It's getting more difficult every day to find anything good to say about our government. Those who have said it in the past were right. The government can’t solve our problems. The government is the problem. Paul is keeping at least one Party, and perhaps both, in Congress.

      I don't agree with Noam Chomsky on much, but he at least got this right: we do not live in a democracy, and there aren't two parties - there are just two factions of the same party. They are both driven by an insatiable thirst for power and wealth. When they get in positions of power, they pick the pocket of the public treasury (Peter), pay Paul, then point the finger of their free hand toward someone else and blame him.

      Now, having said this, I am amazed at how we Americans seem obsessed with personally siding with one political party or the other, as if they care about anything beyond your donations and your vote. Democrats make no bones about their relationship with Peter and Paul. Republicans make some bones. Let's put it this way... you might like one or the other Congressman-or-woman better based on his or her personality. But rarely will one do what you sent them to DC to do. And electing someone based on the cult of personality, as America did in the case of President Obama, is what an adolescent does. A big smile doesn’t make a kick in the ass hurt any less. Then again mental adolescents are the kind of voter our education system and culture are producing nowadays.

      Does anyone really think Democrats are upset because, as they fabricate, President Trump is taking us on the Trump express train to Fascism? Hah! They are upset because theyre no longer the dominant party in DC. Now access to Peter’s cash, and the opportunity for big-time corruption, is going to the other guys. That, dear reader, is why Democrats are so dead set in getting power back at any cost. God knows which one of them, or their media cohorts, will claim the next addled thing.

      To Congress, America is nothing more than a money mill, and you, dear citizen are the grinding stone. Don't expect them to fix anything, don't expect them to pass any kind of legislation that reeks of good sense, this is not the Washington Way. Their way is to distract you with nice-sounding rhetoric and pie charts, big smiles, promises of good legislation to come, and convincing handshakes... but these tricks are not much different from the magician who moves his left hand with theatrical flair in order to divert your eyes while he picks your pocket with his right hand.

      Perhaps Donald Trump, not a fan of the Congress or the media, really will try to drain the rat's nest, or if you prefer, “the swamp” called Washington, DC. Any way it's done will be a good thing. It's the only hope we have of Peter holding on to any of his dough, and using it to do the things it was intended to do.

      And speaking of rats, do you think Congress gives a rat's ass about any of the people they pretend to be fighting for? Don't make me laugh. Their pretense at “caring” is an excuse to print and print and print paper money, thereby devaluing the dollar and causing massive inflation to be on its way to your town. They stole Peter’s Social Security Fund. After they weasel Americans' IRAs and savings, whatever we may have left will be worth less and less as inflation takes its toll. Worse, all the political correctness the Democrat Left is foisting on the weak-kneed public is designed to marginalize and discourage mainstream America. The ultimate effect is to make the closet and basement people the new mainstream America, while we traditionalists are labelled racists, homophobic, xenophobic et al., and now we are locked in the basement.

      Meanwhile, Washington looks the other way. Democrat or Republican, Washington DC is guilty of decades of dereliction of its duty. I don't want Congressmen to work for nothing as some have suggested. I want all of the liars, phonies and colluders the hell out of there. Until someone comes up with a reliable honesty-meter, political terms should be limited. Very limited!

      The government may be robbing Peter to pay Paul, but even before Paul gets his, a big chunk seems to go missing on its way through Congress.

      Wake up, America! Stop accepting, without question, what the Parties, the Media, and the special interest groups are foisting on you. Until you do, neither Peter nor Paul will actually get anywhere good.