Illegal Immigrants and Gas Prices: The Bitter Taste of Reality

Where, if anywhere, do our current dilemmas over swiftly rising gas prices and the wave of illegal immigrants converge? They converge at Corporate America.

In Europe, in centuries past, there were two irresistible powers to be reckoned with; The Monarchies and The Church, and not neccessarily in that order. The Monarchy and its minions, lords, barons and the like ruled over territories and the poor subjects who lived there. The former were wealthy, privileged; the latter were simple laborers who eked out meager livings while trying to stay out from under the heavy boots of the Monarchy's tax collector, and avoiding the searing thunderbolts of The Church.

Today, The Church holds much less sway and has been replaced by The Corporation, a legal entity with great powers and influence, often impacting our daily lives far more than today's version of The Monarchy - "The Government." The Corporation skates over thin legal ice with the help of its legion of Harvard-trained business and legal minions. In the process, you and I and the rest of modern "serfdom" are held captive to its greed. On the one hand, many of us, during our working years, serve The Corporation as worker bees. But top management of The Corporation, today's lords and barons, serves with great privilege. I know, because though I entered The Corporate World a serf, I was one of a lucky few who was dubbed a baron and enjoyed those very privileges. The lords and other barons around me made it clear that the serfs I now ruled were only to get the scraps.

At the very same time serfs receive their daily bread from The Corporation, barons and serfs alike serve other Corporations by consuming their products and services in a never ending recycling of monetary resources. But no matter how juicy the scraps serfs get, it's never quite enough to advance their circumstances because The Corporation raises the price of its products accordingly. Corporations, after all, know just how much serfs have in their bank accounts because The Bank is one of them.

The Government, too, serves The Corporation by governing in its favor at every opportunity as a quid pro quo for Corporate financial support for those in The Government who must run for election. This is very similar to how the old Monarchies and The Church worked in collusion to dominate the masses.

Now, in America, many serfs have accumulated enough wealth and threaten to disrupt International Corporate stability in ways they do not like. So the Corporate World uses The Government to bring balance back to The System. This is accomplished in any number of ways, but since this treatise is asking how illegal immigration and the high price of gasoline converge, let's just focus on these. Raising the price of fuel drains billions of dollars yearly from the serfdom's wallet and enriches The Biggest Corporation even more, while serfdom's ever-increasing debt brings it back into what The Corporate Web feels is the ideal financial balance: serfs in irredeemable debt to The Corporation. And secondly, by allowing an invasion of low-wage workers to come across our borders, The Corporation stands to gain even more. The old serfs, seduced by this illusion of "good times", find themselves increasingly in debt. And the new, even-lower-paid serfs begin to dig themselves into debt, insuring new generations of profits for The Corporate Web. At the same time the new illegal serf is a less-demanding and less-aware subject, thereby insuring the endless re-election of the same corrupt Government officials we have had in America for as long as we can remember.

Your Government serves not you, but The World Corporate Web. Do not be deluded by Corporate "good manners." All the "thank you's" and "please's" are the drivel of zombies, put out there to maintain the illusion that they care. But you already know this, don't you? The only difference between serfdom in The Middle Ages and now is that, strangers though we may be to one another, we are able through this internet to talk openly and widely about it.

Can we do anything to stop this? I think perhaps a better question is, SHOULD we even try to stop it? For even if we could, something will have to replace what we have. And while it might be new, odds are it won't be better. All suffering is relative. While we may not be suffering in the same ways that poor serfs did in The Middle Ages, they might look at us and think, "Oh my God, how do they put up with that kind of life?" For myself, I would be satisfied to end the tenure of those in The Government, male and female alike; those whose insufferable bullshit we have been unable to endure for what seems like forever. We need to rid ourselves of these leprous bastards any way we can. The new officials won't be any better, but at least they will be looking over their shoulders, wondering if we've got our cross-hairs on their brain stems next.


Does GW Know Something?

As my opinion of the President, who I supported from the beginning not because I thought he'd make a very good president but because I believed in my heart that Al Gore would make a worse one, and because John Kerry and his wife are lower than a snail's belly... where was I? Oh yeh, as my opinion of GW has fallen to an all-time low, I am desperately searching for some reason that could redeem him in my eyes and maybe in yours too.

