Conservatives have been driven to the edge of an ideological cliff. Is it any wonder they are angry – no, furious – and support Donald Trump?
     The dreaded Dumfux on both sides of the aisle have been running the government. Into the ground.
     Dumfux? People who confuse elitist intellectualism with intelligence. People who, based on nothing more than failed 18th Century ideology, mistakenly believe they have acquired the wisdom to dictate what’s right for you, your family, your community, your industry... everyone but themselves.

     Big Media Dumfux opine on subjects so far over their heads they can only see the ass ends, from which their gotcha questions drop: “Would you support a muslim for President?” (Incidentally, Ben, the correct answer is “Hell no, I think there are several in the Administration right now, and I don’t support anything they have done so far.”

     Conservatives vote right, and yet, in the corrupt, stinking swamp of DC, the deals always seem to fall to the left. Conservatives vote yes, and the Dumfux count is no.
     Media Dumfux dwell on Trump’s (and all conservative Republicans’) problems, mistakes and history; pretending they are informing audiences, when all they’re doing is trying to boost their ratings by tearing down candidates conservatives favor. Meanwhile, the Dumfux completely skip over, disregard or otherwise neglect mentioning their favorites’ far more egregious lies, false promises and fabrications.

     The dreaded Dumfux try to dictate who to like, what to eat, what kind of vehicles to drive, how to live, how to dress, what religions are good and bad, how much meat to eat, how much cola to drink, how much water to use, how much electricity, what kind of bags, bottles, bathrooms and trivia ad nauseam.
     Dumfux say NO! to guns, no to flags, no to The Bible, no to SUVs, no to Christmas, Easter and Jesus. No to NASCAR, no to prisons, no restrictions on abortions or weed. Yet they call Republicans “the party of no.” All conservatives really want is smaller government, a stronger military and lower taxes.
     They argue over what color of lives matter. The Dumfux choir chants black lives matter but turns a blind eye to the horrific numbers of our black brothers and sisters dying in mothers’ wombs and wounds, on the mean streets of America’s gang-infested big cities.
     Dumfux produce dark movies, dark “music,” and sit behind dark news desks.
     They propagandize and indoctrinate your children and call it “education.”
     They want unlimited immigration (excepting, presumably, conservative foreigners) in order to keep the dreaded Dumfux in charge forever.
     They would have the nation tolerate, even embrace, every imaginable carnal perversion, then have the audacity to berate conservatives for resisting the nation’s fall from grace.
     They feign guilt about things which happened in the distant past... things with which no one living today had anything whatsoever to do... in order to guilt the nation into passing legislation which otherwise would be seen for the fraud it is.
     They continue to apologize for America’s charitable, medical, military and technological contributions to the world.
     Dumfux have brought America down, insisting she is an unexceptional nation, no more significant than Earth’s many unexceptional nations. Of course, if this requires giving up their private jets, great privileges, golf, vacations and other bennies, they will issue exemptions for themselves.

     Is it any wonder conservatives are attracted to a candidate who calls out the Dumfux? Someone who wants us to live in a proud first rate nation. Someone who wants to make America great again.



The media is once again 

doing its best to sell us

an old used car with a frame 

bent far to the Left.

       Remember when National Review launched its own campaign to take down The Donald? Appearing on FOX, NR’s Rich Lowry and friends launched an amazingly nasty attack against Trump. In this nasty political season, this personal attack was particularly vitriolic. One might have thought they were describing Beelzebub himself.

       At that point, I think Donald came face to face with the what-the-hell-is-up-with-the-Republican-establishment-movement. Many, on the conservative side begin to understand how the cabal of media, Democratic politicos and establishment Republicans has conspired to derail his candidacy. So this apparently makes sense to the Republican establishment, which simply doesn’t like him, not just professionally, but in a deeply personal way. So much so that they are willing to put their own dislike of Trump ahead of their drive to get a Republican back in The White House.

       From the media itself, we hear Hillary is a virtual sho’-in for prexy in ‘16. Really? If an experienced establishment nominee like Senator McCain couldn’t beat an inexperienced, community organizer like Senator Obama; and then establishment icon Mitt Romney couldn’t beat an already-unpopular President Obama last time around, what on earth makes pundits think another goody two-shoes candidate would be able to defeat Hillary, whom so many want to make America’s first woman president? Of course it’s a fine goal. But not a woman who shows disregard for law, and lies her way through life!

       Media spielers and their sycophantic political guests have been chiseling Trump’s epitaph for months, claiming he is already done. But they can’t stop shooting arrows and missing his quickly moving target.

       If there are foul sewers in hell, the stench may be that of the misnamed media “elite.” But I have always believed that, so what’s new? What’s new is Mr. Trump finds himself in the cross-hairs of people like himself... wealthy, influential, above it all... and not like him, in the sense that, I believe, Donald cares about this country in a way they don’t understand.

