George Bush drove me crazy.

So why was I happy (or perhaps the better description is relieved) that George Bush was elected and then re-elected President?

Consider the alternative. Al Gore or John Kerry would have been President. And if GW's handling of the Middle Eastern mess stumbled and was filled with unanticipated consequences, just imagine what it would have been like with either of those other dunderheads.

GW showed his wit by telling Israel to hurry up and get the job done in Lebanon. Lord! This is the same cowboy who wouldn't pull his own trigger in Iraq because he was concerned about matters of conscience, or history, or how many people on both sides may have been killed. Maybe it's his business school training... the CEO of a large corporation, telling a subsidiary company to get the job done so he can look good at the next meeting of the stockholders. Yet all his concerns caused a protracted pretend-war, another "police action" - where the number of casualties was likely to be the same as if he got nasty with the enemy. The only difference was, GW's way spread the funerals out for all sides over years instead of weeks.

I think this was indefensible. The Iraq action lasted longer than World War II when the US defeated the combined forces of the Nazis and the Japanese. Okay, we had Churchill and Stalin's help. But FDR and Harry Truman would certainly tell GW not to take his gun out of its holster unless he has the will to pull the trigger. Don't be waving it around and firing into the air expecting your enemy to quake in fear. They won't. They will snap at your ankles and bloody you up because they believe you won't pull the trigger for fear of criticism from abroad and from within. I'm sure Hitler and Tojo didn't think America had the stomach to pull the trigger. But Harry Truman, that old haberdasher from Missouri, didn't give a damn what the world thought - he pulled the biggest damn trigger that had ever been pulled in the history of war, scaring the bejeezus out of them all. Voila! The war ended. And America emerged as the most powerful nation in the history of the world. A status which seems to upset our current president.

Today, many of America's males have been so emasculated by their mommies, their teachers, their girlfriends and the media, that they find it impossible to pull the trigger. And yet, our Presidents want so much for history to perceive them as Alexander-the-Greats. But they send their troops here and there, then tie their hands behind their backs. They fear if they make a mistake it is they, not the enemy, who will face "justice" in some World Court. President Truman and his Generals Eisenhower, MacArthur and Patton undoubtedly would think we have lost all sense of reason if they could see what we have done to the American military.

Of course some claim that had Gore or Kerry been elected, we would not be in these wars. Why, they seem to believe, even Israel and her neighbors would all be at peace today. I have no doubt that this would be true. At least for a short time. Because the Left gives the enemy everything it wants just to calm its savage breast. But we all know they ways of Middle Eastern radicals. As soon as they cash your check, they buy better rockets and start in again until you give more. The same with North Korea. All enemies of liberal States have learned the drill. Countries like America, who can afford it, will try to pacify you with gifts. That's what Gore or Kerry would have done. Funnel money and whatever else it took to Hezbolah, Hamas, North Korea and all the rest. They would have done this under the table while on the table they handed the problem over to the UN whose only real expertise is raping the treasury of nations.

So, while President Bush may have been a fumbling, bumbling breakfast of cornpone - he at least recognized you can't buy peace when it comes to terrorists. These extortionists only use your money to buy better weapons which they will then turn on you until you give them even more.

Don't get me wrong. I say don't go to war except as a last resort! I would prefer to see us assassinate despots in their sleep than to see more of our boys die or be physically and mentally disfigured for life. But if you have to go to war, the best way to do it is fast. Get it done as quickly and as devastatingly as possible.

GW should have taken a clue from Harry Truman and his generals – even from his own father! When you are in a war, you are going to lose men and you are unavoidably going to kill civilians. You can spread it out over time and maybe pr-wise it doesn't look as bad as if you do it all at once. But doing it all at once has the uncanny effect of scaring your enemy into submission. When Harry Truman sent the Enola Gay over Hiroshima, he believed even the most war hardened Japanese would cave when that B29 unleashed the light in God's eye, and they felt the blistering shockwave which changed the world forever. Oh, some still argue that Little Boy and Fat Man weren't the determining factors that ended the war. Maybe it was augmented by the USSR’s declaration of war against Japan which by that time had been pounded mercilessly by convention bombs. Either way, faced with the certainty of an apocalypse, the proud Japanese decided enough death was enough. There can be no doubt dread of B29s overhead hastened the end of the war.

