“Surely there is no more wretched sight than a human unloved and uncared for.” 

Corrie ten Boom

     When I was a teenager, oh so many years ago, there was an old-fashioned dry cleaning/tailor shop in the neighborhood in which I grew up. I came to know the proprietor, first as a customer, then as a friend. He was a quiet, diminutive old man. The sort of man you’d expect to find in a dimly lit little shop, a shop that somehow felt haunted.
     On one of my frequent visits, I noticed two gaunt faces peeking out at me from behind a curtain which separated the shop area from whatever was in the back. The tailor called out two children, introducing them as his son and daughter. They looked to be no more than nine or ten. Though I was just fifteen, I could sense these kids were troubled. They didn’t speak much. They looked like happiness was not a part of their lives, and their expressions and complexions suggested they didn’t do much playing out in the sunlight.

      One day, I asked the tailor where their mother was. He looked me square in the eye, sizing me up – was I old enough or bright enough to hear his story. He decided I was.

      “She’s dead,” he said. Just like that.
      With measuring tape hanging about his neck, and straight pins held between his lips, he described how he and his wife were Polish Jews who were picked up and put on a train straight to one of Hitler’s death camps. When, after interrogation, the camp staff learned he was a tailor, they decided to let him live. They needed tailors to maintain Nazi uniforms. Unfortunately they had no use for his wife. So, he said, they murdered her right in front of him. His eyes weren’t exactly wet, but the look on his face... that story... aged me ten years right on the spot. I don’t think I spoke or even swallowed for a long while after he stopped talking.

      I’m not Jewish. But I felt his pain. Their pain. It was the 1950’s. I had only heard about things like this in the grainy, black-and-white movie newsreels of the time. A sense of the individual human toll had never touched me so deeply before.
      I asked about the children, but too many years have gone by, I don’t recall what he said. I think they were too young to have been born before their mother was murdered. Perhaps they were adopted children. I do not know. But I do know this: the Holocaust happened, and you better believe it and keep believing it because there are always those who want to convince you it didn’t. And if you think there aren’t people in this world who are crazy enough to try again, you are lying to yourself.
      There were almost 50 million people killed in that terrible war – WWII. Can you comprehend that number? 50 million! More than 17 million young men in the military. 18 million civilians. More than 12 million people were killed by the Nazis. The dead were Germans, Poles, Russians, Jews of many nations, Americans, Japanese, Chinese, Brits, Italians, Northern Africans, Arabs and just about every other nationality on the planet. The Nazis attempted to eradicate the Jews – and Christians as well. Oh yes, Christians. When the Russian Army overtook Nazi camps in Poland, they discovered enough Zyklon B crystals to kill 20 million more people. But there were fewer than three million Jews remaining in Europe. Hitler and his crew had already murdered more than 5 million Jews and 7 million Christians, but the devil contemplated killing 20 million more. This is what happens when nations appease psychopathic leaders who have delusions of world domination and the means to that end.                 

      Islamic fundamentalists have delusions of a new world-wide caliphate. Or maybe they just have plain ol’ revenge deeply woven into their subconscious. Revenge for how the Old Testament describes Abraham and Sarah treated Ishmael, half-brother of the younger Isaac. If you have not read this part of The Old Testament, I urge you to, as Ishmael is considered by many to be a seminal figure in their tribes. And as an ancient proverb suggests; “Revenge is a dish best served... cold.”
      I can think of another biblical admonishment which applies here. It is sage advice for our next president. “If you learn that a man is planning to sneak into your tent to kill your family, sneak into his and kill him first.”



“Pretend inferiority
and encourage your enemy’s arrogance.”

~Sun Tzu

     As readers of this blog know by now, I have been Donald Trump’s number one supporter from before day one. So I want to remind the newly forming Trump Administration of Senator Rick Santorum’s reply, in an early Republican Debate, to the question of how he would defeat ISIS. His answer was both insightful and important. If our new president ignores it, it is at his own (and our!) peril.
     I am paraphrasing and expanding on it here because the good Senator only had about 60 seconds to try and get this across to the audience. I’m not sure how many are familiar enough with religious sentiment to grasp the deeper meaning and significance of his reply. Santorum is, being himself a devout Catholic.
     The Senator explained that Islam is different from other religions, and that this difference is critical to understanding the jihad. Islam is somewhat similar to other religions before they were reformed. It is still inextricably intertwined with politics and law.

      We in The West have, for the most part, successfully separated religion and government. So, for example, Catholic politicians in America don’t govern according to the Pope’s decrees. Many of us think other religions have gone through the same reformations. They haven’t. To be a faithful practitioner of “true” Islam requires that you adhere to all three parts: the day-to-day religious practices, the political/governance (the re-emergence of a caliphate), and sharia law.
     Therefore, Santorum concludes, as Muslims around the world see how ISIS has begun the successful building of a new caliphate centered in the Middle East, their faith calls them to support it wherever they may be, and in any way they can. Never mind the methods. Those who have already joined in this effort are the first wave of jihadi warriors. As they become more successful, and Muslims around the world see the caliphate grow, rather than be attracted to the weak position of someone like Barack Obama and most leaders in the West, they are attracted to the strong horse. The new caliphate.
     Santorum claims the only way to stop this spread of a modern death cult is to defeat ISIS where they are; to win back the territory they have taken, and return it to the moderate Muslim native population freed from the threat of death. Make no mistake; many jihadists actually look forward to the apocalypse – the final clash between Islam and the West.
     Applying psychology 101, Santorum claims once the strong horse begins to weaken, once the Muslim world begins to see the caliphate shrink, those who once supported it will lose their respect and taste for the jihad.
     The Senator seems to have it right. He understands faith in a way which those who are not religious cannot. Politicians, for the most part, who claim to be religious but are not really, and media mavens who mock religion at every turn, simply cannot grasp the fervor with which those in the jihad believe in the apocalyptic vision. It’s the foundation of their hatred for the West. It’s precisely why they seek to draw the Great Satan and his little brother, Israel, into the final battle. It’s a war which the West will certainly win, but at what cost?
     If Iran gets the nukes they so dearly want – and mark my words, unless the United States stops them, they will –  they will use the nuclear threat to make the West bend to their will. But the down card is, if they wind up using those nukes anywhere in the Middle East, they risk poisoning their own territories, making it a caliphate of death. So their targets will have to be elsewhere. Which is why Obama’s Iranian nuclear deal must be overturned.
     We do not know with any degree of certainty that Obama has a Muslim heart. But he grew up with Islam, and he surely displays his affection for it. Just as those who grew up in Christianity or Judaism, but who may no longer practice it, will still have affection for it in some emotional way. Even if it’s just the holidays, or just the music!

