalities, with Republicans. Democrats are wise to fear that Americans may never again elect a liberal to any significant office across the entire nation. They have seen where liberal policies got us, and they don’t like it. They’ve had enough of it.

        Which is why the real fear on the Democrat side is that, despite all the horse pucky they, the Media, Hollywood, Academia, unions, the Republican establishment an even foreign leaders have thrown at Candidate Trump, he will continue to defy them, out-wit them, and ultimately crush them. They fear he will succeed with his agenda because they know that’s what he is all about. Succeeding, no matter what the odds.
        They are afraid that Trump might actually Make America Great Again!