Our current president might take a lesson from Harry Truman. When faced with the choice between funerals on our side or the other side, he chose them. Harry had the guts to pull the trigger and get it over with. Our president might at least try to find his manhood and stop listening to the mommy-thinkers who surround him; he might turn to a different page in The Good Book; he ought to take a page from Harry Truman's book.


The Hatfields and the McCoys, Middle Eastern Style

That's the conflict between Israel and the Islamic World, plain and simple. Isaac Hatfield and Ishmael McCoy started it all, over 6,000 years ago, in that same region of the world.

I have said this before, but to restate briefly: They were half-brothers, sharing Abraham as their father. Abraham's wife Sarah harped on Abe until he more or less screwed Ishmael... at least that's what Izzy's mom, Hagar - a spurned woman - said. As their Lord promised, each of the brothers went on to build great Nations. Over the next six millennia these Nations went at each other time and time again. Their lands were lost and won and lost and won ad nauseum. They have been hating one another and blaming one another, and fabricating reasons to hate and blame for so long it has become part of their cultural make-up. It has engrained itself into their very genes! This is why, today, we still see them fighting.

Now our politicians and diplomats, our strategists and military experts, our pundits and pinhead news anchorgirls seem to have this embarrassing notion that, somehow, THEY have a solution - a solution to this 6,000-year-old enmity between the brothers. How can our politicians et al. be so naive? The reason perhaps is simple. Each new generation of American simply is living in total ignorance. They have no clue how many centuries these ancient adversaries have been at it. And they proceed under the false assumption that the Semite peoples think the way we Westerners do. They do not. They live in a culture steeped in the finer points of obfuscation, tortured logic, and have raised flat out fabrication to an art form.

These people enjoy debate so much they never want it to end. Of course this debate is not an ordinary one, it's one prosecuted at the end of a gun, and anyone who thinks he has a solution is a fool who will shortly be parted from his gold.

These people are shrewd. Each side knows how to suck outsiders into the fray, duping them into providing benefits to each side. In return, the outsiders get nothing but grief and humiliation. Ask the ancient Egyptians. The many small nations which once surrounded the Babylonian and Assyrian Empires. Ask Pontias Pilate and his Roman Emperor. Ask the Brits. Hell, ask Bill Clinton.

There are only three ways to deal with a clash between families such as the Hatfields and the McCoys:

Option 1) One of the two familes must move as far away from the other as possible. To the other side of the globe is not too far. But in the case of Israel and its neighbors, this is not possible. The Holy land is the Holy Land. Neither faction is about to build another Jerusalem in Tulsa. So this option is out.

Option 2) A Big Brother must step in, separate the two fighting families, and tell them if either one starts to fight again they will be spanked so hard they will sting for decades. But that Big Brother must stay there to enforce the rules. If they stay for enough generations, perhaps the hatred can be bred out of the two families. Who can do this? Certainly the Romans couldn't. The UN, that perennial joke of Our Time, with its ineffectual leaders can't be counted on to do anything but sponge off the candy store. The U.S. is already embroiled in the mess nextdoor and has no clue how to disentagle the mess. That's because: (see paragraph three). While this option is not very likely, it is not entirely out of the question. Perhaps a coalition of the U.S., Russia and China could pull it off. Hmm. I take that back. This option is out.

Option 3) Everybody get the hell out of the way and let the brothers have at it once and for all. Other countries can choose sides and surreptitiously supply heavier and heavier arms to the side of their choice. Large corporations will make billions. It will get very nasty and very messy. Millions will be slaughtered by the time it's over. Mushroom clouds of radioactivity will sweep across the deserts, mountains and seas. And when there are not enough remaining upright to bury their dead, it will be over by default. New boundries will be drawn by some international council, and peace will be declared. At least for a few generations - before the hatred seeps out again through the genes. Awful a choice as it is, this is the option with the greatest chance of success. But it does pose two monumental problems for the rest of us. The probable total disruption of our oil supplies. People like Al Gore and Arianna Huffington won't be able to fuel their private jets to speechify around the world about how it's all Bush's fault. Hmm. Maybe that's a GOOD thing. The other problem? There will be immeasurable loss of innocent life.