       Some believe this is why President Obama seemed to be doing whatever he could to help the spread of Islam, or at least not trying to stop the actual growth of the caliphate while pretending to be trying to stop it. This very tactic – taqiyya, lying to non-believers in order to advance the cause of Islam by gaining the trust of non-believers in order to draw out their vulnerability and defeat them – shows Obama’s understanding of Islamic political practices.
     But does he understand that, while he may think the Muslim’s morning call to prayer is the most beautiful sound, if he continues to champion its spread across the landscape of the West, there will be hell to pay.



If you have small-government,
traditional values,
you may be considered
by your own leadership
to be an enemy of the state.

~Monica Crowley

             These days, we hear a lot from the Left defending “American values,” and how certain ideas are “un-American.” Imagine,  an international criminal like George Soros lectures us about American values.
       Listening to their supercilious pontification, one suspects they believe there is some list, chiseled in stone, enumerating these values. Maybe on the Lincoln Memorial, or in The Constitution, or maybe a plaque bearing a poem adhered to the base of the Statue of Liberty. As if, even if there were such a list, it would be immutable, never varying with time or situation, over the history of a nation.
         What are these so-called American values imagined by these pretend patriots?
         Millions of needy American citizens – families, individuals, children – who have been American citizens all their lives, can eat dog food. But the Left cries crocodile tears to help anyone from any foreign nation who claims to need help – as long as they are seen to be bringers of chaos (or future liberal votes) to our shores. While America’s poor gets lip service, in many communities such as those in California, immigrants are provided with new homes, fully furnished, with creature comforts many poorer, or even hard working Americans, cannot afford. The social contract rationalizes this by suggesting they will find a job within six months, then return the “loans” by paying taxes.
          But they don’t want jobs. They may be unfamiliar with our traditions, but they are not without guile; they know that after six months of (not) searching for work, they become eligible for dozens of government programs wherein they may receive unconditional benefits, seemingly forever! But needy traditional Americans don’t even get to suck hind teat; they get zip. That’s “American values” according to the Left.
         What about Democratic Congress passing the sweeping health insurance law we call ObamaCare, with thousands of unread pages, paying not the slightest attention to the opposition’s warnings, never asking “traditional” Americans if they even wanted it; passing it by some arcane Congressional rules maneuver in the dead of night? Democratic deceit. Another American value.
         Or maybe it’s the Left’s passionate support and defense of those who profit from the mutilation and killing of almost-born babies. There’s a real American value for you.
         How about one of their favorite Presidents and one of his recently dearly departed minions selling our technology secrets to China and other adversarial nations? Another one of their “American Value$$$.”
        The current leader of the Democrat Party rushes to judgment on criminal cases based on the race of the victim and alleged perpetrator, influencing the authorities, judges and juries.  I do not recall anyone asking for the President’s opinion before the facts are in. “Rushing to judgment.” Another American value according to the President.
         While using the full force of the Democrat’s media arm – i.e. virtually all major media in America! – to drown all of America in a waterfall of guilt and street retribution for any incident where a non-white is killed or harmed by a white person, they continue to ignore the horrible slaughter of blacks killed by other blacks in gangland’s drug and turf wars. Looking the other way while thousands of American children – some as young as four years old! – are lost to street violence; Liberals’ idea American values.
         One of my personal favorite American values is sending our brave leader overseas to apologize for things with which you and I and most Americans had nothing whatsoever to do. That really swells my pride in American values.
        Or using the IRS and other government agencies to “legally” punish the Left’s opponents? Then, when caught red-handed, to not prosecute the perps on the pretense that they themselves performed the investigation and found no evidence. There’s real American value.
          Or droning on about taking away the ability of American citizens to protect themselves and their families by voiding the Second Amendment, while inviting thousands of unvettable potential terrorists (not to mention rapists and drug gangs) into the nation’s cities... good ol’ fashioned American values, eh?
         How about the quadri-annual pounding of Wall Street by the Left’s presidential candidates... the very same ones who receive major contributions from the same Wall Street and K Street lobbyists? Hypocracy? Even Bernie Sanders didn’t think that was an American value.
         Then there’s the old Washington DC tradition of elected officials putting the interests of any crony with influence or cash ahead of those who pay their salary – something which is generally punished in the private sector but taken for granted by government officials. American value.
         The aforementioned are just a few of the more controversial expressions of the Left’s idea of American values. The list is much longer.
         There are minor American values, such as threatening arrest, punishment and infamy for a little white boy who bit his Pop-Tart snack into the shape of a gun while at school. One of those terribly dangerous Pop-Tarts capable of squirting a drop of filling almost 3 inches! But when a boy of another complexion brings what looks to his teachers like some kind of improvised explosive device, he is celebrated as a science genius rivaling the likes of Isaac Newton, brought to the White House by President Obama, given awards, offered scholarships, flown around the world to meet with Muslim royalty. The Left celebrates because he is associated, in their minds at least, with those who bring chaos to America. Then to cap it all off, his parents bring a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the school. Meanwhile, the little white boy and his family are humiliated for bringing an unlicnsed, dangerous, loaded Pop-Tart to school. That seems fair, doesn’t it? Like an American value.
         Political correctness which shuts down access of even the most moderate Republican spokespersons to speak at many publicly funded universities – funded incidentally in a good part by these very same Republicans. Or to even set up military recruitment kiosks within university bounds. The very same military which insures the university faculty’s ability to flaunt The Constitution. As red-blooded an American value as Old Glory.
         And what about that awful, horrible tradition of Christian Americans to display symbols of their faith at Christmas and Easter? Obviously any expression of faith by Christians in America goes against the Left’s most treasured American values.
         Wealthy and powerful Americans like Al Gore and President Obama travel around the globe, spewing untold tons of pollutants into the atmosphere on their way to preach about how you and I are flouting American values by polluting the atmosphere with our little 60-watt incandescent light bulbs, and destroying the planet’s balance by eating too many bacon cheeseburgers. These Amerikan values – the belief in global warming and climate change, more as a religion than a fact, have become as big a business as any major religion.
       But what exactly is the Left’s absurd belief in global warming or climate change as a miraculous cause of anger within some Middle East nations – anger of such magnitude that they want to destroy America and her little brother Israel? Nothing other than simple belief. Belief!
        There is no more reliable, reputable scientific proof of global warming as cause of terrorist activity (or anything else) as there is proof that Jesus is the son of God. These things are beliefs. And belief in unprovable things is just faith. And faith in the unprovable is really another way of describing religion. The religious cult of the Left conducts its unholy agenda according to the canon of Marxism, all the while pretending its opposition, not itself, is against American values.

