Many in the Media still can’t believe Hillary Clinton lost the election. They will blame something, anything, for the loss. Maybe Vladimir and the Russian hackers. Maybe FBI Director Comey. Perhaps it’s worth recalling this (from my 7/6/16 posting –edited for brevity):


        If you are an employee of an organization, be it a government agency, a large Media corporation or Hollywood; if you like your job, if you want to get ahead, you are essentially required – or at least pretend to subscribe to the ideology, however wrong you think it might be, of the top echelon of your organization. It’s that simple, whether you are FBI Director, MSM news analyst, or a delivery truck driver.
       In the case of FBI Director Comey, I think this is what happened: 
       It was obvious to him, through facts revealed in the FBI investigation, that Mrs. Clinton and the Clinton “machine” were corrupt to such a degree that he couldn’t simply turn the case over to Dept. of Justice prosecutors because he knew Attorney General Lynch would simply declare there was insufficient evidence to prosecute the case. Or that whatever mistakes the Clinton campaign may have made, they did not “rise to the level” of calling in a Grand Jury for indictment.
        The airport meeting between President Bill Clinton and General Lynch, along with her prior statements on the whole affair, pretty much telegraphed all the above to Director Comey. He had to make a choice.
       He couldn’t just let it go, could he? Whatever he may have thought of candidate Trump, he knew Hillary Clinton was not fit to be President. So he played a game of chess. He publicly announced that the case warranted no further action, but clearly described the mass of evidence uncovered by his Bureau, in the process allowing America’s voters to draw their own conclusions.
       In short, Director Comey knew the Attorney General would give Hillary a free pass, given that the AG too was under the thumb of President Obama, who desperately wanted Hillary Clinton to be elected in order to carry on his legacy. So Comey turned the decision over not to Lynch, but to the American voter!

       Losing the election to Donald Trump would be the most draconian punishment which Hillary Clinton could ever suffer. Director Comey must have believed what most Americans believed – including many Clinton supporters: the Clintons’ history is among the dirtiest in all of America’s perennial soiled political history. Mrs. Clinton’s serial illegal behavior – lying to the press, investigators, Congress; obstruction of justice; disregarding State Department law, and a host of other infractions, disqualifies her from holding public office. Certainly from being POTUS. However, a Clinton, apparently exempt from the law, once again managed to escape prosecution. Or did she?