It’s about time we face some ugly facts. One would have to have their head stuck in the sand to not see that the political divide in America has reached a boiling point. I do not believe it will get better without one of two things happening. A cataclysmic attack on our nation by nature or foe, uniting Americans for a week or two. Or a change in the way our government works. Personally, I prefer the latter, and I suspect most of you do too.

There is no logical way to divide the nation geographically – physically. It’s taken us too long to work our map out, and while there are disagreements among States, they are not important enough to divide the Union. But there is another way, and while at first glance it may seem crazy, when you think about it, it’s logical and just might work.

With so many near-tied elections in modern times, the nation is bisected politically in two major philosophical sensibilities. Diametrically opposed. Each unwilling to meet the other halfway, thus endlessly bickering with one another, not getting anything done. Solution? We need two Presidents. One from each major Party. That way there would be no losers, and voters on both sides of the chasm would be represented. Three Presidents would be even better, so there will be no presidential decisions hung up in a tie. The third President could be neutral or from a third unaffiliated Party.

So we’d have a President elected by the Democrats, and one elected by the Republicans. Pretty much the same as our current national conventions, except that the voting public would participate in a general election. Okay, we’d need more rooms in the White House. And no doors between bedrooms.

Now comes the best part, the new improved
Put-Your-Money-Where-Your-Mouth-Is Tax Plan.

A certain amount of money is required to run the United States. Let’s posit that obligations such as Social Security, Medicare etc., infrastructure, interest on the debt, salaries, national security and so forth can be called our nation’s “base” financial obligation. This base is unavoidable and generally agreed to by fair-minded, realistic taxpayers of all stripes. All taxpayers would share the burden of the base obligation.

However, the base obligation does not include such things as welfare, subsidies to wealthy corporations and other special interest groups, foreign aid, nor any other social program or plain ol’ pork which significant numbers of voters and taxpayers do not agree with. Nothing infuriates taxpayers more than politicians and lobbyists committing them to pay for things they do not want, need or agree with.

As it stands now, voters in the “losing” Party have little choice but to live with a president from the opposing Party, but for four or eight years, they will despise that president’s programs which are in contradiction to their traditions and which result in higher taxes. Think of it. Why should any taxpayer be required to pay for arbitrary programs created by a party they do not belong to or support; expensive programs which significantly affect tax rates and are not part of the base obligation?

In this new code, voters who put their support behind the winning candidate would bear any and all tax burdens (above and beyond the base obligation) which that candidate goes on, as president, to create based on his or her ideology. In all likelihood, this would result in the tax burden of liberal voters being significantly higher than others. But at least they would be paying for things they claim they believe in, and they would always have their own president to blame or cheer on. Voters would be putting their money where their political mouths are. (It seems to me I recall quite a few liberals crowing as to how they would be pleased to pay more taxes if only the government would ask. Well here’s your opportunity.)

Corporations and those who choose not to vote, or whose votes are cast for “other” party candidates would pay the higher rate to avoid hedging their bets. It doesn’t take a Nostradamus to predict we would see a huge shift in voter trends.

Winning the presidency was not intended to be a winner-take-all contest; the winner is obligated to act on behalf of all the people, but this concept seems to have been entirely lost in the nasty partisanship of recent years. Don’t ask liberals to pay for wars or other conservative pork they don’t believe in; likewise, don’t ask conservatives to pay for progressive social programs they neither need, want or even agree with because they sincerely believe social engineering is another form of slavery; it doesn’t work. Don’t ask conservatives to pay for it.

Oh sure, it seems unimaginable that a dual or trinary presidency could ever come to pass in America.  But think of the advantages. Everyone in each major party wins, each gets its own president. Three presidents eliminate tied decision-making. Oh, there are plenty of details to be worked out, along with amendments to the Constitution. Difficult? Complicated? Sure, all of that and who knows what else. But surely, staying on the path we are now on is worse. How long before there is an IRS or NSA or DHS official monitoring how much toilet paper you use? It just might be a way to return America to sane economic policies. And because unimaginative voters will always go for the Party which offers them free stuff, it may be the only hope America has of ever seeing conservatism with a strong voice again.