Looking at it from any angle, his decisions and opinions seem inexplicable. So I can only conclude one of two things. Either he is in so far over his head he hasn't any idea what is going on in the real world, or... and this is a big "or"... he knows something, something very important which because of its nature he cannot talk about or even let on to us that he knows "something."

Now George has been nothing if he hasn't been shrewd in a cunning sort of way. That's not the same as being bright or knowledgeable or even street-smart. Cunning is something altogether different. Something which most of us ordinary folks aren't. So I am inclined to believe, or want to believe, the latter reason. GW knows something he can't tell ANYbody. Something that even those around him can't know. Rummy maybe but probably not Cheney. His dad probably knows because he was President too, and once Director of the CIA.

How could this be? We call it "eyes only" classified information given strictly on a "need to know" basis. For example, the Manhattan Project during WWII was that sort of thing. Only a handful of people in DC knew about it, the Secy of Defense and a couple of others. FDR knew. Then Truman, But Harry's VP probably didn't know. Now Truman et al. sat on that secret for years till the A-bomb concept became reality. When he ordered it dropped in an attempt to end WWII, well... the next day the whole world knew. And what's more the United States was the only country in the world at that time to have this new monster weapon. Which is why we were at the top of the hill, until traitorous bastards, "the enemy within," communist sympathizers like the Rosenbergs and others, possibly some within the Manhattan Project team itself, apparently leaked enough information to our enemies for them to develop their own doomsday weapons. And the balance of power once again shifted. But I digress.

What could GW's secret be? If there is such a secret today, it is probably not a weapon exactly. More likely it has something to do with energy. It's the only way today's geo-political picture makes any sense. And from where does this new secret energy source come? Have you ever heard of Colonel Corso? The good Colonel passed away a couple of years ago. But before he did, he had a bizarre book published. You see, he worked deep, deep in the "black world" - in the world of underground military secrets. Things which never appear as what they are in any Congressional Budget. Like the development of the hydrogen bomb. While he wasn't at the top of the spook chain by any means, his particular role was unique. He claims that sometime after WWII and for years, he was liaison between the military black world and the R&D departments of certain of America's largest corporations. He was charged with bringing... how shall I put this... "new and not fully understood technology" to the appropriate R&D groups and allowing them to develop the stuff into useful inventions. Thus, we are told, high-speed computer chips, fiber optics and any number of new technologies "suddenly" emerged out of the black world and into general use. The public never really knew where they came from. There may be patent holders for specific inventions on the record, but holding the patent isn't the same as discovering the technology. But Corso knew from whence came the discoveries.

Corso may be gone, but others carry on his work. Certainly one of the things the black world has been working on for all these years is a totally new form of energy. Not a more efficient gasoline engine. Not something silly like wind or solar energy. For example, let's just say tachyon energy. Where this anti-matter is coaxed out of virtual space, collides with ordinary matter in a controlled environment, annihilating both, and in the process releases boundless energies which can be harnessed. There is no residue and little environmental impact. In this case, any amount of fuel you might want to use is virtually free and unlimited, though at first the engines will be very costly. But engines can be built, while we cannot create oil for gasoline. Thereby, we solve our dependence on the Middle East for our transportation energy. Of course, in the process, oil companies, Exxon et al., become the proverbial buggy whip manufacturers. They will go out of business. Unless. Unless, as a quid pro quo, they are given a heads-up that something is coming, and they have X number of years to make their profits, so that they can re-invest in this new new technology. Now they won't make money selling gas but selling some kind of new engine. Factor this notion into what you see happening in the real world today, vis-a-vis GW and the oil companies. A striking fit.

So where did Colonel Corso claim all this new technology was coming from? I'm over-simplifying here but let's just say deep, deep in underground laboratories, and by that he meant both literally and figuratively. Literally meaning places like Area 51 in Nevada, and figuratively at Lawrence Livermore Labs in California. Perhaps it has taken scientists all these decades to just begin to grasp the technologies glimpsed by reverse-engineering certain machines which were retrieved from a crash which certainly occurred in New Mexico in the summer of 1947, not far from a heavily guarded Army Air Corps Base, a base housing what may have been the only flight group charged with the awesome responsibility of carrying atomic bombs aloft.

