Jehovah's Solution

The criminal justice system in America has been broken ever since I can remember, and is only getting worse. I see no solutions on the horizon.

There are not enough prisons to hold all those who deserve to be put in them. As the number of criminals of every description grows the number of criminal defense lawyers grows faster. Those lawyers I have heard or whose opinions I have read seem to me to be so off-kilter in their thinking that they render their profession a bad joke.

Liberal judges at every level give serious offenders gentle slaps on the wrist, not seeming to care that these criminals go out and commit more aggregious crimes. They are recycled through the courts over and over. Why? Lawyers and overwhelmed prosecutors "negotiate" charges and sentences down to slaps on the wrist. Juries are reluctant to convict anyone with celebrity attached to their name.

In short, there is little deterrant to breaking the law. Those who do and get caught often as not never serve anywhere near the sentences they are given, and many rightly believe they will get away with their crimes. America, driven by political correctness and a metally disturbed liberal philosophy is soft on crime. As a result there are gangs and white collar criminals and perverts on virtually every street in America. What are we to do?

I have always felt that the solution is to revert to the most ancient form of punishment. Exile. You commit a serious crime, you forfeit your right to live among decent people. Sentencing would be mandatory and arrived at by a computer, not a judge. There would be a structured system. The non-violent, lesser offendors are exiled to places where the climate is not inhospitable and where they are free to roam and do as they please, unsupervised, in a place from which there is no escape. The most serious, violent offenders would be exiled somewhere with the harshest environment. Somewhere like Antarctica or Death Valley, perhaps. There would be several degrees of environment discomfort for different degrees of criminality. The computer will decide who goes where.

Those in exile would be unsupervised. Free to do and roam about as they please. They would be free to prey on each other. Why should we even care? They have forfeited their right to live among decent people. Food and supplies would be airdropped occasionally. There can be no visitors to the lands of exile.

I do not believe in the death penalty. It demeans a society. But I have no problem with a murderer, for example, being exiled permanently. They check in to Exileland but they don't check out. It's far more humane.

When Cain slew Abel, Jehovah exiled him from the Garden of Eden. God had it right. Since then, liberal philosophy has slowly perverted the whole idea of right and wrong. Its idea of justice seems to be to break down the very moral code by which civilization has maintained itself for millennia. In the name of "progress" liberals erode the moral fiber of every nation they inhabit. To them, the Ten Commandments have become the Ten Suggestions.

If we really are serious about purging our society of criminals, Jehovah's solution is still the best solution.