Contrary to what some think, Niccolò Machiavelli (1469 – 1527) was not some kind of ruthless leader but a fussy political philosopher, historian, musician, and poet, who paradoxically wrote romantic and comedic plays. Many credit him with the invention of realist political theory. His “rules” for princes are still quite relevant today. In that light, what kind of grades would President Obama rate on Machiavellian theory? Following, and in no particular order, are a few of Niccolò’s hundreds of political maxims:

“There is no avoiding war, it can only be postponed to the advantage of your enemy.”
Tsk-tsk-tsk. Obviously Obama never heard this one. He gets an F.

“Everyone sees what you seem to be, few know what you really are; and those few do not dare take a stand against the general opinion.”
President O’Chameleon gets an A on this one!

“It is much safer to be feared than loved."
“I wanna be loved with in-spi-ra-tion...” B

“The first method for estimating the intelligence of a ruler is to look at the men he has around him.”
Not to mention the women. Good grief. Z

“Men are so simple of mind, and so much dominated by their immediate needs, that a deceitful man will always find plenty who are ready to be deceived.”
Oh, he got this one a long time ago. B+

“A man who is used to acting in one way never changes; he must come to ruin when the times, in changing, no longer are in harmony with his ways.”
This was written for a rigid ideologue. F

“It must be remembered that there is nothing more difficult to plan, more doubtful of success, nor more dangerous to manage than a new system. For the initiator has the enmity of all who would profit by the preservation of the old institution and merely lukewarm defenders in those who gain by the new ones. ”
“ObamaCare” anyone? A generous F

“There is nothing more important than appearing to be religious.”
25 years “appearing” to attend Rev Wright’s church. B+

“The vulgar crowd always is taken by appearances, and the world consists chiefly of the vulgar.”
Oh yeh, he’s cool. B+ 

“Men never do good unless necessity drives them to it; but when they are free to choose and can do just as they please, confusion and disorder become rampant.”
Read the news lately? F

“A prince must not have any other object nor any other thought but war, its institutions, and its discipline; because that is the only art befitting one who commands.”
President Peace Prize gets a big F on this.

“He who wishes to be obeyed must know how to command.”
Hard to know without being behind all those closed-door meetings. C?

“Men sooner forget the death of their father than the loss of their patrimony.”
In other words, don’t over-tax the people’s inheritances and wealth. F

“Men are so simple and so much inclined to obey immediate needs that a deceiver will never lack victims for his deceptions.”
The Food Stamp President gets an A+

“The best fortress which a prince can possess is the affection of his people.”
Depends on the meaning of “his people.” Right now C–

“Though fraud in all other actions be odious, yet in matters of war it is laudable and glorious, and he who overcomes his enemies by stratagem is as much to be praised as he who overcomes them by force.”
He’s as confused as Inspector Clouseau on this one. F

“Occasionally words must serve to veil the facts. But let this happen in such a way that no one becomes aware of it; or, if it should be noticed, excuses must be at hand to be produced immediately.”
This one he knows by heart. A+

“But when you disarm (the people), you at once offend them by showing that you distrust them, either for cowardice or for want of loyalty, and either of these opinions breeds hatred against you.”
Isn’t this why we have the Second Amendment? Obama gets another F

More F’s there than Porky Pig saying “Fee-fi-fo-fum...”



As predicted, not a week goes by when another scandalous White House “non-scandal” rears its ugly head. This week, as the Left plays America’s heart strings, trying to make us think every one of the thousands of kids who are coming across our Southern border is a sweet cherub, a victim of unfortunate circumstances which they were born into, we see less and less media coverage of previous weeks’ scandalous “non-scandals.”

Now Iraq falls to terrorists.

But as we have seen in the past, as new facts find their way into the sunlight, what at first seemed like a non-scandal is really a lot more complex than we were told. Lied to, as usual. Both the border mess and the fall of Iraq will be no different.

It is inconceivable that tens of thousands of children could somehow find their way, either on foot, packed in coyote vehicles, or on trains or whatever, from the southern border of Mexico all the way to its northern border – over 2,000 miles! – without the knowledge and assistance of the Mexican government as well as many organizations and individuals who support illegal immigrant issues. Yes, certain governments and media of Central America have publicly advertised propaganda – “if you can get across the border, you can stay!” – aimed at creating a northward tidal wave of illegal immigration to the United States. The old Cloward-Piven one-oh-one... collapse the system by overwhelming it.