If Corso was telling any kind of truth in what was virtually his "death-bed confession," this is the kind of stuff which would end up in front of the President, in a very thin folder marked Top Secret "Eyes Only." And if it wound up in front of GW, it's no wonder he has that look in his eyes these days. Like he knows something. And that something will impact world history, not just in the field of energy and transportation but also in the worlds of education, manufacturing, space exploration and even the distribution of the world labor forces.

It may be Corso's dream, but it's a good dream, and I want to believe it. The alternative is too grim to accept. An American President who has sold out his own people for thirty pieces of shale.


Immigration Blues

This rant is about the Mexican border crisis again. Now, I hate to dwell on this, but the fact is I heard an interview with Replublican "darling," Linda Chavez, that really set me off. Ms. Chavez is obviously near-sighted. She's all for us Conservatives and Centrists (like me), but only until it impacts people of her own heritage.

This is the part of her argument that made me sputter; Ms Chavez sees NO DIFFERENCE between what is happening on the Mexican border today, and the LEGAL immigration of the Irish, Italians and Germans from the mid-1800's to the mid-1900's. This women is twaddling.

Let's recap for those who, like Linda, apparently know little about our history. The numbers I'm about to quote here are rounded-off to make it simple for people like her to comprehend.

FIRST: In the one hundred years from 1820 to 1920 a TOTAL of only five million Irish emigrated to the US. And it's well-established that 99.99% of this was through LEGAL immigration processes. During that same hundred years, only four million Italians and five million Germans found their ways through the LEGAL immigration system to our shores. That's a grand total of 14 million in ONE HUNDRED YEARS. After this period, due to the First World War and other factors, immigration quotas were cut back drastically in order for the US to be able to assimilate these new people and to avoid the possibility of wartime problems stemming from immigrants who might still have allegiances to their mother countries (get it, Linda?)

SECOND: While it is estimated that in the last twenty years two million Mexicans have come to the US through legal channels, we apparently have no idea how many tens of millions have simply walked in ILLEGALLY. Hel-llllow Ms Chavez! Recap: while just 14 million Irish, Italian and German immigrants arrived LEGALLY on our shores in ONE HUNDRED YEARS, there are estimated to be two to three times that number of Mexican and other Hispanic peoples here ILLEGALLY... in just twenty years!

THIRD: Thousands of Irish, Italians and German emigrants died on the "coffin ships" they attempted to come over on, so-called because of the number who died on the journey, never realizing their hopes. There was NO HELP for them. They had no "liberals" waiting to give them medical attention, water and maps. America's Irish, Italian and German immigrants had NO ACCESS to FREE MEDICAL CARE. NO WELFARE system awaited them. They were far less an economic burden on America then the current mass of ILLEGALS. Those Irish, Italians and Germans who arrived in the early 1900's pretty soon found themselves in the middle of the Big Depression. NO ONE came to their rescue. There was no ACLU waiting to help them sue the mean ol' Americans who were ready to take advantage of them. And yet, the bulk of them managed to assimilate in a couple of generations. They did not create barrios waiting for the day when, by sheer numbers, "the race" could rise up and "take over." They did not go out on strike to show America just how "indispensible" they were. Just as our government had the good sense to cut back on immigration during wartimes of the past, it needs to do it NOW!

FOURTH: The myth that America was built on the backs of Mexicans and Blacks is pure twaddle as well. Anyone who cares to look it up will find it was the Irish, Chinese and Italians, among others, who through blood, sweat and tears built the transcontinental railroads which tied America together as no other world power has ever been, and which led to the growth of cities and towns and industries all across the land. This is what made America great. Nor were these "union" jobs in those days. They were low-paying, back-breaking jobs. And yet, each group competed to lay more track in one day than the next group. Who built the trains? Who built the Interstate Highway System? Mexicans? Blacks? What about the automobile and telephone industries? If Blacks and Mexicans claim those nasty Caucasians "kept them out of the good jobs" - how can they then claim they did the work? Cotton may have clothed America but it certainly didn't build it. And what about the urban legends of Native Americans doing a lot of the "high steel" work in building our skyscrapers? Don't get me wrong... I do not deny the very real, hard work done by Blacks and Mexicans, but to claim "America was built on their backs" is absurd. Those who continually use this cliche should be called on the facts. There were very few "Jawn Henrys" in real life.

