I suspect you've all seen it. Kurdish Iraqis stoning that poor young woman to death.

Her alleged crime? Falling in love with a young man from the "wrong" side of the belief system. For this she was dragged out of her house and stoned to death by a circle of men. Neighbors! people who knew her! And who tried to protect her? Her daddy? Her big brother? Hell no. They condemned her to death. This is barbarism. The kind of customs they apparently have no desire to change. How on earth are we in America supposed to believe in the so-called "goodness" and "nobility" of these people which we hear so much about? I have seen precious little evidence of it.

Perhaps the goodness and nobility was lost with the ancient and great Sumerian civilization which inhabited that land. Or the Babylonians. Or Akkadians, or any of the Mesopotamian cultures which came before this one. But this one? I'm not sure I'd waste another drop of American blood on this ungrateful, hate-filled, deceitful society.