       The Left claims it is against American values to suggest – as Donald Trump and others have – that the American people – including the Left! – must be protected from enemies sworn to kill us. Mr. Trump might have modified his declaration a bit, which might have made it sound more reasonable. He might have said we should temporarily stop the immigration of any “unknown” or “unvetted” foreigner. That is, any foreigner who we do not already know... so that the many Muslims who we regularly do business with, or educators, scientists, ambassadors, leaders and so forth would not be subject to the pause.
         It’s obvious that had yesteryear’s leaders been infected with the same Leftist religious orthodoxy; coddling the enemy, denying they even are the enemy, inviting them into our land, allowing them to capture our weaponry, punishing any military leader on our side who dares speak out or tries to take the fight to the enemy, we would never have vanquished our enemies in WWII, and bad as it is today, the world would be in a much worse fix .
          If the idea of pausing immigration until our leaders can figure out “what the hell is going on” is called unAmerican by Hillary Clinton and the Left, I suggest that their “religion” has converted large segments of our government and populace. So why shouldn’t government employees who believe in this religious claptrap be subject to the separation of church and State rule they are so fond of siting? They, including President Obama, should stop foisting their religion on America, or declare we no longer are governed by a secular government.
         It appears to this writer that to our President and his Leftist minions, anything – from Pop-Tarts to unvetted and illegal immigrants to the unwillingness to clamp down on street gangs – anything that brings chaos to our streets brings them closer to their goal of transforming our nation into another Marxist failure.
        As a political tool, chaos is the Left’s traditional international value.



     President Obama needs to be schooled on the difference between sticking to one’s beliefs and dangerous stubbornness.
     As I ponder the  question of whether or not “refugees,” illegal immigrants and other “unvettables” should be welcomed by the thousands into the United States in these troubled times,  I am reminded of a meeting (perhaps better described as a confrontation) I had with the CEO of the then largest ad agency, for which I worked.
     “I want you to think about letting Jesse go,” says the CEO. “He’s paranoid.”
     Jesse was a young fellow I superviseda good creative guy. He was off-beat in a business as full of off-beats as Dave Brubeck’s brilliant drummer (Joe Morello – RIP).
     “Sure, he’s a bright kid, but he’s hanging around my office asking my secretary too many questions that are none of his damned business.”
     “Hmm... really?”
     “Really. Hes been acting weird with our suppliers and even our clients. We can’t afford a loose cannon on this ship.
     “Look... if a guy can’t leave a meeting without turning around to see if anyone is going to stab him in the back, that, is paranoid!”
     I stared, wondering if this is all he had to worry about as a CEO.
     “Well, isn’t it!?” he demanded.
     “It depends,” I mused.
     “On what!?”
     “Well... if, when he turns around, nobody is holding a knife – yes, he might be paranoid. But, if when he turns around, somebody is holding a knife... he’s just being careful.”
     The CEO glared at me.
     In retrospect, I can see that I had been sheltering Jesse because he was inexperienced and I didn’t think he posed any real problems for the company. But hearing the CEO’s concerns, I allowed how I might have let stubbornness – my reluctance to accept what was obvious to others concerning Jesse – influence my decision to shelter the young fellow.
     The CEO pointed to the door. I left. And yes, just this once, I did turn around.
     Shortly afterward, sadly, Jesse weirded himself over the edge. I had no choice. We let him go.
     Getting back to the question of who should or shouldn’t be coming into our country, it strikes me that President Obama could stand to take a lesson from the foregoing. Rather than insinuate that the vast majority of Americans is either racist, or anti-immigrant, or whatever today’s confidential White House eMail tells the media to call us, he might try to understand our sense of discomfort... no... considering the recent events in San Bernardino, perhaps our sense of dread or foreboding are more descriptive... about inviting the wolves into our fold. We are getting tired of the excuse that not all immigrants are lupine... of course they are not all anything... how ridiculous... but if only 5% of them are, that’s 50,000,000 potential terrorists! Only a stubborn fool refuses to acknowledge that hidden among the sheep may potentially be some of that 5% of wolves in sheepskins. President Obama may be stubborn, but he is no fool. There is something else at work here.
     That Americans of good sensibility have concerns about this issue does not signify hatred, bigotry or paranoia. Being extra careful, extra vigilant in times of trouble is simply common sense.
     On the other hand, what do we call the deliberate act of someone who, in the face of ever-mounting evidence, stubbornly continues to go out of his way to invite what he surely knows are significant numbers of hidden wolves into our nation – a blatant violation of his oath, and the faith we put in our President to protect the homeland?

     It’s called treachery.