You see? When nations clash, it is always the blameless whose blood is disproportionally spilt. Innocent women, men and children; civilian as well as soldier will be ground to dust for no good reason. Anyone who sits in a safe perch and urges others to war is missing some part of his or her soul. It is the Middle Easterners' problem, not ours. It is they who must decide if they want to live or die. If their reason cannot triumph over their madness, God have mercy on them all.


A Death Toll Closer to Home

Democrats are frothing at the mouth in anticipation of the US military death toll reaching the 3,000 mark.

While this number is a terrible toll on America's bravest, I would like to point out a fact or two to our Democrat liberal friends (and I use that term facetiously I assure you).

According to the most recent (2004) Federal Bureau of Investigation's "Crime in the United States" data;
every 23 seconds in America, there is one murder, rape or violent assault. Every 23 seconds!

In that year there were approximately 1.3 million violent crimes committed within US borders. To be a bit more pedantic;
Every 32.6 minutes: One Murder
Every 5.6 minutes: One Forcible Rape
Every 1.3 minutes: One Robbery
Every 36.9 seconds: One Aggravated Assault

Add to this Property Crime (there's one every 3.1 seconds in the US) such as;
Every 14.7 seconds: One Burglary
Every 4.5 seconds: One Larceny-theft
Every 25.5 seconds: One Motor Vehicle Theft

There were over 2,000 murders in one year just in the state of California alone! Not to mention the 1,261,164 total crimes in that State... and these are just the ones they know about!

Now, my point is not to moralize about this, frankly I could care less if assholes want to off one another as long as the bodies aren't left on my driveway. My point is we don't hear from the Mainstream Media about the much higher murder rate just around the corner from our home as they prefer to dwell on the lower military casualty rate halfway around the world in order to press their anti-military agenda. In fact, the only time the MSM gloms onto a domestic crime of violence is when the victim is black or Hispanic AND the perpetrator is white - or better - a white cop. Or the victim is a wealthy celebrity. Or a beautiful young girl whose pic's look good on tv. In any of these cases, we are treated to the wretched excess of 24-7 coverage and if there happens to be video of the incident we get to see it over-and-over-and-over in each 12-minute news segment. But since these videos are relatively rare - Praise God! - we don't get a true sense of how many people are killed every year right here in the good ol' US of A.

This is because the media is so far to the Left they are halfway to Hawaii. Now if they could find a way to blame all these murders, rapes and violent crimes on the Republican Administration, they'd be in the headlines every day. Which demonstrates the grossest hypocracy because it shows that deep down, these bleeding heart journalists don't give a damn about minorities, women and the poor (all of whom experience violent crimes at a high level) except as it helps forward their Leftist agenda.

The FBI statistics are extremely conservative I'm sure. In essence they suggest that in California, one in every 30 persons will be a victim of a violent crime every year! In a sense, because many if not most of the murder victims are young men, one could argue that a young man is no more at risk of harm in the military, even in Baghdad, than he is in any large American city. This might not be statistically provable - but it's true.

So when you hear the Democrats rail on about how Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld are sending our boys to war to be slaughtered, ask them this; since they make up a majority of our own big city administrations, why are THEY not doing much to stop the murders which happen one every 32.6 minutes here at home? Why don't they stop casting political stones, pretending that everything is a "Federal" problem, while THEY preside over our homeland slaughter?


Buffet's Billions

Okay, I'm not exactly sure how serious to be about this one. Like most things we muse upon, opinions depend upon one’s own life experiences. Where you’re comin’ from.

Billionaire, Warren Buffet, has appeared on my radar screen. More to the point, his decision to simply “give away” the major portion of his estimated $42 BILLION fortune (second only to Bill Gates’– the richest man in the world).

Now what makes me scrunch up my eyebrows is Buffet’s announcement that he will not leave any significant portion of his fortune to his children. He claims he does not believe in “inherited wealth.” He claims his children have long known this and that they understand his reasoning (hey kids! I sure as hell don’t). Whatever his children may say publicly, I can just imagine what they’re saying beyond Buffet’s earshot.

