The Time Cometh

By now, we pretty much get the picture. America is under heavy attack. But our enemy is not Islam. It is not really Russia or China. Our enemy is far more formidable. Our real enemy is World Socialism and its Generals in Armani suits. Some of us pretty much understand that this old enemy of our Republic is not armed with bombs, but with insidious agents planted deep inside our society; well-heeled, educated people versed in the use of the battering ram called Political Correctness. People, names, faces you know from the nightly news. People whom, perhaps, you've even unwittingly voted for or donated money to. People who are dedicated to bringing about World Socialism.

The Special Forces of this cabal, the ACLU and others, take one hill after another, forcing into law what you and your schoolchildren shall think, whom you shall admire and whom you shall shun. They make us feel guilty for having bad thoughts about anyone but us white Christian males. They deficate on everyone from Christ to Columbus to Washington. Your young children think things you found abhorrant when you were their age are normal and quite acceptable. Make a list and it will fit like a glove - all their "good" things are sympatico with World Socialism - all their "bad" things are not. They absorb all the Movements you abhor into one giant ugly carbuncle.

This virtually bloodless war has been waged against the mighty United States since the early 1900's, not so much from without but from within. They are the Enemy Within. They plant their seeds in one generation and sow them in the next. They have finally sowed enough perverts to bring them from out of the shadows into the light. Whereas they would have been stoned in the past, PC has us "tolerating" them so our children won't think we are barbarians.

Pollyannas in America seem to have this idea that, somehow, we are invunerable. That no matter what, God is on our side. That we are too powerful and rich to succumb to something as ephemeral as an idea. Especially an old, worn-out idea like Socialism, a theory proved wrong over and over again throughout modern history. But this philosophy spreads like a virus. Its adherants are tireless. If it doesn't work in one country, the theory mutates and is unleashed upon another nation. Just look around the world map and make a count of the countries that are now falling to the Socialist Movement, not the least of which border to the north and south with us! You may be shocked. Perhaps you thought Socialism was on the ebb. No. These fanatics believe in their creed far more fervently than you believe in your religion. It IS their religion, and they are hell-bent on making it yours.

As the Arabs have conquered enemies not by a devastating assault but by a thousand cuts, the World Socialist Movement is flailing away at us at every corner of the globe. Here in America, our enemies within, our very Congress and the Mainstream News Media refuse to shine their light on what is happening, trying their best to distract us with stories of weather and other disasters (as if these are something new) to keep Americans feeling sorry for the "poor victims" so you will remain in the dark about the real threat to your existence. Why? Because they see themselves as the New Socialist World's Leadership Class.

Oh, don't be misled, they won't outright force Socialism on you, not quite yet. No, Marxist Socialism is built on the theory of an Upper and Lower Class. So they first must destroy The Middle Class. That's probably you. The easiest way to do that is to allow a flood of low-wage earners to over-run our country, forcing mid-level wage earners into a corner where they can no longer find jobs which pay enough to keep them from falling into the low-wage-earner Class. Then export higher-paying white collar jobs to countries with educated workers who also earn much lower wages. Make borrowing money easier so the weak-willed will fall deeper and deeper in debt. Anesthetize the weak with drugs, sports and other mindless entertainment. Encourage businesses to consolidate into larger and larger corporations which squeeze out the little guys. The new larger corporations need not be loyal to American workers any longer and can move their operations to any country which provides them with financial incentives and cheap labor. Another five years of this trend and few in America's Middle Class will be able to meet their obligations.

When the Middle Class is rendered irrelevant, and there are just the Working Class and the Wealthy Owners-of-Everything, Socialism is the natural outcome. Check and mate. Game over.

What can we do about this? We, as individuals can't do much about it right now. But as I've said here before, history never goes in a straight line. Destiny never seems to allow those who want the golden ring to get it, or if they do, they are unable to keep it for very long. History is filled with strange unpredictable twists. Just as The Swift Boat Captains and The Minute Men suddenly popped up, and millions of Americans responded, so will some other force come into play when the time is right. And when it does, and if it seems right to you, be ready and willing to get behind it in any way you can. What little remains of the America we knew and loved will be depending upon us. It may not be next week or next month, but mark my words, the time is coming.