Originally published 12/2/15

      Conservative readers of The New York Times were surely disheartened by comments posted by readers of: “Wary of Donald Trump, G.O.P. Leaders Are Caught in a Standoff.”
       That the article itself is so obviously anti-Trump is, of course, no surprise. But apparently Times’ readers so despise Republicans that they are unable or unwilling to articulate one single positive thought about anyone or anything on the right. We have reached a new low, when Times readers’ comments – every one well-written by seemingly educated people – express such vehement hostility toward those with whom they disagree. Seven years into the Obama administration, they are still blaming Bush, the Republicans and conservatives in general  for everything Obama has been unable or unwilling to fix or change. Reading the comments, I could not avoid the feeling that I was reading the notes from a lodge meeting of the International Soros Club. I could take just so much of this torrent of hate spewing, so stopped reading the comments after a couple of dozen, uninterrupted by one single positive word.
        It strikes me that the left simply doesn’t understand what the right actually is! For example, they characterize Republicans as obstructionists because they have done whatever they can to stop President Obama from getting his way on every one of the progressive goals he has sought to achieve. Do they not understand that Republicans are basically conservative? Do they not exactly grasp what “conservativism” actually is? According to Webster:

a political philosophy based on tradition and social stability, stressing established institutions, and preferring gradual development to abrupt change which leads to instability.

        Permit me to ask this impertinent question of my friends on the left: do you expect people in the Republican Party to agree with you... to go along with everything you demand? Wouldn’t that make them Democrats? Wouldn’t that give America one-party governance? That is what you really want, isn’t it? Is that because you can’t win voters over to your side with ideas? So you have to attack, fabricate and lie about those who disagree with you?
        Before throwing the “racist” epithet at Donald Trump, understand this: the very idea of this America we live in was conceived, designed and brought about by men like him: strong-willed white men of European heritage. Those seeking a new kind of freedom from their old bonds. And they won it under the leadership of many men the likes of George Washington. Liberals and weak-kneed Republicans may not like to hear this. America was conceived to be a nation with limited immigration, governed by white people of European background.
        It was not a perfect union, but it contained Constitutional mechanisms for reforming itself in an orderly fashion: if slavery was a bad idea, statesmen convinced the nation it was, and at great cost this ancient evil tradition was discarded. The evolution in our immigration policy was more the result of the need for more workers in our amazing industrial revolution than of moral sentiment.
        America’s Western traditions are much older than our nation, coming from centuries, even millennia, of slow evolution in cultures going all the way back to Sumer, Greece, Rome and England where the ideas of Western civilization were born and raised. These remained relatively stable all the way into the 1950s, when Caucasians amounted to somewhat more than 25% of the world’s population. Since then, however, the percentage of whites in the world’s population has been steadily dropping due to the skyrocketing birth rates of non-white populations around the world. Unless trends change, by 2050-60, estimates of the percentage of whites in world population will drop precipitously to well under 10%. Of course the various groups of Asian-Indian peoples, each with their own ancient traditions, now comprise and probably will continue to be the largest percentage of world population.

        Let us explain, for New York Times readers, who undoubtedly are ecstatic over these numbers but who don’t fathom the implications, what the results will surely be. Assuming liberal policies remain unchanged, it is inevitable that America will reflect these population shifts, and be overwhelmed by an influx of cultures. As a result, America’s age-old traditions will disappear, replaced by a melange of foreign cultures which, while just as old, reflect many traditions incompatible with the America we currently know. It is therefore inevitable that America, if still handcuffed by liberal policies, will no longer be able to advance its unique Western traditions; no longer be able to set standards of freedom and inventiveness; but will accede to political correctness which will negatively affect everything from commerce to education, to religion, politics, health, diet, morality and world relations. We already are seeing this pushed upon us by leaders who put America’s interests at the bottom of their agenda.
        I am quite sure there are many who think this is just fine. Their attitude being, well, whites have enjoyed “privilege” for so long, now it’s others’ turns. But one need only examine the cases of those nations which have gone from white leadership to non-white leadership to see the folly in this optimism. While nations like Japan, led by Asians, have generally done very well, the Japanese are a very disciplined, homogeneous culture with very evolved traditions. They are self-sufficient and very industrious; traits leading to a successful, prosperous culture. We, here in America, are moving in the opposite direction.

        All of which brings us back to the Times article. If the GOP and the liberal press still don’t grasp why Donald Trump is so popular with conservative Americans, let me make it clear: it is because they do not want to lose those traditions and freedoms won at the cost of our most precious blood. It is because timid Republican leaders – RINOs — who do not have enough foresight or love for our Western traditions to fight for them, have worn out their welcome.
        Oh, immigrants will still be welcome according to Trump, but with the understanding that they must come in legally, gradually, on the basis of merit, and with the intention of assimilating into our traditions, not the other way around.



Paris, France. Terrorism.

    The kind of terrorism which, once again, reaches across the Atlantic, to make its mark on the scarred psyche of America.

     Have our scars made us afraid to confront the truth? At this time in our history, hidden carefully within the benign immigrant hordes, are rotten apples. Trained, funded and masters of the surprise attack, revelers in blood and carrion. When will we in America take immigration enforcement seriously? The key to immigration law enforcement is not a matter of numbers so much as a matter of whom.

     Rail as much as you like against Donald Trump’s hard-line stance: if you don’t have enforceable borders, you don’t have a country. Many Americans, liberal Democrats and their media minions, paint Trump’s stance as an affront to Mexicans, or perhaps Hispanic peoples in general. That’s a narrow-minded, ideological view. Looked at in a broad context, almost half the illegal immigration to the United States consists of non-Hispanic people from other parts of the world. Many come with visas of various types, by sea and by air from all over the world. When their visas expire, they choose to break the law; they do not leave. Safe to assume they never intended to honor our, or their own nation’s visa laws. They lied every step of the way.