       How many times have they already attempted to knock Trump off his pedestal? But he appears to have unexpected staying power simply because so many common-sense voters believe in Trump. But big media, liberals, and even the establishment of the Republican Party - or are they all the same thing? – either way they don’t want voters to have what voters want. They insist that voters must have what the elite media and the puritans want. They will do everything they can, including spending big, to convince voters that what voters believe is good for America... isn’t. And if they can’t convince voters, they will stoop to using subterfuge such as manipulating the process at the final debates, at the voting polls, and, if necessary, at the Electoral College or the Supreme Court! They will do anything to avoid giving up their gravy train.

       Recall the last establishment candidate? Mitt. A man with a superior background and perfect hair, who fit the elitist idea of a president (and I agree... he really did!) But, in the last Presidential Debate, when it came to pulling the pin, the elitist in him chickened out. Oh, always the gentleman, he didn’t want to “offend” his opponent or the predictably biased moderator. Fine. Always the gentleman; never the president. So... the Republican elite (I really find that description distasteful... it’s a hell of a way to describe corrupt, lying back-stabbers) would have rathered backing another loser. Which tells me maybe they don’t really want to win the White House. Perhaps they’d rather spend the next four or eight years playing the status quo game, getting fat while complaining about Hillary and the Democrats. You bet they would.

       And there-in lies the secret of Trump’s popularity with the folks. They know Donald will say the things which need to be said, and at a critical moment, won’t fold.

       Why don’t they want the folks to have Trump? In effect, “elitists” believe there is no wisdom in the masses – that’s why they think they are elite. They think Trump’s way of seeing the world is not nuanced. Sort of like George Bush’s way was not nuanced enough for the liberal media. But political nuance is for college professors, diplomats and culinary masters. Presidents use nuance to procrastinate when it comes to doing what they know must be done but don’t want to do it because it might offend other leftist nuance-masters and big money donors.

       Frankly, there seems to be even less nuance in the anti-Trump cabal. The political elite are short on nuance but long on ideological coordination. Democrats and most of the media still want you to believe, despite his abject failure on virtually every meaningful issue, their last darling, Barack Obama, is a great, successful president. Successful at the economy, bringing together the races, settling international affairs and a host of other achievements. And don’t you dare suggest this man may be, at minimum, a Muslim sympathizer – unfortunately, the media and Democrats are hard put to name anything substantive which he has done, relative to Islam, which a Muslim would not have done. If this isn’t elitist nuance-ity (known in non-elite circles as merde) I don’t know what is.

       Conservative voters who support Trump are not so much nuance-masters as they are realists. People who do not want to lose traditional America to the chaos so many are attempting – all too successfully – to foist upon the nation. When GW Bush drove off the track politically, conservatives were disappointed, even angry, with him. Unlike the left, which supported leaders Pelosi and Reid no matter how hare-brained and deceitful their actions, conservatives are so fed up with those they sent to Washington, DC, that they are ready to chew steel.

       Does this hard-won republic not warrant the uncoerced choosing of its leader by its constituents – the folks – the people a leader will lead? Why do we listen at all to “experts” who insult our common sense? To raise money, we are threatened by the Republican establishment... “Hillary Clinton might become president!” they say. But with the media’s reluctant reporting of her eMail problems et al., her history has got some on her side to think just maybe she can’t win. Everybody, including your grandma, knows Hillary’s background is riddled by scandal, lies and – taking a cue from hubby Bill’s famous “That depends on what the meaning if is, is” – yes... nuance. Does the liberal cabal care? No. They are still hanging in there. It’s obvious that winning is the only thing that matters to the Democratic Party.

       On the other side, conservatives know The Donald is far from perfect. In fact, many support him with crossed fingers... is he really conservative? Does he have The Right Stuff to make a difference? One thing is clear; Trump is not a politician. He is a breath of very fresh air. And let’s face it, this very wealthy fellow is probably not running for profit. He says he owes this nation a lot. He doesn’t like seeing it fall apart like it is under our current president. He says he wants to make America great again. We’re for all that stuff! But what exactly does that mean? Remember when Obama promised “change”? What did that mean? Nothing specific. It meant whatever a voter thought good change was for him or her. Nuance. After almost 7 years of Obama’s administration, change for African-Americans has not been good. Change for America’s middle class has not been good at all. Change in our international relations has not been good. Change in our economic stats has not been good – it has been a disaster. In the end, change has meant fundamentally changing America into a more socialistic, welfare state.

       Conservative folks do not want another RINO, another career politician, another timid windbag who makes promises he or she will never deliver once absorbed into the corrupt DC establishment. Conservatives are skeptical of politicians who look at our burning house and see nuance in the flames. We want Trump because he seems to reflect our fury at the establishment. It remains to be seen if he can survive the coordinated campaign to deny voters what they want. If I have judged him right, Trump’s smarts and media savvy will get him over the finish line. Minimally, Trump generates dread in the old establishment heart of Washington, DC... dread of the end of the old system... dread of imminent job loss. Their own!

       By November, I hope the Trump brand will have reassured enough voters that, in the end, he is the right guy for this job, while the Democratic Party and its political arm, the media, will once again do its best to sell us an old used car with a frame bent far to the Left.



It’s no wonder Donald Trump has been in the lead in the Republican presidential candidate race.