So what is Mr. Buffet doing with his enormous pile of money? Last month, he committed to give away 85% – well over $30 BILLION – making this the largest single act of charitable giving in U.S. history! And where will this extraordinary amount of money be going? Not to his own family, members of which run their own charitable foundations; no, it will go to someone who really needs it – Bill Gates, the richest man in the world. Yes, Bill Gates’ Foundation will swell up with the infusion Buffet’s Billions. Why, you might wonder, would Buffet do this? We’re told that Gates and Buffet have been friends and bridge partners – they play cards! – for fifteen years or more. Oh, I’m sure Buffet’s family agrees card playing is as good a reason as any. Right?

I don't know how good a card player Bill is but he is one helluva salesman. Easy to see why he’s the richest guy in the world, no? Picture Buffet arranging his bridge hand, saying “Okay Billy, your play...”

With extended pinky, Gates lifts his Ming Dynasty tea cup, takes a sip of green tea, rubs his chin, plays his card, then casually says “Y’know, Warren, I was thinkin’... you’re not gettin’ any younger. Have you given any thought to what you’ll do with your money? I’m sure your family expects it, right? But let’s face it, they’ll just use it for personal gain. Everybody would. Except me. I have even more billions than you, so you know I don’t need your money. So when you think about it, Warr, old pal, maybe you oughta leave it to me. Face it, your kids’ll just squander it. But now me... I’ll put it to good use. Me and my Mrs... oh... honey, more English tea cookies please... me and my Mrs. will make your legacy even greater than it is now. Something to think about, isn’t it? Whaddya say ol’ pal?"

Realizing he’s been trumped, Buffet feels sweat building over his upper lip. Sensing hesitation, Gates adds, “Tell you what... do it now, while you’re still of sound mind, and I’ll put you on the Board of my Foundation. Heyyyyyy now... how’s that?”

Buffet smiles shrewdly and thinks, Ha! Got ‘im. I’d have given him the dough for nothing. But now I’ll be a Board Member. Just call me a winner!

With only $9 and 38¢ in real money on the card table, Gates just won a very cool $30 billion in less than five minutes.

Okay, before I go nuts, let’s look at the man. Buffet is known as a frugal sort of guy. At the time of this writing, he was still living in the same house in Omaha he bought in 1958 for about $31,000. He also owns a home or two in Laguna Beach, CA. He reportedly pays himself a relatively low salary compared to most other CEOs. This puts the tightwad in a lower tax bracket. But he is against tax cuts for the wealthy. He wants to raise taxes on the wealthy. Of course since his salary is so low, his income tax wouldn’t be affected much. Easy to see why he’s a very rich guy in the world.

Here’s a man who would prefer to give his fortune not to his children who presumably are good and decent people, who work equally hard at something, but to his bridge partner – who doesn’t need it because he is – HEL-LO! – the world’s richest man! Buffet was quoted as saying “I want to give my kids enough so that they could feel that they can do anything, but not so much that they can do nothing.” Hahahaha! He’s penny-pinching their inheritance for their own good. What a guy. Very zen of him. The Buffet family aside, seriously, does anybody doubt that to whatever Foundation or charity Buffet’s Billions go, they will be squandered? Does anyone doubt that most of it will wind up swindled, misdirected and misused just as large charitable donations almost always do? When middle-men through whose hands pass great sums of money, the temptation to dip is irresistible. Ah, but to Buffet this is better than letting his own children have it.

Gates wants to use his Foundation dollars to cure the world’s most terrible diseases. Yeh, like Jerry Lewis raised all those millions over decades to cure Muscular Dystrophy. Have we seen a cure? It’s always “just around the corner.” Just like the American Cancer Society has for many decades raised millions upon millions to find a cure for that scourge. Have we seen a “cure?” Of course not. Research organizations find it far more lucrative to search for a cure than to actually find one. The medical and pharmaceutical establishment finds it much more lucrative to treat a disease than to cure it. Which leads me directly to my favorite whipping boy, the UN.

How many billions have gone to this corrupt organization in the name of charity and disease prevention? Have the needy been helped in their plight? Where has all this money gone? Odds are; into the pockets of corrupt bureaucrats; into the coffers of corrupt leaders of third world nations, nations overflowing with the needy who so desperately require the help which is held out as a promise but which never quite reaches the parched lips of the hungry children.

Mr. Buffet would prefer to pour his billions into this bottomless pit; into the pockets of these same miserable deceitful wretches rather than to do what probably 99% of the rest of us would do with our fortune if we had one; pass it along to our children, one of whom might actually have a good heart.