     We may have their names in computerized lists, but this doesn’t really tell us anything about who they are – and sadly – where they are. They may have given “student” or other benign-sounding reasons for entering the U.S. Now we have “refugees.” Once here, the rotten apples are like
I.E.D.s – Improvised Explosive Devices – set to go off when we least expect it. The lax immigration enforcement policies of our current administration virtually insures they will go off. Does anyone remember the seemingly benign fellows from the Middle East who were here “legally?” Who learned to fly planes here, legally? Who then purchased airline tickets legally? Then flew the planes into the World Trade Towers.

     The carnage in Paris ought to be enough to get even President Obama to define the problem: but he won’t. They can be from anywhere. Though not Mexican, many sneak across our southern border. Which is why we need Trump’s wall, and the enforcement policies to go with it. Not because we hate Mexicans, or Hispanics, or Arabs, or Asians, or anyone. But because we hate to see innocent people maimed and killed. We need to identify and stop those with evil intent from creating Paris-like chaos on the streets of our country. Our president’s reaction; release three more Gitmo jihadis.

     Additionally, we have to acknowledge that among the millions of so-called “illegals” already within the U.S. – who have come here from many nations – a certain percent of jihadis hide among the innocents. A good number have long criminal records, some belonging to underground gangs and hidden terrorist cells spread throughout the U.S. It’s not like we don’t know how and where they get together after they are settled here.
Immigrants come to the U.S. for many different reasons. Some of them come just for the benefits, with no intention of becoming one of the Left’s vaunted “hard-working immigrants.” California is among the most charitable States when it comes to immigrants imported by Obama’s administration. And where do these “poor” people gravitate to? San Diego. Ranking among the top three or four of America’s most expensive cities to live in! “The chosen” get free apartments, furnished, large-screen tv’s, and an opportunity for employment. If they are unable or unwilling to find work (theory is they will repay our charity by paying their taxes – have you stopped laughing or crying yet?) If unable to find work – these immigrants have been schooled by the Democratic machine – they know how to work the system to qualify for free benefits from dozens of government agencies. Theoretically, they can weasel as much as $650,000 over the years! Cost to the tax-payers? Many billions of dollars annually. No one in government seems to care.

     So, please forgive me if I show little sympathy for this relatively new class of immigrant. Our forbears came here from other countries. None of this assistance was available to them back in the day. I do not recall that they set out to bilk America for every penny they can, demanding the American taxpayer give them every possible creature comfort. Demanding! But to the Democratic Party, the cost doesn’t enter into the equation. All that matters is creating another class of “paid” Democratic voters, perpetually dependent upon them, in their thrall... a bondage of the soul.

     President Obama and the Liberal Democratic machine do not care if they are importing the rotten apples embedded in this new class of immigrants. Collateral damage. They are actually more like “invitees.” If the rest of us do not go along with them, we are labeled racists or xenophobes, or just plain haters. But the rotten deeds of the rotten apples are arousing the ire of Americans toward immigration in general.

     If you are one of those hold-outs who do not believe even now that Obama’s motives are less beneficent than they are to create chaos in America; if you still don’t see how he is doing everything he can, winking at his core, to bring it about – Ferguson, Baltimore, Chicago, Oakland, et al., and how this new class of refugees is an I.E.D. – an Improvised Explosive Device – just like in Paris, London and many European Cities – I have to wonder how much more it will take to make you see the obvious.

     This is why Donald Trump remains high in the polls. If Democrats don’t care how treacherous, how terribly dangerous their immigration policies are, why in hell should Republicans give a damn if Trump’s language and hard stance on immigration offends anyone? The man wants to build his wall, to rebuild our military, to protect our nation!



     It’s kind of awful, unable to do much of anything meaningful, sitting by, watching and muttering as the left and its minions on the streets of America rampage on, like a pack of hungry mice chewing away on the very fabric of The Constitution. No... more than The Constitution: tradition, reality and common sense.
     In deeply troubling times, bamboozled voters elected America’s first African-American president. How proud the cheering throng was. He was going to “change” things. How could what polling suggested, at the time, was a majority conservative nation, elect an unknown, untested fellow named Obama? They were so thoroughly brainwashed by Hollywood films which portrayed black men as hero presidents, that they believe that’s how it would be if they elected an African-American president. Why, black presidents were so effective they saved the world from aliens. But as we see, reality and screen plays are two entirely different things. Apparently, Chris Matthews’ “simpletonian” voters are unable to grasp such subtleties. Great job, Hollywood. You guys are the Maytag Men of brain-washers.
     Now, the left is dedicated to elect a woman for pretty much the same reason.
     In both cases, it’s as if it’s nothing more than a movie casting call to the Hollywood left and their legion of adoring simpleton followers. Who gets the part? The most accomplished person? The person with the best plan to revive our economy? The person with the best plan to deal with Putin and the Middle East chaos? Maybe the most honest person? No. None of this is on the casting table. The one who is chosen is the one the director and studio execs think “fits the part.” The part being the next baton carrier for the left’s world-wide socialist agenda. And when it’s decided, the entire entertainment legion, having received its orders, marches out and sells the anointed one to the simpletons in the hinterburghs of America.
     It’s the same script every cycle. Road trips. Hand shaking in diners stocked with SAG movie extras.
     Places! Lights! Sound (speed!) Camera (rolling!) ...and...action! 
     Hillary visits a diner in Mayberry, shaking hands with Goober, Emma Watson and Floyd the barber while they’re making fun of Barney Fife over coffee and half-baked gooseberry pie. 
     “How y’all doin’ this here fine day?” says Hillary in her best Southernese.
     Miss Emma blinks hard and whispers across the table to Goober, “Golly Neds, Goober... I think she’s Hillary!
     “Say it agin...” says Goob.
     Emma says, “Yer that there fine lady runnin’ for president, right? Can I have yer autygraph?”
     “You folks gonna vote fer me?”
     “Sho nuf!”
     “Yes’m, Miss Hillary,” stammers the Goob, “What this country needs is a nahs female type lady president. Just lahk in that there Battlestar Galactica tv show I seen once.” He whispers to Emma “She saved them all from sure death.”
     Hillary turns to Floyd. “And who are you, handsome?”
     “Awwww, you know who I am. Floyd Lawson, proprietor of Floyd Lawson’s Barber Shoppe. Floyd Lawson proprietor, ma’m. I’m Floyd. Uh, say, does Bill need a haircut? He’s looking a bit shaggy.”
     Hahahahaha! Hillary screams, startling Goober... he spits out coffee from the saucer he was slurping on. Floyd laughs at Goober’s clutziness, “Yer gonna have to leave a bigger tip now, Goob.”
     “I got yer tip right here, Floyd!”
     “Cut!” shouts the director. “Strike the set. Okay crew, let’s move on to the next scene... the bowling alley...”
     And so it goes.