The CommieZombies

There aren't too many things about my fellow man of which I am certain. If my long life and many human experiences have taught me anything about our nature, it is this: first, almost everything we are taught by parents, teachers, friends, the press, politicians is propaganda. Secondly, the younger we are when we are fed this propaganda, the more unlikely it is we will free ourselves from it.

Thus I see that the Catholic Church's philosophy - I am paraphrasing here - "Let me teach your children until they are ten years old and they will be mine forever" - a philosophy adopted by Marxists, Maoists, Hitler's education system, along every other would-be totalitarian power - is a very powerful tool in history's never-ending tide of Movements.

I bring this all up because I was shocked - it takes a lot to shock me these days - to hear interviews with students at Boston College, students who had demonstrated against Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice receiving an honorary degree.

First let me clearly state that whether or not I agree with anyone's point-of-view, I certainly maintain they have a right to lawfully express their views. It's not the views of the students that shocked me. It was their voices. These poor youngsters sounded like zombies, in the thrall of the dumbest - the DUMBEST! - Leftist-Progressive-Socialist professors this country has to offer. And we have a lot of 'em to offer.

It wasn't their views that shocked me, because just hearing them I knew they weren't expressing their own views at all. They were, as I did when I was ten years old, simply repeating the mantra of their teachers - and not doing a very coherent job of it. But by the time I was fourteen, I had figured out that you can't learn anything about life from the mantra of a teacher. These students sounded incredibly naive, so eager to accept the propaganda, well on their way to becoming as dumb as their professors. God Lord, I thought, we are about to unleash another generation of Commiezombies into our crippled culture.

How did we get to this terrible place in history? I believe it began when refugees from Soviet Union repression made their way to America early in the 20th Century. These people, while seeking social freedom, were unfortunately already indoctrinated in the propaganda of the USSR's Socialist Movement. No matter how far they ran from the USSR, they could never escape the propaganda with which they themselves had been infected as youngsters. And so they brought Socialistic-Progressive ideas with them, steeping their own children in Marxist ways. Not necessarily overtly - no - this process of learning happens almost more by osmosis. The irresistible force they use is the hammer of Political Correctness. Thus a new generation of Americans was infected with the aggressively Liberal ideas of an anti-American culture. This was not just another run-of-the-mill generation. The Jewish people being admirably ambitious and deeply dedicated to higher education, this new generation went on to become educators, journalists, entertainers, lawyers and political activists. People like Alan Ginsberg and our current Chief Propagandist of the U.S. Supreme Court, Ruth Bader Ginsberg. By the 1960's, the PC movement had swept through a good portion of the non-Jewish population as well. People who had no idea they were being swept up in an anti-capitalist, anti-American Movement born in the latter part of the previous century.

Thus our culture became infected over the last 70 or so years. This breed of educator is the one which day-by-day infected us, and now has infected younger generations, with the propaganda of the World Socialist-Progressive Movement. That breed of journalist gradually transformed our news media from a pro-American watchdog to America-is-never-right activists. Our legal system went from one distinctly American to one much more like that in other "Progressive" countries - defending every pervert and every perversion which fits the Progressive Movement. Hollywood and television went from relatively innocent entertainment to propaganda which mocks everything we always thought of as "American." Nothing white, Christian or wholesome is beyond their mocking. And the mocking becomes more lascivious with each season. Political activists now support anyone or anything which tears down the very foundations of our national culture. From Christian symbols, to the institution of marriage, to the very idea of Christmas itself. They protest our incursion into the Middle East, where arguably we are trying to bring some measure of freedom and progress for women, at the same time they rigidly defend the invasion of America by an army of untrustworthy aliens. In our most liberal New England States, Progressives support draconian punishment for those who might do harm to their pets, but protest punishment for child predators - as long as they are not Catholic priests - in which case, in an effort to bankrupt the Church, they will seek and usually get heavy financial damages.

This is what they call Progress. This is what they expend their energies upon. Not inventing new sources of energy. Not reaching out into space to expand our horizons. Not building better highways and buildings and mousetraps. Not creating more uplifting entertainment. No. Progress to them means "Bring it all down, baby." Presumably to be replaced with their World Socialist Movement where they, and not you, will dictate what your children (and maybe you) can and can't do, eat or say. What you can or can't read, where you can or can't go, and when you can or can't go there.