What if the roles were reversed? What if Mr. Buffet was a man of modest means. What if his children were super wealthy? What if Mr Buffet needed financial help to comfort him in his advancing age? Does anyone think Mr. Buffet would feel the same way he feels now? You damn well better believe human nature dictates he’d think his kids were stingy bastards if they didn’t give the old man what he thinks he deserves.

Oh sure, I have heard the argument that Buffet is just being business clever. If he leaves the money to his children, there will be massive inheritance taxes levied upon them. But Mr. Buffet openly rebukes tax cuts. He believes in raising taxes on the wealthy. Doesn’t Mr. Buffet believe money which his family might pay to the taxman would be used, in some way or another, to help needy people? Like victims of natural disasters? Or does he believe only the U.S. government is corrupt? No. He’d rather his shekles went to some unknown recipients, into some unknown and unworthy but ready-and-waiting foreign pockets, no doubt.

What is Mr. Buffet saying to his own family? “Hey, I made mine, but I didn’t do it for you unworthy brats.” There’s no doubt Mr. Buffet has a knack for making his own. Since 2000, he’s been raising money for the Glide Foundation through online auctions where bidders have donated up to $620,000 for the chance to have one meal with him. Tuna melt in his Omaha home – buffet style no doubt. Probably cooked and served by his family.

Because a man is incredibly adept in the investment market, and shrewd enough to hang onto his money, doesn’t mean that he has any sense when it comes to the ultimate disposition of his fortune. He could pass the wealth to his children with stipulations. Perhaps the children are bright and the fortune could be made to double in ten years. An even greater inheritance could be left to the Buffet grandchildren and so on. How wonderful it would be for the Buffet grandchildren to know they are among the wealthiest people in the world. Why deny your own blood this rare gift? What does it say about a man who would deny his generations the kind of freedom of which the rest of us can only dream? I think it says he doesn’t trust their goodness. He has looked around and seen children of other wealthy and famous people, and he only sees the layabouts. The drunks. The druggies. The broken spirits. And has concluded all offspring of wealth are like that. But they are not.

I do not know anything about Buffet’s family, but obviously he has little faith in the children he spawned. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that Mr. Buffet is an outspoken supporter of abortion and population control (as reported by Human Life International as well as by Ann Coulter and others). It seems to me if you are for population control and abortion, you place little value on life in general and perhaps on your own offspring in particular.

Unless his children are “Prodigal Sons,” or criminals, turncoats or fools (none of which I imagine is true), it belies something not so much about them but deep within the soul of the father. A quirk, which for some unknown reason makes him place his family on a lower rung of worthiness than his bridge partner. As if only the one man in the world wealthier than he, is worthy of receiving Buffet’s Billions. Mr. Buffet places concerns about “needy” strangers over his own blood.

Oh, his children certainly won’t want for anything material. But they – and I’ll bet even more so his grandchildren – will always wonder why they were deprived of a great financial opportunity, simple familial loyalty, and papa’s trust. This deep personal hurt may fester for generations.

As they say, it’s his money; Mr. Buffet can do with it as he sees fit. But successful as he is, this seems to be the behavior of a mean spirited prick.


The NWO and Social Engineering

I found the July 4th Holiday a good time to reflect on this subject; exactly why I condemn "the coming New World Order" - at least the one envisioned by the UN - supported by America's "elite," the "intelligencia," the CFR and many of our country's most influential leaders including our present President and many if not most of his predecessors in the Twentieth Century.

Why should any of us fault the idea of One World, with (as John Lennon mused) no borders, no war, and equal opportunity legally mandated for all six billion of Earth's inhabitants? That in a nutshell is the promise of Alger Hiss's UN "vision." Utopian, isn't it? Progressive. Caring. Nurturing to the human spirit. The kind of thing so many of our kids grow up with... on Sesame Street. Charming.