     But the reality is, our glorious first African-American president is not saving the nation or anything else. He’s on a political rampage, destroying Traditional America with pen and phone. And all you can do is sit by and shake your head, because everyone knows it’s happening and everybody knows nobody will do anything about it because we live in an era of political correctness which is the same as political cowardice. Washington, DC is grabbing all the tax dough it can before the bakery runs out. And all you can do is hope The Constitution lasts another year and maybe, just maybe a new president will be able to undo some of the worst damage. And some of you even have a nightmare that maybe Mr Obama won’t give up the White House. He’ll create some national crisis in which he can set aside law and assume his role as dictator. Why not, you think? He’s set up the mechanisms, hasn’t he? And by then he’ll have another army of imported jihadists to back him up.
     Fear not. Even Hollywood isn’t calling for scripts for that movie. Even they know theyll be among the first targets.
     But they have produced more than one with a woman president. And because she’s a woman, she can’t be criticized about substantive things. Only email issues that never go anywhere anyway because Hollywood’s script reads: What difference, at this point, does it make? 
    One thing is for damn sure; Hollywood hasn’t produced one with a wealthy businessman who gets the voters’ mandate to go to D.C. and clean up the mess, the corruption, the cronyism and the rip-off of your tax dollars. Build up the military. Cut spending. Stop unfettered immigration. Build a wall. All that mean-spirited common sense conservative stuff.
     Do you think we’ll ever see that movie? Only if it’s a Peter Sellers comedy of errors.



     One session on the internet, whether social or political – particularly perusing readers’ comments – illustrates one thing very clearly; the higher technology rises, the lower our culture sinks.
     Certainly it’s not the fault of technology, which in general has made our lives more convenient.
     The fault lies with users. The internet instantaneously spreads not just information and news, but dis-information and unreliable news. Commentary then quickly degenerates to the worst, darkest side of human nature.
     The culture of rebellious youth gravitates toward the lowest common denominator; attracted to street language, street garb, street attitude and total lack of grace and manners. As we fall farther toward an immoral, uncivil, chaotic abyss, technology increases the rate of descent. Not just on our devices, but in our face-to-face transactions. Pity the poor check-out clerks at local markets, and order takers at fast food drive-thru’s who are faced with it day-in and day-out – hearing and seeing it all – with smiles pasted on their faces, and “thank you’s” passing over their lips.
     It is far too easy for commenters to unleash hatred from the dark corners of their id in the relative anonymity of the net. Chubby nebbishes present themselves on the internet as satanspawn or worse; frustrated heroes captatlantis hurl epithets at one another; elderly church ladies call themselves maneater or whatever suits their alter egos. Each unabashedly unleashes his or her darkest fantasies on others with equally absurd names.
     We would like to believe America’s basic moral sentiment is good and positive – and in most cases of everyday life, it is! But if our internet culture does not have a rebirth of goodness, it will remain little more than the technologically advanced gutter culture it has become.
     America’s problems, from politics to race relations have been exacerbated by internet users’ inability to allow their better angels – if better angels any longer be – influence their language and actions.
     On-line vitriol toward others we do not even know – who in other circumstances we might even call friend – is difficult to stop when there is little or no price to pay.

     The internet was designed originally to provide free access for the exchange of ideas for scientists and engineers in a limited environment. It was not originally designed to be a world-wide web. Which is why it is almost impossible to make it truly secure. This original principle of free access is also what has allowed it to evolve – unintentionally! – into the littered highway for social interaction, dis-information and schlocky advertising which it has become. Somewhere early on it was corrupted by the same people who corrupt everything else good. But do not think this can go on forever. Non-elected bureaucratic types will eventually, perhaps even soon, do their best to restrict your usage, forcing rebels and fanatical partisans farther and farther into the dark corners of the net, or to alternate internets beyond anyone’s control.
     I cannot imagine today’s users and commenters cleaning up their own acts. It’s far too tempting and easy to log on and vent your anger anonymously than to research any given subject and comment reasonably, affably, intelligently. This requires a willingness to soften partisanship and adopt an attitude of independent, critical thinking – something apparently far beyond the parameters of inadequate IQ found on the internet.