I heard all this and more, in between the lines, in the dreadful voices of those wretched college students. America may not survive another generation of Commiezombies. We who are over sixty witnessed, in our youth, the zenith of The American Experience. It will be left to us, those of us who survive the machinations of the Commiezombies, to grieve the passing of a great culture. And maybe of a great nation.


Noble Fools

Like a bunch of really bad bow-tied salesmen, our jerkwater Congress and White House continue to try and sell us smoke and mirrors. They might's well try to sell ice to Eskimos. Twist and turn and rephrase it any way they like, we ain't buyin'.

If nothing else, we can take some satisfaction from the tremendous resistance we are throwing at Washington DC on every one of their bad ideas. Good for us. If there is any shred of democracy remaining in our system, our obstructionist leaders will eventually be forced to wake up from their dream of Oz and face this simple reality: we will ring their pencil necks if they don't listen.

I almost had to laugh when I heard Harry Reid speechify that he thought it was "racist" to make English the official language of the U.S. - of course by implication he means it would be racist to deny Mexican illegals things like citizenship and Social Security benefits as well. The news videos showed a wretched close-up of ol' Harry making his impassioned speech. In the right light, Harry looks an awful lot like a lizard. His speech made me realize ol' stupid Harry believes the "minority" in his title, Senate Minority Leader, refers not to the Democrats but to illegals, pedophiles and the rest of the Left's detritus. The lizardman just doesn't get it. He is lost in a sea of misplaced sympathies. Sympathy for the Devil is not really sympathy at all. In his case, as with Pelosi, Kennedy and the whole bleeding heart gang, it is obstinate condescension.

Then John Turncoat Murtha gives a speech in which he says our military is "so stressed" by the Iraq situation that it "over-reacted" and slaughtered "innocent women and children in cold-blood." Is there anyone with half a brain who really believes this traitor really gives a damn about the poor innocent women and children who were allegedly slaughtered? Of course not. For him it's not a tragedy, it's an "issue" he can club Bush with. Look at the logic of this unreasoning fool's claim: if you are "stressed out" and "over-react," by definition you must have acted emotionally. In which case it can't be "cold-blooded." To be cold-blooded would require one to have calmly pre-meditated the offense, then calmly and coldly committed it. This is not really the issue of course, but it does suggest that Murtha's claim is a flat-out contradiction in terms. No one will call him on this. Perhaps the real tragedy is that rather than allow the military to investigate the event, Murtha uses his podium for his personal agenda, and to convict our military much as did his cohort John Kerry during the Viet Nam era. And the world Press eats it up.

Not that the Right is any better. There is a small handful of Conservatives on the Right who have earned their stripes... Tancredo, Sessions and a few others... but certainly the White House is filled with condescension these days. Bush thinks he knows better than any of us what is "right" for America. If we ever suspected that was true, those days are ancient history. His vision of America is that of an M.B.A. not a patriot. He's the C.E.O. of the military, not the Commander-in-Chief. If going to Iraq ever was a good idea, he failed to press the post-invasion period as hard as any of us would have. As a consequence he fell right into Ted Kennedy's and John Murtha's bramble bush, doing his best to prove Kennedy right. Bush has led us toward an uncertain outcome which he could have avoided by allowing our Air Force and Navy heavy weapons to wear down the enemy instead of allowing our Press to wear down America, just as this same cabal did in the Viet Nam "Conflict." Instead of waging a war, Bush thinks he is managing a "corporate project." Micro-managing a war such as this would require twice his IQ.

No, he sees it all as a business deal. Who gets the Iraq contracts for munitions, supplies and the like: and if there HAS to be a fence on the Mexican Border, who gets the fence-building and supply contracts. Don't be surprised if he gives some of these contracts to his business partner Fox in Mexico. Of course he doesn't really want a fence at all. Our two countries, along with Canada will soon be merged into one North American Bush Corporation. This merger was not even put to a vote of we, the stockholders.

Now, I try to use my wildest imaginings to find some noble reason why Congress and the President would be on the wrong side of the border issue. I mean besides the obvious corrupt reasons such as gaining questionably legal votes or providing slave labor to greedy Big Businesses and becoming the first Board of Directors of the North American Bush Corporation. I came up with one.

Maybe they are trying to act "noble" in the sense that 500 years from now when the History of Our Time is set in concrete, they don't want to be seen as being on the "wrong side." I mean, how does it look now for all those Congressmen of the past who consistantly voted against advancement for African-Americans? Today they look bad.

