9/11 Conspiracy Theory

The purveyors of this theory (and what a theory it is) ask us to be open minded about it. Okay, let's. We’ll even set aside our suspicion that they only create such conspiracy theories to enrich themselves  writing books, producing documentaries which show "evidence" that it was America, not Bin Laden and other jihadi terrorists, who perpetrated this terrible act.

They declare they have "proof" that ...guess who... was behind the whole thing. Well, you see, right there is the only evidence I need. Of all the people in the world who might have been behind the destruction of the World Trade Towers, these Sherlocks have concluded it must be those two fanatical terrorists of the Western World, President Bush and Veep Cheney. Bush derangement syndrome sufferers allow their irrational hatred to overpower not only their judgment but their plain ol’ common sense.

I am not the biggest fan of President Bush (though I do profess a fondness for VP Cheney, especially when he is accidentally filling his hunter friends with bird shot). Some of the things "Dubbya" does – or rather, doesn't do – drive me crazy. Like the border problems he refuses even to acknowledge... you know, those little burrs under the saddle of America-Firstism.

Let's not even bother with the ridiculous X-Files evidence the conspiracy types throw out. Like "Those were not really passenger jetliners that crashed into the Towers and The Pentagon, blah-blah-blah." Instead, let's look at something we all understand; human motivation. As Machiavelli might have viewed 9/11; who stands to profit from it? To plan such a horrible thing as 9/11, the perpetrators must have had some very powerful motivations. Agree?

Somebody would have had to draw up plans far in advance. It would involve dozens of people just at the planning stage. People with experience in architecture, structural engineering, steel frame stress margins, building demolition, fire excellerants and so much more. Dozens more conspirators would have had to implement these plans, fly or otherwise remotely guide the planes or whatever they were. Othrs would have to go to the Towers and carefully place the theoretical explosive charges that we hear so much about from the conspiracy creators. It would have taken considerable to do just this. Yet nobody noticed the “men in black” entering the target buildings every day, hanging around the subterranean structural posts while they planted many explosive charges?

There'd have to be many "secret" e-mails, cell phone calls, material purchases, explosives requisitions, and on and on. Producing an electronic and paper trail so obvious even Inspector Clueso would have stumbled onto it, no? There were hundreds of passengers actually booked on those specific flight numbers... on planes which the theorists say never hit the Towers or the Pentagon, or anything for that matter. What happened to all these planes? And what of those hundreds of passengers if the planes never hit the Towers or Pentagon? The conspirators would have to silence them all, wouldn't they? Or else they'd all be appearing on Larry King screaming "Bush did it! Bush did it!”

So how were all these citizens, some of whom surely must have been Democrats, silenced? Paid off? Killed? Sent to some isolation camp near Vladivostok? Given plastic surgery and new identities? All that surgery alone would involve hundreds more people. Doctors, nurses et al. What about the pilots, crews, air traffic controllers, baggage handlers, ticket-takers, maintenance crews of those flights, and their extended families? What? All part of Hillary's famous "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy?"

What became of Barbara Olsen (see photo above), the lovely and well-known wife of Ted Olsen, two popular Conservative voices? Barbara was on one of the ill-fated planes. Directly before the crash, Barbara was on her cell phone telling Ted what she was witnessing. Ted told her about the two planes which hit the Twin Towers. She knew something terrible was about to happen. Ted was left a widower. You could see it in his eyes, afterwards. Ted Olsen wasn't faking. He was crushed. So what became of Barbara if the theory is right ...she was  on a plane that conspiracy theorists claim didn’t hit anything on 9/11! Really, where did she, along with the plane, crew and other passengers go? Have you seen her on any talk shows lately? Is she now living on some desert island somewhere with an FBI-generated new name? Cindy Harrison? I for one miss Barbara, and I feel disgust for the 9/11 theorists.

We’ve just scratched the surface of all those who would have been involved in a 9/11 conspiracy, and it's hundreds and hundreds  people. I can come up with lots more, but let's stop there. Can you even in your wildest imaginings see how that many people, in a nation of tell-all, could keep a secret like this for all these years... nowadays!? Who today could resist the tv talk shows and news rags offering to make 'em a star if they'll just reveal the proof... one verifiable e-mail, purchase receipt for explosives or hush money, one phone call.... showing that "Bush and Cheney did it!"

Who is more likely to come up with such a diabolical idea as the 9/11 tragedies? A President whose training is in business administration? A President who is, as the Left describes him, a dimwit? Could such a dimwit outwit the Leftwits? Or could the simple truth be that the evil perpetrator was Osama Bin Laden, a man who was, as some describe him, a genius, a great warrior, one whose training was in... duh! ... structural engineering!?