     Democratic Party leaders are quick to suggest to voters that Republicans are the party of the rich... that they will do everything they can to make the wealthy wealthier. And perhaps this is so.
     On the other hand, Democrats claim that they are the party of the people; the middle class, the poor, the needy and immigrants yearning to be free in America. And because these far outnumber the wealthy, the votes are on their side.
     But a reality check.
     Since Mr. Obama, a Democrat, has been President... the wealthy have grown wealthier, the poor are still poor, African-Americans are no better off, the middle class is shrinking, and no-one is happy about any of it.
     If the wealthy are the only ones getting ahead, both Republicans and Democrats are making the wealthy wealthier. But Democrats say that this is the Republicans’ philosophy, not theirs. If so, like it or not, Republican philosophy seems to be more effective, no?
     But there is more to this. Republican philosophy suggests that if the wealthy get wealthier, all citizens ultimately do better as a result. And perhaps this is so.
     In fact, there’s plenty of evidence that when America has Republican leadership, everybody seems to get ahead a little better than when Democrats are leading.
     During his first term, President Bill Clinton, a popular Democrat, had a Democratic-led Congress. The economy was wobbly. But voters had their say, and Congress got new Republican leadership. The economy turned around. Restrained and guided by that Republican Congress, Mr. Clinton’s second term – despite his personal problems – was much more successful, and the economy recovered nicely.
     Many, if not most Democrats (not to mention a significant number of Republican voters) have a visceral distaste for George W. Bush – blaming virtually everything that ever went wrong on W. The collapse of the economy near the end of his last term, however, was a result of a way-too-liberal Democratic Congress, heavily influenced by Dodd/Frank, which allowed crony Wall Street financiers and bankers (and wealthy members of Congress) to get away with financial murder. Liberal policies, sold to the nation under the guise of helping less wealthy people buy houses, brought about this collapse. In the end, the less wealthy, unable to pay their mortgages, lost their homes and whatever good credit standing they may have had before the debacle. The faulty mortgages were packaged and sold to international banks.
      There is plenty of blame to go around for both political parties, but the Democratic machine and their media allies succeeded in pinning the mess on George Bush. It might be worth mentioning that this is a major reason conservative Republicans are not leaning favorably toward Jeb Bush.
     But how any intelligent voter can seriously consider any of the Democratic Party candidates this time around is inscrutable. A continuation of President Obama’s liberal policies of the last seven years is bad enough! But this bunch of 1960s Democratic socialists are trying to outdo Obama, and invite certain disaster.
     Do you believe the wealthy will be any less wealthy with a Democrat president? Do you believe America’s middle-class will grow and prosper? Do you believe African-Americans will be any better off? Do you believe America will prosper as it did in the last Century?
     Last time around, you elected America’s first African-American president. A noble goal. The problem seems to be, from among the many qualified African-Americans in America, you chose the wrong one.
     If Democrats elect their present front-runner, four years hence, you can bet your last dollar (if you still have one) the only positive result you will be able to brag about is “We elected America’s first woman president.”
     If this is your goal, noble as it is, for goodness sake, find a better candidate! 



     Conservatives have been driven to the edge of an ideological cliff. Is it any wonder they are angry – no, furious – and support Donald Trump?
     The dreaded Dumfux on both sides of the aisle have been running the government. Into the ground.
     Dumfux? People who confuse elitist intellectualism with intelligence. People who, based on nothing more than failed 18th Century ideology, mistakenly believe they have acquired the wisdom to dictate what’s right for you, your family, your community, your industry... everyone but themselves.

     Big Media Dumfux opine on subjects so far over their heads they can only see the ass ends, from which their gotcha questions drop: “Would you support a muslim for President?” (Incidentally, Ben, the correct answer is “Hell no, I think there are several in the Administration right now, and I don’t support anything they have done so far.”

     Conservatives vote right, and yet, in the corrupt, stinking swamp of DC, the deals always seem to fall to the left. Conservatives vote yes, and the Dumfux count is no.
     Media Dumfux dwell on Trump’s (and all conservative Republicans’) problems, mistakes and history; pretending they are informing audiences, when all they’re doing is trying to boost their ratings by tearing down candidates conservatives favor. Meanwhile, the Dumfux completely skip over, disregard or otherwise neglect mentioning their favorites’ far more egregious lies, false promises and fabrications.

     The dreaded Dumfux try to dictate who to like, what to eat, what kind of vehicles to drive, how to live, how to dress, what religions are good and bad, how much meat to eat, how much cola to drink, how much water to use, how much electricity, what kind of bags, bottles, bathrooms and trivia ad nauseam.
     Dumfux say NO! to guns, no to flags, no to The Bible, no to SUVs, no to Christmas, Easter and Jesus. No to NASCAR, no to prisons, no restrictions on abortions or weed. Yet they call Republicans “the party of no.” All conservatives really want is smaller government, a stronger military and lower taxes.
     They argue over what color of lives matter. The Dumfux choir chants black lives matter but turns a blind eye to the horrific numbers of our black brothers and sisters dying in mothers’ wombs and wounds, on the mean streets of America’s gang-infested big cities.
     Dumfux produce dark movies, dark “music,” and sit behind dark news desks.
     They propagandize and indoctrinate your children and call it “education.”
     They want unlimited immigration (excepting, presumably, conservative foreigners) in order to keep the dreaded Dumfux in charge forever.
     They would have the nation tolerate, even embrace, every imaginable carnal perversion, then have the audacity to berate conservatives for resisting the nation’s fall from grace.
     They feign guilt about things which happened in the distant past... things with which no one living today had anything whatsoever to do... in order to guilt the nation into passing legislation which otherwise would be seen for the fraud it is.
     They continue to apologize for America’s charitable, medical, military and technological contributions to the world.
     Dumfux have brought America down, insisting she is an unexceptional nation, no more significant than Earth’s many unexceptional nations. Of course, if this requires giving up their private jets, great privileges, golf, vacations and other bennies, they will issue exemptions for themselves.

     Is it any wonder conservatives are attracted to a candidate who calls out the Dumfux? Someone who wants us to live in a proud first rate nation. Someone who wants to make America great again.



The media is once again 

doing its best to sell us

an old used car with a frame 

bent far to the Left.

       Remember when National Review launched its own campaign to take down The Donald? Appearing on FOX, NR’s Rich Lowry and friends launched an amazingly nasty attack against Trump. In this nasty political season, this personal attack was particularly vitriolic. One might have thought they were describing Beelzebub himself.

       At that point, I think Donald came face to face with the what-the-hell-is-up-with-the-Republican-establishment-movement. Many, on the conservative side begin to understand how the cabal of media, Democratic politicos and establishment Republicans has conspired to derail his candidacy. So this apparently makes sense to the Republican establishment, which simply doesn’t like him, not just professionally, but in a deeply personal way. So much so that they are willing to put their own dislike of Trump ahead of their drive to get a Republican back in The White House.