AND FINALLY (because I don't want this rant to get any longer): How's this for a shocker, Linda? The total population of Ireland today is only 4 million people! Italy has 58 million, and Germany 82 million. But Mexico, our neighbor to the south, has 107 million people today, and because of its very high birth rate will equal the populations of those other three countries before we know it. Which is one reason Mexico would love to get rid of many millions more of the poor folks it can't afford to pay any kind of wages and shove them into our living room so we are forced to deal with their problem. Whereas the countries heretofore mentioned have shrinking native populations they would prefer to keep at home.

Perhaps it would do well for Ms Chavez as well as our President and Congress to reflect on the ramifications of these numbers. They obviously don't know much, or don't care much about what is really happening in America. They only care as far as it impacts their own little cliques.


How Can Poor Mom Civilize Her Children?

I'm sure, like me. you've heard enough about the Duke U. "alleged" rape story to last you well into your old age.

What makes me shake my head in sadness is not the fact that the "alleged" victim is black and kind of slutty and the "alleged" perpetrators are white and kind of arrogant shits, or that she is a stripper and a poor struggling mom and a Navy veteran, yadda-yadda, or that there is a good chance that she and her "fellow" stripper concocted the whole story to get even with the boys who haggled over the $800 the strippers wanted for a life-changing three-minute show. Or to see Jesse Hi-Jackson knock over Cynthia McSkinney and Al Sharptongue in his rush to get to Durham so he can stoke the embers of racial animus. None of that merde makes me shake my head in sadness. That's all part of the drill today.The entire episode is pathetic. All this BS makes me not give a damn if she was or wasn't raped or if the boys' lives are ruined. They all brought it down on themselves. It's enough to make you think God is really up there meting out His justice.

But no. What saddens me is how the news reporting we consume today has become so comfortable with the base language of sex. Today, we discuss these things ad nauseum on every talk show on radio and tv, day after day after day, as if the media is trying to fill some bottomless pit of appetite among us common folk for this kind of sewage.

Now I ask those of you who, like me, are over a certain age... say old enough to remember when the Dodgers were in Brooklyn... can you imagine news broadcasters of those more discreet yesteryears looking straight at the camera and describing in lurid detail what we hear today? Try to picture Cronkite telling us about attempts to "sodomize the women with a broom handle." Or how they found someone else's pubic hair on the woman? Or there was no semen found in or on her but there was in the bathroom? But we have no problem hearing Greta Van Cistern salivating over the alleged victim's vaginal injuries, right? Vaginal injuries consistant with a gang rape, says Alan "Phantom-of-the-Opera" Colmes - as if he discusses his great knowledge about vaginal injuries with the unimaginable Mrs. Colmes at their dinner table. Old Walter Cronkite's hands would have trembled violently and he would have dropped his glasses had he found these words on his evening news script.

Which brings me to the main thrust (if you'll excuse the expression) of this rant. I am very tired of the suggestion that my sex life may not be as wonderful as those flirty old couples in those tv commercials for various products which network censors wouldn't allow to be mentioned on tv a few years ago. And what about the fifteen times each day I'm asked via e-mail if I want a bigger penis, suffer from premature ejaculation or want a longer-lasting erection. And why today's obsession with our penises and vaginas? If any of you Cialis-sellers are reading this, go to hell... if I'm a man (and this is just supposition on your part), my penis is like Michelangelo's "David"... rock-solid for four hundred years. And, no I don't want to date any of you haggard old men posing as supple twelve-year-old girls on the internet. Nor do I need six-pound bottles of Viagra to sprinkle like croutons on my dinner guests' salads, thank you. Stop offering me deals on your new glass, steel, marble, rubber or porcupine vibrators just in case I am a woman and really don't have a penis you can make a few bucks on. I am not thrilled to be confronted by this vulgarity everytime I retrieve my e-mail, whether or not I have my SPAM filters on. And I apologize for repeating it here.

