As predicted, not a week goes by when another scandalous White House “non-scandal” rears its ugly head. This week, as the Left plays America’s heart strings, trying to make us think every one of the thousands of kids who are coming across our Southern border is a sweet cherub, a victim of unfortunate circumstances which they were born into, we see less and less media coverage of previous weeks’ scandalous “non-scandals.”

Now Iraq falls to terrorists.

But as we have seen in the past, as new facts find their way into the sunlight, what at first seemed like a non-scandal is really a lot more complex than we were told. Lied to, as usual. Both the border mess and the fall of Iraq will be no different.

It is inconceivable that tens of thousands of children could somehow find their way, either on foot, packed in coyote vehicles, or on trains or whatever, from the southern border of Mexico all the way to its northern border – over 2,000 miles! – without the knowledge and assistance of the Mexican government as well as many organizations and individuals who support illegal immigrant issues. Yes, certain governments and media of Central America have publicly advertised propaganda – “if you can get across the border, you can stay!” – aimed at creating a northward tidal wave of illegal immigration to the United States. The old Cloward-Piven one-oh-one... collapse the system by overwhelming it.

In a year or two, it will average out to somewhere around 2,000 kids per State! Some States will have fewer, others more. That’s not including the adults, and the almost-born. Can your State handle an extra 2,000 or more kids... in already over-crowded schools and medical facilities? Who will house those without willing relatives? What about the many pregnant women among this group? In our already over-burdened healthcare system, this will add to the impossible weight. I don’t even want to think of the ambulance-chasers and the class-action suits they will bring. Collapse the system by overwhelming it.

Not long from now, these kids will all be adults, probably able to vote. So we shouldn’t be the slightest bit surprised to learn that Democratic Party operatives are somehow involved. And La Raza. How about the Conquista bunch? How about the drug cartels, coyotes, Mexican Army, and maybe even a few bad apples on our own border patrol? The ACLU is already fabricating claims that the children are being mistreated in our holding facilities. Did any of these groups do anything to try and help the U.S. soldier imprisoned in Mexico on a ridiculous charge? Not that we are aware of.

Sure, you feel sorry for children, especially the little ones who are involved in this mess. I have children. I know how awful all this is. But don't tell me that we should open our arms and our borders to them simply because someone told them if they can get here they can stay... don’t tell me when these kids started out on their unholy journey, some of them carrying diseases, they didn’t know what they were doing was wrong. They certainly must have gotten some kind of clue on their trek through Mexico!

Were these kids, many of whom are teenagers, never taught the difference between right and wrong? What’s legal and illegal? Even if it’s a matter of escaping some kind of  dead-end life, they still must know they escaped it by doing something that didn’t smell right. So what are you telling me? That we have tens of thousands of kids dispersing throughout America, most of whom don’t know right from wrong!?


It’s not like an army of us didn’t demand, months and years ago, that the border be closed to illegal immigration. It’s not like the White House and Homeland Security didn’t lie to us again by telling us the border was more secure than ever. It’s not like they didn’t know the kids were on their way, or that we had no facility to deal with the tidal wave. Of course we knew. Somebody knew.

Will the Left also call this another White House “non-scandal” if and when they learn all this? Do you for one second think the White House isn’t somehow involved with all the above in order to achieve its ultimate goal of “fundamentally transforming America?” Into what? you might ask. Into a nation we old folks always had nightmares about, that’s what. Worse than Orwellian. An accursed nation. A place transformed by Lucifer as he primps his horns, rubs his palms together, smiles and says “Good job.”