       From the media itself, we hear Hillary is a virtual sho’-in for prexy in ‘16. Really? If an experienced establishment nominee like Senator McCain couldn’t beat an inexperienced, community organizer like Senator Obama; and then establishment icon Mitt Romney couldn’t beat an already-unpopular President Obama last time around, what on earth makes pundits think another goody two-shoes candidate would be able to defeat Hillary, whom so many want to make America’s first woman president? Of course it’s a fine goal. But not a woman who shows disregard for law, and lies her way through life!

       Media spielers and their sycophantic political guests have been chiseling Trump’s epitaph for months, claiming he is already done. But they can’t stop shooting arrows and missing his quickly moving target.

       If there are foul sewers in hell, the stench may be that of the misnamed media “elite.” But I have always believed that, so what’s new? What’s new is Mr. Trump finds himself in the cross-hairs of people like himself... wealthy, influential, above it all... and not like him, in the sense that, I believe, Donald cares about this country in a way they don’t understand.

       How many times have they already attempted to knock Trump off his pedestal? But he appears to have unexpected staying power simply because so many common-sense voters believe in Trump. But big media, liberals, and even the establishment of the Republican Party - or are they all the same thing? – either way they don’t want voters to have what voters want. They insist that voters must have what the elite media and the puritans want. They will do everything they can, including spending big, to convince voters that what voters believe is good for America... isn’t. And if they can’t convince voters, they will stoop to using subterfuge such as manipulating the process at the final debates, at the voting polls, and, if necessary, at the Electoral College or the Supreme Court! They will do anything to avoid giving up their gravy train.

       Recall the last establishment candidate? Mitt. A man with a superior background and perfect hair, who fit the elitist idea of a president (and I agree... he really did!) But, in the last Presidential Debate, when it came to pulling the pin, the elitist in him chickened out. Oh, always the gentleman, he didn’t want to “offend” his opponent or the predictably biased moderator. Fine. Always the gentleman; never the president. So... the Republican elite (I really find that description distasteful... it’s a hell of a way to describe corrupt, lying back-stabbers) would have rathered backing another loser. Which tells me maybe they don’t really want to win the White House. Perhaps they’d rather spend the next four or eight years playing the status quo game, getting fat while complaining about Hillary and the Democrats. You bet they would.

       And there-in lies the secret of Trump’s popularity with the folks. They know Donald will say the things which need to be said, and at a critical moment, won’t fold.

       Why don’t they want the folks to have Trump? In effect, “elitists” believe there is no wisdom in the masses – that’s why they think they are elite. They think Trump’s way of seeing the world is not nuanced. Sort of like George Bush’s way was not nuanced enough for the liberal media. But political nuance is for college professors, diplomats and culinary masters. Presidents use nuance to procrastinate when it comes to doing what they know must be done but don’t want to do it because it might offend other leftist nuance-masters and big money donors.

       Frankly, there seems to be even less nuance in the anti-Trump cabal. The political elite are short on nuance but long on ideological coordination. Democrats and most of the media still want you to believe, despite his abject failure on virtually every meaningful issue, their last darling, Barack Obama, is a great, successful president. Successful at the economy, bringing together the races, settling international affairs and a host of other achievements. And don’t you dare suggest this man may be, at minimum, a Muslim sympathizer – unfortunately, the media and Democrats are hard put to name anything substantive which he has done, relative to Islam, which a Muslim would not have done. If this isn’t elitist nuance-ity (known in non-elite circles as merde) I don’t know what is.

       Conservative voters who support Trump are not so much nuance-masters as they are realists. People who do not want to lose traditional America to the chaos so many are attempting – all too successfully – to foist upon the nation. When GW Bush drove off the track politically, conservatives were disappointed, even angry, with him. Unlike the left, which supported leaders Pelosi and Reid no matter how hare-brained and deceitful their actions, conservatives are so fed up with those they sent to Washington, DC, that they are ready to chew steel.

       Does this hard-won republic not warrant the uncoerced choosing of its leader by its constituents – the folks – the people a leader will lead? Why do we listen at all to “experts” who insult our common sense? To raise money, we are threatened by the Republican establishment... “Hillary Clinton might become president!” they say. But with the media’s reluctant reporting of her eMail problems et al., her history has got some on her side to think just maybe she can’t win. Everybody, including your grandma, knows Hillary’s background is riddled by scandal, lies and – taking a cue from hubby Bill’s famous “That depends on what the meaning if is, is” – yes... nuance. Does the liberal cabal care? No. They are still hanging in there. It’s obvious that winning is the only thing that matters to the Democratic Party.

       On the other side, conservatives know The Donald is far from perfect. In fact, many support him with crossed fingers... is he really conservative? Does he have The Right Stuff to make a difference? One thing is clear; Trump is not a politician. He is a breath of very fresh air. And let’s face it, this very wealthy fellow is probably not running for profit. He says he owes this nation a lot. He doesn’t like seeing it fall apart like it is under our current president. He says he wants to make America great again. We’re for all that stuff! But what exactly does that mean? Remember when Obama promised “change”? What did that mean? Nothing specific. It meant whatever a voter thought good change was for him or her. Nuance. After almost 7 years of Obama’s administration, change for African-Americans has not been good. Change for America’s middle class has not been good at all. Change in our international relations has not been good. Change in our economic stats has not been good – it has been a disaster. In the end, change has meant fundamentally changing America into a more socialistic, welfare state.

       Conservative folks do not want another RINO, another career politician, another timid windbag who makes promises he or she will never deliver once absorbed into the corrupt DC establishment. Conservatives are skeptical of politicians who look at our burning house and see nuance in the flames. We want Trump because he seems to reflect our fury at the establishment. It remains to be seen if he can survive the coordinated campaign to deny voters what they want. If I have judged him right, Trump’s smarts and media savvy will get him over the finish line. Minimally, Trump generates dread in the old establishment heart of Washington, DC... dread of the end of the old system... dread of imminent job loss. Their own!

       By November, I hope the Trump brand will have reassured enough voters that, in the end, he is the right guy for this job, while the Democratic Party and its political arm, the media, will once again do its best to sell us an old used car with a frame bent far to the Left.