But what have those "noblemen" wrought, who pressed this "fairness" on America? Thanks to white America's sense of fairness, we have a good portion of the African-American community making great strides socially, but for too many they traded Step 'N Fetchit for Fi'tty Cent. The "noble" congressmen of yore also created a permanent underclass with its own cultural hell of young unwed mothers, children without fathers, a high percentage of the prison population, heavy drug use, a glorification of gang life, guns and the debasement of their young women. And, yes, masses who expect the Government to keep them afloat come what may. Let's not forget an obstinate rejection of anything "white" (except handouts of course).

Our noble fools in Congress are about to do it again with the illegals. Handing out citizenship to those not entitled, to those who don't really want the responsibility of citizenship but rather just the benefits, to those qualified neither by trustworthiness nor temperament, to those looking to exploit the easy targets in American Society, is neither noble nor generous. It is a formula for disaster.

Low-IQ-high-greed politicians have no nobility, nor do they share any patriotic feelings with the rest of us. They are rats who have no idea what it means to support the home team, win or lose. The kind of people who go to a ball game and rather than cheer the home team, position themselves near whichever team they think will win, for a photo-op. Their way, win or lose, they think they win. But in the end, they are losers. For History can't possibly look favorably upon the Reids, Murthas, Pelosis and Clintons. If they are writ at all by the Fickle Finger of Fate, History will judge them as examples of, to borrow Michael Savage's book title, "The Enemy Within."

Let us hope that a newer generation of emerging leaders, those too young to have experienced the debacle of 1960's America, will bring with them a return to a value system uniquely American. Judging by those we've recently seen, the hope looks slim. But hope does spring eternal.


GW's Weasel Speech

It's impossible to be pursuaded by President Bush's Monday night (5/15) speech on immigration.

Mr Bush made some good distracting gestures, like a cheesy magician who snaps his fingers so you look at his left hand, while his right hand picks your pocket. The distraction: He wants to send six thousand National Guardsmen to the border, to back up the Border Patrol. The hand in your pocket: amnesty and an invitation for tens of millions more Mexicans to overrun America. This is disgusting. The only part of Bush's turncoat "Five-part plan" we care about right now is Part One: securing the border.

GW and his advisors' attitude toward the American people - that would be you and I - is painfully clear. They think we are morons. Maybe we ARE nuts; we keep sending these same condescending charletans back to Washington DC again and again, each time expecting a better result.

By even the most Liberal measures the overwhelming majority of Americans want the borders secured. Now. Yet even Bush's proposal to do this is questionable. With normal rotation it means maybe two thousand troops will be visible at any given time. There are something like 35 thousand cops in relatively tiny New York City alone. We're told the border with Mexico spans about two thousand miles. That's about one Guardsman per mile.

The President and Congress continue to weasel by invoking the old worn-out canard that "We must have a comprehensive immigration policy." This is just code for "Let's stall off any decision for another twenty years while the entire population of Mexico and Central America continues to flood into the United States."

We love the part about 99% of them just being hard-working people trying to feed their families. How this reconciles with the huge percentage of our prison population being illegals we are not sure. And those are just the ones we catch. To say we "can't" send them back to their own homeland is also a canard. Hell, many of them go back on their own for vacations during the Christmas Holiday. Bush sees everything through the filter of a B+ business school student. If it's good for business, it's good. Nevermind that he and his Congressional cronies are destroying the very sovereignty of their own Nation in the process. So what if it leads to the collapse of the Middle Class in America? It's good for Big Business.

What about "The Wisdom of the Masses" - that would be you and I - in which our democracy claims to invest so much faith? Today, our wisdom says "secure the borders now." But this counts for nothing because the Washington M.B.A.'s have deemed this bad for Big Business. Not bad for the economy. Not bad for our culture. Not bad for our international relations. Bad for Big Business.

To make matters worse it's patently transparent that our President is pandering to the Ted Kennedy wing of the government as well as to whatever unholy alliance he may have with Mexico's Fox and the One Worlders. Congress is so bought-and-paid-for by Big Business; the entire system so corrupt; the rewards they reap by continuing the current do-nothing policies are so great that they dare spit in our faces.

The only way to make Washington DC bend to our Will and Wisdom is to spit back. To make the pain of defying us outweigh whatever benefits they accrue by disregarding our demands. Personal pain is the only stimulus these tinhorn traitors respond to.