But really - Alger Hiss? This man was accused by our FBI and even Senator Patrick Moynahan of being a Communist spy! He was tried and convicted and sentenced to prison for other crimes. What kind of fools would make a suspected Communist spy, a man with a Marxist socialistic "progressive" outlook their point man to write "the rules" for how the United Nations would bring peace to the world? Who? None other than America's darling, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Britain's savior, Winnie Churchill. One, a favorite of the Liberal Left; the other a hero of many on the other side. This wouldn't have been so bad if it had stopped there, but geo-politics being what it is, they felt they had to be "incloooosive" so the USSR's Joe Stalin and Chairman Mao were invited to participate in this venture into Utopia. Yes, the same Joe and Mao responsible for the outright unapologetic slaughter of tens of millions of Soviet, Eastern European and Asian humans, who I suppose these two soulless Satans felt had no place in the coming Utopia. These are the kind of people the fledgling UN idea embraced to "fix" the world, to bring peace to us all. Was FDR mad? He sat there side-by-side with Stalin, playing god with the fate of countries as if they were playing a parlor game of Monopoly. I have no doubt FDR was intimidated by such imposing fellows as Joe and Winnie. He certainly seems to have been p-whipped by his socialist, communist sympathizer wife Eleanor. He certainly was influenced by Hiss and others of the same Marxist bent.

Perhaps I should cut FDR and Winnie a little slack. Perhaps their hearts (if not their brains) were in the right place. But how can the world's "elite" condemn those of the past who tried to rule the world - Julius Caesar, Adolph Hitler, Napoleon, Alexander The Great, the early Popes of the Church to name a few - now support the idea of a One World where some unelected bureaucracy will dictate to you, me and everyone else the minutia of life? How could the same people who condemned the Nazi eugenics program now support the "social engineering" programs of the UN sub-committees - and make no mistake, that's exactly what it is, social engineering. This is beyond imagination! The UN's socialistic One World agenda is nothing less than an agenda of world domination. This time not by armed conquest, but conquest by the rule of law. The UN has already and will continue to write and pass laws, already subscribed to by most countries, including the US, which will slowly but surely bring you under their domination. Is it any wonder there are so many lawyers about today?

Oh, you don't believe? Perhaps you think this is "conspiracy theory?" Well think again. Put two and two together. Why do you think our Congress really passed NAFTA and CAFTA? Why do you think President Bush is only pretending to secure our borders? He can't secure them! By international agreement, somewhere down in the tiny print of the agreements willfully signed by our leaders, he CAN'T!

Why do you think we are talking about a North American Union - the US, Canada and Mexico as one borderless "free" zone to which anyone from any third world country can freely migrate? Why are we planning an International Super-Corridor consisting of a giant highway and railway running from Mexico to Texas and from there through the U.S. paralleling I-35, with a giant river port at Kansas City, MO, thence up through Minnesota to Canada!? And if you think this will be paid for by our normal highway funding, think again. Funding will be from outside the U.S., and not by anyone we should consider friends.

And while these new migrants are roaming about your country, if you move one inch to the left or right of the draconian international law in trying to protect your land or holdings, socialist judges will strip you of that land and turn it over to the very people you were trying to protect it from! This is not conspiracy theory... it's already happening here in the U.S. The UN wants the new emigrant to enjoy all the benefits you and your family enjoy without having to put the work in that you and your ancestors did.

Why do you think they are trying so hard to make the European Union work? Why did the USSR get stripped of its Western satellite states who are now striving for participation in the EU? The One Worlders envision a number of zones, first roughly following continental divisions, then hemispherical, and finally; One World.

Look into the legal authority which the World Health Organization wields over our own sovereignty. Why do you think the Rockefellers' Federal Reserve, which controls our currency system but which is not under the control of the US Government, was put into place? Why do you think American soldiers at times serve under the UN flag? Why do you think there are foreign forces training at various US military bases? As I have pointed out before; the noose tightens around our neck. Why do you think North Korea, Iran and the rest in "The Axis of Evil" are pariahs? Not because, as we are told, they endanger the rest of the world, but because they are rogue states who more than likely have no intention of joining in the Cozy Oneness and would have the UN shove their One World. The radical Islamic world may light up one of their newly-acquired nukes right in UN headquarters in the EU. If it happens, maybe all free people should run out into our streets and celebrate along with the cheering radicals.

