“A narrow mind and a fat head 

invariably come on the same person.” 

  ~Zig Ziglar


     Let me ask you Trump haters a simple question.
     When was the last time you saw a Miss America or Miss Universe beauty contest which featured ...uh... let me be PC here... overweight women?
     When was the last time you saw fashion runways populated by overweight women from France, Italy, Idaho or anywhere else?
     When was the last time you saw overweight female spokespersons for beauty products on tv commercials... okay... with the exceptions of Marie Osmond and a couple of others selling weight-loss products and services?
     What about all those skinny talking heads behind desks on tv news, on the big screens and ads, posters, billboards and even make-believe animated games?
      Who do you think hires all these un-overweight women? Producers, directors, fashion gurus, and the whole apparatchik of media presenters, that’s who. Both male and female decision-makers reject certain women based on weight, facial attractiveness, body shape and other considerations. I know... I used to be one of those who chose between this actress or that model. And thus it has been since Adam was attracted to Lilith or Eve.
      So, with all this history, suddenly, when Donald Trump does the same thing as all the aforementioned... it’s not the fact that he doesn’t want an overweight contestant in his beauty contest, or at his restaurants, or at the Tower, or anywhere else he owns... no it’s not that... it’s that while all the other directors, producers, designers et al. demand the very same thing, they demand it quietly, with a wink and a nod, behind closed doors... while The Donald says it out loud. Oh, how they hate that testosterone!

     This is ridiculous. If you want to criticize Donald Trump for his crude language, fine. The rest is, to use my own unforgivable language, bullshit. And while everyone knows it, I still hear slim media women damning Trump to banishment from The White House, as if he has committed the only sin for which women can not – MUST not forgive him. The weight thing.
     Okay, fine. So some women may not vote for him. Why? Because they feel insulted? Is that the real reason? I think not. Hey, I used to be skinny. People made fun of me. Big deal. Now I’m overweight. I don’t like it much. I felt better when I was skinny. But I was also a lot younger, so who knows. But that’s not the point. When I see entertainment making fun of fat – oops! I mean overweight men, I do squirm a little. But if it’s funny, I laugh. If Trump or anyone else makes fun of an overweight man, it won’t make me not want to vote for him. Good grief. I think any woman who says she feels insulted and therefore won’t vote for Trump, is really just feeling embarrassed and maybe just a little bit guilty. Why? Because they are willing to vote for the other candidate simply because she is a woman, and being a little overweight herself, makes the voter feel more sympatico. But that’s just personal stuff. What about governing our nation toward a better outcome than we’ve had in recent years? Certainly Trump is the only candidate who holds out the slightest hope of doing so.

     One final question.

     Is rude language a reason to vote against a candidate? Are only effete candidates worthy of the office? Has America lost its First Amendment? Do we always have to watch every word we say for fear the PC Judges will  ban us from office? Do we have to speak exclusively in officially condoned words when we talk about overweight women, or Hispanics or African-Americans, or immigrants, or LGBT groups, or anyone else? When Secretary Clinton calls 50% (or more) of Trump supporters “deplorables” and “irredeemable,” I, as one of those deplorables laugh out loud. And let’s be honest... there are few Americans who don’t say rude things about others behind their own closed doors.
     I support Trump not because he is a man, not because he is a New Yorker, not because he is rich, certainly not because he is a great debater, or because he is tall or Caucasian or likes to tweet in the wee hours (like many of us do), or any of those other things bandied about by the media. It’s because given the choice between these two candidates, I see a stark difference in the way they will govern our nation. One will continue on the same path we have been on – continued failure in the Middle East, increasing our national debt, failing to address serious domestic problems, liberalizing the Supreme Court, further diminishing the First and Second Amendments, et cetera – a path the overwhelming majority of Americans, male and female, say is wrong – and one who offers the hope of actual change for the better. All the other stuff is just plain tabloid nonsense ginned up by the media to keep viewers hanging on every damnable stupid word they feed us day after day. This whole thing has gone on far too long. Let’s cut the BS and get to the heart of the matter: the issues!