What do you suppose Bush and Cheney's motivations would have been? All we hear from the broken-record Left Media is "Haliburton," "Haliburton," "Haliburton," "Iraq," "Iraq," "Iraq." But c'mon, they didn't need 9/11 in order to feed contracts to Haliburton. There were plenty of other opportunities if this was indeed Cheney's "secret plan" to enrich himself (as if he needs the extra cash). And they didn't need 9/11 to invade Iraq. Think about it, few besides the Taliban seemed to object to the US invasion of Afghanistan. And since we therefore were already in the region, Iraq and that nasty Saddam fellow were just a few military hops away. The UN gave tacit approval to Bush's plan to invade Iraq. Leaders of virtually every nation, except Saddam’s weapons suppliers (most likely Chirac and Putin, not Haliburton) agreed Saddam needed to be taken out. Makes a kind of logistical sense. But not to the 9/11 theorists. No.

On the other hand, what may have been the motivations of a Bin Laden? His sworn jihad to rid the Muslim world of Westerners? Revenge? Submitting himself to the will of Allah? Mythic glory as the man who single-handedly brought down the Satan of the West using fanatical members of his jihad? The stuff of the Old Testament.

No. The Left is unable to accept the obvious. Occam’s Razor: who do you believe did this awful thing, half a dozen Middle-Eastern jihadis? Or yhe thousands of American citizens it would have taken to achieve the same result? The Left clings to "Bush did it." Why? Because, simply put, they hate Bush. America’s Left can never see evil in the doings of terrorist rebels. They gorge on the myth of the renegade hero – the Castros, Guaveras, Chavez’ the desperado who stands up to the Imperial Amerika Leftists hate but in which they prosper.

Does it mean anything that Bin Laden admitted he did it? Well, hey, maybe ol' Osama's just tellin' fish stories, right? Maybe, like a desperado in a dress, he liked hiding out up there with the Pakistani mountain goats. I'm sure all those dark damp caves were good for his arthritis and kidney problems. Of course, Osama will get his eventually... only thus can miserable wretches be mythologized in the pages of history?

Why is it fast-talking America’s Leftist Airhead Media types hate Bush and Cheney so much they are willing to endlessly spew anti-American rhetoric? Because Bush the "dimwit" might out-wit the Left's sainted President, Bill Clinton, the vaunted Rhodes Scholar and "first black President" (who did virtually nothing for African-Americans compared to what Dim Bulb Bush has done). “W” and Laura might make the former President and First Lady look like the grifters they are. Bubba won't be able to sneak sluts in thongs in the back door of the White House again, because in 2008 Hillary won't be the first woman to become President of The United States of America.

How's that for a theory?


Driving Him to Drink

They have truly gone nuts. Daffy.

It would appear that there is a horde of Leftists daily pouring over mountains of documents acquired through the Freedom of Information Act, or just taken without authorization, or leaked by allies, in their desperate attempt to find one sentence, any tiny scrap of controversy that somehow involves their nemesis, George Bush. Even before they stop salivating and dribbling their DNA on the scrap of paper, they are on their way to their "supervisors" (no doubt the Democrat party) ready to break out champagne and Cuban cigars, with high-fives for all.

I am not the biggest Bush fan, but... my Lord. A day doesn't go by when he isn't scourged in the liberal press (is that a redundancy?) over the most idiotic things. I find myself amazed that the man... after all he is human... hasn't broken down and started hitting the bottle again. For this reason alone, he has shown himself to be a man of some character. Of course this is what drives the Left looney.

Take that endless canard of theirs; "He lied to us... there were no weapons of mass blah blah blah..." I want to wretch. How convenient that those on the Left who trumpet this tripe simply disregard the facts. Long before he took action against Saddam in Iraq, President Bush went to the United Nations and speechified about how Saddam Hussein had defied the UN's own sanctions, seventeen times as I recall - and that the UN must act or be rendered moot. The President's argument wasn't based simply on WMDs, he presented at least six different reasons why the UN must take serious action against the Iraqi dictator. Apparently, the UN felt the President's argument was convincing because it was one one of those rare instances where the UN Security Council voted UNANIMOUSLY in favor of Bush's proposal. Of course the hypocrites in that august body didn't really want to hurt Hussein, given that most of them were profiting dearly by secretly supplying the tyrant with the materials he neede to do his terrible deeds. So they hemmed and hawed and stalled. But Bush would have none of it. Even if he had to go it alone, he would do what he thought was in the interests of his country.

The Left can't seem to grasp that Bush has less than two years left in the White House. They don't have patience to allow history to play out. They want the President on his knees, crippled and impeached now. In their eyes, he can do no right. Any good he does is twisted into evil. Are they so stupid that they don't realize he would be forced to resign? Automatically making a man they hate and fear even more, Dick Cheney, President!? They'd get what they deserve.

Their hate runs so deep they might seek the help of some infamous ex-KGB type to slip some pallonium in Cheney's heart meds, quickly whisking "President Cheney" off the stage. Leaving that Rhodes Scholar and MENSA star, Nancy Pelosi, in charge. Which would make her the slam-dunk winner in 2008. I can see Nancy, smacking her freshly-applied lip gloss, extending her arms in a gesture of "togetherness" but with the middle digits of both her hands extended - one to Hillary, the other to Barak.