Now don't get me wrong. I may be prudent but I am no prude. I enjoy the occasional eroticism as much as any gay cow-puncher, transvestite or single mom. It's the very spice of life. But I prefer subtle French sauces to salsa. I rather get a kick out of Elvgren's innocent naughties, but Vargas goes half-a-step too far, if you catch my drift. I don't much like Playboy centerfolds. I think of ol' "Hef" as a circus freak (sorry all you circus freaks, no insult intended). Imagine a guy his age prancing around in a satin robe, surrounded by a bevy of zoftig young women trying to light his pipe? I have a feeling Hef's pipe hasn't been lit since... well... the Dodgers were still in Brooklyn. His brand of glossy eroticism turns me so off I can't even look at Vana White and not be repelled.

And that's the whole point about today's discourse, be it on tv, radio, magazines, music and the internet. There is no longer a call for decency or manners, and even common politeness is considered "quaint". The polite child is as anachronistic as the Edsel. If that isn't sad, tell me all you moms-trying-to-civilize-your-children; what is?

What we have today in the public square is no longer dis"course", it's dis"coarse."


Our Pathological Liberal Media

Ever wonder why so much of our liberal mainstream television and internet media seems obsessed by all things perverse?


I'll get right to the answer. It's pathological.

I mean that in the strictest sense of the word. Their obsession with all things odorous stems from their own various mental disorders. This "profession" apparently attracts the type of personalities who are fascinated by the seamy, fetid, dark side of life, from politics to child rearing. Remember the kids in your grammar school class who were fascinated watching dogs pee on fire hydrants? Future video-journalists. Kids who smeared the bottom of their desktops with their own boogers? Tv talk show hosts.

Ever notice how video clips of crime shown on tv news broadcasts - let's say dealing with a murder in the inner city here in the US or from Iraq or anywhere between - always begin with a close-up of a bloodstain on the sidewalk, street, floor or wall? It's as if they think they’re broadcasting to an audience of vampires. Notice how they linger on the stain as if the camera person and producers are reaching an orgasm... "Wait, oo, oo, I'm almost... please don't cut away yet... ooo-oo... Oh! Mercyyyy!"

You never see helicopter aerial chases of fire engines with brave firemen racing through city streets to try and save lives, but you always have your favorite show suddenly cut into so the local tv station can show you some fool in a stolen heap racing through the city with ten police cars chasing him. Now you know the camera person and editor are diddling themselves, "Faster, drive faster, oo, oo, please let him crash... oo-oo... look! A semi full of gasoline... oo-oooo... with luck maybe it’ll blew up and kill twenty innocent bystanders... ooh... bloodstains! Oooow! Let me catch my breath."

The pathological Marxist Media is obsessed with every anti-hero, from Ahmadinejad to Zapata. Che, Noriega, bin Laden are their Viagra. Like savants, they make sure they get every exotic-sounding name perfectly correct, as if they are Talmudic scribes: "And now we go to Chastity Jones on the scene at Abu-graib... Chastity..."
      "Hey, Felicity, yes I'm here, but I believe it's pronounced Abooo-grah-eeb... back to you, Felicity..."
      "Ooo, pardon me, Chastity... could you have your camera person pan and tilt so we can see the urine stains on the walls... maybe find some blood or other bodily fluid, okay?"
       The camera zooms in on a stain and Chastity and Felicity begin to shudder, "Ooo... ooo... linger just... ooo... a little bit longrrrrr... oh yes! Yes!"

How else can you possibly explain the Liberal Media rationalizing child molestation, panicking endlessly over diseases spreading through the gay and drug “communities,” trans-gender attention seekers,cross-dressing men who leave their wives and children, women who brutally slaughter their newborns, and their favorite for counting bullet-holes, the drive-by shooting? "The 'alleged' child molester, Professor Whackov (poor gentleman) was himself a victim of molestation when he was merely three years old." Yes, well, I know a kid who was a victim of a severe beating... I guess that means he's off the hook if now that he's an adult, he beats his wife, his boss and one of these news pervs to bloody pulps.