In a year or two, it will average out to somewhere around 2,000 kids per State! Some States will have fewer, others more. That’s not including the adults, and the almost-born. Can your State handle an extra 2,000 or more kids... in already over-crowded schools and medical facilities? Who will house those without willing relatives? What about the many pregnant women among this group? In our already over-burdened healthcare system, this will add to the impossible weight. I don’t even want to think of the ambulance-chasers and the class-action suits they will bring. Collapse the system by overwhelming it.

Not long from now, these kids will all be adults, probably able to vote. So we shouldn’t be the slightest bit surprised to learn that Democratic Party operatives are somehow involved. And La Raza. How about the Conquista bunch? How about the drug cartels, coyotes, Mexican Army, and maybe even a few bad apples on our own border patrol? The ACLU is already fabricating claims that the children are being mistreated in our holding facilities. Did any of these groups do anything to try and help the U.S. soldier imprisoned in Mexico on a ridiculous charge? Not that we are aware of.

Sure, you feel sorry for children, especially the little ones who are involved in this mess. I have children. I know how awful all this is. But don't tell me that we should open our arms and our borders to them simply because someone told them if they can get here they can stay... don’t tell me when these kids started out on their unholy journey, some of them carrying diseases, they didn’t know what they were doing was wrong. They certainly must have gotten some kind of clue on their trek through Mexico!

Were these kids, many of whom are teenagers, never taught the difference between right and wrong? What’s legal and illegal? Even if it’s a matter of escaping some kind of  dead-end life, they still must know they escaped it by doing something that didn’t smell right. So what are you telling me? That we have tens of thousands of kids dispersing throughout America, most of whom don’t know right from wrong!?


It’s not like an army of us didn’t demand, months and years ago, that the border be closed to illegal immigration. It’s not like the White House and Homeland Security didn’t lie to us again by telling us the border was more secure than ever. It’s not like they didn’t know the kids were on their way, or that we had no facility to deal with the tidal wave. Of course we knew. Somebody knew.

Will the Left also call this another White House “non-scandal” if and when they learn all this? Do you for one second think the White House isn’t somehow involved with all the above in order to achieve its ultimate goal of “fundamentally transforming America?” Into what? you might ask. Into a nation we old folks always had nightmares about, that’s what. Worse than Orwellian. An accursed nation. A place transformed by Lucifer as he primps his horns, rubs his palms together, smiles and says “Good job.”



Democrats charge that Republican “operatives” and the conservative media are attempting to turn “every little White House problem” into a major scandal aimed at diminishing President Obama. And on cue, we hear some conservatives calling for impeachment. That’s an almost childish idea. 

Let us examine just a few of the “non-scandals”:

• Despite the unpopularity of Obamacare, the lies told in order
    to pass the bill, the systemic issues, astounding misuse of the
    funding for its disastrous internet website... no scandal here.
• CIA/NSA spying on Americans at home, as well as spying
    on friends and foes alike overseas. No scandal.
• VA horrors. No scandal.
• IRS being used to dog political “enemies”. No scandal there.

• Releasing five of the worst terrorists held at Gitmo in exchange for
    a single American who may or may not be a collaborator, and possibly
    a secret payment of millions to a faction of Afghan terrorists.
    All accompanied by the now predictable Susan Rice provably wrong-
    headed narrative. No scandal there. 

  The cold-blooded murder on 9/11/13 of an American ambassador and 
    several other Americans in an attack on an American facility in Benghazi. 
    Accompanied by incredibly unbelievable spin by Ms Rice. No scandal.

• Billions of taxpayer dollars gambled on “green” companies like Solyndra, 
    NextEra, Ener1, Solar Trust and many others — all of which went 
    bankrupt. Ooops, just a minor error in judgment, no scandal.

• The completely botched “Fast and Furious” operation – a government
    sponsored illegal gun-running scheme designed to purposely go awry so
    as to induce public outcry for gun control – which resulted in the death
    of one or more Americans by the weapons deliberately sold to drug
    dealers south of the border. No scandal there.

• Voting irregularities and voter intimidation involving in some cases 
    members of the New Black Panther Party; irregularities completely 
    dismissed by our Attorney General. Nope. Nothing there.