Conservative voters are frustrated as hell with their Federal Government. No matter who conservatives send to Washington, few Federal decisions come down in their direction. Active as he is on social media, Mr. Trump has grasped the mood of the Republican conservative base. Frustration to the point of fury.

The reasons are clear, and ugly. In this era, conservatism has lost the culture war. Outside of a few isolated and brief moments, such as the period immediately following 9/11, America hasn’t really been a culturally conservative nation since the 1950s. Under the relentless pressure of the left, fueled by the mainstream media and Marxist philosophy, Republicans who manage to make it into the Federal Government have been so cowed, intimidated by their more clever liberal Democrat colleagues that they shrink away like cowering sheep, folding like cheap card tables on controversial issues. This won’t change as long as our national culture continues unabated on the liberal track it’s been chugging along since the end of World War Two.

Trump or no Trump, this is not likely to change until some epic event or events so shock Americans that their cultural attitudes return to the middle, swinging the cultural pendulum back toward traditional American values. Right now, the nation’s younger generations have been so hypnotized by diversions, propagandized by Hollywood, indoctrinated from grammar school age in socialist ideas, that they cannot see beyond the simplistic notion that Democrats are on the side of the common man and woman, and Republicans are for the most part mean-spirited militaristic old white people who want to keep the common man and woman down. In culture war rhetoric, Republican messages about how liberal policies and trillions of dollars have not made the common man and woman’s circumstances anything but worse, go in one ear and out the other.

Adding to conservative frustration, Republican politicians seem to have no juice in Washington. Feckless and hopeless. We now hear, day after day, how Democrats once again (or should I say as usual) are using the threat of government shutdown against Republican Congress over the issue of funding the government and Planned Parenthood. Republicans and Democrats line up like tin ducks on both sides of the issue. Republicans controlling Congress are unable or unwilling to think outside this Democratic-made box they find themselves trapped in. Or is it that Republican leadership really doesn’t want to defund anything that might lead to them not getting their slice of the pie, or not being invited to Democratic social events?

If the vote is to fund the running of the U.S. government, what in hell does Planned Parenthood have to do with the running of the U.S. government? Why is Planned Parenthood a part of the omnibus funding bill in the first place? Anybody with common sense – which automatically excludes anybody in Washington, DC – can figure out how to avoid a government shutdown: make Planned Parenthood a separate bill. Common sense? Not in Washington, DC. The President will then be forced to veto Republican Congress’ bill to defund or partially defund PP, a defunding which at this time has the approval of a majority of Americans. Obama might not even be willing to spend his remaining political capital by vetoing the bill. This would give Republicans a badly needed psychological victory on both counts.

Don’t get your hopes up.

Would a Trump presidency – or for that matter a Carly or any other “outsider” presidency – make a difference? If The Donald is true to his word, he would presumably initiate a number of changes which will be popular with conservative voters but very unpopular with liberal America. His honeymoon period wouldn’t last two days. It is difficult to believe any of the candidates would be willing to suffer the firestorms resulting from any conservative changes.

Conservatives will continue to suffer the inevitable erosion of their principles. No need to repeat the litany of lost causes, you know them as well as anyone.  A few folks will continue to profit from the frustration by pumping out super-conservative books, columns and the like. The perennial call for the Republican Party to “expand its base” by being more “inclusive” ...bringing its message to more minority communities is another feckless strategy. What is the point? You might’s well ask the minority communities to swallow castor oil. Despite little progress in their communities, they are convinced Democrats are their party and always will be. The old “doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result” is something only an open-minded person understands. If “minority communities” ever come to see the appeal of conservatism, it will only be through their own intellectual growth. Those without the desire to consider the value of a traditional America will otherwise count on the eventuality of conservative America being relegated to the dustbin of history when it soon becomes the minority. For conservative culture, the picture is not pretty.

Real cultural change, movement to the right, will have to come about before conservatism and the Republican Party will begin to once again appeal to majority America. Only then will liberal Democrats find themselves in the political position conservative Republicans find themselves in today.



     Item: recent study predicts world population will reach 9,000,000,000 in the near future. Nine billion people. Two billion more people than we already have crowded into world communities.

     Item: Recent article by a New York Post on-line fashion critic decrying the way people dress nowadays.

     These seemingly disparate subjects correlate.

     As criticisms go, this fashion critique was fairly mild. Its readers’ comments were far less so.

     The nerve of this woman! – they lambasted this critic – to suggest that people shouldn’t feel good about dressing down! She is, to their way of thinking, an elitist. A throw-back. Why, this is the modern world, they reminded her; and slobs can dress any way we like.

