Barack Obama seems like a nice fellow, doesn’t he? Great smile. Maybe they’re right... all those folks who fawn over him like he’s the Second Coming. 

     Maybe he’ll make a fine young president. Maybe he’ll introduce new civility to DC with positive ‘change’.” Maybe.
     But why is my BS meter beeping so loudly? Because he doesn’t wear a flag lapel pin? Nah, that’s a big so-what to me. That he doesn’t seem to show much respect to the Star Spangled Banner seems rather odd for a presidential candidate, but well... I’ll even give him a pass on that. I figure that’s just stuff ginned-up by Republicans to raise passions. My real discomfort stems from a dread that he may win the election. Dread?
     Like so many politicians, he lies through that toothy smile. Despite what he would like us to believe, Obama grew up advantaged. So perhaps he doesn’t get chills when the Star Spangle Banner is well-played because he is an elitist who, like so many on the Left, lives among us but has no idea what America is all about – or at least has been about up until now. He sees the world from an Afrocentric viewpoint. Or is it a Marxist p-o-v? By now you must be aware of his writing on these subjects?
     Then there is his ill-tempered wife. Also feeding us an alternative reality. She, too, grew up advantaged. From the sound of her, an ingrate who by her own declaration has never been proud of the nation which has blessed her and her family in so many ways. The idea of her residing in the White House is irony at its best. Michelle seems to dislike all things white. Though she seems happy enough about her husband’s other half.
     Anyone who experienced up-close and personal the Newark Riots, and then the LA riots, and who has paid any attention whatsoever to the “reverends” Sharpton, Jackson and Wright over the years must realize these slick shuck-n-jivers are as full of crap as an old bed pan.
     Our Leftist Media (forgive the redundancy) is apparently twitterpated by the idea of a super-liberal African-American running for president. Even more so than a woman. Okay, that’s nice. But why are they patronizing him? Isn’t this the very thing African-Americans have fought so hard to change? Anything he does or did which is questionable, any associations he has with nefarious muslims, or with anti-Americans, is glossed over by the MSM, while any minor infraction his opponent commits is page-one news.
     I am taken aback by the zeal surrounding this gentleman of very little accomplishment. He’s done little to distinguish himself as a leader of a ‘hood much less a State or a Nation. One could say the same about President Bush (the younger). His credentials were basically familial. Remember how his mom, Barbara told us to vote for George W. because “He's a good boy?” And he beat Al Gore because he was simply more likable. Obama’s credentials are that he is a nice-looking, well-spoken super-liberal half-black man with a great smile. As Bush’s election was generated by nepotism, Obama's nomination smacks of patronization, the Media’s own brand of Affirmative Action. As someone more clever than I put it – it’s an Obamanation.
     Leftists, Marxists, Progressives and Muslims around the world care little if Barack is uncomfortable with our flag and National Anthem, and old-fashioned American patriotism, because they don’t like them much either. Or that he down-plays his half-white side in favor of his black half to pander for street cred’s and votes. Watching him give speeches with his chiseled nose in the air, as if perhaps he’s thinking he’s some kind of tribal prince, reminds me that our Revolutionary War was fought to free this nation from royalty. Do our young people know that? Or do they think royalty should reside in The White House (so-named because the original one was badly burned by King George’s army, then quickly white-washed)?
     Obama threw his white granny under the bus – the woman who raised him! Why? He claims he once heard her raise her voice against African-Americans. Barack remembers this ancient remark clearly... but claims he doesn’t remember hearing Reverend Wright railing against white America for twenty years in his church. Nor did he hear Michelle doing the same. So Democrats are offering us a candidate who at minimum has a highly selective memory, or worse, one who is often in a stupor or hard of hearing.
     Is it any wonder leaders of the most misery-filled countries in the world are thrilled to have Obama running? They salivate thinking just how they can bamboozle this emotionally sympathetic man – cut of the same cloth as they – bamboozle us out of more US billions in foreign aid to line their own corrupt pockets. Just as George W. Bush promised billions for AIDS research in Africa while he apparently sees no problems with AIDS in America, not to mention the thousands of deaths caused by immigrant and African-American gangs in America.
     For me, it’s got nothing to do with Iraq, or The Middle East, or any of Obama’s plans for increasing the bureaucracy, or taxes or health coverage... it's got to do with the simple fact that my BS Meter is buzzing like a nest of yellow-jackets because it senses a far Left World Marxist standing at the brink of becoming President of the United States. And he well may get himself elected because he’s the darling of the Media, anointed by world Marxism, loved by African-American voters who actually think he will give them more free stuff (yeh - like he recently threw his ol’ pal Rev Wright under the bus when it was politically expedient), and stupid college-age white voters who are gaga because he’s like a slick American Idol contestant. They have no clue what long term damage wobbly-kneed presidents can inflict.
     Wobbly-kneed? Barack may not be as in-control as he appears; perhaps he is simply whipped by the females who have surrounded him. Frankly, we may not be able to repair the damage he will do while dancing on the end of the strings being pulled by his Mrs. and the Soros Progressive crowd.

     How did we wind up with these two presidential candidates – Obama and McCain? How do we so often manage to nominate two of the oddest and least-likely people out of 300+ million Americans? I’m not a big fan of John McCain, but the comparison between the two is as stark as, well, black and white. McCain may not be Mr. Cool, but he is clearly an American patriot. I will take patriotism over patronizing any time.
     God help John McCain win this election, or Heaven help us all.