• $6 trillion in new national debt under Obama… the very same Obama 
    whose campaign promised to decrease the deficit. Ah, what’s $6 trillion?
    No scandal.

• A refusal to enforce federal immigration laws. Pfff!, big deal.

  • Shut down oil drilling in the US; then lent $2 billion to Brazil to support 
    their government-controlled oil-drilling effort, promising the US would 
    become one of Brazil’s biggest oil customers.

• Increased the percentage of Americans dependent on food stamps to 
    unprecedented levels (now well over 15% of the nation’s population!)
    According to them, this is a good thing!

• Weighing-in on criminal cases before the facts are known...
    recall the Zimmerman trial, and the “beer summit.”
    Nah. No there there.

The list is much, much longer, but you do see the pattern here, right? Even if Obama supporters are right, that each of these messes on its own is not a “scandal,” the sum total and repetitiveness of the President’s... shall we say... quasi scandals? ...has long ago reached the critical mass required to think of that “I word” in past administrations. But this White House is different. No matter how wrong-headed the actions of the White House, criticism of the President is not to be tolerated. And his supporters charge any such criticism is obviously racist. In that light, how could even his most vocal critics think of such extreme action against America’s First Black President?

The President’s team has a well-oiled machine dedicated to protecting him against any and all “scandals” which might lead back to the Oval Office. First, obfuscation. Something goes wrong. Send a flack out to proffer a manufactured excuse to the media. The compliant media doesn’t question the nonsense. Later retract, change, obfuscate the story by releasing conflicting “facts,” usually on a Friday when everyone is too busy rushing out of town to notice. Have the President express his feigned concern: “I am angry. I am directing my people to begin a thorough investigation and justice will be done when we get the facts...” Stall a few more days until another problem comes along to take over the media cycle while the first problem is forgotten. And on it goes.

As a traditionalist/conservative, after the first six years of the Bush Administration, I, along with many conservatives, became pretty disenchanted with some of his policies and actions. And while we still liked him personally, we grew furious, and vocally so, about some of his positions. You can refer to many of my postings archived here during those years. And let’s not forget how Republicans turned against Nixon. In retrospect however, what we were angry about in the past was nothing the likes of which we are experiencing today!

So I have to ask: what is wrong with the 40% – the die-hard Obama supporters!? Are you so terrified of the possibility of being called racists, or so afraid to abandon the messiah, that there is nothing this president can do which will change your minds? The list of his missteps (and that term is a kindly one) is voluminous. At what point does it become even the slightest bit scandalous?

It is quite clear at this point that the President doesn’t care what any of us think, except for whoever in hell (and I mean hell) is pulling his strings. He will continue to act in violation of his oath, completely disregarding the expectations of American citizens, circumventing Congress and Constitutional law. In other words, come hell or high water, he will try to get his (or someone’s) agenda completed.

It is long past time for the House of Representatives to stop complaining, endlessly investigating and chasing its tail in fear, and failing to accomplish anything important. Congress must put its sizable foot down – hard! – But forget impeachment. It’s another time-waster. Better to let the President have all the fun he wants in the next two-and-a-half years, vacationing, golfing, speechifying, weight-lifting, getting frisky with attractive women, and pretending to be royalty. All that is embarrassing and expensive but can’t hurt us too much. But for God’s sake, it is time to make this duck as lame as Congress has been acting. Grow a pair! Use Congress’ Constitutional authority to strip the President and his crew of that damnable phone, pen and executive authority – for the next two years, do not allow this duck to do anything that affects our nation in any substantive way!



Like the emperor’s tailors in the Hans Christian Andersen tale (“Kejserens nye Klæder”), President Obama’s political tailors have been providing him with advice which anyone with open eyes can see right through. As in Andersen’s tale, Obama’s sycophant advisors and the fawning media continue to ooo and ahhh at the beauty of his transparent decisions. The rest of us divert our gaze because he’s as naked as a jaybird.

I find it difficult to point to one single presidential decision President Obama has made which isn’t at minimum questionable, or worse; supporting our adversaries’ causes over America’s interests, as well as being designed to produce chaos within our nation’s borders.