    But if I can avoid a fool who looks, speaks and acts like a slob, I consider I have avoided the human equivalent of an auto wreck. Painful experience has taught me a slob will not enrich, elevate or ennoble anyone’s life here on this Earth. Which is why I essentially agree with the Post writer.
     Oh, I know the old axiom; you can’t judge a book by its cover. Sometimes it’s true. Mostly it’s not.
     “Casual Friday,” having broken down the traditional barriers to casual attire in non-casual situations, our “modern” culture is doing its victory laps in flip-flops. Hell, Post article commenters suggest, if they want to attend a Broadway show, or a concert or the opera or maybe even their Aunt Bessie’s funeral in baggy shorts, smudgy cotton tees and clackety flip-flops, well that’s their Constitutional right. One commenter went so far as to say how dare this critic try to drag us back into the 1950s, when people actually had dress codes and etiquette.
     Before gold lamé capes and blubber began appearing in his concerts, Elvis wore a sport coat, white shirt and tie. The Beatles came to America wearing black suits, white shirts and ties. Okay, the pants were pegged. Then the mid-to-late ‘60s Woodstock generation came upon us like a tsunami of BO and DNA. John Lennon put on a pair of creepy Strangelove sunglasses, sought out the Maharishi to help him meditate on yellow submarines, bored the shit out of real Beatles fans by his and George’s infernal sitar buzzing, hung out with a skinny Marxist chick from another dimension, posed and gave interviews nude in bed, beat down the Beatles, and that was that. In the end, Ringo turns out to be the shining Starr.

     Today, we are told comfort trumps etiquette. Another group of commenters, completely missing the critic’s point, asserted; we are paying the symphonic performers to perform, not to judge our attire. This, they announced, is the “modern world.” And that’s where these two items – over-population and etiquette – intersect.

     The modern world? News flash: people in the 15th Century thought they lived in the modern world. DaVinci and Machiavelli didn’t wear flip-flops. Folks in the Victorian Era thought they were living in the modern world. Ever see pics of Florence Nightingale’s “casual” attire? In the 1920s and 30s your great grandmother thought she lived in the modern world. The only thing that flipped and flopped in her day was the stock market. If you are so dull-witted as to think the “modern world” is a fixed time and place... that the masses won’t be wearing, using and eating something even more disturbingly “modern” as soon as some lisping genius designs it... it’s no wonder you are okay with flip-flops being your go-to foot attire for every occasion. It’s not about comfort, it’s about courtesy and respect. If the orchestra is donned in tuxedo and gown, the least you can do is show up in a respectable shirt!
     They tell us it’s all about comfort.
     Comfort!? For some of you this is an excuse to side-step the reality that you are too damned fat! That’s right. Not pleasantly plump, chubby or zoftig.... fatty!
    Comfort? A way of avoiding the probability that your mirror and scale are not lying. That you are ill mannered, devoid of class and clue. Schlumps.
     Comfort? Today’s rationalization for laziness.
     And, perhaps worst of all, comfort, along with biblical-length beards, poor communication skills and leeching on employed society to avoid having to work are your pathetic attempts at social defiance.
     The Post writer went on to say she was able to find proper, good-looking attire fitting special occasions at discount stores, so, expense is hardly a viable excuse for tacky toggery.

     The more humans crowd into cities and large towns, the lower falls our cultural common denominator. Not just for dress, but for everything. Poorly educated, lazy people gravitate to the lowest form of anything. Crafty fashion designers and retailers see what’s on the mean streets, create new lines of sartorial shame; and dumb, lazy losers make them richer on somebody else’s dime.
     Defiance!? How else is it possible to explain why fools wear baseball caps the way they do? Visor on side. Visor in back. Goofy size visors. Goofy shaped visors. Visors up. Visors down. In defiance of tradition (not to mention common sense... like, um, keeping the sun out of your eyes?) Defiance has long been celebrated by the pop fashion industry through provocative ads, billboards and tv spots aimed at priming youth’s basic instincts. It works every time.

     Beanie defiance. It wasn’t invented in your “modern world” either. The first time I can recall seeing a billed cap worn other than normally was back in the 1950’s when the Amos ‘N Andy tv show character Lightnin’ (Nick Odemus) – playing a poor, step-n-fetch-it, lovable homey, wore his hat that way in every episode. Lightnin’ was no defiant character. But it wasn’t long before wearing cap visors to the side or to the back became a symbol of black defiance. If you wear the visor to keep the sun out of your eyes, you are obviously a honky throw-back living in the ‘50s.
     Tattoos and body piercing.
     It’s not exactly the same reason lazy people can’t spell, can’t write an intelligent sentence, gobble slop with gigantic drinks, and love cheesy reality shows and flip-flops. But these reasons are all part of the intersection of over-population and etiquette.