Believe me, they may seem to disregard our Will, but you'd better believe their staffs are counting your incoming angry faxes, e-mails, letters and phone calls. We need to make it clear to them, in any way we can, that unless they heed our Will their careers are over, their "legacies" are trashed, their gravy-train ride is over. They MUST secure our borders FIRST, do it FULL BORE and do it NOW. The rest of the "comprehensive policy" can wait for some less business-oriented and less corrupt representatives to figure out. The President may think he is insulated from these threats by virtue of the fact that he won't be running for office again, but unless Congress is still controlled by Republicans after the mid-term elections, Bush will be facing censure, impeachment and anything else the Democrats in their hatred for him can throw at him. Let them all know, Dem's and Rep's alike. If your senator or congressman (and Governors like Arnold "Don't close the borders" Schwartzeneger) continues to resist your calls for securing the border now, and you support him or her in any way, you are every bit the moron they think you are. But unlike them, you are getting nothing for it.


Pushing the Envelope Over the Edge

We've been pushing it ever since the 1960's. Prior to that, there was a sort of envelope - or a "field" or "range" - of what we lovingly called "normalcy" in our culture... and then the liberal thinkers, people like the aptly-named Norman Lear (should be spelled "Leer"), people who spit food when they eat, began to push the boundries of what they thought of as normalcy farther and farther out.

But pushing the envelope only seems to work in one direction. The push is always downward and never upward. Once someone got away with saying "poo-poo" on tv or the radio or the movies, the next jerk pushed and shoved until he was able to get censors to let him burp. Then some wag made "holy crap" a staple of tv language. Now we anxiously await the day when someone will be able to out-do Howard Stern on network tv. This is what "freedom" has come to mean in America. The freedom to, as our black friends used to say, "get down." To be "totally honest" and "brutally frank," as if frankness is somehow a virtue.

Okay we've all got really down. But what about getting "up"? When do we push the envelope that way? That would mean learning more sophisticated words and more cultured phrases. That would mean learning how to dress, how to knot a tie, know which side of the plate the fork goes on. And there you have the reason that American culture "gets down" and not up. Americans have become in general the laziest bunch of slobs on this planet. It's easier to slur "Whaddup?" than to greet someone with an uplifting phrase. For a man, "dressing up" today means putting on a T-shirt with no holes bigger than 1/2", baggy shorts that droop so his underpants show, and floppy sandals. For a woman it's dressing in the latest style: faux slut. A studious glance around at the people you find in any public place will make you gag. If they are not 500 pounds with humongous wide-bottoms from all that fast-food and whatever, they are unkempt, scuzzy, weird, obnoxious and/or from somewhere else. It's the same with our music, writing, art, food and drink, clothes, entertainment of all kinds, and manners... everything. It's the bottom of the talent barrel, graceless, cheesy, dumbed down and got down.

Let your hair down. Let it all hang out. Take it easy. Go with the flow. Get down. We have brought everything down to its lowest common denominator, heralding the end of whatever culture we might have been developing in the still-young America... thanks to the '60s. Admit it... you are uneasy with manners, protocol and etiquette because if you adopt what once was considered "normal" in American society, those around you will take that tell-tale backward step. They will roll their eyes to suggest you are weird, putting on aires, and definitely "out of it." They are uncomfortable unless you are, as they are, unabashedly and loudly passing gas.

It's difficult to imagine how much lower we can go. But I am sure we will keep pushing that envelope downward until one day soon it tears and everything falls out.


Where Science and God Collide

Do you not find it amusing how the overwhelming number of atheists populating the world of Science cannot resist interpreting every new discovery as further proof that God does not exist? For example, they say life sprang up on the Earth not by God's hand but by the interaction of certain complex molecules deposited here through the collisions of comets, and mediated by a bath of Earth's warm water, essential to help the compounds of life form properly. Ergo, since it was a "fortuitous" or "random" congregation of factors, it couldn't have been God.

Science is godless because their concept of God is as outdated as the idea of an Earth-centric Universe. I count myself among those called "theists." I believe in God but I have no particular interest in organized religion of any kind. I subscribe to the first Chapter of Genesis, but the rest of The Bible is a history of early man and his relationship with a living, breathing Lord. Advanced as he (or they) may have been, they were none-the-less human. So, according to this writer, who or what is the "real" God who Science has yet to recognize?