Even FOX-TV had its resident Nosferatu, pathologically obsessed with the Natalie Holloway affair, among others, for what seemed like ten years. She was practically out there on her hands and knees on the Aruban beaches searching for a bone fragment or a fingernail with nail polish made in America. Every day viewers were treated to some new "secret witness" or some new rumor or some new body fluid stain which her equally pathological buddy, Dr. Body-Chopper Bodden, had forensically analyzed, and who proceeded to describe in great detail, visibly excited, vaginal this and penile that and anal the other thing. "Oh Doctor Bodd--odd--dennn. Ooo..." while under her glass desk her hand wanders up her own skirt, her crooked lip drools and her eyes roll off into space. Cut to another commercial for Viagra.

With this pathological mindset bringing us the news every day, is it any wonder America has become a cultural cesspool? They used to show parades, rodeos, baton twirling contests, but now it’s bloodstains, makeshift roadside altars with candles and flowers and Teddies for some slain child, blacks getting beat up, shot or run down by white cops, a fetus found in a dumpster, ministers who molest or kill their neighbors, female teachers who have sex with their 13-year-old students, witnesses to murder whose English is so poor you’re forced to say 'Huh?", turned-over truckloads of illegals including six three-year-olds found dead in the desert, a woman suing some company claiming she found a foreskin in her chili, a cry for donations to bury some poor soul who shouldn't have been in America in the first place, or millions of cockroaches crawling behind the kitchen walls of some ghetto apartment. And in each case you know some editor and videographer are in their darkened editing suite moaning at each and every close-up. It gives new meaning to the old saw, "A three-Kleenex film."

I was never a great fan of Walter Cronkite, but I never caught the old fart on the Six O'Clock News with his fingers in the pie. But then again, they had solid wood desks back then.


We Get What We Deserve

I have a bad feeling that won't go away. Like something really terrible is going to happen in the next week or month here in the US.

Now, to be honest, we've all had these feelings before, and nothing happened. But this is different. This is out in the open for everyone with eyes to see.

I feel like the United States is on the brink of a coup. I feel like our system is being overthrown right here, right now, right before our eyes, and everybody who isn't part of this coup is too damned busy with their day-to-day "Oh I'm just so important" bullshit that they just plain don't want to see it.

Over twenty-three thousand American men gave their lives in one day during the Civil War. Add to that the tens of thousands of American men who felt their last heartbeat in two World Wars. Are we not spitting on the graves of these poor souls, our most precious blood, who believed in their hearts they died to protect the special things we call "American?"

Is there not one single Patriot in our government who will stand up and scream at the top of his or her lungs that what we see now are not demonstrations for immigrant laborers - what we are seeing is the test of muscle and organization of the anti-American forces which have been a-building and coordinating their efforts over the last 60 years since the end of WWII?

We are seeing the Marxist-progressive-liberal forces coming together in a firestorm of determination, to end an America that is better than anywhere else in the history of the world. Complicit in this coup are our Congress, both the House and the Senate, and God save us, the White House as well. They are complicit by focusing our attention for the last three years on another part of the world while our own backyard was over-run by mindless hordes of stooges in the thrall of the Marxist movement in America. The new Corporate- News- Media- Entertainment- Education- Progressive Army of soulless Marxist zombies. Every bit as dreadful as those who stalked us in The Night of the Living Dead.

You know how easy it has always been for the tinderbox of civil demonstrations to burst into flame in the heat of passion. First a large city, say Los Angeles, is held hostage by clogging up its freeways with cars and trucks whose tires have been shot out. Nobody gets anywhere as emergency vehicles get stuck in the jams, and they and the police are rendered impotent. The ports and the trains are disabled in a heartbeat. Nobody in, nobody out. Delivery of foods and vital medicines and everything else is halted. Gangs roam the streets unchecked. The city lies in siege. For fear of seeming "reactionary" or "intolerant" to the world, the Governor and the Feds don't call out the National Guard until it is far too late, just like in New Orleans. Demands and threats are issued. The demands are met by our spineless leaders. Los Angeles ceases to be part of the State and the Union. Having shown it worked in LA, other big cities soon follow. And America's Middle Class sits watching it all on CNN, not knowing what happened to them, not realizing they have become Unnecessary.