Okay, end of fantasy. But don't these morons on the Left, including most of Congress nowadays, realize that this endless tearing down of the President, this endless anti-American rhetoric has the ultimate effect of diminishing all of us - and them - as well? Don't they see how making Bush and the Republicans look bad in the eyes of the world simply tars all of us and them with that same icky brush? Can't they grasp that, to make a simple analogy, one half a family publicly denigrating the other half has the net effect of making the entire family look bad?

Constantly denigrating the present occupants of the White House is pathetic. It's our White House. Unlike like the last occupants, President and First Lady Bush have brought no dishonor to the place. Hillary Clinton is fond of criticising "the vast Right Wing Conspiracy." But it was not those on the Right who brought dishonor and embarrassment to our White House. It was President Clinton who ordered "USA" taken off Air Force planes which he sent in to join the NATO attack in the debacle in Kosovo, where hundreds of thousands of civilians were displaced or killed, and where we still to this day have US troops stationed. We hear little protest about this from Sean Penn and Cindy Sheehan. It was Clinton who turned a blind eye to terrorist attacks on the US - the first Trade Tower bombing and others - thereby showing weakness to our enemies, essentially encouraging them to become more daring. We hear no outrage from Bill Maher when he is reminded it was Clinton who allowed bin Laden to go free, who pardoned felons for cash, and who personally created the stains on the infamous blue dress and God knows where else in the Oval Office.


Suicide of a Nation

I don't recall anyone asking me if it was okay.

Was there a vote on this while I was away, or asleep?

Doesn’t an idea as drastic as the suicide of a great nation demand the agreement of those involved? I mean if it’s I and my family who are going to be buried, don’t we get a say in this?

Apparently not. Our government leaders, our mainstream news media, Hollywood, our business leaders, our courts, Wall Street, our education system, our unions, and most of all – whoever it is that regularly issues these absurd dictums on what is and what isn't politically correct – have formed a conspiracy of the like-minded. Conspiring to destroy the very fabric that has United our States for over two hundred years. They rush blindly, like lemmings, each trying to show they are more “progressive” than the other, dragging the rest of us, kicking and screaming, to plunge over the precipice of political correctness... into the abyss of some even more bizarre future.

In their effort to make this their vaunted new secular-progressive society, one which “they” – but not most of us – want, they use the courts to erase the very values that have kept the heart of this Republic beating. Why can’t we stop this insanity, I ask myself.

There are far too many people in the world now - and by extension - far too many in America. The empty shells we call leaders insist that we need even more: uneducated, ill-equipt and often physically ill migrants from other lands. People to whom our values mean little or nothing. More people means more criminals, more gangs, more drugs, more perverts, more sickness and more fools. We don't have enough cops and jails to hold the criminals. We did away with looney bins so the pervs walk free. We don't have enough hospitals or funds to care for the sick. So they roam free in our cities and now even our small towns, in increasing numbers, fouling the streets, looking for the sucker, the next free ride. And the fools have overtaken the education system, the courts, the media and, unfortunately the government. The inmates have indeed taken over the asylum.

This will only stop when we are enveloped in a true war of survival. Face it, if it were not for the endless whining of our media about the “failures” of Iraq, most of us who are not now in the military, or have someone very close to us in the military, would not even notice there was military action in Iraq. It’s not part of most Americans’ daily lives, as was WWII. The price of gas will go up anyway.

Perhaps the only good thing about a major and dirty war is that most everyone is involved in one way or another, pulling together, eyes on the prize. After WWII, America not only emerged victorious but all the better for it. Never was America so proud, so sharp and so full of promise as in that all-too-short post-war period. We had a very brief reminder of this right after 9/11. But the post-war period spawned a generation of self-loathing fools who now have infiltrated the nation's most powerful institutions.

Of course the fools don’t think they are fools. They never do. They see themselves as sophisticated, educated Epicureans, to the manor born. They see the rest of us as blind uneducated pawns lacking law degrees and doctorates in the social pseudo-sciences, pawns to be sacrificed in their rush over the precipice.

Paradoxically, it may be that a desperate war of survival is the only thing that will save America from herself. War has a way of forcing patriots to stop suffering the fools. Nobody suffers fools when the going gets rough. Even S-P fools are not so foolish that they don't fear cold steel and hot lead. Criminals and pervs are put where they belong or sent to war. And in the terrible process, world population is reduced to more reasonable levels.

What is a “reasonable” level? It’s like anything else; supply and demand. The more people there are, the less value each life has. People are a dime a dozen. Lose one, a thousand others rush to fill the void. But when there are more voids than there are people to fill them, well that's a reasonable level.

Of all the fools our post-war prosperity has spawned, the S-P fools stand at the head of the line. If it were up to me they would be the front line in the next serious war.

I don’t know about you, but to borrow a phrase from Bill O’Reilly, I ain’t drinking their damned Kool-Aid.