President Obama’s Religious Dilemma

While he claims to be Christian, and we have no reason to doubt his word, President Obama’s refusal to acknowledge there is a war on terror; that the enemy is radical Islam, or that terrorist attacks in this war are perpetrated overwhelmingly by those who have perverted the muslim faith... his refusal to state the obvious leads many to believe he may secretly be muslim. I believe I can illuminate his dilemma with a personal example.

I was born and raised Catholic. Baptized at birth, received Holy Communion at seven, Confirmed at 12, attended Catholic schools for most of my education, and attended Mass regularly. I even had some thoughts of becoming a priest, but married a Catholic girl in a ceremony performed by a priest in a Catholic church.

Some say the Church believes “Give me your children until the age of seven and they will be ours forever.” This may be true for some. But over the years, I gradually cut my ties to the Church. Like many of our nation's Founding Fathers, I came to realize I am a Deist. I am a rationalist with a scientific view of things. I believe in God as The Great Architect of the Universe. However... and this is my point... I still have a certain love for the Church and many of its traditions. Despite the problems it has experienced in millennia past and more recently, I know the good it does in today’s troubled world far outweighs its flaws. So I am slow to criticize the Church. I know it is far from perfect, but I want the Church to succeed at its good works.

I believe Barack Obama feels the same way about his first religion. He was raised and schooled in muslim countries. He was steeped in Islam. He understands and respects the faith. To his ears, the muslim’s morning prayer is a beautiful sound that must bring back pleasant early memories. And why wouldn’t it? Thus he is sympathetic to the needs of whom he considers his real brothers in so many troubled nations.

But this is where the similarity ends. For if I saw that elements of the Catholic Church were evil, I could not deny the fact. I would sharply condemn it and any violence its followers perpetrated. If I were President, I would certainly consider it my sworn duty to use the long arm of our Federal Government to identify, apprehend and neutralize the perpetrators, whether they were laymen, priests or nuns.

President Obama cannot seem to make that transition. I can appreciate how he feels about his seminal religious experiences. But if he is to be guardian of the Republic, he must protect all its citizens, not just his favorites. He seems unable to rise above a world view refracted through the prism of his first religion. This is his dilemma, and perhaps his worst shortcoming.