Today, we are faced with the dismaying fact
that our politicians and practical men of affairs,
have become the exponents
of exclusive globalism – another variety of Marxism – which ultimately seeks to divide us. So that the great majorities can be controlled by the elite few. It is they who invest the rest of us in the naive dreams of the Nineteenth Century.

After the attack upon Pearl Harbor by the forces of Imperial Japan, setting off America’s direct involvement in World War II, Japanese Admiral Yamamoto was rumored to have said “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”

In fact, it was a scripted line spoken by actor Sô Yamamura playing the Admiral at the end of the WWII movie “Tora! Tora! Tora!” Fact or not, it captures the sense of dread the Admiral (who was specifically targeted and killed during the War) must have felt at the moment.

Now, after too many wars in which too much of our nation’s precious blood and treasure has been misspent, the giant has been lulled back to sleep. Not a peaceful sleep, mind you, but the shallow sleep of a different kind of giant; a volcano which threatens to explode right here at home in a cataclysm which will make the terrible eruption of the Krakatoan volcano in 1883 seem, in an historic sense, quaint.

Even the most cursory study of daily news events reveals the growing mass of angry people, knowingly or ignorantly encouraged by our current Administration and its divisive policies. This roiling magma of humanity daily grows in size, temperature and explosiveness. Today’s lack of intelligent, dedicated and positive leadership in both political parties in what used to be the world’s leading power is nothing short of stunning.

This cultural/political analogy should send shivers down your spine. A volcano “sleeps” as long as the pressure of red hot magma isn’t enough to explode through earth’s crust. America’s most endangered species – traditionalists – those who value technical progress but slow cultural evolution – hated and derided by the Left, has been valiantly trying to keep the magma from exploding.

The roiling, red hot magma represents the quickly growing masses – tens of millions dependent upon government hand-outs; the disenfranchised, anarchists, anti-Americans, the Left, biased media, revolutionaries, gangland, non-citizen anti-Americans seeded throughout the nation, foreign powers’ infiltrators, internet poseurs, criminals of every description, the drug world, the prison population, the mentally ill, and many other groups and classes of people.

Anyone with open eyes can clearly see how President Obama’s Alinskyite policies are designed to grow the size of this mass in order to stress our system and totally overwhelm the resources of traditional America. This is an American president obsessed with upheavaling the very nation which has so blessed him.

Before his term expires, the president is evidently determined to use his “phone and pen” to unleash chaos on the streets of America by any and all means possible. All the while, he pretends to reasonableness. But he seems more determined to grow the size of America’s homeland para-military forces than our traditional military. He agitates his base, unleashing the Dogs of War on Main Street, but refuses to unleash our military against a foreign enemy sworn to fly their flag over the White House.

One of today’s means of creating chaos is social media, a seething mass of emotion rendered in painfully wrecked grammar, uniting and inciting “friends,” most of whom will never meet in person; the snow flake pretend tortured of all ages – a bizarre inter-dimensional world of hyper-bullshit all its own. In an effort to destroy the status quo, the anger is directed by paid and promised operatives, focused like a ruby laser on America’s traditionalists.

Today’s culture is made more complex by a good number of folks who are now at least nominally part of a new American traditionalism; the rapid gaining of wealth and power by any means possible – there are more millionaires than ever before. But there are also far more poor – both materially and spiritually – swelling the magma, with millions more born, or illegally immigrating into it. So while the wealth gap between rich and poor grows wider than it has ever been, a whole class of scoundrels keeps itself wealthy by pandering to the poor and the angry. Liberal politicians and the gangsta culture come to mind, maintaining their income and influence by inflaming pent-up emotions of the angry underclasses in order to achieve and maintain their own financial status. This is simply another variation on the Marxist philosophy of class warfare, often leading to localized releases of boiling magma – portents of what we may see spreading as the end of Obama’s term nears – like the chaos we have seen in Baltimore and Ferguson.

Today, there are so many negative forces boiling in the underground chambers of America that traditionalism, weakened by our government policies and assaulted by liberal media philosophy, may not be able to constrain the angry masses. If the crust fails, super-heated magma will explode through, destroying everything in its path as it metaphorically burns its way across America’s cultural landscape; plunging financial markets, interrupting supplies of food, fuel and electrical power. Chaos in the streets of America’s cities. The fuse of anarchy has already been lit by a man who hates traditional America as surely as Admiral Yamamoto dreaded it.

If our next President, whichever side he or she is on, cannot reform government policies to improve the circumstances of the needful with deeds... not just rhetoric; if he or she cannot reduce the dangerously high temperature in this cultural pressure-cooker, it begs the volcano to erupt... with results the likes of which America has rarely if ever seen within her own borders. Baltimore-like flash-points, chaos and anarchy, can become the norm, spreading like flaming lava across our landscape.

It has been a long time coming, and the solution is not simply economic. America is in a cultural and moral free-fall with corruption of biblical proportion infecting its leadership, all acting together to rend the very fabric of our Founding Fathers’ America. The 2016 elections must not be viewed as politics as usual. Any who treat it that way will contribute to, and possibly even preside over, Krakatoa in America.