In fact, all current world conflicts are spoiling the timetable for the One Worlders. The UN has no stomach for resolving conflicts through use of military force. It would prefer to use the international rule of law - especially when coupled with enormous funding by us suicidal dumbbells in the US. If those pesky Palestinians and Israelis would just stop the endless nattering. If Iraq and Iran and Pakistan and all the rest would just get on board, we could move that much faster to the Sesame Street dream of so many "visionaries" like Sigmund Freud, the Rockefellers, the Morgans, Chompsky, Murdoch, the Clintons, George Bush the First, and the rest of the Sesame Street Gang. The secret, unelected bureaucracy of the UN and its international web of quasi-governmental organizations, Universities and "think tanks" influence, if not outright own these individuals who have become the public face of the bureacracy which seeks to finally govern this One World through a mountain of international laws. All this operates in thinly veiled public sight. Legal and on the up-and-up. Why hide it? They know most people are in thrall, watching American Idol and this week's "play-offs" so Joe and Kathy Six-pack won't notice any of it until they are told not to fly Old Glory anymore under penalty of international law.

The NWO will be telling your grandchildren how to raise their children, how many children they can or can't have, and when they can have them. They may not even allow your grandkids to raise your great grandchildren. They may be taken from them and raised in communes. The UN's social engineers do not believe "normal" parents are qualified to raise children. They are trying to outlaw home-schooling for this reason. They subscribe to Sigmund Freud's notion that most of our adult neuroses are manifestations of fears which parents like us inculcate in our children by passing along superstitions, outdated notions of patriotism, the idea of a personal relationship with God, competitiveness, sexual restraint, ambition and such from one generation to another. These people, who I suspect have never raised children of their own, don't see the millions of fine youngsters whom American families have raised in generation after generation. The "elite" only choose to see the flotsam of our culture, measuring us all by the least common denominator. They see only those statistics which suit their agenda. They will get their way with your grandchildren through brainwashing... using the sledgehammer of political correctness and international law. Your grandchildren will be the UN's watchdogs, willing to rat on their own parents if they suspect mom and dad are smoking or own a gun or pray at bedtime. The UN's international police force will drag the parents away to some international tribunal where they will have no such legal defense rights as we now enjoy, while our local sheriff's deputies look on, powerless to do anything.

The One Worlders know we who cherish the independence paid for by our best blood, we who have no intention of heeding laws written by socialist-communists, we are hindrances. So they will pass us by and get our grandchildren, teaching them from K through 12 the socialist ways. Tolerance for deviants of every stripe. Moral equivalancy. Patriotic urges must be suffocated. They will force our grandchildren to welcome every culture, no matter how Medieval or backwards it might be, as equal to their own. They will take from what remains of the Middle Class, put most in their pockets, and give a pittance to the poor. Today's super-wealthy and the "elite" will rise to rule of the Brave New World.

Look in your grandchildren's eyes. When they start looking back at you with "that look," you'll know the NWO is near.

But, take heart! We anti-NWO types have a mighty ally. His name is Murphy. While the UN has its laws, so does Murphy. No one in the history of the world, not even NASA's original steadfast team of engineers and scientists, has ever managed to circumvent the law of unintended consequences. No matter how flawlessly the mission is planned, no matter how many rules, regulations or scenarios, Murphy's Law causes something unforseen to happen. More often than not, the results are disastrous. That's the nature of the Universe. The natural order of things is chaos, with only occasional periods of order, and only in limited regions, after which order once again breaks down into chaos. This applies to Global Movements as well. Harry Truman remarked something to the effect that the UN's International Congress is likely to work about as well as the US Congress.

There are precise reasons to condemn social engineering and One Worldness. What kind of people think themselves so godly that they would rule the world? In the end, isn't that what One World will lead to? The ultimate consolidation of Earthly power. Peace through repression. But I do not think it natural to have too peaceful a world. Such a world is likely to be stagnant. Man progresses in starts and fits, often by overcoming adversity. It's how we got to where we are, and we are only partway to where we will one day be. We don't need another Hitler or Khan - not even "peace loving" Hitlers and Khans - telling us how the world "should be." The world will be what it will be. But whatever it will be, it should be free men, not this new breed of lawful tyrant, who make it so.

The UN NWO types are uneducated in America's deep sense of patriotism, they are godless social engineers who cherish order over freedom. We cannot surrender our sovereignty to faceless Marxist tyrants hidden away in the towers of Europe.

If our grandchildren can hold on to their freedom, time will excise these UN-ocrats, as time always excises malignancies from the body of history. For freedom must always trump tyranny. Make no mistake, that's what the NWO is - socialist tyranny disguised as "social engineering for the benefit of man."