     So let’s analyze. What would you estimate the percentage of stupid, lazy people is in “the modern world?” 10%? 20%? 30%!? Okay, let’s compromise. Say 20%. How about people who are off-the-beam – you know – along the lines of today’s entertainers and politicians? Another 10%. How about liars, cheaters, weirdos, culprits, wrongdoers, malefactors, offenders, villains, lawbreakers, evildoers, delinquents, hoodlums, pervs, dopers, reprobates and flat-out criminals of one kind or another? Maybe 15% more? How about non-educable? 10%?
     So roughly 55% of the world’s population is either stupid, lazy, crazy, liar, cheater, weirdo, culprit, wrongdoer, malefactor, offender, villain, lawbreaker, evildoer, delinquents, hoodlum, perv, reprobate and flat-out criminal of one kind or another. Let’s say 50% because some dopes fit in more than one category.
     There are about 7,000,000,000 people in this world today. Ergo, 3,500,000,000 of them are either stupid, lazy, crazy, liar, cheater, weirdo, non-educable, culprit, wrongdoer, malefactor, offender, villain, lawbreaker, evildoer, delinquent, hoodlum, perv, reprobate and/or flat-out criminal of one kind or another.
     Three billion, five-hundred million miscreants!
     And you expect things to get better?
     Look around you for God’s sake! Tatts. Piercing. Hair in all colors of the rainbow. Flip-flops, bejeweled as they may be. Horrible noise they try to pass off as “music.” Zombies in thrall to their hand-held devices. Many who hate their own country. They are your neighbors, members of your family, your friends, your elected officials, your bosses, your co-workers; they are everywhere. There is at least a 50% chance one of them is you. Now are you going to tell me the world will be any better with the additional two billion people they tell us we are soon to add?

     It’s cut and dried. There are too many people on this planet. We have reached critical mass. It doesn’t work anymore. It’s becoming increasingly a ubiquitous grey Third World, spotted with a couple of trillionaires who got wealthy serving up the next garish fad for the defiant dead.



Even I, possibly the first Trump fan to actually pray for his serious entrance into the 2016 Presidential Race, find myself wondering why and how it went so well for him.

I believe, in the main, it’s because of Americans’ growing sense of impending widespread political disaster. Saving us all from disaster is the kind of mission Star Trek’s Captain Kirk usually faced: save the known universe from obliteration, and oh... do it in 40 minutes, okay?

The Kirk character was brash, boastful, often disregarded the rules, always loyal to his mission, his ship and his crew. He was often surrounded by good-looking women. He was fair in his judgment but never hesitated to launch photon torpedos when it was right. Ask Khan.

Kirk was full of himself, irascible, and sometimes downright annoying. But when things looked bleak, when the universe was feeling highest anxiety, Kirk was your ray of hope. While this is not the only reason so many Americans are placing their emotional chips on the Trump square, it may be the primary reason. A feeling that he is Traditional America’s last best hope. What is this anxiety all about?

According to many retired or fired General-rank military leaders, President Obama proceeded to intentionally weaken and gut our military and Pentagon and reduce our superpower status. Anyone in the ranks who disagreed or spoke out was purged, and the word got sent down the chain of command: shut up. Or else.

For a long time now, many tuned-in Americans have gotten the picture. They see innumerable enemies of the U.S. surreptitiously weaving a noose around Miss Liberty’s neck, waiting for the right moment to kick that heavy base out from under her feet.

Another equally disturbing picture is also very clear. Our elected leaders either don’t get the picture or don’t care. Worse, purposefully or not, some of them are actively helping to weave the noose. Making secretive “deals” with nations committed to the destruction of our nation and our allies. Allowing floods of unfiltered immigrants over our borders. Giving them sanctuary. Fomenting race enmity, and so many other destructive actions undeclared by our mainstream media.

So-called “far right zealots” try to warn the nation, but are quickly shut down by the left and its mouth-piece, the mainstream media, who portray these patriots as a gang of conspiratorial Chicken Little nut jobs. And perhaps some of them may be that. But as any student of history knows, civilization after civilization has fallen because they did not take the warnings seriously. Sometimes the sky is falling! The net effect of lumping in the Chicken Littles with serious analysts is the drowning out of legitimate concerns and warnings. This has added enormously to the frustration of conservative America. In this treacherous era, we should pay more heed to the modern-day Thomas Paines and beware of our Benedict Arnolds.

Suddenly we hear, not a new voice, but one able and willing to say what we know to be true. And he says it loud and clear. Our recent Presidents have failed us. They weren’t who many thought they were. Our leaders are cowardly. They rarely lead, and when they do, they seem to lead us into disaster. By now, you know Trump’s litany. Immigration is a disaster. We need a real wall. China and other countries are fleecing us. Our military needs to be rebuilt. Iran cannot be dealt with as an equal and trustworthy partner. Obama’s “deal” was a disaster.

Make no mistake, America has far more enemies than friends. They are all over the planet. Worse, many of them are Americans inside our own borders. Our enemies talk to one another. Perhaps our enemies outside the U.S. are guilty more of envy than hatred but let’s not quibble, either one can visit chaos upon us. Our enemies would have no hesitancy to do us in as soon as they feel they have drained us of everything we have. Our friends, with perhaps a couple of reluctant exceptions, will have no hesitancy to look the other way, trying to build their fortunes from our misfortune. And aside from bluster, our own people show little indication they are ready to do anything about the noose. Quite the contrary, with the exception of President Trump, our leadership seems all too eager to teach our enemies how to make a slip knot. Our impression is that, like Captain Kirk, President Trump has changed the way our enemies size us up.