If those thousands of American men who gave their lives for this country could rise from their graves, it will not be our enemies they haunt, it will be us. For it is we who have forgotten their sacrifice. It is we who have taken the Bounty of our Land and not given back. It is we who are on the verge of losing it in the name of "tolerance" and "I'm too busy with my own bullshit to care."

Think I'm crazy? Think this is over the top? Or are you whistling past America's graveyard?


Who Can We Count On?

Let's take it as a given, that whether we like it or not, The West is engaged in a very long war with the muslim world. We didn't declare it. We don't want it. We don't need it. It's just nature at work; certain things happened and now Islam senses it is its turn to see if it can become the dominant power in the world. If it can establish this caliphate we hear so much about.

The West, including Israel, as they see it, is their enemy. I have no doubt that they have studied us closely. After all, we are an open society. An open book. They have read the book and found our weakness. The West, they have concluded, no longer has the will to do what it must do to survive. The West, in the name of "tolerance," will compromise itself into total submission.

So, in this war, when the really bad stuff begins to happen, who among us can we count on to defend America against the onslaught?

Can we count on Western Media? Okay, you can stop laughing now. They can be counted on only if the government suspends the freedom they currently relish; freedom to aid and abet the enemy.

Can we count on Congress? There you go laughing again.

Can we count on the military? We can count on our young men and women but we can't count on their leaders. Military leaders seem to have forgotten that if, as a last resort you are forced to conduct a war, in order to win that war, the enemy has to be killed and killed and killed and killed without remorse. Exterminated without a second thought, like Terminex treats cockroaches. I have a feeling they don't teach Terminex methodology at West Point. Rather, they teach our generals how to be politically correct, even if it means losing troops under their command, or worse; lose the battle if it means bad press.

Can we count on our so-called "allies"? We have no allies. And to make matters worse, we have a lot of non-muslim enemies. Russia and China will turn on us in a New York Minute. They can't help themselves. We now live in an every-country-for-itself age, with every country portraying the United States as the major impediment to a peaceful world. These people can only be counted on to accept our aid.

Can we count on America's big business? With all those factories and operations now located off-shore? Don't count on it.

Can we count on this big Hispanic population we are hearing so much noise from in the U.S.? If we can convince them that the muslim world hates them and is intent on crushing them as well simply because they are primarily Catholic. If we can get them to forget about "Reconquista" for awhile and turn their hatred from the "imagined enemy" ...us gringos... to the real enemy. Or will the Hispanic leaders find this war a helpful tool in their own "agenda." If so, they may be in for the surprise of their lives. The muslim pinata carries its own very big stick and hits back.

Can we count on our African-American brothers? You tell me... they have always been at our side in past wars but things are different now. A high pecentage of young black men have been incarcerated. And muslims have found the prisons to be fertile ground for converts. So it depends. Are there more Bill Cosby's or more Louis Farrikan's?

Can we count on the other major religions? Catholics? Certainly not today's clergy. They will be too busy trying to hide the new enemy in Church basements. And not the socialist types in Central and South America either. But the strong conservative Catholics will rise to the occasion as they always have. Jews? Not the socialist Lefties. But certainly the conservative Right will count themselves with us. Especially when Israel is smashed by the jihad. The Christian Right? All but the whacky missionaries who will ask for donations to rush to the enemy's aid. Perhaps the Hindus might be persuaded.

Can we cobble together a strong-enough coalition of these forces to vanquish the enemy? We certainly won't have great numbers on our side. But we will have intellect and Yankee ingenuity, along with a good dose of righteousness. Now we haven't seen much of these good qualities in the war so far; that's because we haven't had more 9/11's here. But when we do, and it's only a matter of time we are told, you will see those long-dormant traits rise to the surface again. It's a shame so many will have to suffer in order to reawaken the Sleeping Giant.


Here's to Us, the Dull People!

My dear departed Granny was about 80 years old in the 1950s, and she liked Elvis. At that time of course Elvis was something "new." Contrary to current and widely-held opinion, it's not all that unusual for old people to accept and even like new things.

So how come I, now "an older guy," am having such problems finding things to like nowadays? Did nothing of Granny rub off on me?

Well, truth be told, there are lots of things I find to like. Unfortunately though, none of them have much to do with what's going on in the politics and culture of America. I have felt that way since LBJ became president on that terrible day when something more than a President died Dallas in November of 1963.

