The Fix is In

(Originally posted in 2007 - never truer than today)

Our country has reached a time in its history when it is clear that those who govern have abandoned the governed. When a government “of the people” conspires against the very people who elect, support and finance it, that government no longer is functioning under its mandate. Judging by recent polls, Congress is a failure.

We have watched over the years as our Congress and President attempt on a daily basis to avoid the sunlight and withdraw behind curtains into shadows, conniving and consorting in their effort to fool the “stupid” voters. This miserable failure of a government manages to keep itself going solely on the basis of two points; the promise of free stuff to gullible citizens and non-citizens alike; that and the Left’s visceral hatred of George W. Bush.

It is the duty of the President to enforce the Constitution, and to protect America and its citizens from foreign enemies and foreign threats. It is difficult to reconcile this President’s policies encouraging the virtual invasion of America by foreign nationals. Against this background, how does the President manage to survive? On promises made to the Corporate One World. Super breaks for the super-rich. And he takes advantage of the Right’s visceral hatred of all things Left.

Do any of us believe whoever is elected next will change any of this? The One World fix is in. The invaders will continue to be taught they need fear no consequences to their actions while inside our borders. They will continue to be, in fact, insulated against prosecution while the average tax-paying citizen fears his own slightest wrong move – putting a piece of cardboard in the wrong recycling bin, or shooing a neighbor’s dog from doing its business on his front lawn, or looking sideways at someone who doesn’t speak his language and who appears to be engaged in something illegal – the average tax-paying citizen fears these things will land him in court slapped with a major lawsuit. Or much worse. While today’s immigrant, street-wise in the law, pushes the edge of the legal envelope with a bevy of free lawyers who rush to his side to protect him, launching suits against any who dare challenge.

Message to the World: the American Middle-Class is here for the taking.

Invaders are not just washing their feet, they are soaking us. They are not picking our lettuce, they are picking our pockets. And anyone who tells you otherwise is either a lawyer, a congressman, the President, a flaming liberal, or a wanton liar. Or possibly all of these.