With our recent past leadership, enemies encircled us in plain sight. Perhaps you are secure in your feeling that our government saw what was going on and had its eye on the ball. Has it not occurred to you yet that our leaders lived in their illusion that America was somehow invulnerable... above it all? Our enemies have learned our elemental weakness. They know the U.S. is like a giant old-fashioned Dreadnought. Once underway and steered in the right direction, there’s no stopping it. But because of events such as 9-11 and Katrina, our enemies have learned how long it takes our lame leaders to get this battleship underway and steered on the right course. How long it takes to load her cannons. They know if they can strike in a hundred different ways and places all at the same time, our feminized leaders will be so hysterical, shell-shocked and confused they won’t know which way to steer the ship. All of which makes any sensible patriot anxious about our leadership.

China gains footholds in the nations to our south, in Canada and even in our own ports. In echoes of the Cuban missile crisis, we hear about nuclear-nut Iran cozying up to Cuba, a mere 90 miles south of Florida. Millions of illegals have flooded in through our southern border. Gangs of illegals have infected every big city. They are all around the U.S.. Our brilliant Dept. of Homeland Security claims they don’t know where they are now, and the Justice Department doesn’t seem to care to prosecute most of them for anything anyway.

Russia feeds heavy weaponry to rogue nations and has its eye on the Aleutian Islands. The UN plots against us at every turn. The EU threatens to fall apart, leading to economic disaster. North Korea snaps at our heels. Venezuela threatens.

Other nations continue to flood our ignorant population with mind-numbing drugs. India slowly assumes many of our financial services. China assumes our industrial capabilities while stealing our precious secrets, seriously increasing its military and space capabilities, and threatens to knock the dollar off its world-wide pedestal in favor of its own currency. Japan decimates our automobile and steel industries. Iran threatens to hand out nukes to all who hate us. Foreign nations make bids to “operate” our sea ports. And your government, the Dept. of Homeland Security, which you believe is protecting you... well... our leaders say hey, as long as I get mine, it’s all just fine!

None of this is just fine. It’s the noose.
“Death by a thousand cuts.” The Romans learned the hard way. It means the end of this way of life you and your ancestors have bled, sweated and cried so long and hard to realize. Five or six Trojan Horses in the form of cargo containers, loaded with apocalyptic cargo, on ships docked at that many of our major eastern ports could cripple our coasts in a flash, taking out any of our major naval vessels which may be docked at the time, setting off a wave of attacks from many other nations.

Or maybe a cyber attack to cripple our entire system. Or maybe an EMP brought down upon us by foreign satellites weaponized right before our eyes, even using our technology. Or maybe collapsing our economy. Or maybe secret Obama armies within the U.S. are ordered to turn on us. Or maybe our savings are confiscated by the government. Or maybe any one of a hundred other attack methods. Who the hell knows. Anxiety.

Check and mate. Game over. That’s all she wrote. Echoes of the fat lady’s aria.

But what reason could there possibly be for the people of the greatest nation in history to embrace its own decline?

Ennui? We’ve had it so good for so long that some of us are terribly bored with it all, and something inside us yearns for it to end? Perhaps this is the reason some hard-core liberals no longer want to defend their own culture. But, no, this can’t account for everything that’s happening.

Asleep at the switch? Well, after seeing how our brilliant National Security Team takes its lead from Inspector Clouseau... almost always wrong about everything... I suppose there’s some element of this at work here. Perhaps the CIA counts on the part in Clouseau’s “Pink Panther” movies where despite his clumsiness, in the end the inspector comes out the hero.

Treason for money? Good Lord, this is the worst possibility. There are powerful people who fight to control our destiny, people who call themselves Americans but who are not really “American”... people who think of themselves above all that flag-waving nonsense... who for profit will blindfold and walk their own countrymen to the gallows’ pole... assuming they will be among the new elite when the new post-apocalyptic America emerges.

Perhaps some outside force acts upon us. The Illuminati? The Bilderbergers? Ming the Merciless – and his aliens from another Galaxy? An angry God... who feels He has been rejected in the land He consecrated?

Maybe there are other even less understood forces lurking in the shadows. But what I do see are liberals so self-loathing they would gladly help tighten the noose if it would free them from guilt. And I see others so obsessed with the accumulation of personal fortunes, and giant corporations willing to look the other way just so they can add one more piece of Judas’ silver to their coffers.

Now do you see why Trump, a Washington “outsider” – a non-politician who appears to agree with conservators of traditional America – has gained such traction? Because it’s getting harder to trust anything with “Congress” or “Senate” or “Federal” or “National” or “Department” or “Agency” attached to its name. Your current government offers little but a sea of soulless eyes staring back at you.

Call this anxiety. Call it what you want. But if you analyze and correlate major world news events over time, watch what is actually happening, not allowing yourself to be distracted by sideshows or entertainment or sports or any of this era’s seductively designed distractions, you must... must... see the rough hemp fibers slipping over Miss Liberty’s head, finding her vulnerable neck. Because it is your neck. Tightening just a bit more with each passing news cycle.

Navigating our Ship of State out of these treacherous waters may be an impossible job, but if it is possible, I cannot see anyone on the political stage right now but Donald Trump – whose ego refuses to accept failure, whose confidence inspires hope, a real Captain Kirk – who stands a chance to pull it off.