I am not a Democrat of any kind whatsoever. I also am not Republican. Nor "progressive" or Libertarian. Sadly, I do not admire anyone I see in public office or even in plain public view right now. What I am is a PASSIONATE Centrist. A little conservative, but not too much so. I'm a fellow who believes fervently in moderation in all things, public and private. I like the Greek philosophy "Nothing to excess." And I believe it with all my heart.

Thus, I can't STAND the loonies on the Left. You know who I mean, "The 100 People Who Are Hurting America Right Now." Their blathering pre-programmed-by-the-morning-fax is so cretanous it makes my sphincter pucker (I know this turns many of them on). In all the 50 years I have watched tv, I do not recall a single Lefty ever apologizing for anything one of their club did wrong. When a Lefty gets caught with his Left hand in the cookie jar, the group reply is always the same. If the Demo-perp is white, they say "Oh yeah, well (insert Republican name here) did the same thing and where was your outrage then?" Followed by a smirk as if someone else's bad behavior is an excuse for them to do the same or worse. On the other hand, if the (alleged) Demo-perp is black or brown or even female, the reply is always "Racism." Racism!? Uh-oh, there goes that puckering again.

I also cringe at the whack jobs on the Right. The religio-politico-talking-heads who use The Bible and Jesus and The Flag as hammers. I'm not all that fond of the blonde-haired leggy or black-haired desk-thumping talk show Righties either. Why do they keep demanding that it's encumbant upon me to support our troops? I'll support them when they are doing good things, and I'll say get them the hell out of wherever they are when the Commander-in-Chief sends them on a mission which is NOT in America's best interests. That's also encumbent upon me as a good Centrist.

But let's be honest here, in this period of history, the Lefties are more anti-American than the Righties. You know this is true. So I tend to listen and watch the Righties as right now I agree with them... only because they are trying their best to shine some disinfectant light on the Lefty-secular-progressive-socialist-Marxists who are rotting the U.S. from the inside out. Lefties are the true enemies of us Centrists.

What is a Passionate Centrist? We believe staying in the center of the road is the only way society can progress in any meaningful way. The farther you move to the Left or the Right, the closer you get to the gutter and the muck. Now here, in the Middle, we live our lives as happily as can be and do our best to avoid doing anything, well... weird. You know, little things, like we Centrists frown upon molesting children. We shy away from sex with members of our own gender. While we might titter hearing about a man of our acquaintance who hangs around in bars wearing a bra and high heels, we will raise an eyebrow if you go all the way and change your gender from one to the other either. Stuff like that.

We think it's okay to eat and drink well but not so much that it has a diliterious effect on you. We'll take a prescription drug if we need to, but not for recreation. We don't harm animals but think it's okay to enjoy a good steak and fried chicken. We like our entertainment but don't like it smarmy or sexually explicit, although we don't mind it being violent if the bad guys are on the receiving end... especially if they are Lefties ;-) We agree that we are stewards of the environment and we love clean air, forests, the ocean and its creatures but we think it's okay to have tuna bake for lunch and drive any kind of car you want. We think immigration can be a good thing, but only when it's done legally and in numbers which can be assimilated into our culture. We think marriage can be a good thing. But only for one man and one woman. Any other arrangement is, well, not really anywhere near the center. We like our music but prefer every third word not be "ho" or rhyme with "duck." We stop at stop signs, we hold doors open for others, we allow others to go first, we say thank you, we never knock others over in order to grab the last piece of food or drink or political contributions on the table. I guess that's called manners. We have respect for those who earn it, and scorn for those who don't. We pay for things. We don't expect the government to give us things unless we've earned them. We wait in line and passionately want everyone else to do so, particularly if they are behind us.

I guess you could say we Passionate Centrists are kind of dull in many ways. But were it not for us dull Centrists in every country in this big ol' world, you'd better believe things would be even more chaotic than they are now. Thank God for us Centrists. As a Really Passionate (but plucky) Centrist, to the Far Right I say; don't be so whacky, please come back to the Center. We need you here in order to move the world ahead. And to the secular-progressive-liberal-Marxist Left I say: you are the lepers of the modern world.