America's Monarchy

I don't know about you, but for me a Hillary Clinton presidency would be the last straw.

It's not that I have any great objection to a woman being president of the USA. My objection is THIS woman! I can give you a list of reasons she doesn't deserve the honor, but I suspect you already know them. Are we saying that of the over 150 million women in this country that SHE is the best qualified to be the first woman president!? This in itself is a frightening thought.

But to think that she and her husband's political machine have so hood-winked the Democrats in America is the most frightening thing of all. To see and hear all these Klinton Kool-Aid drinkers fawn over her is enough to make you want to drink some of the real Jonestown Kool-Aid ...and fast.

If she gets elected (God... please don't let this happen!) I won't be like Alec Baldwin and claim I will leave the country. Why should I? But I swear this will be IT for me and politics. There will be no reason left to believe there is any "wisdom in the masses." There will be no reason to believe elections are nothing more than heavy money steam-rolling over common sense. There will be no reason to believe a decent worthy patriot has any chance of getting elected. We will have become an Aristocracy of two families. The Bushes and the Clintons. America's sordid royalty: their bloodline firmly established by the green running through their veins.

And to insure their perpetual control over the White House and Congress, this Party of Marx will sell out every American and every principle this country was founded on, by insuring the never-ending flood of illegal immigrants over our borders. Why? It's simple, my friends. Eventually the 20 or 30 or 40 million illegals will be granted status. They will be counted in the next census, in 2010. There will be changes made by law when the census reports this great population increase. New Congressional Districts will be formed around the new population. New Seats in the House of Representatives will be mandated. And since 85% of them will be filled by Democrats because that's who the new immigrants will gravitate to for their promises of "free stuff" paid for by the rest of us, the Marxist Left will have a perpetual hold on our law-making machine. Can you just imagine how they will change the culture when they get a veto-proof number of Representatives in the House? The Democrat Congress cares ONLY about its own perpetuation, always happy to to give away your legacy for its own benefit. This is the most disloyal group in American history and in my opinion no punishment is too severe for their actions.

The illegals are not here to pick your lettuce, they are here to pick your pockets. You, my dear Caucasian friends, will become a mere footnote in American history. Throwbacks to a time when things were okay in America. When a Lower-Middle-Class kid growing up in America wanted to be something more than a contestant on a cheesy tv sing-off or fake reality show or a bleached-blonde drunken bimbo "celeb." But since the FIX is in, America - The North American Union - will become nothing more than another socialist platform, built on the hard work of the new peasant class - your children's children - while the Aristocracy, the Oligarchy, the Monarchy build higher and higher walls around their bigger and bigger mansions.

If you can't see this clearly right now, you really need to take off those rose colored glasses, friends. The only hope for America is for some true Patriot with strong fists, a strong constituency and an even stronger bank account to stand up and reform this mess. Hillary has these attributes... except for the most important one... the Patriot thing. She and her husband have proven themselves to be nothing more than glib, well-dressed grifters. Do you want to see them soiling The White House again?


Back Into The Cellar

Perhaps it's a sign of the age we are in. Or maybe it's a sign of MY age. Politically speaking, I find myself without a team to root for. In fact it's more than politically speaking. Culturally as well as economically I'm not finding myself cheering for anyone these days.

Why should I?

As a conservative-leaning traditionalist I see little in the news every day to cheer about. Day after day, week after week, month upon month, what do we get? Endless nattering from the Left through its massive media complex. The Left suffers from seemingly incurable Bush Hating Syndrome. And nothing America does suits them. Of course there is some kernel of truth to their whining, but Lord have mercy. The Left does no better, so why do we need to hear these whiners every damnable day? Is there nothing else going on in the world of the Left?

Sure, Bush's immigration policies stink to high heaven. Okay, his economic policies are great if you are in the Warren Buffet league, but to the rest of us they are, eh. And his war leadership has deteriorated until it has become almost pathetic in its timidness. Does he want to win the Iraq War? Or does he just not want to lose it so it can continue until the very last day he's in office? Does he get off, keeping his finger on the trigger but never quite pulling it? What the hell? Can't root for that.

And on the Right what do we get? Hannity whose habit of reading off lists of what he perceives to be Democrats' sins over and over ad nauseum - a man who can't decide if he wants to be a conservative hawker or a country singer. He has the voice for neither. Coulter, whose books are best-sellers but who has no talent for broadcast unless you enjoy giggling and sarcastic barbs with no bite. One begins to wish the pie hadn't missed her so we could watch it over and over. Savage, who is out in front on so many issues but who then falls into a fog of self-pity he can't seem to find his way out of, burdening us poor listeners who have our own pities to deal with. And all the other conservative hicks who seem to confuse yesterday's football scores with important events of our times. How can I root for any of them?

Then there's the Catholic Church and those pervs in "Frisco" who had the unmitigated gall to parade into the middle of a Holy Mass in their S&M nun's outfits and ask to receive Holy Communion. And the moron priest was so stupid he gave it to them without even blinking as if he's used to seeing this sort of thing in the rectory. I was raised and schooled Catholic many, many years ago, in another century. In another millennium. I attended a Catholic University on a scholarship, where I even had thoughts about joining the priesthood. But I dropped out of the Church years ago because in my view they had lost their way. I hadn't lost mine. They lost theirs, and I couldn't cheer for them anymore. And this episode proves it to me. They are inept, without moral courage and don't deserve anyone's respect unless they change dramatically. Perhaps this San Francisco church should hire "bouncers" just like they have at SF bars, and station them at the front doors of the church. The bouncers should garotte any of these flaming he-whores who show up again, and cast them down the granite steps onto the streets - overturning their displays as Jesus would have done. But no, Catholics are afraid to be seen as "intol-l-lerant." Afraid they might get sued. The church-goers sat there and allowed the scum from the street to enter and desecrate the House of God... they sat and did nothing... shame on them! Is God looking at the way you are dressed, or what car you drive to church in... or is He looking at the way you confront evil? I cannot cheer for such moral cowardice.

So who do I root for?

I don't know about you, but I am just about ready for a barbarian dictator to take The White House in '08. Suspend the Constitution for his four year term. Send the National Guard to put a hollow-point into the skull of every gang member in America. Deport every illegal who glances sideways wrong at an American citizen's person or property. I don't need their stinkin' lettuce. I can do without whatever it is they come here to pick (as if I believe they are here to pick anything but our pockets). Build an electrified fence with enough voltage to fry anyone who gets within fifty feet of it, including underground. I don't give a damn if a bunch of armadillos accidentally get cooked in the process. Let's make Nicola Tesla proud of us! Start squeezing our national enemies, slowly at first, but with an ever-tightening grip, until they see the light. Clean up our own backyard while we are at it. Send the pervs back into the shadows of the basements where they used to be kept before Ruth Bader Ginsberg and her crowd unlocked the cellar doors. It's where they all belong, she included. Fire every social-progressive at every University in America and put them in the cellar as well. Leave room for the lawyers who use law not for justice but for misgained profit. And every politician who does not place America's interests before his or her own. Heck, that's just for starters. I've got a lot more suggestions for the dictator.

Now there's something I can root for. Just thinking about it makes me feel like cheering.