“We’ll keep bashing the dead White males,
and the live ones, and the females too,
until the social construct known as
the White race is destroyed.
Not deconstructed, but destroyed.”

~Noel Ignatiev, Harvard Professor


 If you are white, this question should make you squirm. Be honest: do you think there is any non-white group today which secretly or openly wouldn’t like to stick it to Whitey America? Need a hint? Can you recall which black leader wants volunteers to murder the white “devils?”

Let’s be clear: it isn’t America which fires the enmity of hundreds of millions around the world; it is white America. Let’s just call him Whitey. And let’s be  crystal clear; it isn’t just skin color which makes Whitey – it’s his politics and culture. Thus, many clear-headed browns and blacks who adopt conservative ways are considered Oreos – the dreaded Whitey – by many of their own race.

Proof? A huge chunk of the world’s population continues to swarm across America’s borders. Obviously, they don’t hate America. But many refuse to adopt America’s traditions, preferring to inculcate the very cultures they ran away from! It’s pretty clear they’d prefer to live in an America free of Whitey’s traditions and influence. They’d like it even better if Whitey would turn over all his treasure before taking a hike.

The International Stick-It-To-Whitey-America Movement has so infected our politics that even many of America’s liberal whites feel it is not a privilege at all to be white. Liberal whites seem perfectly content to portray Whitey as the genesis of every problem throughout history. They perpetuate the image of Whitey as a gun-loving redneck doofus who still believes in his silly ol’ God, salutes Ol’ Glory, eats red meat, likes baseball and rodeo, and happily breathes in big block V8 exhaust emissions. Perhaps worst of all, Whitey believes in carrying his own weight and supports the U.S. military.

Birth rates for whites around the world have dropped significantly over the last half century for several reasons, among which is an awareness of an over-crowded world. On the other hand (or some other body part), non-white birth rates are still high and in many cases growing higher. This is most apparent in the world’s poorer populations. We accept that for many of the poorest lands, children are among their only joys in life, and in some traditions support their aging parents. The net result is fewer children growing up with Whitey’s carry-your-own-weight traditions, and more growing up with their hands out.

It’s worth thinking about this: perhaps if you are black or brown and grow up in the inner city, and all you ever see in your neighborhoods are your brothers and sisters, you might think that you are the majority in America. You might think How come after all these years we never elected one of our own kind to run America? Don’t we count!? Then, by God, one day we do! With the help of Whitey, one of your black brothers is elected president.

But after eight years with an African-American president, you think Why am I still in the same place? He promised me “hope and change.” How come I’m not a lot better off? After all, the president is just like me. After more than a century and a half since the Civil War, with all the marches and riots and Court actions, what did this president do for us? Not much for America’s inner cities. And even less for America’s middle class blacks and whites. He took your hopes and dashed them – played on your emotions and hopesin the process turning race relations even more bitter than most of us older folks remember in our lifetimes.

Does Whitey hate all those who hate him? I remind you that Whitey was instrumental in electing a black president.

Certainly many Whities are wary of the millions who hate him. Though it may not be Christian in some minds, the normal human reaction is not to embrace those who hate you. Oh, not that there aren’t white supremacist groups around the nation. We are told there has been a rise in the number of these in recent years, perhaps in response to the rise of overt anti-white sentiment. You doubt any or all of this? Perhaps you have not been paying attention to the news lately, and at minimum you aren’t reading between the lines.

President Obama at least seems to be sympathetic to anti-Whitey sentiment by the style of his comments on racial clashes, and by appointing Attorneys General who share his non-color-blind attitudes favoring one side against the other. Anti-police sentiment is nothing more than the eruption of hatred for Whitey – regardless of the ratio of whites to blacks and browns in the nation’s law enforcement agencies the African-American communities consider it to be a White police force – and the haters only seem to see what they consider Whitey’s unreasonably weird demand for simple law and order.

From where does this irrational anger towards Whitey stem? Perhaps the old adage “birds of a feather” applies. When ancient hatreds are passed along generation after generation they become ingrained in the culture of the hater. Soon it’s a case of “everybody knows Whitey is the devil.” Lord knows how many African-Americans hate Whitey because since childhood they have heard the incessant drumbeat of how Whitey’s ancestors brought their ancestors here as slaves. Never mind that it was non-Whities who captured the slaves in the first place, that many blacks in America owned large numbers of slaves, that many Whities were slaves, and that Abraham Lincoln was a Whitey.

The white liberal mind continues flagellating itself with guilt for things which happened in the remote past. In this way, the It’s-All-Whitey’s-Fault-So-Stick-It-To-Him sentiment has been passed from one generation to the next. No slack is cut for Whitey for the three-quarters of a million who lost their lives, and so many more who were grievously injured in the effort to free those very slaves in America’s Civil War. Or the White Privilege which has for over a hundred years invested its treasure trying to bring about equality for African-Americans. After all these great efforts, when finally a non-white is elected to the highest office in the land, the hate Whitey movement comes once again to a boil. For the racial grievance industry, there is no profit in slack cutting.