Put very simply, God is The First Cause and Everything That Is. Every cubic inch of space in the Universe, every galaxy, you and me, every atom, every sub-atomic particle, every force, energy vibration on every wavelength, is God. If there was (and this is a very, very big "if") - if there was a Big Bang, it was initiated by the Force of God, by His Will. Does "official" Science have a better explanation for how the Big Bang was initiated, and what was before it? None better than "God did it." So it is here, at the very instant of the Creation of our Universe, that Science and God ultimately collide.

God does not directly interfere in the matters of men, that is, He doesn't walk among us and direct our actions. But at the very Beginning, He initiated the Laws of Physics. Everything which happened since is as a direct result of this initial push. We humans were given Free Will, a unique attribute in all the Universe, to find our own Destinies, however God's Laws of Physics cannot be countermanded. God imposes His Will into our realm by working through the subatomic fields - fluctuations in these fields work their way up through the magnitudes of scale till they manifest themselves in our physical world. As His gift of grace, this interaction is two-way. Thus we can tap into God's Realm through meditation and prayer. It is not the form of prayer or the particular petition which matters, it's the very act of prayer and supplication which produces the connection and can (I say "can" because it doesn't always) result in beneficial effects.

On the other hand, the consequences of man's continual disregard for God's common sense laws may come slowly but when they come they are terrible and they are usually unmerciful. "Bad luck" or "misfortune" or "disaster" are consequences of our disregard for His commands. It is unfortunate that often the innocent are caught in the wave of punishment; these poor unfortunates are caught in the merciless shockwave brought on by the flaunting of the God of the Universe by the societies in which they live.

I can opine on the God of the Bible - the one which Science can't seem to get past - if anyone wishes. But for now, try to read deep into these words I have said. The bad things you increasingly see happening around you every day will result in serious consequences for us. A Law of Physics posits that every action has an equal and opposite reaction: try to move a wall by pushing hard against it, and you will find yourself moving backwards. God has the same exact law.


For a Few Pieces of Silver

Have you heard that claptrap about "recent polls show over 80% of Americans believe in God"?

We seem to live in a society that professes to believe in God but shows few genuine signs of it. Unless we posit that in Modern America, Wealth is God. Not money, per se, but the power, influence and comfort it affords. Now, let's be real, few including yours truly would admit they don't want such things, after all we are only human. The question is how far do we go today for "thirty pieces of silver?"

What does it say about a society that it claims to love Jesus but grotesquely places his image on everything from T-shirts to bobbleheads, from bad music to mouse pads, just to "sell stuff?"

What does it say about a society that its leaders will sell the birthrights out from under its citizens for a few pieces of silver?

What does it say about a society that its entertainers will grovel in the gutter, its young women will prostitute themselves and disrobe before strangers, and its young men will do worse for a few pieces of silver?

What does it say about a society that its entire Left half fights for the rights of rapists, child molesters, homosexuals, transvestites, murderers, terrorists, and every sort of deviant for the dirty money and attention it brings them?

What does it say about a society that these same people trample on the rights of believers to place their God in the public square?

What does it say about a society that its elected officials are so terrified of losing access to silver, sway and privileges that they refuse to take "the right" position - that based on "the wisdom of the masses" - on anything, rejecting all calls for action and causing all possible solutions to die in committee?

What does it say about a society that it considers raising profits more important than raising children.

What does it say about a society that eschews the tyranny of the majority and accepts the tryanny of the minority for the financial benefit of a few, making lucrative industries based on endlessly intimidating itself with guilt over the sins of its fathers?

What does it say about a society that discourages its males from being masculine but encourages its women to be so?

What does it say about a society that its major attractions are gambling, racing cars around in circles, running balls back and forth, dosing itself with mind-altering drugs and alcohol, and which devotes entire cities and industries to these distractions?

What does it say about a society that its justice favors those who can buy it?

What it says about this society is simple. In such a society, without wealth you are nobody. Perhaps it is 80% of us nobodies who still cling to their belief in God, because in such a society it's all we have.

It is difficult to imagine a God who would continue to bless such a society with the bounty He has provided in the past. And if there is one thing I imagine Jesus won't forgive again, it is being sold out for a few pieces of silver.