These decisions can no longer be excused by pointing to simple ineptitude among the legion of White House advisors and aides. Even Aunt Millie’s 50-year-old Christmas tree doesn’t have that many dim bulbs hanging around it.

A discussion of the scandals and strange decisions – IRS, VA, NSA, CIA, ACA and its website, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, et al. — would go on far too long. It would have to include the “bailout” financial scandals and failures, failures of the Justice Department to prosecute certain crimes, and so much more. So let’s just focus on the recent Bergdahl – Gitmo prisoner exchange as a glaring example.

Learning nothing from, or not caring about past experiences, the White House once again sends out National Security Advisor Susan Rice, Press Sec’y Carney and other flacks to prevaricate for the press. Using the same ridiculous excuses, they deflect any serious questions. “The facts are not all in.” But they are. “There will be investigations to get to the bottom of this.” We are at the bottom. Yet they would have us believe Bergdahl is a hero, a deserter who has somehow in some fantasy served his country well.

All this word-waltzing is designed not to inform the public, but to protect the president by hiding the truth. Set aside the fact that Sgt. Bergdahl appears to be a deserter. Set aside his eMails and the sworn testimony of his platoon mates. Set aside the very peculiar business of Bergdahl’s father’s statements, including that to the press in the Rose Garden. The “secret” we are told by sources outside the White House is that in addition to the Gitmo terrorists released, millions of dollars had been offered, and may have been paid to Bergdahl’s captors for his release.

Why would President Obama go through all this in order to free an American soldier who seems to have denounced his own country, while at the same time the president seems to ignore another American soldier held for questionable reasons in a Mexican prison? Let’s deconstruct this:

1. How can Obama circumnavigate Congress and deliver on his promise to empty Gitmo? I think you can figure this out without me spelling it out.

2. How can our military’s Commander-in-Chief secretly funnel funds to the very enemies of the military he commands? I think you can see the president’s politics, like the emperor’s clothes are transparent.

3. How can the President of the United States signal his “oneness” to our adversaries without appearing to do so? How about standing alongside Bergdahl’s parents, smiling beatifically in the Rose Garden while the father recites what many consider a disgraceful little speech. The media broadcast this speech dozens if not hundreds of times worldwide, signaling, with a wink and a nod, the President’s apparent support of our adversaries.

4. How can the Commander-in-Chief further demoralize his armed forces? By returning the five most dangerous terrorists to the battle. By not demanding the immediate release of the U.S. soldier rotting for no reason in a Mexican prison. By not instituting immediate, stop-gap solutions for the serious problems vets have encountered in the VA scandals. If he can use his pen to piss off Americans, he can use that same pen to help the vets. But when it comes to helping traditional America, his pen always seems to be out of ink. Or he doesn’t carry it while golfing. Has he virtually capitulated to our adversaries by announcing the withdrawal of American military forces from incomplete missions on which they have spent some of our most precious blood and treasure?

The President seems unable to make any decisions which advance America’s own interests, but cleverly disguises whatever anti-American decisions he has made as errors in calculations, and through poorly manufactured transparent falsehoods. But these are not mistakes in judgment. Not when it is a pattern repeated throughout his almost six years in office. Nobody is that stupid. These are deliberate actions designed, as the President promised, to “Fundamentally change America.” The actions are taken knowing the media will not question and the majority of voters are unaware or unconcerned.

Another old political trick is to appoint cabinet members and “czars” who intellectually support his ideology, so that they don’t need to be told what to do; they do it because they intuitively know that’s what the agenda calls for. This affords him plausible deniability. They are pin cushions who willingly accept the pricking for his agenda. Holder, Sebilius, Shinseki, et al. are just the tip.

It’s clear. The President of the United States (and his cohorts) display nothing but antipathy for the traditions of this country. They publicly agree that America is “The greatest country the world has ever known,” and they are damned well going to fundamentally change it, or go down trying.

If, by now, you are still bedazzled by the President, if you still insist he is being severely criticized because his critics are simply racists, or Republicans, or whatever... you are one of those insisting there really is invisible fabric. To the contrary, he and his team have been allowed to get away with far too many obvious shenanigans precisely because Americans are trying too hard to avoid being labeled racists.

None of this has to do with the president’s skin color. It has to do with his policies and actions. They are like the emperor’s suits; anyone with open eyes can see right through them.