Mexicans try to stick it to Whitey because, according to their race mythology, their ancestors’ lands were stolen by Whitey. Native-Americans have their own reasons for sticking it to Whitey. Some, many, or all of these reasons may have been understandable in earlier times. But now, the hatred is simply a tribal marker: if you don’t hate Whitey, you are not an “authentic” tribesman.

Rather than fix the corruption of their own nations, most rich in resources and history, many flock to America because of her freedoms. Once here, rather than embrace her traditions, they attempt to change America into the corrupt non-white nations they fled.

All this is brought to focus on Whitey through the lens of Political Correctness, a leftist tool created for this very purpose, and one which is remarkably effective when used against anyone with an overly sensitive conscience. Proselytized by hard-left educators, PC is designed to work over generations. By instilling PC in our younger generations – through a “progressive” education system – youngsters are indoctrinated into the progressive-secular world and accept it as “normal” when they become adults. You know, the warm and fuzzy “be-nice-to-(today’s-trendy-under-privileged), they-are-people-just-like-you” sentiment.

The older generation shakes its head as many of the younger generation seem to accept these notions unchallenged. Even elementary school students come home to lecture their own parents about the evils of “acting white.” PC Comrades hope eventually to eradicate every shred of conservatism, every tradition Whitey spent his dearest blood to uphold. Which is why PC Comrades slowly erase them from our history books. PC ostracizes traditionalism so, not with a bang but with a whimper, it dies out as an acceptable national sentiment. To challenge the lopsided values imposed by the PC Comrades is to be branded a racist, or some other equally reprehensible tag. This is where we are today.

Conservatism resides primarily, though not exclusively, in Whitey. As long as big dollars flow its way, our liberal media and entertainment industries don’t seem to mind being used as tools by the Marxist-secular-progressive movement... Stalin’s “useful Idiots.” When the mission is accomplished, when Traditional White America is relegated to obscurity, the International Marxists will turn on the useful idiots, cannibalizing them. New York Times libs, and Progressives on our university faculties will be the most shocked, of course, when the Movement inevitably turns on them.

One might think that America’s Jewish community, a culture historically targeted by so many for so long, would be the last to be complicit in this hatred. But there are too many in the news and entertainment media, as well as the ACLU, to pretend otherwise.

U.S. Whities are despised by his neighbors; Central America, South America, and judging by their condescending media, perhaps even majority white Canada. He is held in contempt by much of Europe; France, Spain, Germany, Ireland, Scotland, and Scandinavia. Perhaps you are too young to remember “The Ugly American.” He is in the cross-hairs of nations: China and the entire Muslim world. Arabians, Persians, Egyptians, Pakistanis, most of Africa, Indonesia, Pakistan, North Korea are anxious to dispose of him. Worse, Whitey is hated at home, in America’s big cities and in many States with large non-white populations. To much of the world, Whitey is a pariah, tolerated only because, in its heart, the Stick It To Whitey Movement knows it needs Whitey, if only for its own benefit.

What has Whitey done to bring such storms of vitriol upon himself? Invented the very means of his own destruction? Cars, trucks, planes, trains, ships, and container shipping. Printing, newspapers, magazines, movies and tv. Phones, computers, and electronic devices of all kinds. All the things enjoyed by those who hate him, and employed by those actively involved in an attempt to subdue or eradicate him.

But all these are nothing compared to Whitey’s most dangerous invention: the creation of a free nation. A nation which insists all its citizens are to be treated equally, that all have the right to freely express their ideas, no matter how anti-establishment those ideas may be. But Whitey also invented his own doomsday device: the legal right of anyone, for any concocted reason, to bring suit against Whitey, to be adjudicated in a court system where liberal judges can be shopped for. 

The Obama administration has failed, because of its refusal to see beyond liberal ideology, to absorb the lessons of ancient Greece and Rome: unless freedom is balanced by responsibility, failure is guaranteed. Bread and Circuses benefit its leaders but corrupt a nation’s health. As we have recently seen on our urban streets, a nation can quickly deteriorate into chaos, perhaps one day beyond its ability to recover.

America’s traditions are symbolized in its tri-color flag. On the record Obama quotes such as “There are a lot of people in the world to whom the American flag is a symbol of oppression” ...“It’s my intention to disarm America” ...“Change is about to overwhelm The United States of America” have led many to understand he thinks this way.

Today, Whitey America is well on its way to being outnumbered and outvoted. Democratic White leaders know this, and in their own desperate attempt to survive, in what many consider treachery, have abandoned their own kind, justifying their action by adopting PC policies for votes. Corporate leaders, searching for greater profits, turn away from the very nation upon which their corporate success was built.

Our new president clearly understands this dynamic. Unless he delivers on many of his promises, America’s future is doomed to ignoble mediocrity. Let us pray that he is a wise leader more eager to restore America’s hard-earned greatness – and the welfare of every American, regardless of their background – than to bow to racist notions of “white privilege” and “restorative justice.”

White America, there is no privilege inherent in your skin color, but there is no sin in having pride in the many marvels your race has achieved for the technical, social and cultural advancement of the human race.