“Two things are infinite:
the universe and human stupidity.

And I’m not sure about the universe.”
                  ~ Albert Einstein

        I’m not proud of it. But it seems I make the wrong choice about things more than 65% of the time. Granted, many of them are about trivial things. Like food. Or colors. Or short-cuts. But the presidency?
       If you look over the archives of this blog (over there on the right), you’ll see that I have been touting Donald Trump for president since at least 2013.  And I’ve made my share of converts. But why did I do this? It’s not like I actually know Donald Trump. In fact, I have never watched any of his tv shows. I have nothing other than pure instinct to go on. But instincts are not tangible. They’re not much to bet the farm on, are they?
         I used to think that maybe there actually was something to, as they call it, the “wisdom of the masses.” If there ever was such a thing, I do not see it. The masses appear to be asses.
        The problem here seems to be that in this political season so many have their logic circuits unabled. They are obsessed with the appearance of “gender equality” rather than its quality. Shattering that “glass ceiling” seems to be the only goal. I would be perfectly satisfied having a woman POTUS. But not just any woman. Is there any wisdom in  voting for a corrupt politician so long as it’s a corrupt female politician? The polls suggest some masses are saying yes.
        Will these particular masses cheer on any woman? How about a congenital liar? “Does she have female breasts? Okay then, no problem.” An Alinskyite who adores Soros’ political agenda? “Does she have a vagina? Okay then, no problem.”
        The masses are making the same damnable mistake which they made last time around. They needed to assuage their absurd sense of guilt for slavery... nonsensical because none of them, or their parents, or their grandparents were slave owners, nor were any of those whose forgiveness they sought ever slaves!  They simply wanted to crow to one another how much better they are than the rest of us deplorable “racists”. So they elected an amiable fellow who had no record of serious accomplishment. But he was black, albeit only half-black... but he looked black, and that was good enough for them to crow about. While he and his posse have had a delightful fun-filled eight years, the masses who elected him wound up eating that crow.
        The dumb never learn. That’s why they remain dumb. They are about to do that “equality” thing all over again. Election by social agenda. If Secretary Clinton is elected, the US will look very different in the next four or eight years. It certainly won’t be your grandma’s America. We might’s well dynamite Washington’s and Lincoln’s faces on Mt. Rushmore and re-carve them into visages of Alinsky and Soros.

        Yes, I may be wrong 65% of the time, but that leaves me a good 35% of rightness. We may be about to witness some kind of miracle. From time to time, “Fate steps in, and sees you through...”  It’s the history of America, just when we need it most. Washington’s unlikely victory at the Delaware; Lincoln and Gettysburg; victory in WWII; the Berlin Wall and break-up of the USSR.

        In the spirit of that 35%, don’t light that dynamite fuse just yet. Look to the Fates. To Destiny. We are overdue for another intercession.